Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fight Night -- Ticket Risk

I've never been to a Ticket Fight Night. Got nothing against the Sweet Science, just never been to Fight Night. (Only fight I ever attended was the third Ali-Norton fight in Yankee Stadium -- close, and I would have given it to Norton.)

Isn't The Ticket taking a big risk with stuff like this? I'm sure they make everyone use appropriate gloves and headgear, but isn't it inevitable that when you get amateurs of varying degrees of skill biffing it out with one another, someone is really going to get seriously hurt?

Try to imagine what would happen to The Ticket if someone died as a result of a fight that it sponsored. It wouldn't kill the station, but that shadow would hang over the yucks and frathouse good times for months.

I guess the good news is that Fight Night means that lawyers aren't running The Ticket.

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