Sunday, December 18, 2016

Some Predictions from the Archives -- Let's Have Yours

A Google member called "Blogger" has been posting ads for porn sites on old comment threads.  Not much I can do about it than go to them and delete them.  The only upside of this is that it gives me a chance to revisit some old posts, and better, your comments.

The following predictions appeared four years ago tomorrow (December 19, 2012).  Some of them are out of date, but the Ticket has changed so little in that time that a lot of them actually still make sense (if not funny sense), so thought I'd rerun them for a giggle, as Gordon would say.  These appeared in one of my comments to a post featuring (1) my live blogging of winning of three different raffle drawings at Scruffy Duffies, including the grand prize, and (2) the predictions of a former Confessor named duckandcover.

So  .  .  .  what do you think will happen at The Little One in 2017?  I'll accept gags, serious prognostication, and naked wishes.

Here ya go:
(1) Michael Gruber, Dirk Nowitzki, Brian Cuban, and Weekend Tickerman Mitchell Kerasik will form a consortium and purchase The Ticket from Cumulus for an undisclosed sum and a ham sandwich. Grubes will assume control over station management and will permanently reassign Jeff Catlin to oversee the constant replenishment of BaD’s and Norm’s stable of interns.

(2) Gordon will permanently lose all of his endorsements when he blurts out that he’s never actually been to Raising Cane’s.

(3) Sometime in late spring or early summer, an episode of “What’s on Mike’s Mind” will air without Mike uttering a single syllable.

(4) Cumulus will announce that it’s working on improving The Ticket’s signal.

(5) Corby will join the professional marathon circuit. Will run into trouble with his first urine test when he tests negative for urine.

(6) Richie Whitt will modestly admit that yes, it’s true, he’s dating Megan Fox’s cuter sister.

(7) The Hardline will take a call.

(8) The International System of Units will announce that the frequency of the sound of Bob Sturm’s voice has been determined to vary so little from high to low that it will replace caesium-133 radiation cycles as the basis for the atomic clock upon which modern timekeeping is based. When informed of this, Bob will say: “Awesome.”

(9) The fragile edifice of host solidarity will begin to crumble when one of them casually mentions that he’s considering non-renewing his endorsement deal with All-Pro Foundation Repair to pursue other interests.

(10) Craig Rosengarden will kick George DiGianni’s ass.

(11) Craig "Junior" Miller will tragically violate Johnny Carson's "Comedy Rule of One Too Many" when, incorrectly perceiving that his self-nickname "The Joonz" has achieved widespread humor acceptance, he further shortens it to "the Joo" and is hounded off the air by the Anti-Defamation League.

(12) George Dunham will drop his opposition to fracking when the largest self-contained source of domestic methane is discovered under his vast real estate holdings in East Jeebus or wherever the hell it is he's moved off to, which BP geologists will name "the Jub Outgassing" in his honor.

(13) Outraged P1's will finally have had enough and will dognap SweetJack and haul him off to Man's Best Friend, where his irrepressibly cheerful bargain-flogging will result in his severe mauling by a pack of previously docile six-toed Norwegian lundehunds.

 Y'all have a Merry Christmas 2016, if I don't post before then, or even if I do.  -- Plainsman


Anonymous said...

Someone from the established JV will leave. Either Machine or TC are the likely candidates.

Sadly, this time next year, Plainsman will shut down MTC due to the Corby obsessed troll who constantly comments on his own comments.

Norm announces his farewell tour. He is to retire after the Super Bowl is played in'18. And will devote his life to travelling, writing, and charity work.

Rhyner starts yet another tribute band.

Jake and Sean have a major falling out, which makex TSJ supremely tense and therefore must listen to radio.

Eli Jordan has a much bigger presence as a host, both fill in and weekend.

George Digianni moves hus show from The Ticket to KSKY.

It is announced that Bewm in da House will take over The Invasion's slot wgen Norm retires.

The Plainsman said...

Nice. As Danny would say, "Innnnntaresting."

Anonymous said...

OK, Plainsman, I'll make this easy for you. I think I am the alleged "troll" that 3:11 is concerned about. So I will always let you know when it's me. We will find out very quickly that I'm not alone.

