Saturday, December 31, 2016

Can't Afford to Lose a Single Confessor . . .

.  .  .  so have the very safest of Happy New Years. 

I've got a topic list of articles to get to, trying to figure out which ones engage me and might engage you.

Well, after a couple of weeks, what do we think about the DryDock offerings?  The Shake Joint is pretty much a known quantity by this time and Jake and Sean are pretty polished content providers.  In general, I thought it was very good with a few fairly insignificant lapses that I chalk up to differences in taste (mine and theirs) rather than any real deficiencies.  Pretty nice little show they've got.

I really liked Jake and David Newbury on the Cowboys pregame, and I think we'll have them again tomorrow morning, although there seems to be some speculation that Jake might struggle for a timely arrival.

The wild card of the shows was Not a Podcast, their first lengthy stretch that I can recall, given the very plum PM Drive assignment, prime placement, long shows.  There seems to be two schools of thought on the show and hosts.  What do you all think?  Particulars, please, and keep it civil.  Want to hear from those who liked it, not just those who didn't.

Thanks for reading this year.  Back soon.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Merriest of Christmases to All Confessors -- and BREAKING: Latest Ratings No Christmas Surprise (see Comment 3)

And I am feeling so Christmassy that I extend that greeting to all of my trolls, who seem to be decreasing somewhat in number and virulence as time goes by.  May they all be visited by three spirits tonight  .  .  .  .

Been a bit of a rough year for Your Plainsman, but things improving quite a bit as year-end approaches.  Hope you and your loved ones have a lovely Eve and Day.

Enjoying your predictions and DryDock reactions, so let's keep that going.

All in the holiday spirit, of course.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Some Predictions from the Archives -- Let's Have Yours

A Google member called "Blogger" has been posting ads for porn sites on old comment threads.  Not much I can do about it than go to them and delete them.  The only upside of this is that it gives me a chance to revisit some old posts, and better, your comments.

The following predictions appeared four years ago tomorrow (December 19, 2012).  Some of them are out of date, but the Ticket has changed so little in that time that a lot of them actually still make sense (if not funny sense), so thought I'd rerun them for a giggle, as Gordon would say.  These appeared in one of my comments to a post featuring (1) my live blogging of winning of three different raffle drawings at Scruffy Duffies, including the grand prize, and (2) the predictions of a former Confessor named duckandcover.

So  .  .  .  what do you think will happen at The Little One in 2017?  I'll accept gags, serious prognostication, and naked wishes.

Here ya go:
(1) Michael Gruber, Dirk Nowitzki, Brian Cuban, and Weekend Tickerman Mitchell Kerasik will form a consortium and purchase The Ticket from Cumulus for an undisclosed sum and a ham sandwich. Grubes will assume control over station management and will permanently reassign Jeff Catlin to oversee the constant replenishment of BaD’s and Norm’s stable of interns.

(2) Gordon will permanently lose all of his endorsements when he blurts out that he’s never actually been to Raising Cane’s.

(3) Sometime in late spring or early summer, an episode of “What’s on Mike’s Mind” will air without Mike uttering a single syllable.

(4) Cumulus will announce that it’s working on improving The Ticket’s signal.

(5) Corby will join the professional marathon circuit. Will run into trouble with his first urine test when he tests negative for urine.

(6) Richie Whitt will modestly admit that yes, it’s true, he’s dating Megan Fox’s cuter sister.

(7) The Hardline will take a call.

(8) The International System of Units will announce that the frequency of the sound of Bob Sturm’s voice has been determined to vary so little from high to low that it will replace caesium-133 radiation cycles as the basis for the atomic clock upon which modern timekeeping is based. When informed of this, Bob will say: “Awesome.”

(9) The fragile edifice of host solidarity will begin to crumble when one of them casually mentions that he’s considering non-renewing his endorsement deal with All-Pro Foundation Repair to pursue other interests.

(10) Craig Rosengarden will kick George DiGianni’s ass.

(11) Craig "Junior" Miller will tragically violate Johnny Carson's "Comedy Rule of One Too Many" when, incorrectly perceiving that his self-nickname "The Joonz" has achieved widespread humor acceptance, he further shortens it to "the Joo" and is hounded off the air by the Anti-Defamation League.

(12) George Dunham will drop his opposition to fracking when the largest self-contained source of domestic methane is discovered under his vast real estate holdings in East Jeebus or wherever the hell it is he's moved off to, which BP geologists will name "the Jub Outgassing" in his honor.

(13) Outraged P1's will finally have had enough and will dognap SweetJack and haul him off to Man's Best Friend, where his irrepressibly cheerful bargain-flogging will result in his severe mauling by a pack of previously docile six-toed Norwegian lundehunds.

 Y'all have a Merry Christmas 2016, if I don't post before then, or even if I do.  -- Plainsman

Sunday, December 11, 2016

So What's the Deal with All This Tension?

And during the feelgood holidays, at that?

Let's review:

Mike Sirois v. T.C. Fleming:   T.C. holding forth at length on some aspect of coolness relating to cleats, and Sirois just flat sutting him down.

T.C. Fleming v. John Fahy:   I heard that exchange this morning at the beginning of That Certain Shake Joynt.  T.C. took his "competently produced" shot, and Fahy absolutely unloaded on him at his next opportunity, noting T.C.'s history of occasional marblemouthedness during Tickers, his BaD Radio sycophancy, and other sins.

Jake Kemp v. Unidentified Shake Joint Guy:  I missed the first few minutes of the show, but it sounded like Jake was wrapping up some fairly specific put-down of someone working on the show that morning, but I got in late couldn't identify the victim of his wrath.  Please advise if you know who it was.

Gordon Keith v. Mike Sirois: About Mike's mother, no less, and what I gather was speculation on her sexual history.  I caught just a little of this on Monte + The Machine yesterday so might not have that quite right -- corrections welcome.  (Those M+M boys do like to stir things up, don't they?)

Jake Kemp v. John Fahy:  After gently chiding his pal T.C. for his "silly" and "uncool" remarks about John, he noted that in listening to the latter's Top Ten work, he observed that Fahy would sometimes eliminate the actual punch line of the segment being featured, but sometimes include the 40-liner.   Tending to support T.C.'s judgment.

What's going on?  No idea; however, I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that the established hosts aren't likely to go anywhere for a long time unless someone retires early or dies, and you have a generation of JV that's been there a long time with no advancement.

The Ass Ceiling:  You keep these ambitious, intelligent guys down long enough with so very few opportunities to shine on-air, and the jockeying for position can become pretty intense.

Could be something else -- some event behind the scenes that's caused some lines to be drawn among The Next Generation.

I thought you'd enjoy a post that wasn't about advertising.