Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Junior Is Prescient Even When He Is Solely Intending to Be Amusing -- BREAKING: Sirois/Monte Update

I recall a discussion on The Musers about Tony Romo.

Junior said words to the following effect:  "I don't know if the Cowboys will trade Tony Romo or release him.  But I do know that whatever they decide to do, it will be wrong."  Not an exact quote, but you get the comedy point he was making.

Well  .  .  .  .


I must be one of the few Cowboys observers in town who has no affection at all for Jerry Jones.  I don't think he's a nice man.  His "executive of the year" award was a joke.  Hall of Fame?  Yeah, they gave Arafat a Nobel Peace Prize, too.

I'm not one of those who thinks the Cowboys "owe" Tony Romo something, or vice versa.  And I never imputed that sentiment to the Jones family.  I never thought for a minute that any decision the Joneses would make about Romo would have the slightest whiff of altruism about it.  Nor would I expect it to.  All this "family" talk -- hs.

Once again, events seem to be bearing out the Wisdom of the Joonz.

"You can cage me anytime, TC."

 *     *     *

BREAKING BREAKING BREAKING -- Comment thread remarks on the on-air blowup by Mike Sirois against Justin Montemayor, and it's all over Ticket-related social media.  

Justin has tweeted this photograph illustrating that all is well, for public consumption at least.  And it looks sincere to me:




James said...

My first thought after reading that is that I can't get past how bad the writing is. 90% of the contents of the piece are old news, the exception being that an unnamed source has said Romo has distanced himself from the team.

Yes, this is an awful situation for him, and Cowboys management didn't handle it well. But it's a unique situation, and happens rarely, if ever. There's probably not a good way to handle it. There's certainly not an easy way to do it.

Shaggy said...

Even that is old news. David Moore has discussed how cold Garrett and Romo have been since Romo gave that in-season presser without giving Garrett a heads up that he was doing it.

blergoyen said...

Jones would probably extend Romo more gratitude had Romo got drunk, flipped his car and sent the passenger off to the great football stadium in the sky. However I do agree that neither Jones nor Romo owe each other any future favors.

Anonymous said...

Pcray, much like Ticket hosts opining socio-political-current-events and being low info and borderline if not out and out dumbsville, you my man need to stay away from the sports page. Goose, meet gander.

East Texas P1 said...

Two different subjects:

1) The new KZEW station: I read with fascination how this was being reinvented to an online stream. It was a big part of my high school growing up (morning, MORNING!). So I looked forward with extreme interest when the upcoming segment was teased on Monday afternoon. Even thought about texting my brother to listen even though he does not listen to sports radio.

Glad I didn't text him. What could have been "hit it out of the park" turned into another unprepared segment. Mike did not want to take the ball and run with it and, so, turned it over to Corby. WHO.WAS.UNPREPARED (surprised?). Mike finally chimed in a few times to help Corby recover but this could have been so much more. Do they even know that fan sites exists for the old call letters? I just think we could have (should have) gotten more, considering Mike's considerable insight into that time.

And Mike bringing back the name of "Tempie Lindsey". Lord, haven't thought about her in 35 years. I think she was everyone's (of my age) sexual fantasy. (Younger readers, there was no internet. No one knew what she looked like, just how she sounded.)

Links from the DMN online article.



2. I came home from work today from logging and pushing said logs into the Trinity River to float downstream to the sawmill. Poured a small libation and started discussing the days events with my SO. Conversation went something like this.

SO: So I went to Wal-Mart and they did not have elephant ears. So I went to Lowe's and they had them but they are expensive.

ME: How much?

SO: They were eight dollars for just a little one.

ME: Eight dollar d dollar?

SO: What?

ME: Eight dollar d dollar?

SO: What are you talking about?

By this time I was busting my ass laughing. And repeated it one or two more times. Finally had to reveal the back story.

That's it. Peace Out

The Plainsman said...

