Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Accumulated Quick Hits

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(1)  Why is the phrase "Keep doin' whajja doin', playboy, and chase that money" a Ticket drop?  I read on a Reddit thread that it came from an interview with Quentin Ross on K104 conducted by DJ Bay Bay, but how did it end up on The Ticket?  Was it featured in a Norm bit or something?

(2)  Is Mike Rhyner aware that his "good friend" Rodney Anderson of Supreme Lending is now a competitor of The Norm Hitzges Program with his show from 11 AM - Noon on KRLD 1080 AM?

CORRECTION:  Thanks to readers for pointing out that Anderson is not on KRLD weekdays.  His 11-noon show weekdays is on 1190 News Talk Radio.  His KRLD show is on 9-10am Saturdays.

(3)  Favorite Super Bowl Ads:

       --  Chevy Colorado Pickup, the one with the fake TV malfunction.  I'd never heard of the Chevy Colorado, now I'll never forget it.

       --  The Coke-in-the-computer ad.  A great concept, and visually arresting.

       --  BMW i3 with Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel, neither of whom I like.  But a great plot and punch line.

(4)  Roger Goodell looked awful after the Super Bowl.  Still think the guy is a juicer.

(5)  It wouldn't surprise me if Brady didn't have anything to do with deflating the balls in that single game against the Colts.  Reason:  I think he's been dirty for a long time, that there was a plan in place stretching back for quite some time to treat the balls when the conditions were adverse and maybe all the time.  Then I saw this article:

Patriots' Unbelievable Fumble/Bad-Weather Stats

And this one:

Bet on Pats in Bad Weather, sez NY Times

The evidence is circumstantial, but murderers can be convicted on circumstantial evidence.  The Pats have been doing something to change the odds for a long, long time.   Deflating the ball is consistent with both anomalous trends, although not proven thereby. 

(6)   An email correspondent notes that before The Hardline hit drydock before Christmas, Mino replayed Mike's musings from the campout a couple years back on the uncertainty of his future at The Ticket.  Those musings were possibly, just possibly, alcohol-fueled. But interesting that Mino would play it and that Mike would allow it.

Having said that, I think Mike is in for at least the medium haul.  He's not going to depart with The Ticket on a downswing -- he'll do whatever he can to right the ship (if the next book or two indicates the need for righting) and get the ratings back where they were.  (I'm still not convinced we won't see a bounceback now that football season is over.)

Are we in agreement that Mike has been more energized, active, participatory in the show over the past several months?   But even that is a two-edged sword.  While it makes the show noticeably better (my view), by contrast it more or less proves what many listeners have been saying for a long time, that Checkout Mike put on those headphones too often for too long.

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[Comments to this site are moderated.  Before posting, please read Rules of the Confessional.  Thank you.]


Anonymous said...

1. It's a funny punctuation.

4. Goodell represents all that is wrong with the hyper corporate, hyper capitalistic, autocratic world we live in.

5. The entire Pats organization has been systematically corrupt in every way imaginable for over a decade.

6. Agreed. Question is, how long can he keep it up? My thoughts are as follows: The FAN/CBS has the pockets to play the long game--specially in a top five market. They get Gilbert then Spittle, along with as many Ticket expats as possible (and while their earlier advances werep rebuffed--but barely re BaD--don't be so sure it will always be as such if the ratings keep trending as they presently are)...all along aping shamelessly all things Ticket--both overtly and subtlety. As new listeners come aboard and time passes, so too do the lines blur between what's Ticket material and what's The FAN's. Indeed, we're witnessing the early stages of this very phenomenon. With pockets as deep as CBS's, it's it a matter of staying the course and riding it out. The Dickeys/Cumulus have no interest in this game.

You have been warned.

Charles Golden said...

I got a good laugh out of the the Hardline's review of the Budweiser commercial slamming craft beers. They were going on about how odd it was that they were even acknowledging the competition, especially considering they were the big dogs. They were saying, 'why can't they all get along'....'there's room at the table for both' and also mentioning how Budweiser was buying up craft beer places like crazy.

