Thursday, April 30, 2015

Draft Coverage Quick Hits

Grumble all you want about the latter-day Ticket, but the draft coverage is magnificent.  Three quick hits and then you can have at it:

(1) Roger Goodell is an idiot and has a bad face.  How can he not know how to pronounce Marcus Mariota?

(2) I forgot my second quick hit.

(3) Danny is right:  Junior Miller is the flat-out craziest host -- the craziest human -- at The Ticket.  Think about the time it takes to compose those jewels  that are the capsule descriptions of the top picks.  Folks, that isn't just craziness, it also shows respect for The P1.    Still waters pedal deep.

And he's apparently also involved in a sex scandal.  How to Tell If Your Dog Is Involved in a Sex Scandal

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

When Will Gordon Have the Courage to Do The Hardline?

I was thinking this morning on the drive in that I'd like to hear a Touchdown Brothers segment (although I thought Gordon's ADD Josh Hamilton was pretty good), when the foregoing thought occurred to me.

Think about it:

--  Distinctive voices.

--  Distinctive, even over-the-top, personalities.

--  Distinctive verbal tics.

--  Endless fresh material.

--  Everyone would get all of the jokes.

--  The jokes would be funny.

There would, of course, be challenges:

--  Who would do all the voices?  I have a very dim recollection that in the past The Musers have employed guest impersonators.  I'd nominate Gordon for Corby, maybe George for Mike, and find some baritone-voiced comic to do Danny.  ALTERNATIVE:  Gordon do all three voices but make it a produced segment, not live, and use the digital voice processor to create amusing facsimiles of one or more of the voices (Danny = absurdly deep and mellow, Corby = absurdly chirpy and brittle).

--  Civil unrest at The Ticket.

--  Accusations of kicking The Hardline when it's down.

Anyway, Gordon, give it some thought.

"The Musers can do what The Hardline does, but The Hardline can't do what The Musers do."

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Saturday, April 25, 2015

And Just As I Had Made Up My Mind to Adopt Them Both

The Orphanage closed its doors today.


I didn't get to hear much of the Orphanage or any of the handoffs today, just a few minutes'-worth, unfortunately.  A very few quick hits:

(1) Danny said in a kind of roundabout way at the beginning of the show that at this stage of his life he wants his Saturdays back, and that if they were going to have been fired it would have been done a long time ago.  I see no reason not to believe that the departure of The Orphanage was entirely voluntary, claimed overheard bar talk to the contrary notwithstanding.

(2) Jeff Catlin (stay tuned for more Jeff) has let it be known at The Ticket that he's will entertain proposals from younger Ticket guys to fill the 10-noon Saturday slot.

(3) Mike Sirois said that Cirque was offered that time slot and turned it down.  He said he had no idea what would replace the Orphanage.

(4) He also said that awhile back Cirque had been offered Sunday mornings, now occupied by The Shake Joint.  Cat, he recalled, had tried to sell it as the most desirable of the weekend slots.

(5) He called the Sunday morning show "the little analytics guys" and did not mention the show or its hosts by name.

(6) He also suggested that the ability to attract remotes was important to the profitability of the weekend shows.

*     *     *

I understand why some people didn't care for the Orphanage, but I really liked it.  Are Danny and Davey sort of clinging to an adolescent-to-mid-twenties lifestyle that sometimes fit oddly on men approaching the half-century mark?  Sure -- but geez, I'd like to go back to those times and live like that again myself if I could.  I don't begrudge either of them the time or lifestyle choices to allow them to keep up with current music, hit the clubs, play in bands, open bars (and close them), thumb their noses at critics, and make jokes on the radio. 

And they handled it with enough self-deprecation to suggest that they knew they were in on the joke, in fact, kind of were the joke, and were OK with it.

So I found those two very agreeable company on Saturday mornings.  They're guys I'd hang out with if I were cool enough or famous enough and I'm neither, so what?  I want to be entertained while I'm doing my Saturday errands or working out in the field, and they never failed to do that. 

So I very much regret that when the announcement came, I was not holding my butt.  Orphanage, RIP.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Stay Hard, Donnie

No, Donovan Lewis isn't going anywhere to the best of my knowledge.

During the 5:30 segment this morning -- a woefully underheard segment in The Ticket Day -- The Musers bade farewell to Donnie The Overnight Board Op.

I was in the shower at the time.  They mentioned his last name but I couldn't hear it and I can't find it on the Internets, and I also missed their identification of his new job.  I don't even know if I'm spelling "Donnie" correctly.

He's been doing 10p-6a for the last five-and-a-half years, succeeding the late Joel Jenista and trained by Jake Kemp and the legendary Michael Gruber.

Would one of our Ticket Guy readers please drop a comment with correct information on this Ticket stalwart?

Although Gordon hailed him as "the nicest guy at The Ticket," my abiding memory of DTOBO is one day when he tore angrily into the studio about ready to disassemble Gordon for one or another transgression.  And indeed, Gordon's historical Gordonesque mistreatment of him was mentioned.  All seems now to be forgiven.

Unrelated to text of post.  Just a parting gift to Donnie.
In any event, best of luck to Donnie The Overnight Board Op in his new position.

Welcome to the daytime.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Two Positive Hardline Quick Hits for a Change to Freshen Up the Thread

(1) Loved Mike's rant yesterday on Rangers Opening Day.  I don't understand why we can't get that level of engagement, if not outright passion, much more frequently from him.

(2)  I also enjoyed what I heard of the Corby/Mike Sirois "Masters Preview".  Would love to hear more specialty programming like that after 7 pm.  Did this get any promotion at all prior to broadcast?

Sorry for the undernourished post and otherwise low profile lately.  I hope to be back to a more regular schedule sometime within the next few weeks.  In the meantime, if you have some extended remarks you'd like me to consider, instead of commenting why don't you pop them into an email and maybe I'll feature them in a post?  If I don't I'll run them as a comment.

Thanks for continuing to check in.

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