Saturday, April 22, 2017

CONFIDENTIAL to Mosquito Steve!

Mosquito Nick's is now advertising on The Ticket!   So far it can only afford weekend time, but watch your ass, Steverino!

I am a big MS fan.  I think it is significant that Mosquito Steve is an actual guy, where as Mosquito Nick's, owing to the possessive form, is just an entity that belongs to Nick.

I think Mike R is going through one of his periodic upticks in Hardline interest.  Seems to me like I've heard more of his voice recently.  Maybe because the Rangers are playing again.

I heard Monty + The Machine say they had new microphones.  I believe it.  Machine sounds much better, much less overdriven than usual.

Working on one of my periodic program ruminations.  Hope to have it up soon.

Lovely Rita, Mosquita Maid


Anonymous said...

I'm a pretty close to D1P1 Confessor. I comment from time to time. Always anonymously. But I have to say, I've never understood your fascination with Ticket advertisements and advertisers. Myself, regardless of the medium (TV, radio, a website) I either ignore them, find a way around them, or in some cases come to like them in some way or another. You seem to have devoted a lot of space of your site (granted, it is your site and you can do whatever you want with it) to complaining about advertisers and their advertisements. Frankly, I don't understand your fascination with it. Or bitch. Everything you consume entertainment-wise is laden with advertisements. Out of all of these different forms of entertainment, can you name, in toto, five ads that you find compelling? If you can, please list them and why you find them as such. You find Mosquito Steve as such, obviously. OK, so what the other four?

It's a spot. A succession of spots. It lasts few minutes. Who cares (?). As dumb as I am, I've figured out how to time it so that I rarely hear a full ad for any station I listen to.

On a positive note: I dig the pun attempt. And I say that as a Stones guy.

it's a man's meat said...

I'll ask the same question the guy asked on the last thread....what are the ratings amongst the Ticket programs?

James said...

Dear 3:04. While I generally agree with your idea that the ads shouldn't receive the kind of focus they do, I have to say that I cannot simply just ignore those Meador ads. They make me want to change stations as soon as they come on.

The Texas Hammer said...

it's a man's meat:

IIRC, Barry Horn reported a few months back that show-specific ratings numbers are no longer being made available.