Not that he cares.

Robot Santa said...

Serioysly, 7:51pm, that might be the silliest and self-important comment ever made on this site. And that's really saying something.

Anonymous said...

I know this isn't something we want to think about but the Ticket varsity is comprised of the following with ages listed that they will be (approximate) by the end of 2017:

George: 52
Craig: 51
Gordo: 47
Donovan: 48
Norm H: 74
Sturm: 48
Dan: 50
Corby: 49
Rhyner: 65
Danny: 51

You have 10 males between the age of 47 and 74. Each year that passes just from a pure actuarial basis there is a growing risk that we will lose one of these great broadcasters. An actuary can actually run the numbers and tell you the probability of all 10 being alive at the end of the year.

James said...

My sole prediction: I'll finally be able to determine, simply by listening, which voice belongs to which JV guy, a task I have so far been very unsuccessful at. I still don't know Jake from Sirois or the other Sirois. They're all very generic to me.

One another note: this morning, whoever is filling the Musers' slot today (Monday) said two indefensibly stupid things during Muse in the News:
(1) said Zsa Zsa Gabor was on "Green Acres" (self-corrected a few minutes later, but still)
(2) in a list of old sitcoms, mentioned "Cheers" along with "Green Acres" despite the fact that the two shows are 20 years apart, and couldn't be any more different.

Anonymous said...

Corby - good in small doses only, I can't stand him much of the time either.

I used to think - why does my dad listen to a sports talk shows on the radio - it was Brad Sham back in the 70's. My kids now ask why do I listen to sport talk shows on the radio......Wonder if their kids will keep up the tradition ?????

The Plainsman said...

751, I will make this easier for YOU. I don't usually like intra-Confessor personal criticism, but I have to agree with Robot Santa, that was one addlepated comment. So here's some slam-bang advice for you:


And, sincerely, Thank You for Shopping at My Ticket Confession.

Shaggy said...

Most of those ages are off by a few years on the high side

Shaggy said...

They were mentioning Nick at Nite programming. Cheers was on it along with Green Acres.

Anonymous said...

George is 51 currently and Junior is 50. Mike is 64, Corby is 47 and Gordo is 46. The only ones that might be off by a couple of years (by the END of 2017) is Bob and Dan. I know Norm is 73 currently and Danny is either 49 or just turned 50. I think by the end of 17 those will ages are no more than 1 year off. Point remains the same. Every year that goes by it gets more likely that we will lose a varsity member to the big studio in the sky

Anonymous said...


I'm a nice guy and have contributed a lot to your site. I don't appreciate being called a troll. Assuming an identity won't stop that.

Ellislives said...

Pretend this is a dinner party with a bunch of wildly different personalities, some abrasive, some funny, some sports-centric, some not. Don't be the guy that everyone goes home thinking "Who was the weird guy that ate all the guacamole?"

Anonymous said...

Machine is let go due to his Twitter activities, a la Bacsik. He is then hired by The FAN and is paired wth Fish.

Rhinosaur said...

Hey, I'm also a nice guy and have contributed a lot to your site. At what point can we discuss compensation?

Seriously, about 75% of posts here are the hell you expect him to keep track unless you post at the same time every post.

Narcissistic much, "9:56 AM?"

Anonymous said...

And none of us appreciate you smelling up the place with your unfounded self-importance. What are you predictions, chief? If you have none, fine, but please go elsewhere to sate your ego.

Rhyner abruptly announces his retirement. After a epiphany-laden dry dock, and much deliberation, he decides that it's time to move on and chart a new course for the USS Old Grey Wolf. Sirois joins Corby and Danny, the name remains the same because Rhyner wanted it that way. THL is a state of mind, he says, not a proprietary brand.

Norm re-ups for a two year contract, announces that it'll be his last, and the speculation begins to fly over who his replacement will be. The JV, smelling blood in the water, begin to kiss major Donnie posterior (vying to be his 10-12 cohost), as a result, the JV in-fighting continues to escalate, which leads to the departure of Mike Marshall and Justin Montemeyor. M + M is inexplicably (much like MaSS was) offered a Varsity spot on a Lubbock station. While they really don't want to live and work in Lubbock, they've had it with the JV in-fighting and realize they'll never break JV ranks. Hence they accept the offer.

