Saturday, June 30, 2012

Josh Hamilton -- ALS?

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No, not ALCS -- ALS.

I apologize for the scandalous, extreme, unfair, and unsupported headline.

But what's one of the signs of Lou Gehrig's disease?    You lose your grip.  You start to drop things.

Josh is setting records for losing his grip and dropping things, pretty important things, things that make him his fortune, things to which one might expect he would seek with some care to maintain possession and control.

Especially with his drug past, Josh should be tested for a possible neurological disorder.

From an ehow post:

"As time passes, your Lou Gehrig's disease symptoms will start to make you feel fatigued. You may also notice that it is difficult to grip things, and you may start to drop things that you try to pick up. You will begin to lose coordination in your hands  .  .  .  ."    Signs & Symptoms of Lou Gehrig's Disease |  //

Another irresponsible recommendation from My Ticket Confession.

You guys really should not let me write about actual sports.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wherein I Am Constrained to Defend The Hardline Again

From time to time this site gets comments criticizing The Hardline for doing music segments.  The last one was in the string of the last set of comments, from a listener who calls himself "rhyner never died, he just tries to act too cool for school. what a "rebel" he is. said..."   I paste it here, somewhat sanitized:

"Ah, The Tardline at its worst: golden oldie bands that nobody [cares] about but this is what WE'RE interested in so [the hell with] you talk. I swear Rhyner is unable to express a coherent thought. Like Cuban said to Skip Bayless "you speak in generalities." That's what Rhyner does, and it's maddening to listen to. Buffalo Springfield? Are you kidding me? They have one, count it, one song they're known for; one tune that of the 40% of their listening audience who actually knows of Buffalo Springfield only 5% know anything other than that song: "For What It's Worth." Ah, but now it comes to light, it's all a cover to talk about, once again, the extremely overrated Neil Young. Young, Dylan, Springsteen, The Tardline never quite can get enough of them; listener be damned. Well, guess what Rhyner, [intercourse] you right back. I'm done with ya. From here on out, the moment WTDS ends, I'm out till the Morning Musers.

"The Tardline: Talk for Us, Not You."

OK.  A little intemperate, but a point of view that a number of Confessors seem to hold.

I am not one of them.  I like the music talk.  It's not nostalgia -- Buffalo Springfield was not in my wheelhouse -- I just find it interesting.  Rock and roll is important to The Ticket demo.  Irrespective of whether you're at the younger or older end of that spectrum, the bands Mike features on "Old Music Wednesday" or whatever he calls it were for the most part influential or unjustly overlooked.  He thinks his listeners sh old know about them.  He appreciates them, and it's an emblem of his respect for the listeners that he wants to pass his reasons for that onto them. 

Unlike "rhyner never died," I thought Mike was terrific today.  First, it was good to hear him do an entire segment, with Corby listening more-or-less respectfully, tossing in a question or a comment at appropriate intervals.  The leisurely pace almost sounded like storytelling to me and I thought at the time -- I'm enjoying this a lot.

I will concede that the Springsteen/Neil Young/Petty worship can be tedious (although ol' Neil is one of my personal favorites).  Surely these guys have broader tastes than that.  But The Hardline is kinda in a no-win situation:  If they talk about popular groups, or groups they're obsessive about, they're boring.  If they talk about obscure bands Danny and Davey are listening to, they're musical snobs.   I do wish they would invite Jake to do a segment on some hip-hop he would like to call to our attention, and I could even go for a Ty Walker metal segment (Ty, if you're not a metal fan, I apologize -- I don't think Rich P is around in the afternoon). 

But this begs the question:  Should The Hardline and the other shows even be spending segments on music?  I understand the point of view that there is already not enough hard sports on The Ticket.  Frankly, I don't mind the pop culture stuff.  (Exception:  BaD's movie and teevee talk, the difference being that movies and teevee shows have plots that anyone who might want to watch the show or movie based on their discussion will not want to hear.

