Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Rules of the Confessional

Attend, O Confessors.

This is intended to be a site for people who like The Ticket.  Maybe they have an issue here and there, but, in general, I want Confessors to be fans, or, as they have come to be known, "The P1."

I want people to like coming here and know they're going to be treated with respect, or at least not put down by witless, content-free snark.

And, should a Ticket employee wander by, I want them to come away with the impression that they've been in the company of people who care about the station and think carefully about their reactions to it -- not a bunch of snippy teenagers.

So forgive me if I advise that I'm weary of refereeing pissy little flame wars between readers who can't express themselves without taking a shot at others. 

And weary as well of visitors who apparently don't like anything about The Ticket, this site, or Your Plainsman.

Or don't forgive me.  Don't care.

My past warnings have gone unheeded.  So, much as I hate to do it, I'm cracking down.


1.   Shots.   No criticisms of the person of any prior commenter.  If you have a disagreement, express your view in a way that addresses the issue or the facts or the opinion.  However, even brief phrases:

   --   impugning intelligence or motives of a prior commenter;

   --   asserting that prior commenters are all the same guy;

   --   suggesting that a prior commenter lacks reading or comprehension skills;

   --   suggesting that a commenter hasn't listened to the station enough, or for long enough, or is otherwise not a good Ticket citizen;

   --   is generally nasty towards another,

will cause your confession to hit the pail instantly.  Criticism of opinions is OK, but do it by making your own supportable point or making a legitimate debater's criticism of the prior comment.

I don't care how good your confession is in other respects.  The most brilliant comment that contains a phrase like "here's a thought -- listen to the station" will get bounced.

Subjective?  Absolutely.  Here's a rule of thumb:  Read your post before you send it.  If you see a phrase which, if it were said about you would upset you and make you want to respond in kind -- take it out.

2.    Vulgarity.  Don't use it.

3.    Tone.  Angry, hateful, threatening, overly emotional comments -- out.  I'm serious about all of these comments, and this one may seem slight, but I'm telling you:  Tone it down.

4.    Name-Calling.  Applies not just to fellow Confessors, but to anyone.  

5.    Stuff That's Just Too Wrong.  The other day got a comment from a guy ragging on T.C. and Corby.  Same old stuff, didn't like it, but met the standards in effect at that time.  Was going to publish, then noticed that he seemed to think that the midday host's name was "Stern."

[5.5  (added 03-07-15):  Commentary on subjects' personal lives is strongly discouraged.  Exceptions may be made if the matter relates to on-air events.]

6.   Anything That Strikes Me As Designed to Pick a Fight.  You figure it out.

Here's a further suggestion:  Cut and paste your comment into a file before sending it.  If you don't see your comment within a few hours, I've probably made it go away.   If you still think it's worthwhile, go back and figure out why I bounced it.  Fix it and resubmit.

Guys, I'm sorry about this, but I'm even sorrier that the comments have gotten so sorry.  I'd say a good third to a fourth of the comments that I published on the last thread would not have made it under the foregoing standards. 

You will be amazed at how easy it is to express your point of view -- even one that is critical of the point of a prior comment -- without impugning the character or talents of your fellows on this site.

Don't write me complaining about my judgment on comments.  I'm not interested.  You want the objective standard of unfettered commentary, there are other homes for you on the plains of the Internet.

Let's clean this site up.

One more thing.

UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, THIS SITE IS NOT ACCEPTING ANY COMMENTS, PRO OR CON, ABOUT T.C. FLEMING.  He's a part of The Ticket and fair game, but the volume of comments on him since his return to BaD Radio and weekend shows is grossly out of proportion to his significance to The Ticket.  Also, I'm mortally tired of them and no one has anything new to say.  I'll advise when this prohibition has been lifted.  I'm inclined to bounce all comments that even mention his name.

"Ragonk" is permitted.

This means you.
Come on now.  Let's keep this site going.  Let's make it a place that attracts the attention of people who matter and where you can be heard without bringing a bunch of cheap crap down on your head.

And let's have some fun.

Thank you for shopping at My Ticket Confession.

*     *     *


T4 In Rockwall said...

I'm starting a slow hand clap as I type. I'm probably guilty of doing some things mentioned above but I've got to say this is a long time coming. Props to you Plainsman for just not shutting this whole thing down and having the patience to give it another chance. I look forward to what this site produces with your new policing procedures.

And Vlade will be happy with that.

Cody Patterson said...