700 Anonypuss, unlike listeners who don't like socio-political commentary on The Ticket and have a choice of other sportsy listens, you have nowhere else to turn as Your Home for Quality Ticket Journalism That Usually Has At Least Some Slight Connection to The Ticket.

Anonymous said...


slinky said...

Yesterday I went to a work site where we're rebuilding a back deck and porch. I arrive about 1:30 pm and notice the guys have an old school combination cd/radio player tuned to BaD. Well, eventually the Hardline comes on. Now, had this been my radio, I would have changed the station, but I kept on working. With all the hammering, nailing, and sawing, wasn't really paying all that much attention. But then I heard something about 'coming back with Chubby Checker'. So I'm thinking Chubby Checker is going to be on the show. It turned out to be a segment bashing Chubby Checker! Apparently Chubby was on the show last week. Since I never listen to the Corby Show, I missed it. Had I known the Chubster was going to be on, I may have tuned in.
Let me tell you my situation. I was born 1959 as an accident baby behind much older siblings [10 to 20 years older] so I grew from the crib listening to doo-wop and R and B from the late 50's and 60's [as well as the good old classic country]. Anyway, I'm a huge, huge fan of Wilson Picket, Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson and Chubby Checker, just to name a small few, so, I was very interested in this interview.
It seemed all this generic version of THL could do...was laugh about Chubby bragging a lot! Did I hear that right? CORBY talking about somebody bragging too much?! I tracked down the interview, and as usual, these idiots [soooo desperate for a segment] blew it way out of proportion!
They start the interview with the playing of "Let's Twist Again", and Chubby opens with comment "What a cool song" [I'm sorry...what the hell is so wrong with saying that?! It was a cool song! And cool for a young high school black kid to have the biggest record!]
Moving on...he goes on to state what a huge dance record it was and how it started many dance trends. [Hey Hardline morons! It Did! You had Peppermint Twist, Mashed potato and others, but Chubby was the first and the biggest!]
The band of dueling idiots continue making light of the guy with his referencing Cassius Clay [Hey brainiacs, at that time, Chubby was much more of a house hold name than Cassius Clay, and it's very plausible he sought Chubby out for his celebrity!] tho there may have been some tongue and cheek embellishment on Chubby's part at this point.
Then Dumbo Danny chimes in with his intelligent "Hey buddy, you're name is CHUBBY....and you're last name is CHECKER! Ok, so I guess now, they'll be going after and making fun my man Fats Domino! Then they open back with Little Town Flirt by Del Shannon, which Corby knew nothing about! You know, I've never been able STAND Corby, but Danny and Mike are starting to follow suit. It's one thing to be 15 and ignorant, but "50" and ignorant is truly sad. Just when you think Corby has reached his peak in ignorance, he gets his pick ax out and climbs to a whole new height! Remember when Corby was making fun of the elderly California Uber driver. Turned out the guy had truly had a career that Corby will never, ever know the likes of.
Anyway, back to the interview; was Chubby a little braggadocious...yes, maybe a little, but who FRICKIN CARES?! The guys going on 80! Give him some respect! I for one enjoyed the interview. It was nice to get a glimpse into the era and time frame. And as for Corby talking about Chubby's bragging...the only difference between Corby's bragging and Chubby's bragging [man, that almost sounds a like], is that I didn't fall asleep during Chubby's bragging!
Plains, I hope you don't delete this. Since I don't listen to THL anymore, I don't make too many Corby bashing's, but music is a true passion and to hear the idiot Corby, sometimes I just need to vent! You guys thinking this is a site where everyone gripes about Corby, believe me, Plains deletes a good 80% of the Corby complaints.

Anonymous said...

THL was right about the self important Chubby. I'm 63 and his music was in my wheel house. But he came across as a total douche during their interview.

Kyle Foster said...