So, is it correct to say, as "rhyner never died" does, that they should "talk for us, not you"?  On reflection, I don't think so.  The genius of The Ticket is that they have great hosts who make their shows sound like overheard conversations.  I don't want them guessing what "us" wants.  Listeners have come to trust and like their weekday heroes, and, for better or sometimes worse, they want to know what's on their minds, not what they think might be on ours.


Oh my GAWD, another cog in the well-oiled Ticket pantheon has flown the coop!  (To horribly triple-mix a metaphor.)

Erwin the Fecund Promotions Guy has, in Mike R's phrase yesterday, "moved on to greener pastures."

What is the meaning of his departure?  How can Your Plainsman overinterpret this?  How will he care for his dozens of descendants?

I have only been to a couple of Ticket events, but I must say that Erwin did not overwhelm me with his interest in promoting anything.  My (very minor) interactions with him were pretty grim.  He was more interested in talking to some honcho than in assisting P1's in acquiring Ticket stuff.

Someone on this site mentioned that The Ticket wasn't generating any new promotional items, so perhaps Erwin's role was being phased out.

In any event, surely a bellwether event in the impending collapse of The Ticket, which I expect any hour now.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

The Hits Just Keep on Coming

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I don't know what kind of gag order the CTO has imposed on our heroes, but it's not working extremely well.

(1)  After the wretched "Up Your Ticket" ad ran on The Musers this morning, Junior said:  "I hadn't heard that.  Is it running?"  And George mumbled some slighting comment I don't remember.  Mortifying.

(2)  According to Confessors, continued stream issues.  

(3)  Gordon talks about how nice today's broadcast van is, Junior observes that it's because it is not a Cumulus asset.  Then they talk in rather disrespectful tones about an unnamed Cumulus technical guy, and Junior said that there was "a zero percent chance" that this unnamed technical guy could have made the broadcast work.   Pretty harsh stuff.  Several Confessors have expressed the view that of all the hosts, Junior is the loosest in the socket and might seek his destiny elsewhere.  Remarks like that certainly are consistent with that point of view.

*     *      *

Isn't it nice not to have to suffer through any awkward Muser interviews with Peter Gammons this year?

*     *      *

Ticket Tribute Guy is up with a blast at Cumulus tech.

*     *      *

Please treat this thread as open re stream news, issues, workarounds so the P1 can have one-stop shopping on this stuff.  If the CTO doesn't realize the importance of the stream to the station's popularity, then  .  .  .  well, hell, the CTO doesn't seem to understand much of anything about technical conversions, so never mind.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Some Smart Radio Guy Read This Right Away and Tell Us What It Means

I have a feeling it may mean as much or more for The Ticket than it does for The Fan.

You may comment even if you are not a Smart Radio Guy.

[Thanks to Confessor Ron for calling this to our attention.]

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Let's Change the Subject to . . . Chicken

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But before we do, I would like to wish Brian Wilson (the musician, not the Giant) a very happy 70th birthday, and Errol Flynn (RIP) a peaceful 103rd.

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This site has been somewhat dreary lately, what with all the CTO-bashing and hand-wringing over the declining broadcast quality on The Ticket.  So much negativity, it angries up the blood.  So let's have a little fun.

We'll start out with some positives about our daytime pals:

When Cane's began opening up stores here, I went a couple of times.   Wasn't inspired to return.  Then it made the investment in George and Gordon as pitchmen.  Whatever you say about The Ticket, the hosts without exception do a great job with their spots.  The live spots are a special treat, even when they crater owing to poorly-written copy, technical problem, or just the vicissitudes of live radio.  The Corby-Mike spots can be hilarious, as can the Gordon-George improvs.   Some local radio/TV guys think doing ads is beneath them, but even Mike throws himself into them with gusto, as indeed they should as that is the station's sole source of revenue.  Mike's Herradura ads with Emmitt -- their parts apparently recorded miles and hours apart, like a Tony Bennett "duet" -- should win some kind of award.

I was impressed by George's and Gordon's near-climaxing over the greatness of Cane's and thought -- well, maybe my early visits took place while they were still getting going in DFW, I'll give it another try.  (See, the ads worked!)  Was out for a long bike ride oon Saturday, and happened by a Cane's around noontime.

