Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I'm Telling Ya, There Was Something Else on That Phone He Didn't Want the Niffle (or Anyone Else) to See

Surely I'm not the only one that has floated the theory, as I did a few posts ago, that Tom was cheating on Gisele.

If not that, then there was something else on that phone that Tom did not want the Niffle, or any organization that might promise not to leak personal information but might leak it anyway, to see.

If there were incriminating texts on that phone about football deflation, then those texts are also on other phones to which the Niffle undoubtedly had access as part of its investigation.  While it would be sexy to see those texts all laid out on Tom's own phone, his words will also appear on the recipient's phone, and presumably phones of other potential co-conspirators were also collected -- I haven't heard anything about any other Pats employee refusing to turn over a phone (and if the Niffle never tried to collect them, then shame).  So the Niffle could collect exactly the same information from other phones.

So why was Tom so all-fired anxious to destroy his own phone?  Because there is something else on that phone that he cannot afford to let anyone else see contained in communications to persons not associated with the investigation.   He's dallying with some doxy, or texting with some tart, or exchanging johnson selfies with Brett Favre, or swapping inside information on securities with Martha Stewart.

There is counter-evidence to this theory, which I love so much that I'm not abandoning it in the face of this evidence, which is that (I heard) Brady did turn some other phone over to the Niffle.  Which, if he were a chronic philanderer, might be expected to have the same kind of dangerous communications on it.

But if he were only a recent philanderer (recent with respect to the deflation controversy), my theory is still looking good, if only to me.

I hereby grant any Ticket host a royalty-free worldwide license to adopt this theory without attribution.

"So Tom, since you're a serial celebrity chaser, let's you and me get together and discuss things that aren't deflated."

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

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The wet spring

has meant a 24-7 early summer for Your Plainsman.  Working seven days a week and into the evening and that means very little Little One and even less original MTC journalism.

Thanks for keeping the comments coming.

And please, if you're remarking on something specific that you think everyone surely has heard, everyone almost surely has not so don't go easy on the context, thanks.

BREAKING:  from Guys' Night Out

David P sends us his moving compositions --

(1) "Baseball Talk"  (notice Mike R's open mouth and Corby's closed)

(2) "Register to Win" 

My thanks to David P for these works. 

More, please. 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday with Cirque

I was running some errands in a northerly orientation today and heard that Cirque du Sirois was appearing at a Beazer Homes open house in a new subdivision in Frisco called Miramonte.  I swung up that way and stopped by.

The model home they were broadcasting from (there were two) was packed.  I've never seen a developer's open house so well-attended. It's amazing to me how hosts at remotes can seamlessly broadcast while people are making noise, milling around, gawking at them, yes, taking their picture.  They were broadcasting from a breakfast nook. 

A house-hunting matron  reacts in stunned disbelief upon encountering Cirque du Sirois in her dream house.
On the way out I stopped at the Ticket tent.  It was manned by three very nice and friendly Ticket people, two guys and a Ticket Chick (although I don't recall that they were wearing Ticket gear; should have asked if I could take a snap).  I felt a little bad for them; they had exactly one thing on the table to give away -- a lonely stack of dog-eared Ranger schedules.  But they were happy to chat  You could register for a drawing for a Dirk jersey.  And they offered me two tickets to a Trace Adkins concert at Billy Bob's.  Really nice.   The three of them would leave visitors -- although I was the only one I noticed while I was there -- with a positive impression of The Ticket.  Mrs. Plainsman says we're going to see Trace.

I loved Cash's haiku on the DeAndre Jordan fiasco.  If anyone remembers it or can get it from Cash, send it along.

*     *     *

Speaking of the fiasco, I have a question.  A sincere question, I'm sure it has an answer, I just don't know what it is:

My recollection is that it was never a certainty that Jordan was going to sign with the Mavericks.  They had to court the guy, and, from all accounts, did a really fine job.  But they weren't the only team with an interest, and there was some chance that he would re-sign with the Clips.  So there was a not-negligible chance that Jordan would never have made an oral commitment to join the Mavs. 