Keep in mind Corby and others also bash Buzz Aldrin for bragging about being one of 12 men to walk on the moon, of which he was second. You can question the value of the space program and the amount of money which is spent on it but questioning the achievement of the men who actually did it is another matter.

The Plainsman said...

Slinky, ya damned Confessor: You do a nice long appropriate comment well within the Rules of the Confessional, and then you say "believe me, Plains deletes a good 80% of the Corby complaints."

I can't remember the last time I deleted a Corby complaint.

So . . . I don't believe you.

Anonymous said...

Eh, look at the time stamp, Pchain, 332 in the am. Remember kids, don't drink and comment.

And 718, if you're 63, I'm a wheelbarrow. Ain't buying it, chief.

Anonymous said...

That's right 10:49: I get my jollies by claiming to be an age that I'm not. Not asking you to buy anything, chief and don't care what you believe.

Anonymous said...

63 and still referring to another as a "total douche"? I stand by the comment, bucko.

Anonymous said...

I've tried again to give not a podcast a fair shake. I'd much rather have country force on sat mornings .. they have much better chemistry and don't try so hard to be so something they're not. The voice on there now makes my ears bleed

ellislives said...

I have always thought Sirois was neck and neck with Corby for the lead as the biggest Peter Pan of the Ticket but he just won by a head. During the mix this morning between NaP and the monthly appearance of the Sirois mail-in, Mike started ripping into Monte for not returning a text. He was talking about how important it was and how inconsiderate Justin was for not replying in a timely manner. You would have thought that Justin had forgotten to pick up Sirois’ mom from the airport. I particularly enjoyed Sirois, the third wheel on the 10-Noon shift, questioning the Ol’ Monty on how much time he puts into work. I guess catching jam bands and going on golf trips passes for curing cancer these days. I waited and waited for the butterfly effect that might occur from this lack of communication. It was a fantasy baseball draft. Mike…that says more about your life priorities than anything else. Low class. Keep Florida proud. We’ll open the E-Brake odds at 2:1.

The Plainsman said...

@ellislives: Not quite sure I understand the Peter Pan comment (unless it is a comment on not growing up), but I was hoping someone heard this. I was tuned in just before and just after (stopped at a store) and when I punched back in it was clear something pretty dramatic had taken place. Mike was canvassing the crew about his behavior, and the reviews were either not good, or nervously supportive (as in "yeah, I'm sure gonna broadcast to the world that my upper-Tier boss acted like a putz").

I like the Bros. Sirois quite a lot and I like their show. Mike seemed remorseful and apparently had gone in search of Justin to apologize.

What surprised me when I tuned back in was that of the candidates upon whom to twist off from the prior show, it was Justin and not Machine. Poor Monte, struggles (usually unsuccessfully) for airtime for two hours and then gets slagged for not responding to a text about fantasy baseball?

Incidents like this are telling, I think. We have no idea how the Ticket guys interact with or feel about one another. When we hear one of these rare personal squabbles, it is hard to know whether this is just someone having a bad day, or a one-off personal spat, or whether the animosity illustrates a deeper issue. This sounded like a nothingburger, a dumb one-time overreaction by Mike, but consider what else it COULD be: Does Monte, who I think most of us like on the air (I do, on those increasingly rare instances when he is permitted to speak without interruption), have a reputation among his colleagues for unresponsiveness or unindustriousness that explains this public upbraiding? We'll never know.

It must have been quite a blowup. But things like this tend to be swept under the rug and not reprised on E-Brake. Someone will provide us with a link to the audio, I am quite sure.

The Plainsman said...

Now that I am getting into the podcast world, I thought I would go back and listen to some classic It's Just Banter, which tends in general to be well-reviewed by Confessors. I recall that the episodes where they are interviewing Ticket veterans are really good. Is there any descriptive episode guide to IJB that would tell me which ones those would be?

Shaggy said...

Here you go


Boo! said...

