Thursday, April 27, 2017

Draft Notes, Random

(1) I don't care anything about the draft and, as the Confessor knows, don't know a whole lot about sports generally.  But for some reason I always love First Night Draft Talk on The Ticket.  This year is no disappointment.  Even though you hear these guys talking about the same things in their own shows during the week, it still sounds fresh and the guys sound engaged and happy to be on call for the greater glory.

(2) Norm mentioned earlier today that he had not been feeling well and might not make it past pick 16.  I wonder if that is why he is making very much mistakes tonight.  Identifying the number one pick as someone's "sister," getting draft numbers wrong, just generally having a hard time getting more complex phrases out with any coherence.  Yow, did I just hear him call a "baby" a "bagel"?  Let's hope that's some medication kicking in. 

(3) Junior Miller is not only the Fred Astaire of The Ticket, he is also the Garrison Keillor of The Ticket, the maestro of wry, dry, observational humor and offbeat gags.

(4)  Bob Sturm is at least a regional treasure, and may well be a national treasure.  He has his issues with excessive discursion on occasion, but if you are patient there's usually a nugget before he takes the next breath.

(5)  One of these days I have to write a David Moore appreciation.  I know some Confessors don't care for him, but I think he's excellent.  Remember, he's the successor to Mickey Spagnola and Todd Archer, and he's still going strong.  I think there's room for Intentional Grounding all year 'round, don't really care what he and Big Bob decide to discuss -- that show always seems too short to me.

(6)  Not much Corby, yet.

(7)  No JV on air tonight, not counting the capsule bios they do after the picks.

"Norm, I don't come to laugh when you cover the draft.  I have the champagne and pork rinds waiting."

Monday, April 24, 2017

i♥, Likely RIP

iHeartRadio is in serious trouble.

Unlike some recent speculations by visitors to this site on Cumulus's looming demise, this looks like the real thing.

It seems unlikely this would mean the disappearance of the iHeart streams and other services.  A Chapter 11 bankruptcy, if it happens, means restructuring, selling off assets, and the like -- those assets don't just disappear.

I will leave to Confessors who do more streaming than I do (all of them) to comment on whether it matters to them if the iHeartRadio app for Ticket monitoring lives or dies.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

CONFIDENTIAL to Mosquito Steve!

Mosquito Nick's is now advertising on The Ticket!   So far it can only afford weekend time, but watch your ass, Steverino!

I am a big MS fan.  I think it is significant that Mosquito Steve is an actual guy, where as Mosquito Nick's, owing to the possessive form, is just an entity that belongs to Nick.

I think Mike R is going through one of his periodic upticks in Hardline interest.  Seems to me like I've heard more of his voice recently.  Maybe because the Rangers are playing again.

I heard Monty + The Machine say they had new microphones.  I believe it.  Machine sounds much better, much less overdriven than usual.

Working on one of my periodic program ruminations.  Hope to have it up soon.

Lovely Rita, Mosquita Maid

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Pax Ticketa

Confessor Gypo Nolan commented:  "Hold on to your butts.  Big time."

That sent me into a frenzy of DFW sports media source checking, some of whom have tentacles into The Ticket.

Know what they all said?

Ain't nothing happening.  Hosts tied up.  No reports of rebellion or departure or retirement or unhappiness.  All good at 1310 AM, 96-7 FM.

But  .  .  .  what about Cumulus? I asked.

What about it? they replied. Next deadline with the lenders is sometime in 2019.

So Confessors, I did my due diligence, and came up with borscht.

Gypo, you got some 'splainin' to do.

Unless you're reporting on the Tony Romo thing, or something happening at ESPN or Fan, in which case if you don't say any more than "Hold on to your butts.  Big time" on a site dedicated to The Ticket, you haven't teased much of anything at all.

Give, Gypo, or forever lose your MTC cred.