I wish The Confessor had a Like button, +1, or a thumbs up icon. I would definitely apply multiples of all three on this thread. Way to step up and put some ground rules in place Confessor. I love coming to this site and reading all of the comments, but get really tired of the same bashing comments that anonymous people don't have the cojones to put their name to.

gunther said...

Back on ur game with the ginj PM. The gun brings her from an 8 to a 10.

Good stuff from the SB this week, although not much new or daring.

Agree with those who think Play isn't worthy of the air he's getting. Waiting for a new contract to come through so been listening more midday. Same opinion as I've always had: Donnie awesome, Bob knowledgeable but a bit of a tool, Dan a moron. Haven't really noticed Jake or the ticker guy much--non-factors as far as I can tell.

cactusflinthead said...

I didn't mind being called out in the last thread about the potential for early day drinking. I considered it reasonable nut-kicking concerning the HSO of the ticketstock promo song.

If those fall out of favor, that's fine. Your clubhouse, your rules. If that keeps the flamewars tamped down, all for it.

That is all, carry on.

bayern munich said...

Slow clapping, tear trickling down the cheek like a Navaho who's just seen a man litter....thank you, thank you, thank you, Pman.

Now we can finally get this wonderful site back to being itself.

I echo T4 in thanking you for having the patience to stick with it and not shut the site down. In truth, I feared that even with moderation, it was soon coming to a head.

Heck, even if it gets back to being a site with only a handful of the same, thoughtful, contributors (like it was in the beginning), Vlade will be happy with that, as well.

As I'm typing this I'm listening to George's tale of visiting Feherty's show. Loving Gordo and Joonzs' analysis of Feherty. Ah, my Morning Musers.

Anyways. This is the a great day for MTC. Thanks again, Pman: for creating this site, for being such a gracious host, and for keeping on keeping on. And thanks to my fellow Confessors for confessing so courteously, courageously, and cleverly.

pk said...

I can't remember when I started listening to the Ticket - I think Rocko had just come on board. I've laughed too many times at bits that probably were offensive to many. Yesterday when Corby and Tye where doing Challenger jokes - first time ever I cringed and thought not cool. Maybe I'm way old now.

Cody Patterson said...

I love watching the webcam but have to turn it off. I eventually have to get some work done.

The Plainsman said...

Let me add that I'm not trying to completely denature the site or the comments. Once in awhile I'll let something colorful through, or something that I really don't like to see.

Example: Gunther calling Dan a "moron." Gunther, my faithful Confessor, you can do better.

Reminds me that I need to go back and add "name-calling" to the list of disqualifying features.

gunther said...

Dang, you're right, and I read your post carefully too. Mea culpa.

Anonymous Ron said...

Allow me to offer my pre-support of the P-Man. His site. His rules.

Now for some Ticket-related content. Does anyone have a guess as to how many stations on radio row engage in bits like the Ticket? Does the Ticket have a unique rep (we know they do at the game entertainment press conference)or are they just one of a multitude of stations with their own versions of wireless fun?

Charles Golden said...

Well done sir, we'll play by your rules. #LongLiveMTC

Anonymous said...

First, allow me to presay "Ragonk!"

Second, I think there is something wrong with me because I kind of miss the Ticker tease...

Third, Kid is wasabi ... Good in small doses and only with the right accompaniment... He is that friend from high school/college that is hilarious at parties until that 4th drink and then you are apologizing on his behalf while trying to avoid a brawl... Would have paid 8 Dar for Bob to have been out with all of them Tuesday night.

The Challenger joke series gave me a serious ice cream headache...

SB week points out the need for more compound / camp out type events ... A hint for the sales staff: I bet if you approached Bass Pro or Cabelas they would sponsor it - and, you could do a remote there with Dan trying to make fire or Danny setting up a tent... As Danny would say, COME ON!!!!!!

And that's today's sad story...

Anonymous said...

Another uncomfortable dismount with Troy Aikens. But this one is not on Gordon.

And I agree with the remarks above about the Challenger joke series. I don't think those will ever be funny to people who were watching that day.

Anonymous said...

If you are a woman working the SB media center, do you get yourself ready knowing that every man in the room is going to be checking you out from the instant you hit the door?

Is this the most obvious question ever?

TacoP said...

Really enjoy how the hosts are joining in on each others shows this week(guessing management had to nudge some of them into doing so, but hey..i'll take it!)

Got high hopes for the bit Dan teased yesterday at the end of BaDD, if he was being serious (walking Kidd around RadioRow for interviews to promote

Keep doing what you do, P-man!

