Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Return of Becca and the Revenge of Mike

Unrelated quick hits:

(1) I have nothing against Christina (sp?) Ray (sp?), but my heart belongs to Becca.  I mean no sarcasm when I say that I don't feel fully awake each day until I hear her first phelgm-piercing utterances on traffic conditions, those delightfully nasal head-tones absolutely searing the latest Tollway transgressions into the living tissue.

Yesterday on the Davey-Rhads-Danny show, they made reference to Becca's deep loathing for Davey.  I wasn't aware of any previous run-ins between them.  Then Davey did a reading of Ariana Grande's "apology" for her donut-shop utterances expressing her loathing for these United States in that semi-Valley-Girl slack-jawed gum-chewing teenage-girl voice.  Funny.  When he was done, the lads once again shook their heads over the awkwardness of Becca and Davey having to be in the same studio.  Sounded like maybe a bit, but maybe not.

Then, at the end of her next scorching traffic report, Becca assumed that same accent -- imitating Davey imitating -- her?   That's what they said on the show, but again, I wasn't aware of any Davey-Becca antecedent bit.  She was funny -- I would love to have heard the entire report done with that accent.

If you know where this Davey-Becca thing came from, let us know.  And if it's real or a bit.  If real, that would make me sad.

Welcome back, Becca.

Not Becca
And by the way -- Davey is going down really well with me on PM Drive.  Not sure that Rhads is the ideal sidekick, but I even kind of like his cornball thing.  Without Corby there, even Danny seems to have elevated his attitude some.

 (2)  Among Mike's frequent HSOs is that the biggest name free-agents will never, ever come to the Mavericks.  When DeAndre Jordan was announced as coming, he resignedly said that yes, he's coming.

And then  .  .  .  .

(3) How about let's focus on some positive, or at least constructive, comments for awhile?  I let through lots of negative stuff that doesn't violate the Rules of the Confessional, but really, men and women, some of it is getting pretty tedious.  Let's strive for some originality here, and, jeez, how about stepping back and considering why you do listen to the thing?

(4) BREAKING:  Correspondent Lindsay passes along this photo of the Real Becca pre-enceinte:

I was a little reluctant to publish this since it appears to be a personal snapshot, but since it's so nice and flattering I'm hoping Becca won't mind.  Becca, should you wander this way and you would prefer that this image not appear here, just drop me a line or leave a comment and I will take it down.   And you may want to have a word with Lindsay.

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Arky P1 said...

I am really enjoying Davey Lane this week. I typically did not listen to the Orphanage because they occasionally worked a little too blue for my taste and on Saturday's I usually had the wife in the car with me. Being in afternoon drive he and Danny are toned down just a bit. The 'redefining the bases' segment had me laughing out loud yesterday, and was the perfect walking of the razor's edge that I love about the little Ticket.

The secret audio from Cuban's car at 8:40 this morning was pretty good stuff too.

blergoyen said...

I wasn't sad to see the Orphanage go, but it has been a nice break this week from the superlatives, etc.

Plainsman, I hope you don't add a "Like" button to comments in the near or distant future.

Shaggy said...

The Becca pic is her Twitter profile pic, so I'm 100% sure she's fine with it appearing here.