Here are the good things about Cane's:

        Spotless stores
        Friendly staff
        Fresh ingredients
        Served hot

Here is the bad thing about Cane's:

       Utterly flavorless chicken fingers

The marquee dish has nothing to recommend it.  It is very lightly coated and breaded, which is not a virtue when the coating/breading fails to convey any kind of a taste sensation.  So they're very uncrispy, actually rather limp and even soggy.  De gustibus est non disputandum, I know, but speaking only for myself, I want my fingers crispy, covered with yummy ingredients.  It's not even salty, it's without any flavor at all.  Again, the underlying breast meat is fresh and hot and fine, but that's not why I eat chicken fingers.

How about that sauce?  It's just OK, and they don't give you enough of it.  Thousand Island without the islands, and with a dash of some kind of pepper or paprika or something, just the very slightest bit tangy.  Not bad, but not as notable as it needs to be since it is the only thing that lends the illusion of flavor to the chicken itself.

It is hard for me to believe that George or Gordon rushes out to Cane's when noontime rolls around.

So feel free to weigh in on Cane's if you'd like, but what I really want to know is where you get your favorite fried chicken of any kind.  I confess my tastes are rather plebeian:

(1) KFC original; stay away from the medicinal extra crispy; have to put up with appalling KFC service and tendency to get orders wrong and run out of chicken; cole slaw a favorite.  Yes, I know the original recipe does not make for a crispy piece and the coating/skin tends to fall off the chicken, but its deliciousness makes up for it.

(2) Popeye's spicy, and don't forget the red beans and rice; however, Popeye's must be eaten fresh after ordering -- it doesn't keep well in the fridge for breakfast the next day.  Refrigerated KFC leftovers that are reheated tend to remain pretty tasty.

(3) Golden Chick,  a chain apparently concentrated in smaller Texas communities away from the metro, similar to Church's in product configuration, with three Dallas-area locations listed on their website; and they're one of those food vendors that has selected as its symbol a cheerful representation of an individual of the species that they're in the business of slaughtering and offering for people to eat -- so unsound;

(4) Church's, could use more locations in DFW; service also leaves something to be desired.

(5) Babe's, but would prefer to order dark-only instead of their meals and carryout requires that you navigate your way through the restaurant.

It's not Tickety, but I would selfishly like to know where you go for fried chicken.  Doesn't have to be fast food.  I wish I had some right now.

And, of course, continue to treat Comments as a perpetual open thread on all things Ticketish.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18, 2012

7:53 a.m. --  Musers just stole some of my thunder.  I was going to ask when golf galleries came to be dominated by assholes.  I swear, I saw some swings where some moron started hollering before the club head struck the ball.  Is there nothing that can be done about this?  I'm serious, can't we beat some of these idiots with sticks or something?

*     *     *

George said BaD will recap Summar Bash at 2:10.  Not sure I'll be able to be by the station at that time, so someone please listen and report.  It couldn't possibly have been as dreary on-site as the on-air product (and host/Danny observations) made it seem.  

Around 5:45 George thanked P1's for coming out on Friday, but that was it for Summa Bash talk on The Musers.

*     *     *

Whatever happened to Dr. Gary Tylock, whose lasik ads used to rival those of Dr. William Boothe?

*     *     *

I'll have a lot more to say about this in the days to come, but:  Christ, even gentle George is overdriving his mic this morning.  And that's not George's fault -- he's not hollering.  This is just bad sound design, bad equipment, something.  (It is very unlikely to be bad board operation -- no one on the scene would let that sound out without trying to fix it if he could.)   When I say "overdriving," I'm not intending to speak technically.  I don't know if he's "pegging" the VU meter, as we used to say back in the bad old analog days.  I'm talking about that haze of fuzz that surrounds the sound of guys speaking into microphones.  And I'm listening to 104.1, in its range, on a very good radio.  The Ticket just sounds bad.   Some parts of it sounds a whole lot worse than other parts, so there will be more to come on this.