Shaggy said...

change "working the SB media center" to "in public"

P1 Dan said...

Pman, thank you for your courage.

Anonymous Ron, I was going to say that I think the Ticket has a sort of mini-Monopoly on doing bits and having more fun than talking "Sports!", but then I tuned into the FAIL's (is this OK Pman as far as name calling) morning show with their "Fake Irvin" and their producer roaming around with the mic trying to embarrass people, AND then I heard Ben & Skin doing some bit where KT "goes over to talk to another radio host" that sounds a lot like "Guy Sports" and other bits the Ticket has perfected.

That was a very long sentence. My 7th grade English teacher would not be happy.

"In the Pro Bowl..."

Anonymous said...

Poo-Pouri girl - hot

Tex Texas said...

P-man, long time reader..infrequent what you gonna do playboy and make that money, we're having fun here, No? Seems to have classed up the joint a bit anyway.

Ticket stock song=Funny
Hardline's Ticket stock song=Really funny

Love the guys mixing with each other shows, love Jub of the week with BaD..and I for one really dig Kid and Computer.

In closing we're all black friends!

deezy said...

I didn't see the Poopouri girl(s), but I will say that "Where do you think the food goes?" made my year.

Anonymous said...

"Ask her what she's pitting out"

-Afternoon Drive George is killing it!!!

Cristobal said...

Good on ya' for the new rules, Plainsman. The last think I want from this place is discussion reminiscent of that which takes place at GIML.

Also, Super Bowl week is producing some of the most entertaining Ticket content in recent memory. Afternoon Georgio was on point today.

The Plainsman said...

Thanks to those of you who are directing mindfulness to the new policies. Got me some high quality deletin' done after I finished up on the south forty today.

cactusflinthead said...

General consensus seems to be in favor of the new rules. Might be a good idea to post them to the boilerplate at the entrance. Like those signs I have seen occasionally.


I kinda liked the Lesley Visser interview with Norm. I had low expectations going into it. Norm is a good interviewer. Does his research and his bulldog nature gives him the cojones to ask tougher questions. When Buck refused to answer and was ready to end the interview that told me all I needed to know about his willingness to latch onto a question and GaSP! he expects an answer.

Afternoon Jub is outstanding. More please.

Yeah, I think some intrepid sales person needs to figure out how to make some coin off this and wrangle all those guys into another campout. Danny must go. Brothers Sirois should too. I would contribute to a kickstarter to get Fahey there. Somebody has to run the board so sorry Mino, maybe next time. Yeah, make it happen.

What if they had marked the name of The Ticket as their own? What if there was only one Ticket? Would Corby and Gordon still have to introduce themselves as X from the Ticket in Dallas?

The Plainsman said...

Yeah, cactus, the plan is to link to the rules with every post.

Oh, I've gotten some comments accusing me of all manner of tyranny. Only one or two threats of physical violence.

I should post links to other destinations for those desiring a less regulated joint -- Reddit, Grubes Is My Leader on Facebook, maybe others you know about. Might get around to it. If you want to send me links (minus the disqualifying text), I'll post 'em.

cactusflinthead said...

Well there are a few FB groups for the little Ticket. There is also Shaggybevo. hurling insults is expected there, but be forewarned, if you decide to wander into a thread and start throwing HSO's around you can get negged into Bolivia. As I said earlier Ktfuntweets did not last long after a post in the recruiting thread. You will find the pertinent Ticket thread under the Varsity forum. The FB groups vary on participation and amount of interposter trolling.

I have often wondered how many posters from the aforementioned venture here.

Mdleast and Mdmost, Ghost and Rex Kramer do you drift by here?

Sideshow Bob you around here too?

Lots of cross pollination I expect.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how it is at your house but over here the audio and video from the webcam are out of sync.

Anonymous said...

Anyone planning on going to Ragonk-a-thon this weekend?

Anonymous said...

On webcam: technical chaos over George's aborted wireless segment; technical chaos over Roger's low audio level.

Poor Killer.

Cody Patterson said...

P-Man, I can't believe that people get pissed at you for putting some ground rules in place. That's like inviting people over to your house for a party and then the guests get mad because you don't want them to put their feet on the coffee table. It's your house, you should be able to put whatever rules in place you want. If you want to only allow certain people at your party, they can take their Natty Light and go to another party.

BuffaloPrinter said...

Pman, any thought to eliminating the "Anonymous" option as an identity? It's much easier to facilitate a conversation while using "@T4" or "@cactus" rather than "@850" using the time of an anon comment.