Dan is caught up in a scandal. All his (well known) posturing as a porn loving, MILF ogling, don't give a rip guy caricature of a "dude," turns from gag to reality. His mid-30 something (mother of 3) lady friend whose daughter plays softball for him carelessly posts a photo of the couple having drinks on Twitter. Dan, much like when Howard Stern's Husband of the Year status crumbled, decides to go whole hog and becomes The Ticket's number one partier, making Sirois and Danny look like old church ladies in comparison.

Finally, Gordon remarries.

Anonymous said...

Based on recent developments it seems TC is the odd man out on the JV as others are getting fill in roles and TC is relegated to tickers and chiming in periodically on BaD. He cant even sniff a fill in role anymore. You may recall that he had done some fill in work when people were out in past even filling the Gordo role on Musers etc. I wouldn't be surprised if TC walks at some point soon, perhaps 2017.

The Plainsman said...

751 and 956: Look, man, I'm glad you're a nice guy and I appreciate your contributions to the site. I believe you on both counts.

But if you believe you are being unfairly lumped in with trollish anonymi, then rather than "making it easy for me" like I'm some kind of troglodyte, and lecturing me about how to identify your contributions, there's one sure-fire way to not get lumped in with those other anonymi, and that is to give yourself a name and use it consistently. Sure, people can lie about who they are and I'll never catch it. But my sense is that that does not happen here, and if it does the original namee can be quick to disclaim. So put aside those hurt feelings and join the party like shaggy, ellislives, slinky, boo!, James, and many, many others.

And Thank You for etc. etc. etc.

blergoyen said...

1. I predict nothing of note will happen at the Ticket for another 12 months. Not even a minimum-wager or two moving to Canada or Spain, as was probably mumbled off-air a time or ten.

2. I'm getting a YUGE kick out of the bar-backs getting a lesson on how radio started by corky right now on THL fill-in.

3. This is a good time to re-propose getting rid of this "anonymous" bullshidt. It's annoying as heII and it's never not been annoying. MAKE IT HAPPEN PLAINSMAN!

Anonymous said...

I thought Corby was great on Not a Podcast tonight. Pulled back the curtain a bit on how he got his gig on the Hardline and came across as a genuinely good guy. Very interesting conversation IMO. I found it very refreshing he basically said what Gladwell has very well chronicled but most of you will never admit to yourself - there is a lot of luck and serendipity associated with success in any walk of life. Of course hard work and some talent is essential but he basically said if he were 3 years younger or 3 years older he would have never got the gig on the best sports station in the country. He referenced the fact that timing was everything in his case.

The Texas Hammer said...

In the interest of dropping anonymity, I'll be adopting this name (with no apologies to Jim Adler and Greggo).

I predict nothing of import for 2017 beyond continued ratings success of our Little Ticket. But 2018 is a different story. Norm has made it clear that he's not long for this Ticket world. I think he'll make it one more Cowboys season and retire after the 2017 football season is over. He'd then become a host emeritus where he continues doing the NFL Draft so long as he's breathing and occasionally pops in for pre-game and post-game shenanigans.

From there, it could go several different ways. If Rhynes is still kicking, Jake becomes the 10-12 co-host with Donnie. This then makes 10-12 the tryout to be Rhynes' replacement. Once he's ready to hang it up, the CTOs will promote one of those two to pair with Corby.

If Rhynes is ready to hang it up sooner than later (i.e., before the above has a chance to work out), then I think Donnie gets the Hardline gig hands down. He's by far the most seasoned in-house candidate and has done a great job of keeping Corbles in line when filling in.

James said...

I second the comment above re: Corby relaying his personal ticket history. I really liked hearing him tell how things lined up for him to go from intern to drive-time host.

Gopher said...

I have to wonder if and when Norm goes will that slot continue to be 10-noon? Was it always 10-noon when Chris Arnold and Curt Menefee worked the mid-morning slot?
Take an hour from the Musers ( I doubt they would mind) and round out the day with equal air shifts. It might also have an effect on the ratings.