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Saturday, June 16, 2012


First correct answer from a reader who uses a non-Anonymous name gets a prize.  Will probably be a crappy prize, haven't decided on it yet.

Friday, June 15, 2012

OPEN THREAD: Summa Bash 2012

I initially posted this as a comment to the previous thread, but as it did run on a bit, and because comment on Summa Bash by listeners was somewhat unexpected, I thought I'd run this as an open thread.

First:  I hope we will get some comments this weekend from actual attendees. 

Then:  I heard a few of the roundtables and must regrettably echo the comments regarding the broadcast -- not the Bash itself -- that started to appear to the prior post, which were uniformly negative. 

The roundtable that struck me was the Musers/BaD roundtable. Either it was (1) fake-tense because it was a bit, or (2) fake-tense because it was a bit but partly not-fake and not a bit. They were on each other about their respective treatments of Norm during handoffs, which had a bit-like feel to it, but to my ear there was a detectable edge to the colloquy. George was damned near hostile, and Dan was almost silent (tending to support my theory that Dan is not entirely comfortable outside of BaD). At one point, Bob said in a more-or-less jocular tone that he didn't like the way this roundtable was starting off, and I heard someone say "Dan's mad." Really, really interesting to those of us (i.e., Your Plainsman) who tend read too much into the casual Ticket exchange.

I heard a couple more roundtables, and I have to agree with the comments to the prior post, they were pretty deadly. Cat may want to rethink the showgram-blending strategy next time around.

I didn't get to hear the entire 3:30-7 broadcast. Did they broadcast the weenie-eating or cupcake-eating contests live? Was there anything fun during the 3.5 hours? Corby's interviews of the moderately inebriated women was -- well, it was vintage Corby, and not really objectionable in any way, but I found it a little sad somehow.  Can't put my finger on it.

Mike was constantly asking for "more me." (He was right.) 

There was at least one return where communications between HQ and Sneaky Pete's had broken down.

In fairness, it sounded like the sound was set up so that crowd noise was minimized, which meant that (1) it sounded -- possibly misleadingly -- like the thing was not well-attended, and (2)  individuals who hollered out stuff about something or other sucking made it onto the air. Or maybe it was the setup, maybe the hosts were broadcasting apart from where the noisy crowd was.  Or maybe attendees were obeying the ads to "day-drink responsibly."

Like the prior commenters, I also wonder why post-7 PM proceedings are not broadcast. I'm guessing that the Timewasters' and Corby's and other songsters' content might tend toward the unsuitable-for-broadcast with the elevated Woodford Reserve content of the performers. 

So yeah, it was not a great Summa Bash broadcast, but I'm thinking that maybe you had to be there, maybe it was a big hit to attendees. And if you were one of them, please let us hear from you.

One more thing -- early on in the proceedings, before much bashing even took place, I think it was Craig who said it was "the greatest Summa Bash ever," which was loudly repeated by someone else (George?), but to this frequently-wrong observer's ear, it had a distinctly sarcastic ring to it.

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June 15, 2012

8:26 a.m. --  There is nothing the CTO can do to make working for i93's sales department sound appetizing.  Those frantic ads that run on The Ticket touting the fabulous Cumulus growth in DFW (growth which seems to have been almost entirely purchased, not earned) are unintentionally hilarious.  I'm learning that the radio world is shaking its head nationwide at Cumulus mismanagement and venality. 

Wonder if those ads run on i93. 

8:29 a.m. -- I was genuinely alarmed when Mike didn't come out of the bathroom for Community Quick Hits yesterday.  I have to believe that Corby and Danny had to know that Mike was not in extremis or they would not have made joking reference to his death.

He wouldn't be the first media star to die on the porcelain throne, and I personally know of two other males of Mike's approximate years who expired in exactly the same circumstances.   Must have been bad, the poor guy missed two entire segments and couldn't even come out to say goodbye.

9:35 a.m. --  Who will give us a report on Summa Bash this weekend?

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 14, 2012

7:10 a.m. -- Doyle!

