Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Junior Is Prescient Even When He Is Solely Intending to Be Amusing -- BREAKING: Sirois/Monte Update

I recall a discussion on The Musers about Tony Romo.

Junior said words to the following effect:  "I don't know if the Cowboys will trade Tony Romo or release him.  But I do know that whatever they decide to do, it will be wrong."  Not an exact quote, but you get the comedy point he was making.

Well  .  .  .  .


I must be one of the few Cowboys observers in town who has no affection at all for Jerry Jones.  I don't think he's a nice man.  His "executive of the year" award was a joke.  Hall of Fame?  Yeah, they gave Arafat a Nobel Peace Prize, too.

I'm not one of those who thinks the Cowboys "owe" Tony Romo something, or vice versa.  And I never imputed that sentiment to the Jones family.  I never thought for a minute that any decision the Joneses would make about Romo would have the slightest whiff of altruism about it.  Nor would I expect it to.  All this "family" talk -- hs.

Once again, events seem to be bearing out the Wisdom of the Joonz.

"You can cage me anytime, TC."

 *     *     *

BREAKING BREAKING BREAKING -- Comment thread remarks on the on-air blowup by Mike Sirois against Justin Montemayor, and it's all over Ticket-related social media.  

Justin has tweeted this photograph illustrating that all is well, for public consumption at least.  And it looks sincere to me:



Monday, March 20, 2017

The Quick Hits Just Keep On Coming

Confessors, apologies.  I've been working seven-day weeks for awhile and when I get a few hours The Woman needs attention and bills need to be paid and other loved ones need a few things, so there you go.

But I've been keeping a few notes lately.  Thought about making each one a separate crappy post, but will go with a data dump instead.

Thanks for continuing to check in.  Come on, lads and ladies, let's get some nice civilized threads going here.  (You know, there are more female Confessors than you might expect.)

Numbered for your convenience in response:

        (1)   When Nerlens Noel joined the Mavs and missed that flight, Mike and Corby reported that they hadn't heard anything about the guy being a problem teammate at his prior port of call.  The Musers had reported earlier in the day that he had been chronically late or absent from meetings with the 76ers and frequently fined.  Of course they hadn't heard about it because they don't prepare for the show.  And today, Corby had this segment on "Beauty and the Beast" and had absolutely zero concept of what the movie was about.  One-half minute on Google would have solved that.

      (2)    Holy Christ, those Load Bearing Wall people.  (www.loadbearingwall.com.)   Gonna remove a load bearing wall for you in a way that will not make your house fall down.  And then they're going to give you a TEN YEAR WARRANTY?  So what are they warranting against?  It's gotta be that YOUR HOUSE WILL NOT FALL DOWN AFTER THEY DO THEIR WALL-REMOVAL THING.  And they warrant that that will be the case for -- TEN YEARS?  After which that warranty will expire and too bad if your house collapses around you, or whoever is so unfortunate as to purchase it from you and receive that valuable transferrable warranty for a home they may live in for decades?  Is that the worst goddam warranty you ever heard of?  All-Pro Foundation Repair guys must be splitting a gut right now.

      (3)    If Craig "Junior" Miller is going to make fun of ebonics -- and I have no problem with anyone making fun of ebonics, by the way -- he needs to get the ebonic patois right.  He will sometimes say to George and Gordon, "Let me axt you a question."  But the Community word (not universal, I'm sure, but I've interviewed many AA employment candidates who use it) is not "axt," but "ax."  (See, e.g., http://articles.latimes.com/2014/jan/19/opinion/la-oe-mcwhorter-black-speech-ax-20140119)  Now, Junior is a very sophisticated humorist, so perhaps he is deliberately getting wrong what is already wrong (conventionally speaking) as a honk who misuses AA patois -- i.e., it's a bit.  But I think he's just not hearing it right.

      (4)    My Lord Jah Almighty, the Tylock/George Eye Care jingle is absolutely hahhrrrrible.  Sounds like a bunch of schoolgirls, and the thing is way too grandiose and overproduced and LONG.  I thought the old Boothe Eye Care Lasik ads were bad -- remember his TV ad, where he has a Cowboys uniform on? -- but this one is hilariously awful.