The perfect example of why I love the ticket was the recent FM signal issues they had. Only the ticket can pull off something like that.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a link to yesterday's blowup?

ellislives said...

Pman...yeah the Peter Pan comment was an allusion to him never growing up. In fact this whole thing made me think of that scene in Stepbrothers where Ferrell and Reilly's characters meet for the first time.

Look "I'm and man!!!, I'm 40". Perhaps I am just sensitive to it. I see bunch of conversation handled in email when they should be in person, a ton of disrespect up and down the corporate ladder, and just general contempt at the workplace.

I also understand that you don't typically choose your coworkers. Every day I work with people that the only thing we have in common is who signs our paychecks. Competition is fierce particularly at the Little One.

In this case, the subject at hand not worthy of Sirois’ rant…get someone else in your fantasy league. At the very least it should have been one on one and in person. The idea of emasculating junior staff in front of their colleagues and on the air is simply Bush-League. Don’t call yourself a professional then whip that S out.

It wasn’t even good radio. At least “Moron dog”, “What are you walkin’ out?”, and “Don’t play Little Red Riding Hood…” happened during the course of the show. It was obvious that Mike had been winding up for this for a week. When the on-air light came on, so did he.

Anonymous said...

Shake is replaying it at 950.

Anonymous said...

Sirois is a Tier 4 enployee. He ought not be yelling at anyone. While he indeed has Rhyner firmly in his corner, that hasn't the cache it once did as regards favored employee status\job security. How many times now have we witnessed Sirois berate or attack coworkers on air? I can count three. Methinks there is a real issue here.

The Plainsman said...

BREAKING: See photo at the end of the post, above. It seems that the lads have mended fences, as lads will do.

Gypo Nolan said...

Hold onto your butts. Big time.

The Plainsman said...

Well, I'm glad you said "big time," or else I wouldn't have known to have confidence in your admonition to hold butt.

Actually, Confessor Gypo has a little more credibility than some butt-warning guys, so I shall keep my ear to the tracks and hands firmly on my glutes.

Anonymous said...

I didn't hear it but any chance it was an April fools bit??

Rhinosaur said...

Apparently, Justin hurt his knee taking that photo.

I was surprised at how the Reddit sub was almost totally pro-Sirois on this argument. I got no problem with him being pissed about not being contacted, but I guess I just have a problem with people being unable to accept an apology, even if offered several times.

Anonymous said...

Gypo might have some goods. I'm not an insider, but my guess is that if it's actually BIG news, it's HL related. If "big" news, then it probably has to do with a JVer heading off for greener pastures-be they a competitor, a new market, or another line of work. Then again, it might have to do with Cumulus's implosion. As far as that one goes, the reprecussions could be manifold, and frankly, not positive. Plainsman previously wrote that only a fool would mess with The Ticket's success. Sadly, that's thinking rationally about an industry that more often than not is irrational.

Anonymous said...

I never saw a discussion on the ticket subreddit about the sirois/monty fight. Just checked my feed over there and still don't see it. Did it get taken down? Or am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

Same here, Anon 116. Not seeing a thing. Indeed, it looks like the site's been quiet for 2-3 days, which is weird. I think Sirois gets all amped up while partying, which seems to be a lot, comes in the next day either still a wee tipsy from the previous evening or hungover a bit and jacked up on caffeine in trying to combat said hangover, and gets testy and ballsy and confrontational and thin skinned in a way that he normally doesn't. Then when he gets right again, it's all hugs and kisses and I love you mans. Thing is, that stuff wears thin, quickly. He's smart enough not to get that way with those who could cause him real problems. The closest he's come is with Norm and Gordon. He basically groveled on air to Norm the next day when it happened. Ditto on and off air, especially off air, with Gordon.

Anonymous said...