7:42 a.m. -- Non-Ticket note:  The gig took me to Beverly Hills this week.   Stayed at the Beverly Hilton, where Whitney Houston's and John Edwards's careers came to an end, and, I suspect, many more got started.  (Cue Vivaldi music.)    I had a couple of hours to kill so I walked north about a mile to a historical site I always wanted to visit:  810 North Linden Drive, where, on June 20, 1947, a sniper put four .30-caliber slugs into the head of Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel while reading the paper.  Ben reading the paper, not the sniper.

810 North Linden Drive, where Siegel was living with Virginia Hill, played by Madonna in the movie

Before, arguably better-looking than Warren Beatty

Apologies for the non-Ticket content.

8:24 a.m. --  Has any show mentioned the death of Teofilo Stevenson?  He was the one international fighter deemed Muhammed Ali's potential equal, but he never went pro.

10:15 a.m. --  So I'm driving to the airport at 4:40 Tuesday morning listening to the rebroadcast of The Top Ten, and I hear T.C. say that he wished that the media would cover The Ticket and its internal goings-on just like The Ticket does with sports.  I don't have the words quite right, but that was the gist of it.   I found that surprising coming from T.C.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

MTC Welcomes "The Ticket Tribute"

Confessor Shaggy called to this site's attention a new Ticket site, "The Ticket Tribute," found here:

It's only been around for a couple of months, but it's pretty darned good. The Ticket Tribute Guy is more technically savvy than Your Plainsman. He (she?) has constructed a site using WordPress and it has features (the ability to be notified of comments, for example) that Confessors have asked for but that MTC lacks and which I don't believe is available on Blogger. He has scrolling photos to call attention to articles, a Twitter feed -- pretty snazzy. He's also appropriated The Ticket logo.   (The Ticket logo is not a registered trademark, but it is undoubtedly a recognizable trademark.)  I don't believe it is a Ticket-sponsored website, however.  A couple of posts made me wonder, but on balance I'm almost certain this does not have official CTO blessing..

The content appears to be more focused on Ticket news rather than observation and opinion. It's more of a fan site than MTC, or that's the way it appears to date.

It's also pretty clear that Ticket Trib Guy has a longer history with The Ticket than I do, and is more generally knowledgeable about DFW sports-talk radio and its history. He makes reference to his job taking him into the bowels of a local stadium, so he may also have some sportsy background which Your Plainsman decidedly lacks.  He has technical information for those interested in things like Internet streaming.

Readers may comment.  Comments are moderated in advance of their appearance online..

I'm very happy about the appearance of The Ticket Tribute. The thought has crept into my Tickhead lately that it may be time to put MTC out to stud, and if The Ticket Tribute proves to have some staying power, I'd feel better about that. It would also give me a place to ramble, although I suppose I could ramble at The UnTicket if it would have me.  And that Radio-Info board ain't half bad for comments, either.

In any event, it's great to check out The Ticket Tribute, so please do so. Welcome, Ticket Trib Guy.  Let us hear from you.  I'm sure I'll be posting on your site, and the reason I know that  is because I already have.  Not sure yet whether I've been moderated in or out.

*     *     *

I'll be out for a few days, so as usual, treat this post as your personal Open Thread and let us know what's on your Ticket mind.  Say, did anyone hear -- who was it, Gordon? --  say that the reason the Campout was so brief this year was that Mike R refused to stay out more than one night?  Damn, I need to carry a little notepad with me or something.

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Who Confesses at The Ticket?

On Friday, Dan McDowell made a passing reference to "my Ticket confession" -- not referring to the site, but to a confession he was going to make.  I don't know what it was, I just missed the reference.  I refer you to the comments to the prior post.

This generated discussion among the commenters as to whether people at The Ticket read the site.  Some interesting speculations, including a fairly authoritative survey by our friend AP, who I think has it sussed out about right. 

Here's what I think:

First, AP's on the money about the JV and board ops.  Krenek dropped a comment here one time that the reason my hits went through the roof on White Elephant Day was that that population was checking the comments frequently to see if anyone had written anything about them.