Big Old Ruby Red Dress said...

I third the positive Corby comment. Great bits of Ticket history, radio insider skinny, and nice questioning and direction by M + M. My only complaint is when Machine just had to get political. Hell, even in the Joe Mixon segment (I hope Corby's answer will stifle some of the "What about Mixon, Corby, you hypocrite" crowd) he had to weirdly compare Trumps "grab her in the p" audio to the Mixon and Rice videos. Yes, there's a connection (misogyny and just flat out wrong), but it's one thing to say something vile and another to commit a felony assault. Unfortunately, Mike's religion is his politics, and he's every bit the zealot. I wish it wasn't so, because his sports talk is very solid to at times excellent. I get it, you're a man of the Left and don't like Trump. Know what, Machine, I don't either; I didn't vote for him, and I'm more Right leaning than not. But there's a time and place for everything.

The Plainsman said...

Wish I'd heard the Corby segment. Will someone let me know if it pops up on the podcast list on (Or if you know another way to get it? Yeah, I know I'm behind the times on podcasts -- not so much a technical issue as a time issue.)

Man, would it be too much trouble for The Ticket to put the dates on that podcast list?

The Plainsman said...

A very happy birthday to Craig "Junior" "The Joonz" Miller.

Arky P1 said...

I will admit I usually select Anonymous due to pure laziness. I will try to use my handle from now on.

I love/hate Corby. His shoot from the hip, lack of preparation, and preaching from his bully pulpit drive me crazy, but when he is paired with someone other than his buddy and grandpa he is really solid, and I think he is honestly a pretty good dude. He suffers from getting fat and happy which is understandable.

Machine is really good at talking sports, but as others have said, he must pull back the reins on the political stuff. We get it, we really do.

Listening to TSJ this morning, and I must admit I am liking it. Sean Bass is typically nails on a chalkboard for me, but I am really enjoying the show today.

I think there is something to Mike Rhyner resurrecting the Zoo. It sounds like a really cool idea, and he sounded pretty serious when cross-talking with Wilonsky. I predict Rhyner will leave THL to focus on this new venture.

Donovan will join Corby and Danny for the new afternoon drive show.

Sirios and Jake will take over the Invasion time slot.

One or more of the JV will leave to take a job at the Fan. There has to be a shake up at some point with nowhere to move up at the Ticket.

Anonymous said...

Finally put my finger on the Jake voice and personality mix. Scott Van Pelt voice and 'tude meets Gordo's Rant sense of humor. That with a healthy dose of Rome. Rack it, bro.

slinky said...

I thought the Siros bro's were a team.

Anonymous said...

Arky, I missed that mix. What was Rhynes saying about a new Zoo?

Anonymous said...

Being an out of towner, I'm not 100% familiar with the DFW radio scene when it comes to music radio (outside of what I have learned listening to the Ticket), but Rhynes has expressed some interest in bringing back The Zoo where all the formatting and choice of music would be done in house by the DJs. Possibly like The Edge was back when it first started out. Wilonsky seemed quite intrigued by the idea. Of course the biggest hurdle would be getting an FM signal. Maybe some of the long time DFW confessors can fill in any gaps I may have missed. To me it sounded like something that Mike was truly interested in, not just filler or banter.

Arky P1 said...

That post at 1:29 was from me. I told you it is just easier to select Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Intentional Grounding and Not a Podcast are pretty good little fill in shows, pretty good little fill in shows. Can't say the same about The Shake Joint featuring Jake Kemp. Immediate punch out.

Musers are probably rolling over in their still living graves listening to that mess in their time slot.

Thumbs up Robert, David, Justin, Machine.

3 thumbs down to SJ

IDGAF said...

Fuck The Plainsman

Anonymous said...

IDGAF, you mad, bro? Sad little clown.

Anonymous said...

Jake will replace Mike R and Donny and Mike S will replace Norm. I don't see the fan taking any of the ticket jv squad anymore they have their own jv squad.

Anonymous said...

TC will cough during a ticker.

