Monday, June 25, 2012

The Hits Just Keep on Coming

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I don't know what kind of gag order the CTO has imposed on our heroes, but it's not working extremely well.

(1)  After the wretched "Up Your Ticket" ad ran on The Musers this morning, Junior said:  "I hadn't heard that.  Is it running?"  And George mumbled some slighting comment I don't remember.  Mortifying.

(2)  According to Confessors, continued stream issues.  

(3)  Gordon talks about how nice today's broadcast van is, Junior observes that it's because it is not a Cumulus asset.  Then they talk in rather disrespectful tones about an unnamed Cumulus technical guy, and Junior said that there was "a zero percent chance" that this unnamed technical guy could have made the broadcast work.   Pretty harsh stuff.  Several Confessors have expressed the view that of all the hosts, Junior is the loosest in the socket and might seek his destiny elsewhere.  Remarks like that certainly are consistent with that point of view.

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Isn't it nice not to have to suffer through any awkward Muser interviews with Peter Gammons this year?

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Ticket Tribute Guy is up with a blast at Cumulus tech.

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Please treat this thread as open re stream news, issues, workarounds so the P1 can have one-stop shopping on this stuff.  If the CTO doesn't realize the importance of the stream to the station's popularity, then  .  .  .  well, hell, the CTO doesn't seem to understand much of anything about technical conversions, so never mind.

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The Plainsman said...

The latest from comments to prior post: iHeart, TuneIn, and Ticket website all down earlier today. TuneIn, at least, appears now to be working. Situation critical in Canada.

Please report.

P2 in MI said...

I had no problems with the stream today, though I have only listened for about 45 minutes. The first 30 min were on iHeart radio. Maybe I am the only one (or maybe I am just not looking for any reason to complain), but I have really like iHeart better than TuneIn. It plays immediately, and does not drop and re-buffer all the time. I understand that there may be issues for those who record, but for the average listener, iHeart has been great.

The Plainsman said...

Today's golf thing is a great idea. Whether it can be translated into two full hours of broadcasting is unclear. They're still on the first hole and I'm thinking -- OK, fun, interesting, but nine holes of this?

Unfortunately, I'll never know. I'm not punching out, but I have to leave the channel at this point, so please report.

oss said...

P2inMI - I'm also liking IHeart. Never used Tunein, but I like IHeart more than WonderRadio or FStream. At least so far.

Tangent said...

The Double Golf Challenge is a fantastic idea. I wouldn't listen to the final round of The Masters on radio, but I'm in on this one. Technical problems are at a minimum so far...knock wood.

Anonymous said...

wish everyone was picking up on the inside jokes, that they are clearly missing, on this up your ticket deal...they are in plain sight...

Anonymous said...

Clue us in, Anon 9:27 AM. What jokes are we missing?

Anonymous said...

I'm not 9:27 anon, but the promo is satirical in that it is making fun of typical radio commercials.

Why do you think there is a gag order in place, Plainsman? Isn't it obvious that there isn't one? I only listen on the drive to and from work but it hasn't seemed to let up any since the move.

The Plainsman said...

I don't think it's intended to make fun of lousy promos. I think it's an original lousy promo.

I believe there to be a gag order -- or at least some stern warnings -- in place because of Jake's suspension and the JV laying very, very low on Twitter.

Also a brief back-door notification I received from a Cumulo-Ticket Insider.

As I say, the on-air grumbling has continued, although at a much diminished level, despite what I believe to be at least some form of a crackdown.

Ron said...

I am conflicted about self-indulgent Corby. I tire of hearing about his kicka@@ life and his kicka@@ drinking buddies and his kicka@@ trips.

But today's airplane story was pretty funny - in a Curb Your Enthusiasm sort of way.

T4 In Rockwall said...

I gotta say, I gave both TuneIn and iHeart a shot today. TuneIn in the past has put a sort of lisp on everyone's speech, and it was still there today. iHeart was crystal clear, just like the HD station that I also pulled up on my radio today. It might be lacking in full functionality that TuneIn has, but it seems to pull in a better stream. Maybe that's one reason why they're changing?

P1bdogETX said...