But he did, and then reneged.  Not a good thing, but:  How did the Mavs change their position between his oral commitment and his reneging?  That is, how is the Mavericks' position any different than if he had never made the oral commitment to begin with?  Sure, the organization was embarrassed, but the sense of all the outrage about this is that the reneging itself grievously injured the Mavs.  And unless the Mavs somehow changed their position between the oral commitment and the reneging -- I don't understand that reaction.

Anyway, it was fun to see Cirque in action as the Frisco land-hungry milled around noisily before them.  That snap above cracks me up.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

BREAKING BREAKING -- The Ticket Resurgent?

I tell you men and women, I have no way, no way at all of knowing whether this will turn out to be correct, but this is what I am hearing from a local entertainment source of uncertain reliability as to what the next ratings book is going to show for May 21-June 17:

   --  Continued increases in overall ratings for The Ticket.

   --  Last couple of months showing the Ticket's best ratings going back to the fall.

   --  Musers and Hardline the top-rated sports shows in the entire market, with the Musers annihilating Shan/RJ and M/M.

   --  Hardline continuing to show increases for the past several months.

   --  Continuing the earlier-observed trend, numbers overall not as big for The Ticket or the other sports talkers but The Ticket still arguably the overall leader.

   --  Good days for G-Bag and B/S appear to coincide with Ranger days.

If these observations prove correct, it ain't the good old days, but it does tend to support Jeff Catlin's "hang tough" stance in the face of grumbling about content and (especially) Corby.  My correspondent did not offer any news regarding BaD or Norm, nor did it offer numbers so we could see for ourselves.

Nevertheless, I thought I'd take a chance on this source and pass this along.  We'll see if it's supported by reports from official sources.

"That Barry Horn is so HOT, he makes me  .  .  .  no, I can't say it!"

In case you missed it, I tossed up another post earlier today, including an exclusive photograph of Ms. Becca.    The Return of Becca and the Revenge of Mike

The Return of Becca and the Revenge of Mike

Unrelated quick hits:

(1) I have nothing against Christina (sp?) Ray (sp?), but my heart belongs to Becca.  I mean no sarcasm when I say that I don't feel fully awake each day until I hear her first phelgm-piercing utterances on traffic conditions, those delightfully nasal head-tones absolutely searing the latest Tollway transgressions into the living tissue.

Yesterday on the Davey-Rhads-Danny show, they made reference to Becca's deep loathing for Davey.  I wasn't aware of any previous run-ins between them.  Then Davey did a reading of Ariana Grande's "apology" for her donut-shop utterances expressing her loathing for these United States in that semi-Valley-Girl slack-jawed gum-chewing teenage-girl voice.  Funny.  When he was done, the lads once again shook their heads over the awkwardness of Becca and Davey having to be in the same studio.  Sounded like maybe a bit, but maybe not.

Then, at the end of her next scorching traffic report, Becca assumed that same accent -- imitating Davey imitating -- her?   That's what they said on the show, but again, I wasn't aware of any Davey-Becca antecedent bit.  She was funny -- I would love to have heard the entire report done with that accent.

If you know where this Davey-Becca thing came from, let us know.  And if it's real or a bit.  If real, that would make me sad.

Welcome back, Becca.

Not Becca
And by the way -- Davey is going down really well with me on PM Drive.  Not sure that Rhads is the ideal sidekick, but I even kind of like his cornball thing.  Without Corby there, even Danny seems to have elevated his attitude some.

 (2)  Among Mike's frequent HSOs is that the biggest name free-agents will never, ever come to the Mavericks.  When DeAndre Jordan was announced as coming, he resignedly said that yes, he's coming.

And then  .  .  .  .

(3) How about let's focus on some positive, or at least constructive, comments for awhile?  I let through lots of negative stuff that doesn't violate the Rules of the Confessional, but really, men and women, some of it is getting pretty tedious.  Let's strive for some originality here, and, jeez, how about stepping back and considering why you do listen to the thing?

(4) BREAKING:  Correspondent Lindsay passes along this photo of the Real Becca pre-enceinte:

I was a little reluctant to publish this since it appears to be a personal snapshot, but since it's so nice and flattering I'm hoping Becca won't mind.  Becca, should you wander this way and you would prefer that this image not appear here, just drop me a line or leave a comment and I will take it down.   And you may want to have a word with Lindsay.

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