Old segments will be brought back: Gay not gay, and Trifecta talk

BaD will get a different baseball guest during the season. Rusty Greer was painfully bad and didn't offer any unique inside perspective. Tom Grieve was much better in his old man get off my lawn way.

Arky P1 said...

During TSJ today, they are doing a BaD Radio fights segment. This is Sean's quote regarding his "don't bog" fight with Dan.

"I just feel like, if your on that show you get marginalized to a certain point with the audience, and many people who have worked on that show really didn't appreciate it, and you can put me in the boat."

Heaven forbid, a Ticker guy being marginalized. Did he want his own segment every day? Nevertheless, I think this points us to the general feeling of the JV and their angst at times.

Anonymous said...

- Mike Marshall lea es for opportunity at the Fan
- Eli joins monteymayor to host 10-noon
- Corby has tense confrontation at Super Bowl on radio row
- sean Bass gets a gig w/ the Rangers

James said...

I don't typically listen on weekends so haven't heard a lot of Shake Joint and Not a Podcast till this week. I listened to two segments of Not a Podcast yesterday and thought they were awful. Just nothing about anything they had to say was holding my attention.
I'm more iffy about Shake Joint. It's not varsity material, but as a vacation substitute, it's not terrible. Definitely not great, either.

slinky said...

I could not disagree more. Being one that's not real familiar with all the JVers, I'm enjoying this Hardline replacement. The old Hardline was a combination of funny bits as well as fun sports talk. You had bits like Greggo's cousin Elmer Wayne calling in, microphone Johnson stopping by, and so many other classic bits. I've stated before that one of my favorites was the annual Hardy awards. Todays shows are mostly tandems, and if you're not going to have the bits, then you better have good entertaining chemistry. I have always enjoyed the Sirois Bro's on the weekends. Here is something I wonder if all these people that already have "Rhyner's replacement" have considered. What if these individuals don't WANT to be placed with Corby? A lot of these guys already have a tried and true system. Someone posted a few threads back on W E Wednesday, how good Corby was with new surroundings. But also that after a few weeks, you would see the old Corby gradually resurface. Corby is a domineering personality ,which is fine if you have something. Todays Hardline is the lowest rated show on the ticket. No, if Rhynes were to retire....bring in something completely new.

Anonymous said...

Watching Mavs/Blazers pregame and Derek Harper just tried to say back court, but uh, instead he replaced the "r" with an "n". Followill looked like he was about to laugh. Very unfortunate. lol.

David Dodenhoff said...

Jake will take a job as on-air talent with another station, most likely not in Texas.

Anonymous said...

The only way I see Jake taking a job outside the Ticket is if he isn't elevated to the varsity when Rhynes or Norm leaves. He is obviously the 1st in line for promotion so I don't see why he would leave now when serious six figures salary is likely only a couple years away at most.

Anonymous said...

Why is he "obviously" next in line? I'd say Sirois is better positioned.

Anonymous said...

No way man. It is clear to me at least that Jake is the go to guy when any of the big boys need a fill in and his sports chops are more on point also e.g. Mavs post game, Cowboys pregame. Jake is clearly IMO the preeminent JV member.

What do you think Mr. Plainsman?

The Plainsman said...

Great stuff, trolls aside.

I do have one thing to offer of potential significance that has come to my attention in the last couple of days.

I have reason to believe from a radio-industry source (credibility unknown, but sounded like s/he knew what s/he was talking about) that Mike Rhyner and Norm Hitzges aren't going anywhere for quite some time. This is approximately contract time for them, and the word on the street is trending towards these guys re-upping as full-time hosts. Perhaps some increased time off or other recognition of Norm's advancing years, possibly the same for Mike (although really, he's not THAT old).

And really, when you stop to think about it -- why wouldn't they?

So it looks like the prediction "some JV guy will seek his fortune elsewhere" is more likely to be realized than "some JV guy will step in for Norm or Mike."

Anonymous said...

I agree Jake is next in line. Jake once said that if his wife's job moved her he would leave the ticket

The Plainsman said...