As for the hosts:

I think some check in with some regularity, and some just take the occasional swim through, as Mike R might say.  I have VERY rarely received an email from a host commenting on a story, sometimes with a correction (never with any supersecret inside station stuff), and almost always with a compliment to the site, and sometimes with a remark that we're on the button here much more than we know, and inviting me to keep up the good work.  Always nice to hear that.

But the most interesting remark came from a JV who dropped me a line about something -- this was quite some time ago -- who said that he'd see the site up on people's laptops around the station and making the point that the hosts have egos and they love to see themselves written about, so yeah, they check out the site.

But, as some of you have said, I don't think they ascribe great importance to what is written here.  With their ratings, can you blame them?  I'm sure they're amused at some of the wrong guesses and perhaps intrigued by some of the right ones.  And interested in what listeners like and don't like.

I also think station hits to this site have gone up hugely since Tech Gate, since this site is saying publicly what they can't say (anymore).  I'm imagining (only imagining) that the on-air guys appreciate it that there's a place where real listeners stretch out and report in detail the deficiencies in the listening experience both before and since the move to Victory.   And say bad things about the CTO that they also can't now say.

I also think they drop by from time to time because of the way this site is pitched.  When I got it rolling, my thought was -- look, I love the damned Little One, I'm not going to run a site that gripes and complains all the time.  I try to keep a positive balance, and to keep it fair, or, when it's not, at least to admit when I just have a subjective dislike of something or other.  I'm delighted to say that most of the Confessors who join us here have picked up on that and also try to look at the station objecitvely.  Man, we have some amazing writers and thinkers who take the time to offer very thoughtful comments.  So when hosts come here, they know they're going to see commentary from me and others that attempts to see things clearly and comment with fairness and a civil tone, and, importantly, not ignoring what's great about The Ticket.

And, of course, there is the rare on-air reference.  I missed Dan's only by a minute -- I was in the car but stepped out just a moment before. You know, that may be the only time that the phrase "my Ticket confession" has been uttered on the air.  The TeeBox has mentioned us a couple of times, but didn't say the name of the site.  I think P1 Steven -- what the heck happened to him, anyway? -- did a shout-out once when BaD was rolling screenless.

Let's not forget It's Just Banter, where this (unnamed) site is occasionally slagged by T.C.

Also, I fancy that some of our commentary shows up in other ways.  I'll give you two examples:  (1) After this site made fun of the All-Pro Foundation ad in which all of the hosts said they used All-Pro Foundation Repair (, future ads say that they all ENDORSE All-Pro.  (2) I regularly bashed Gordon for his George-gay-and-minority-baiting, opining that it was tired, unfunny, and routinely stopped down the show.  (Example:  Well, it has almost completely stopped, much to the improvement of the showgram of Those Who Muse So Gently.  Could be my imagination.

CTO:  Jeff Catlin used to read the site and pretty sure he still does.  He's emailed a couple of times with corrections, and has been unfailingly nice. 

"Is this The Bucket in Dallas?  The Ticket?  Right, Ticket.  Put me through to Jeff Carlin.  Catlin, right.   Hello, Jeff?  This is Stu Leydenjar, Senior Vice President in Charge of Wires and Plugs.  Listen, I'm looking at this website on my electric computer -- these things are great, the station should get one! -- and I'm wondering if you can tell me what CTO and STD means.  Also, who is Mike Rhyner?"

Overall, I suspect that at a bare minimum CTO and hosts will open the site if someone has emailed it to them because it has something of interest to the recipient. 

As far as anonymous commenters go: Yes, I think there are a couple of station guys who post here from time to time.  I think sometimes Confessors think they're the same troll who pops up here from time to time, but I think some of it is legit.  (I also think Richie Whitt posted back when we were having a close look at RaGE.)  Some of the people claiming to be insiders are, I think, and some may be friends of insiders.  (Gypo Nolan, for example.)  And some are frauds.  No matter, even frauds are welcome if they have a respectful take.