      (5)    Many times when a Confessor has an issue, he starts with "Is it just me, or  .  .  .  . "  This one, no.  It's not just me.  What the hell is going on with The Ticket's return music?  It has gotten way, way too loud, and goes on way, way too long without a fadeout.  Hosts can barely be heard as whatever is being played goes on and on at excessive volume.  Now, I gather that at least on The Hardline, a host is in charge of selecting return music?  So not pointing any fingers, I'm thinking this has got to be some kind of new policy.  O Sainted Catman of the New World, please make it stop.

      (6)    JUNIOR MILLER, TECH SAVANT.  He predicted the early demise of the iPad -- presumably, tablets generally, shortly after their introduction.  I love my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, use it all the time, but I'll be switched if old Joonze didn't have it right.  (TECH CRUNCH: Tablets Are Dead)

      (7)    Why isn't Gordon, whose column was short-listed for a Pulitzer at the Dallas Morning News, still doing that column?   I believe I heard him talk about maybe reviving it, which suggests perhaps it was his choice to discontinue.  Can't believe he would voluntarily give up that kind of national exposure with what was really some excellent, prize-winning work.  Anyone know the story?

      (8)    Wouldn't you think that wordsmith Gordon would have thought up a better name for his band than "The Gordon Keith Band"?

      (9)    Laughed heartily at the brief Hardline discussion on 3/9 about whether you could keep a woman occupied “all day” with frozen peanut butter in a red “kong” toy as you can a dog.

      (10)    Why is so much major Cowboys news broken by national media (Schefter, Mortensen, others) rather than local media?  Granted, sometimes their scoops are wrong (Schefter's report that the Cowboys were going to release T. Romo that Thursday a few weeks back).

      (11)   Jeez, Danny's voice is sounding worse and worse.  Constant gravel now, that former mellow Gentleman Jack smoothness is a thing of the past.  Worrisome.

      (12)   Junior is now promoting Stellar Home Theater.  A week or two ago, someone was talking about recording a series, or watching a particular series, or something, and someone was asking Junior if he were "in" on either watching or recording.  He said, in a voice filmed with doom, that he was presently unable to do so.  OWTTE.  Had to chortle.

      (13)   Last 11 times I have punched in to Monte + The Machine (aka "Not a Podcast") out running errands on a Saturday morning, I have heard, upon said in-punching, the voice of Mike "The Machine" Marshall.

      (14)    I need help.  On maybe a half-dozen occasions over the past month or so, I've punched out on the station for one reason or another.  Maybe not even something related to show content, maybe just not ready for another bunch of ads, or maybe I had some music cued up, or something.  Or maybe the lads were yammering on with more vagina talk, or teacher-student sex talk, or something else I'm tired of.  Maybe I'd arrived at a store and was leaving the Conestoga for a few minutes.  Or maybe I had gone from the car to the office to pick up my listening there.  Got a nice stereo there just for that purpose. No big deal, we all punch out for one reason or another from time to time.  But on these occasions, I FORGOT TO PUNCH BACK IN.   Last Friday, for example, I realized that I missed Junior's Scattershooting and the E-Brake, which I never like to miss. it's happened on other occasions when I was perfectly free to listen to my weekday and weekend heroes, and had a distraction of one kind or another causing a PO, and never came back.  Very concerning.  Hoping it's a phase.  Not aware of any particular disenchantment with the weekday crews, not bored with The Ticket concept or guys.  So not sure what's going on.  You ever take a subconscious break from The Little One?

      (15)   I'll leave you with this:

      It is the 90s.

      I'm in St. Louis, negotiating a deal.

      I'm at the Lambert Airport Marriott.

      More precisely, I'm at the Firehouse bar in that certain lodging destination.

      Kind of dark, smoky.  Yes, kids, there was a time you could smoke in bars.  Noisy.

      I was just kind of standing there.  Had to be sharp the next day, not carousing.

      I noticed that there was a man sitting in a chair right next to me, quiet, alone.  Just sitting there, seemed a little down.

      I looked down.

      Chuck Berry.