1147: Good question. There are times when I think Jake is the first among equals for exactly the reasons you state. The Siroises are real, real good but they've got other fish to fry, especially Cash, and I believe Mike is involved in that venture as well, is he not? Jake can talk pop culture and sports; he'll never let you down with lack of preparation. Pretty good qualifications.

But I have one slight misgiving: I was a Jake booster early on and I still am. But I thought some of his Dylan-the-Argumentative-Teen rough edges would have worn off a bit by now, make him a little less sassy on the ears, but that hasn't happened. In fact . . . I can't believe I'm saying this . . . the guy has some Corby Davidson in him. He tends to dominate the mic, and he tends to stake out some fairly extreme positions somewhat redolent of Hyperbolic Corby, and -- most obviously -- he tends to be unnecessarily dismissive of the contrary opinions of others, sometimes bordering on rudeness. (As Confessors know, I'm also a fairly stout Corby defender for his own broadcast gifts, but yeah, these are the areas that drive listeners nutsy and Jake shares them, albeit in a more intellectual-seeming way.)

I think he's an excellent broadcaster with a bright future and I'm always glad to know he's going to be front-and-center on a show. But I do sometimes wonder if he will wear well on listeners in the long run. I know Jake has his severe detractors on this site, but when DryDock is over, perhaps my thoughtful readers can do a sincere post-morten on what they heard from Jake, Sean, Justin, Mike, and the others who are getting their shot at sustained, regular exposure to the sainted P1.

Anonymous said...

Jake says he doesn't care about the environment? Wow. When I think he can't get any more douchey, he does.

Anonymous said...

My 2017 KTCK Predictions:

Absolutely NOTHING changes among hosts, producers, and board-ops for M-F 5:30a-7p.

The weekends get an overhaul. I see Train Station and Tee Box staying right where they're at. They've been weekend staples for too long.

Not a Podcast needs some changes... I don't feel like there is a lot of chemistry between Mike and Justin. Both seem like good enough dudes, but I just feel like it was very much a "hey, who wants to do a show" pairing. To me, Machine is simply too odd to connect with the every day listener. His political ramblings on Twitter can't do anything but alienate half the listeners, and he always seems to be trying too hard. If I'm not mistaken, he's in his early 30's, but he often speaks like someone who has been watching too much MTV. Monty is just fine, but I feel at some point he'll tire of Machine hogging the mic during the show... AND WHAT THE HELL IS BARBECUE TACTICAL GRAPE SODA LEARNING GAMES? There couldn't be a show in America that has a dumber way to open. I feel like they're both solid hosts, but need to be paired with someone else.

I absolutely LOVE Cirque, but I wonder how long the management will let them miss two weekends a month. I feel like at some point they both will have too much on their plate to continue. Who knows where 12-2 Saturdays goes from there. I think Eli and Ty have been good when they've filled in. Eli seems to have something and Ty is a veteran.

The Kickaround becomes an hour long at some point. There is ZERO reason to have two hours dedicated to soccer.

Race Week will continue to be Race Week. I'm pretty sure the station and the speedway have some kind of sponsorship deal in place.

Shake Joint could see some changes. I know Jake overslept for several shows this year. I think he's probably overworked and at some point might opt for sleep and not getting up at 5am on a Sunday. If that happens, I see Sean continuing to host and either bringing Eli or Ty on board as co-host. Or the Shake Joint dissolves all together and another show takes its place. Who knows what that could be.

One can only hope this is the year we see the end of TC sparing us to death, but I seriously doubt it. It seems to me Bob, Dan, and Jake have always gone to bat for him. As ludicrous as that may be, because he belongs in a top ten market about as much as my six year old daughter, he apparently has someone's ear (or compromising photos of the boss). It boggles the mind that TC has shown no improvement doing what could be the easiest task at the station.

I don't think The Ticket Top Ten is going anywhere, but I would LOVE to see another evening show on KTCK. Maybe keep Fahy as producer (great voice, but sports knowledge is lacking)and let Mino, Eli Jordan, John Liddle, or some of the other JV get daily reps hosting. Maybe they could do a 7-9 show and then the Top Ten from 9-11. You can still squeeze in the occasional F-Around as well. Those are always quality.