Count me in the camp that was extremely put off by sirois bullying Justin. While I actually really enjoy cirque, I've noticed here and there over the last few years that Mike can come off as extremely childish and throws tantrums that paint him as a real jerk. It's not all the time, and it is sporadic to the point of not overtaking his on air persona, but just enough to where you remember it and know he certainly has that side to him. Of course monty "made up" with him, he has to. While not a tier 1 cat, Mike certainly has more sway than monty and an on going tension between the two wouldn't help his job prospects at all.

The Plainsman said...

@Gypo Nolan: Done a little nosing around my DFW radio sources and no one seems to have any sense of any big Ticket news coming down. Which tends to suggest that, if you have anything, it may be (as a Confessor above suggested) at a non-Ticket level, i.e., Cumulus insolvency.

You have tossed out hints in the past, as I recall, so perhaps you could favor us with a tease.

As always, we are grateful for your ass-grabbing warnings.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know why Tom Grieve isn't in the booth for opening day?

Rhinosaur said...

1:16 I swear I read it on there, I can't find it, either. I think the thread was there on Sunday, now it's gone. Maybe I dreamed about it. Maybe I'm an idiot. Don't know.

Re: BIG TICKET NEWS! How many times has someone on here said something big was going to happen? How many times since Greggo has something big happened? Once or twice? Donnie moving in with Norm, and Bob & Dan contract situation. That's about it for roughly a decade. In short: Doubtful.

Anonymous said...

@8:10 - Tom Grieve has cut his workload down to a total of 65 games for this season.

Details here: http://sportsday.dallasnews.com/texas-rangers/rangers/2017/03/31/hot-air-new-voice-rangers-aims-establish-trust-share-conversation

nononononever said...

Seems like the Musers devoted their whole show to Romo becoming a sportscaster. A little boring, but once again, the genius of the P1 shone through during teh call-in segment. The call-in segments work pretty well on the Musers and BAD (and Norm and Donny to an extent), but I guess THL doesn't really care for it. I think it's pretty funny - the P1's are in on the bits and I think the back and forth is pretty funny. One guy even took a funny shot at Corby this morning and Jer cued up the Corby short laugh, which makes the Musers laugh even if it's a shot.
Saw that a P1 posted about the Zoo on Vokal and THL had a segment on it so thought I'd check it out. Rhynes said that they would play classic rock but hopefully do some deep cuts instead of the usual. 1st day I tried it I heard the usual Eddie Money song and one by Creedence but still thought it was ok. Listened on Saturday and heard Monkey Man and Without You (Stones and Doobies) right out of the gate and some other great deep cuts. About 6 songs in they played Sad But True (!) and then some psychedelic cut from a band I'd never heard of. Great mix that day! Then yesterday they played a cheesy 80's Heart song instead of anything from their early albums and some other 80's cheese cut. I'm still in, but I guess it depends on who's "spinnin" tracks. Seems to be a heavy Southern influence at times. Lots of Allmans, Danny Joe Brown. Still better than anything on the dial right now, except when KXT plays some local stuff or new tracks.

ellislives said...

Check out this Rhynes gold




@ 17 sec mark

Gopher said...


Did you catch the Willie Nelson song they played? When the Austin Cosmic Cowboy scene was happening and the early Outlaw country started, they played quite a bit of that. The format back in the day was Album Oriented Rock. They played the songs we are sick of when they were new. We listeners lived for the deep cuts back then. Sunday evenings they would play an entire album through. KZEW became the blueprint for AOR stations across America.
We are sick of some of the stuff they played because they played the hell out of it back then.

Now let's get Q102 back on in some form so we can button push between the two again.

nonononever said...


Didn't hear any willie on Saturday, but I just remembered the weird song - "Time", by It's A Beautiful Day. I've never heard that song or that group on the Zoo or any other place, not even in college. Not weird like early Pink Floyd or some Donovan songs(and they did play one or two of his). Just wayyyyy different for psychedelic. Couldn't tune out, but I wouldn't listen to it again. But I do like the fact they will go from Willie to Metallica to Donovan. I'll take it.