OR...perhaps this Public Service Announcement will help.
Step 1: select "Name/URL"
Step 2: insert descriptive name or funny Ticket reference. Doesn't have to be your real name!

Thanks and Ragonk to all.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the Plainsman on this. To quote the words of that great American philosopher Rodney King - "cant we all just get along?"

Anonymous said...

Now THIS is more like it. Been a long long long long time since MTC has been MTC. Thanks a ton, Pman, for finally putting your foot down. Totally understand why you went through a process of trying to treat the big bad interwebs inhabitants like adults. Understand even more why it came to this. Good, no, great on you, King Konfessor.

Maybe it's just me, but isn't Regonkfest about a month too late? It seems like, and IMO thankfully, the whole regonk thing has run its course.

I can't believe SB week is in its waning hours. A great week of programming, all the way around. Loved loved loved the cross pollination of the hosts. A nice throwback to the way it used to be. Be it a Cat directive or whatever, I care not. It was true Ticket greatness.

If you didn't already think so, from this past WED through all his midday and pm drive appearances this week, is there any question that Georgio is far and away the primo talent among the hosts? Boy I sure think so. What CAN'T the Big Man do, and do exceedingly well?

Friday. Gotta get down on it. Party and party and party. Fun.

debased said...

I enjoyed listening to the guys this week from Arizona. It was a nice change of pace.

pre-op said...

Not missing the Ticker teases one iota. Not liking the little best of clips between the spaces one iota. It's way too FAIL like. It's a "look at us" attention move. The Ticket's better than that. Least it used to be.

The FAIL keeps stealing old bits. What else is new. Their new mantra to make themselves feel OK about their thievery is "we don't listen to The Ticket so how can we steal bits." 1. I don't buy it. 2. Even if true, the bits they're stealing are in some cases (Guy Sports) over a decade old and are totally unique to The Ticket. It's bleepin' shameful.

I checked out the FB page that I think is headed up by Sideshow Bob. Too much politico bulsh for my tastes. The reddit page is meh.

Werewolf of Frisco said...

First, let me tip my top hat to the gentle Plainsman for putting up with all the BS that comes from almost any forum on the interwebs. You do this for free, with you own time, and it's a fantastic opportunity to of the P1's to have somewhere to comment on all things Tickety. I don't have many local buddies that listen, so it's nice to have someplace to come to when the wheels pop off a Troy Aikman segment, or to find out about events that happened at the Ticket before I got to Dallas. Keep the Conestoga rolling mighty Plainsman!

KT said...

Cactus, I got banned from ShaggyBevo because they were butt hurt that I had information that Kyler Murray wasn't in Austin that day. It was a weird way to get banned, by saying "He's not in Austin right now"

As for the "Guy Sports' bit, we did a bit using characters that Ben and Skin have done for a while now. Not sure, how that's considered copying Guy Sports.

Without being defensive, who actually heard the entire bit and had context of the bit? To call that a Guy Sports bit is just incorrect.

The Plainsman said...

It's a mystery as to why I keep getting these bitter/sarcastic/angry comments which I instantly delete. Another half-dozen or so today. Or why people who loathe this site even (1) drop by or (2) care how I run it.

Especially since it is easy and free to start one's own site or visit others that are clearly more their style.

Hard to believe anyone could resent the teeny-tiny bit of visibility the joint has, but that's the feeling I sometimes get.

Just trying to restore our reputation as a place where both Confessor and the occasional Ticket (or other radio) guy can drop by for a cup of coffee and be treated courteously, even when opinions differ.

deezy said...


"As for the "Guy Sports' bit, we did a bit using characters that Ben and Skin have done for a while now. Not sure, how that's considered copying Guy Sports."

I'm pretty sure Gordon did Guy Sports before Ben and Skin even existed in radio, in any capacity (including their time at The Ticket. I guess that's how it could be seen as copying.

Objectivity tag: I actually LIKE Ben and Skin - I bought Ben's Grown LP when it came out (not terrible) and I still rock a Coffee Nods t-shirt from time to time.

pk said...

Interesting how Corby distances from Lenny Kravitz now. Back when he was producing Chris Arnold's show, he was all about Lenny.

Anonymous said...

Prime Prep Academy . . .


Anonymous said...

A former professional football player has a hot wife?

Who knew . . .

T4 In Rockwall said...

Very good analogy.

T4 In Rockwall said...