All these predictions could immediately be derailed by someone leaving, but I really don't see that happening. I see a lot of "________ leaves for the FAN". I don't know why the FAN would want anyone currently on the JV at The Ticket. The FAN has built their own JV.

What does everyone think? Who needs more airtime? Who needs less?

You guys have a RAGONK holiday season.

Anonymous said...

What Ticker shift does John Little usually work? He has the most perfect voice for Tickers, I can't believe I haven't heard him until now. How in the world do you have him hiding somewhere but have the mess that is TC on every weekday?

Anonymous said...

No way man. Not a Podcast guys have great chemistry. Not sure what you are listening to. They both have sometimes against the grain sports takes and both have a similar wit to them ala Ben and Skin. Whether you like the style or not that is a different question, but I think the chemistry is rock solid.

Anonymous said...

Please do know that The Train Station pays for its airtime. I'm not sure if whether The Tee Box does, as well, but it very well might.

Shaggy said...

It does

Rhinosaur said...

I would guess the Tee Box pays for its time with the sponsors they visit that particular week (golf course, BMW).

ATXp1 said...

I certainly consider myself a Jake p1, but I couldn't agree more with The Plainsman's assessment:

"...he tends to be unnecessarily dismissive of the contrary opinions of others, sometimes bordering on rudeness"

Spot on. I tend to agree with the vast majority of what he says, but I think being able to tactfully and courteously convey an opposing viewpoint/sides of an argument is a skill and something Jake could work on (and could endear him to more listeners). The Dak/starting QB discussion between him and SeaBass back in the preseason comes to mind.

James said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
James said...

1:29: Not sure if you are replying to my or The Plainsman's comment, but I only heard two segments of Not a Podcast, as I said in my comment. During those two segments, I did not detect any chemistry at all, and they just didn't interest me at all. I'll try again today on the way home, but I was clear in my comment that I was working with a small data set of that one evening with only two segments. I tend to root for the underdog and wanted them to be good, but that day, they just didn't draw me in at all.

Anonymous said...

Not sure about NAP. I buy them as being "high school classroom quip funny," but that's a far cry from polished Ticket hosts. Their range seems a bit limited. Granted that they're young, you've gotta be able to draw from life experience to that job well, and even they sound like they know they're overexposed at times. The question is, do they show flashes of brilliance that suggest that they'll be a force once they've ripened their craft in a few years? Maybe if you squint. Right now I see a couple kids who are "high school funny" and who really dig the Ticket but are needing to grow into huge shoes. Jake, by contrast, while occasionally abrasive, brings some artistry to what he does, in addition to a lot of content and preparation. He is older, though. I wonder if others Confessors see it the same way.

Anonymous said...

Jake and Machine are both 30. As is TC. So if Machine sounds high schoolish, Houston, we have a problem. Ditto with Jake's Dylan the Argumentative Teen personality trait.

slinky said...

I didn't know anything about NAP until this week. I've caught myself finding a lot of their stuff hilarious. So who are the JVer's? Are Cash and Mike still considered JV?

Anonymous said...

Find your comment a bit hard to believe, slinky, long time MTC contributor and Ticket listener. Then again, you do go off the rails from time to time.

Anonymous said...

To the question who are the JV:
- Jake Kemp
- Sean Bass
- Mike "Machine" Marshall
- Mike Siroise and his twin Bro Cash Siroise
- Justin Montemayor
- Ty Walker (Ticker guy but sometimes hosts weekend shows)
- There's Eli Jordan (Ticker guy who sometimes hosts weekend show)
- TC (Ticker guy and podcast superstar whom seems to be fading fast on JV)

DA said...

Happy Holidays and New Year to all!

That said, in terms of predictions....

1- During Super Bowl Week, Gordon will interview the same volunteer woman at least three times, and Corby may happen to interview her on wireless as well. Gordon will try to talk to a woman police/sheriff, but will be rebuffed quickly.

2- Due to the passing of Dave Strader, the Dallas Stars will hire a new PBP announcer. Razor won't get the gig.

3- The lack of Ticket shows in full podcast will continue.

4- Since he has never said anything interesting in his life, Cal Ripken, Jr. will give the most boring, milquetoast Ticketstock interviews ever and will drive Millennials away.

