Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 14, 2012

7:10 a.m. -- Doyle!

7:42 a.m. -- Non-Ticket note:  The gig took me to Beverly Hills this week.   Stayed at the Beverly Hilton, where Whitney Houston's and John Edwards's careers came to an end, and, I suspect, many more got started.  (Cue Vivaldi music.)    I had a couple of hours to kill so I walked north about a mile to a historical site I always wanted to visit:  810 North Linden Drive, where, on June 20, 1947, a sniper put four .30-caliber slugs into the head of Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel while reading the paper.  Ben reading the paper, not the sniper.

810 North Linden Drive, where Siegel was living with Virginia Hill, played by Madonna in the movie

Before, arguably better-looking than Warren Beatty

Apologies for the non-Ticket content.

8:24 a.m. --  Has any show mentioned the death of Teofilo Stevenson?  He was the one international fighter deemed Muhammed Ali's potential equal, but he never went pro.

10:15 a.m. --  So I'm driving to the airport at 4:40 Tuesday morning listening to the rebroadcast of The Top Ten, and I hear T.C. say that he wished that the media would cover The Ticket and its internal goings-on just like The Ticket does with sports.  I don't have the words quite right, but that was the gist of it.   I found that surprising coming from T.C.

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James said...

That is one ugly couch

birq said...

The Musers talked about Stevenson either yesterday or the day before. They didn't spend a bunch of time on him, but Junior did talk for a minute or so about him. No touching off-mic tribute, though.