Gordo's always been my favorite because of his comedic talent but George is a close

T4 In Rockwall said...

Second to him and maybe even my favorite. He's got great comedy but is way more professional than Gordon.

T4 In Rockwall said...

The Ticket has always been doing ticker teases as far as I remember and I've been faithful since '97.

T4 In Rockwall said...

There is a site where they congregate and one is indeed the fan page on FB. If they're here trying to pull the same antics its purely to get attention and try and fool people into be the all knowing about said subject.

Boo! said...

I would pay at least 1 billion dollars to have the webcam be an all the time thing, especially since its the non-delayed audio feed.

The Plainsman said...

"at least" = nice touch, Boo!. Welcome to MTC.

The Plainsman said...

Liked Davey and Wilonsky on The Orphanage today.

Especially enjoyed their discussion of the gutlessness and avarice of the Niffle under the appalling Roger Goodell.

Anonymous said...

I also dug the Davey/Big Bob Orphanage. I'm so disgusted with the Niffle that not only am I not watching the SB, I'm flat out done with the whole thing until Goodell is gone and there are MAJOR and sundry institutional changes.

KT, a truly friendly word of advice: You no longer work for The Ticket; regardless if whether everything you say/every "charge" you defend is right/justified, you aren't going to win. Moreover you do yourself no favors in engaging as such. This is a Ticket fan site. I for one think it's neat you show up from time to time. I even follow you on Twitter and listen to bits and pieces of B&S from time to time. But I must say that you do make claims on Twitter and have et The Ticket reddit page that you either listen to the station nor peruse MTC (the latter due to you getting lambasted); claims that seem to be contrary to your "web presence." Again, yo can't "win." I understand that you want to defend yourself and set the record straight. However you can't go around addressing every Twitter troll or comment you disagree with--why? because you must have thicker skin if this is what you want to do for a lining. If someone is spreading lies about you that are unsavory or criminal, yes, address them, and get the law involved if need be. Other than that, you're doing no favors for either yourself or your station/B&S. And for the record, yes, I did hear the entire segment under question. Yes, it was akin to Guy Sports. Was it a total rip job? I don't know. Still, there are many Ticket things (that ARE Ticket things) you guys do and seem to add ones as time goes by (e.g., the gunshots after someone hangs up the phone--that's totally Ticket and you know it is). Anyways, that's it. I wish you the best, KT. Honestly. You're a talented guy, and so are B&S. Though I cannot say that about the entire FAN lineup/talent.

It's funny, the primo troll is now peddling his wares at the reddit site. Same writing style and everything. I"ll never understand folks like that, never. Thanks for cleaning house, Pman.

cactusflinthead said...

KT, your first and only comment on the Shag was in a recruitment thread. It is highly recommended to build up some defense before venturing into any of the football related threads. Noobs get hammered fast. Yours was a perfect target. I was familiar with what happened. I lurked there quite a while before posting and then did not post in the football related threads. It would not be unusual to make another account. Socks aplenty there. I'd advise to learn the folkways around there before jumping in the mosh pit though.

Celery said...

On Friday, Junior discussed the belief that books are always better than their movies. His point was that no one ever says the movie was better than the book. I guess the Musers got hammered in Twitter on their comments on Unbroken and The Lone Survivor. Not having seen The Lone Survivor or read it, I won't comment. I did read Unbroken and saw the movie. My point to Junior would be that the book gave more information, and more accurate portrayals of the events discussed in that story. In fact, some of the scenes in the movie version are completely different from the book, thus changing the story. If someone chooses to like something, then so be it. I think it's interesting, though, that a seemingly introspective guy like Craig, took the time to talk about this as he would certainly, I think, value the difference in a book's rendering versus a movie.

Anonymous said...

That 96.3 spot looking for salespeople: can someone explain wtf 'heritage' means and what that has to do with selling a radio station? Is that code for something?

Gopher said...

Heritage station just means long standing. KSCS was on of the first FM country stations.

Anonymous said...

Ticket Confessors - Shame Unto Confessors. Kickin & Screamin

Great SB though and I'll miss radio row. I actually enjoyed the halftime show and think Seahawks OC could be canned today.

Anonymous said...

Heritage is like legacy. It's used to politely describe something old or traditional.

Anonymous said...

Popped up on Gordo's Twitter today - there's a real Randy Cody. Owns a plumbing company in Oak Cliff.

Anonymous said...

@8:36 - genius

hope fake tiger is alright and brookhaven doesnt close for too long