5- Ticket Saturdays or late Friday nights will get another brokered hour..from .a sports betting service.

6- Nielsen ratings will become under scrutiny twice in 2017 over their reliability and validity. There will be additional issues with both streaming and PPMs. It will impact ratings locally and nationally.

7- Josh Hamilton will be diagnosed with ALS.

8- Cumulus will continue to battle with JP Morgan to access their line of credit and to restructure their debt, and if unable to will file for bankruptcy.

9- Fight Night will unfortunately continue.

10- Sadly, “Computer” will still be on Fridays @ 2:30/

11- The Ticket will still not use their DMN SportsDay partnership (if it still exists) to their fullest by not having ONE per week segment with DMN College Sports writer Chuck Carlton and will still use the “College Football Blowhard” to discuss 72+ hour old college football stories or Craig to tell Oklahoma updates.

As for the JV, I really don't find some of them very engaging or entertaining. Sirois Bros. are entertaining, but the monotone voices of “Not a Podcast” solve insomnia. Then we all know about Mr. Ragonk. From his coughing to E-Brake from two weeks ago with all the “Um”, “I think”, “I mean” displays that he is not worthy of a Top 50, less a Top 10 market job.
There is a top 10 market with a job listing. Are any of those JV really worthy of working it? I think not.

Even with his love of the White Sox, could “Ragonk” apply for this gig and be hired? No.

Plus, as the Obama measure to increase salaried employee threshold for OT pay was blocked by a TX federal judge, the salaried threshold would have gone from $23,660 to $47,4467 which would include every JV host who are salaried. Someone may leave as they could've planned for the bump in income.

Atlanta Rhythm Section said...

Damn, DA! The Strader prediction is darkness music times infinity and I hope your wrong, old friend. The Josh might have ALS callback is also dark, but funny. For y'all who aren't in on it, many moons ago our congenial host, Pmanster, was so convinced that Josh Hambonita's penchant for tossing bats into the stands was due to the onset of ALS, that he felt the urge to post up a whole article in dedication to his diagnosis. He might not be a doctor in real life, but he plays one on the interwebz. And like you, DA, I'm still trying to figure out what the hell it is that CPU (i) does for a living, (ii) how he's "famous," and (iii) why he's on BaD every week.

Anyone notice how chummy chum chum one Miguel Sirloin and Ticker Catastrophe "TC" Fleming have been since the little blow up a week or so ago? Whatever the dealio might've been, it's definitely been straightened out. Now was it organically done or by Cat decree?

My predicts......
None of the Musketeers leave, The Norm Remains the Same, '17 marks the departure of one Mike Migs Marshall and Eli Jar Jar Binksdom, and finally, ARS is back from world tour and ready to rock n roll. Don't ask me no questions and I won't tell you no lies.

"When you walked into the room, there was voodoo in the vibes...."

DA said...

@Atlanta Rhythm Section
I'm glad you got the ALS joke.

I realize "Computer" get music credits, more Kid, thus his income stream and appearances within a 75 mile radius Memphis is good for him to make a living.

I met Strader a couple of times when he was with the Red Wings/WKBD /PASS in Detroit. Great guy, his former partner, Mickey Redmond, has hair plugs and both could DRINK!

I was at the retirement party of Detroit sportscaster, Ray Lane, with Dave in the 90's.

Great 24 hours.

David Dodenhoff said...

"Ragonk" is really "urgle"; the two sounds have very little to do with each other.

Shaggy said...

^^^What's this guy's deal?

Jim Blevins said...

Jv observations:
Shake Joint is pretty good, but Sean Bass, to me, comes off as incredibly generic sounding. It's like Jake dies 90% of the prep work and 90% of the opinions during the show, and SB usually agrees with him or chimes in with a comment that you would hear on any Yahoo Sports Network or some such.

Not a podcast got exposed this week. I generally don't listen to them on Saturday's, but listen on my way home for a few days this week. They are ok in very small doses, but they think they are funnier than they really are imo. I kind of agree with them sounding like giggling high schoolers. They also seemed to (admitingly) struggle filling segments.