T4. In tunein, when tuned into the ticket, on the rightside of the screen where it says "related" tap until you get to "options". Tap choose stream. Choose the 48k AAC blows iHeart's AQ out of the water.


ap said...

[Conspiracy hat on]

Call it a gut feeling, but I don't think TuneIn (aka the ASF/AAC stream) will be around much longer. It seems to originate from a separate IP that Cumulus owns, and it seems strange that they'd keep that up as well as iHeart.

I think Gordo mentioned that eventually, iHeart will be the only way to stream the ticket. And iHeart is fine, except for a few small details:

1) it's a platform made to distribute all formats of radio including copyright music, which means that recording it for later listening becomes very, very tricky. Again, not a big deal for most, but if you like dvr-type functionality (or, the unticket for that matter), hold a good thought!

2) if wherever you work prevents you from streaming audio, I guess you can always use your AM radio and catch the actual broadcast signal *cough*

3) it appears that iHeart only streams to IP addresses inside of the US. I guess that really only affects myself and about a dozen other hardcore P1's, but given the perennial interest in the Cowboys and the recent uptick in the Rangers (and even Mavs), more fans could conceivably be tuning in ... that's how I got here.

And to put the final icing on my conspiracy cake....Given the way Cumulus operates, you really think iHeart is going to remain a free app?

The Plainsman said...

Interesting, AP.

The Musers are making the golf thing sound pretty cool this morning.

How was the two hours of broadcasting?

P2 in MI said...

I enjoyed listening to the golf event. Passes the time well during a slow sports cycle.

charlie0712 said...

The golf was great. Total wheels off great radio as they are all on wireless around a golf course and them each trying to mess with each other while playing. Awesome radio!!

Anonymous said...

Same experience as P2 in MI:

Iheartradio app seems more stable than the old tunein app i used to use.

But that probably has to do more with the fact that I am using a better phone than I used to have

Scott said...

I am in Calgary, just arrived. Streaming the HL from both my laptop using the link on the homepage, and from iHeart on my iPhone, over hotel wireless.

Scott said...

Also streaming from TuneIn on the iPhone.

TuneIn working on the Windows Phone.

iHeart NOT working from Windows Phone. It connected to server, but is not loading

It would appear, I am having no issues from Calgary, AB streaming the little one.

Dan's Beach Towel said...

During CQH today Corby mentioned that the head of their engineering for the whole company looks like Teller from Penn & Teller but 4 inches shorter. Jake popped on and suggested that Corby tweet him and tell him that and get a few days off. Corby said that it would be worth it to tell tweet I'm that he sucks and get some days off. Mike chimed in and said "By the way, you do!"
Loose gag order if there is such a thing.

East Texas P1 said...

Dang it Dan's Beach Towel - I was going to write the same post. On my home out to shiny East Texas, pull in the garage, fire up the laptop and...

the post I was going to write except yours is better written and more encompassing.

[slinks off to water the yard]

P1bdogETX said...

Is it a coincidence? Recently we've been hearing references to CBS 11 news being on the TV's in the studio. The bobtail tractor chase, the weather. There have been others, yesterday I believe they thought it was another chase, I believe Corby mentioned "Chopper 11". Does this have anything to do with the CBS/Cumulus deal? A little cheap "plugola"?

Just an observation.

Ron said...

How about the exchange today between Corby and Danny, discussing Patriot Act requirements if you pay cash for a car. . .

Corby: There's no paperwork to fill out if you pay cash for a car.

Danny: How do you know?

Corby: Trust me, I know.

Danny: How do you know?

Corby: I know.

T4 In Rockwall said...

I know I've posted somewhere on this site, but there is still the app "mediaU" that pulls up the KTCK stream as well. Just tried it and it still works.

T4 In Rockwall said...

@ Ron. Don't get me started about Corby who thinks he stands up on a perch so much higher than the average person. He's a rick with a p. I can only hope that he reads this site, but he would take it as a compliment that he's getting pub.

P1bdogETX said...

Here's a stream related observation. The NDN/"Listen live" link has disappeared from the 99.5 website and now there is a iHeart link. This iHeart link is also on the Ticket site, but the other stream link is still there....for now I guess. However, the Wolf is still on TuneIn. I'm guessing the NDN link still works for 99.5 but you needed it bookmarked. IDK