The one thing that surprises me a little is that no other Ticket fan sites or blogs have popped up.  I think it's maybe because people who like to write are already posting here, and of course The UnTicket hosts comments as well.  And there's GrubesIsMyLeader.  So maybe we've got the market covered.

In sum:  This site does have some fans at The Ticket, and some curiosity seekers. It's part of the fun of The Ticket.  MTC is not an influential joint, but it has turned into a nice little community of P1's.  Thanks to you all for Shopping at My Ticket Confession.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 7, 2012

7:58 a.m. --  A Confessor sends along this link regarding anti-Cumulus anger in San Fran, and a possible rally against management in support of another popular station Cumulus is said to have screwed, KFOG.  Here is a link to a very short reference:

I agree with the commenter to that blog who said that it won't help, and I can't imagine the P1 bestirring itself to do anything similar here.  I do agree with the commenter who said that until the advertisers start leaving, nothing will happen.

8:00 a.m. -- This morning Rich Phillips took over Gordon's Muse/News duties.  He was grumbling about this and stated that "The P1's hate me." 

Is that true?  This site is not the Voice of the P1, but I am actually a fairly stout Rich Phillips fan, after some initial misgivings.  His Tickers are crisp, I like him as a host with Donovan and a Sturm sidekick during Cowboy season.  He's got an acerbic sense of humor, but at least he's got one.  His skills make Race Week listenable for me, who cares nothing about NASCAR.  And he's an absolutely first-rate play-by-play guy for the 'Stangs. 

8:06 a.m. -- Can we get a detailed report on the technical problems yesterday on The Hardline, and Mike's reaction?

8:07 p.m. -- Some miscreant from Ankara, Turkey, just attempted to access this site's gmail account.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 5, 2012

7:52 a.m. --  Isn't it amazing how well Junior disguises his utter disgust at having to interview Hulk Hogan, Peter Gammons, and other notables imposed on The Musers?

Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4, 2012

3:00 p.m. -- Welcome back, Jake.

4:43 p.m. -- Caught some of BaD today.  Several complaints from Bob about his Acer laptop.  Unclear whether this was a Bob's-own-computer problem, or if this is something he is required by the CTO to use.  Anyone know?

4:48 p.m. -- Heard Dan's rant about Potbelly's and Ari the intern.   Funny or appalling?  I honestly don't know. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

June 3, 2012

8:47 p.m. --  That promo about the guy in the crane going up there to listen to The Ticket is shameful.  I only heard it once.  Maybe they've pulled it already.

In fact the promos generally are getting more vulgar and less clever.  I'm sort of embarrassed for the station.  It sounds like they were drafted by Gordon Keith, when he was 14.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

June 2, 2012

8:57 p.m. -- Random thoughts while waiting for Yu v. C.J. (My Fox Sports SW in HD is currently unavailable on Time-Wanker.  Anyone else having that problem?)

I did not hear Mike's musings about starting another radio station.  But I think that remarks like that are quite significant.

Now, for those who think -- not without some jusification -- that some on this site, and perhaps even Your reasonable Plainsman himself -- are being alarmist, let me say the following:


It's not what he said, but that he said it, that is significant.  This site and Confessors have speculated, I think with quite reasonably, that the CTO has come down hard on public trashing of Cumulus.  Since then, we've heard two floutings of that rule:  (1) The Hardline talking about fixing the remote trucks, and (2) Mike's musings on starting a new station -- a competitor to his employer.

I know he's the Old Grey Wolf, and thank God for it.  But if we needed any further evidence that there are titanic struggles going on behind the scenes, this is it.  Mike could not care less about Cumulus edicts.

Things may be calming down after Jake's suspension, but we haven't heard the last of host dissatisfaction with Cumulus's treatment of The Ticket.

Here's the deal:  Radio is a tough, tough business.  I studied up on it some years ago and decided not to get into it.  It's tougher now.  To make money in it, you have to watch your costs.  I appreciate that.  But when you have amazing talent who have single-handedly created a ratings juggernaut, you can't treat that channel like it was some generic pop-rock flop.  

I am guessing that part of what is happening here is that the move to Victory has accelerated Cumulus's attempted assimilation of The Ticket into a corporate policy into which it does not fit.  I am guessing that there is resentment of The Ticket's success and uniqueness among the traditional radio management types, and they're flexing their management muscles to bring our sports/guy-talk heroes into line.  We'll show them how to succeed in radio!! 

It's crap, of course, and Mike and the others know it, and they know that they're being big-timed by ignorant suits.  They're still working out what they can do about it.  Again, I hope our guys have strong agents and lawyers.

9:09 p.m. --   Tried to listen as much of the channel as possible today.

George DeJohn - TeeBox handoff:  The topic was NYC Mayor Bloomberg's  ban on large sweetened drinks, and George made reference to some policy that would make him "bang my head against the wall."  Craig said something like "I'd like to see that" and chuckled,  and I thought George might check out at that point, but he soldiered on.  TeeBox sound -- there has got to be something that they do on that remote that they don't do on other remotes, because Rick's and Craig's voices simply sound dreadful.  It's like someone loosened something in the mics.  Sorry to rag on TeeBox audio on remotes, but there's something going on there that needs to be fixed.  (Not related to Victory move -- it's been this way for quite some time.) 

A couple of very snarky references to the Joe Morgan show.  I didn't note where I heard them, but at least one of them was on Cirque.   The JM shoe is indeed a massive punchout.

9:20 p.m. -- Laughed out loud several times during The Orphanage today.   The bit on cruising Knox City in Danny's buddy's '57 Chevy Bel Air hardtop had me laughing out loud in the new Conestoga.  (Yes, I traded the Jeep SRT8.) 
9:54 p.m. --  I was in 104.1 territory this afternoon.  It faded in and out from time to time.

10:25 p.m. --  Just checked my hits.  Whoa, through the roof the past several days.  Many thanks to everyone who has checked in.  Thank You for Shopping at My Ticket Confession.

Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1, 2012

8:12 a.m. --  Thanks to all Confessors for not ragging me for getting the year wrong in the last two posts.

8:14 a.m. --  Listening to The Hardline yesterday,
and how sad and defeated Mike sounded, I did wonder, along with a commentor from late yesterday, whether he might be thinking about hanging it up. He signed a new contract late last year, but of all the hosts, he is probably the most financially able to quit The Ticket. He lives pretty frugally, he probably banked a fairish amount from the original sale of The Ticket way back when, and he has probably cashed in pretty well on his last several contracts, if not the earlier ones.

In addition, the symbolic effect of his departure would be enormous
. It is the one act I can think of, other than a sponsor boycott (which ain't gonna happen as long as the ratings remain strong and no host slanders an influential special interest group), that might actually shake up Cumulus management. More on this at a later date.

8:35 a.m. -- What's the latest on the Dr. Sanjay Gupta infestation?  

8:35 a.m. -- While we're ragging on behind-the-scenes stuff, what accounts for the continuing confusion on some of the live spots?  (Actually, it's entertaining, I'm not sure I want the confusion to stop, but if I were a paying sponsor I might be concerned.)  The latest victim was this morning's "Belle Vida" (sp?? I have no idea what George and Gordon were trying to say; on the Philco, I first heard it as "Velveeta") spot.

8:40 a.m. --  Are things as bad at The Ticket as we are making out?  They are pretty bad, we know this from the high-risk on-air and Twitter stuff that has gone out lately, but let's be fair:  The station is broadcasting.  The shows are still better than the competition. 

But here's a question I have been pondering:   Is this site making it worse, providing, for better or worse, a place for the P1 to gather and gripe?  I guess there's the Radio-Info board and grubesismyleader, so maybe not.  And I guess there's a public-service aspect with information swapping on stream issues. 

So I have decided not to be too hard on myself. 

By the way -- what's the latest on the stream?

8:50 a.m. --  Had an awful thought.  What if DP and AP and The UnTicket's vast staff can't solve the recording problem caused by IHeart?