All I could think was doesn't the Ticket runs very similar adds slamming the competition? Don't they own ESPN now? Aren't they the big dog that is constantly putting down the competition?

Gopher said...


Wholeheartedly agree with your point number 6. The Dickey's have a track record for allowing good rating and billing stations to to hell.

We don't hear Mike's pleas for some to "buy this thing out" much anymore but it would be nice if he could put such a group together again.

Anonymous said...

Favorite drop of mine
I would think norm has to know, right?
Really enjoyed kate uptons uptops commercial wise
Everyone's aware Goddell is full of it, right?
Tom Brady has been involved in these things for years
Checkout Mike was disappointing, hes engaged now

charlie0712 said...

1. BaD radio played it on their show a while back and were laughing at it and maybe had that guy on about it? Don't remember the details but Bob has since said it to Ferral on the bench at the end of his interview and at other times they have tried to get it thrown in. It came up on when there was a guy that isn't dead but a paper said he was or something. A big mix up a year or two ago.

Mr. Shickadance said...

Mentioning Aikman and Romo in the same breath is an insult to Aikman. Aikman is a HOFer on his playoff performances alone. Romo came along at a time when the rules are geared toward passing offense. It's a flag football league now. Would love to see what kind of #'s Aikman would put up with the game played it is now.

pk said...

Re: #1 - it was originally from K104, but I THINK BaD had Norm re-do the interview or at least parts of it so that it sounded like he was doing the interview instead of DJ Bay Bay. And even listening to that reminds me why I stopped listening to Bo and Jim and other trying too hard, laughing too hard DJs.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was well known. I'll quote from the Ticket Subreddit:

"A few months back, former Kimball High School / SMU basketball player Quentin Ross was rumored to have died. He went on K104's morning show with DJ Bay Bay to address the rumor, and radio gold was captured. They replayed that interview on bad radio, which spawned several drops ("Keep doin whatcha doin playboy, and chase that money", "one hunded", etc...). Norm even parodied the entire interview, which is even funnier than the original. I know both interviews are available on the ticket podcasts and you can probably dig it up on the unticket.

As for what it means, I'll refer to the Urban Dictionary definition: "keepin it real to the fullest and super tight."

Anonymous said...

Mr Shickadance - a question back at you: How good would Aikman's numbers have been with some of the bad teams Romo has had to play with. Football is the ultimate team sport.

Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion for any Ticket hosts or management who might be peeking in.

One of the topics of conversation last week was whether the questions asked at the entertainment press conference are being paid for. Is there bit potential in the Ticket contacting the NFL to inquire how much it would cost to ask a question - or do they risk the No Fun League jerking their media credentials?

cactusflinthead said...

Reindeer games are fun.

1) been addressed. A funny moment on other radio that BaDD had fun with. Has become a slogan of edification.
2) really? Well Ok Then. If I gotta have traffic it is 1080 otherwise...snore.
3)Loctite, First Draft and...Mindy and Matt? Nationwide loses big time points for the DARKEST COMMERCIAL ON THE SUPERBOWL EVER. Or is it the heroin song? Horses and dog? Maudlin, works though.

4) you said no vulgarity, so I will reserve comment about R. Goddell.

5) Cheaterific. Who was it last week talked about how Coach Belly Check pushed the envelope at every turn? It ain't cheating if you don"t get caught. Some nebulous guy named Ernie Adams that nobody has ever had any idea what he does? Yeah that all adds up.
6) don't know, didn't hear it. I would like to think he is more engaged. Hope so.

Cody Patterson said...

SeaBass tweeted this morning that the Ticker out-cue is now 6 feet under. SeaBass reports that the Ticker is not going anywhere, but should we start seeing the demise of the Ticket Ticker. I just hope they don't stop sticking it up my tailpipe.

Charles Golden said...

(5) - I don't think poorly of the Pats, but that doesn't mean I think they're clean. It just means I think most of the other teams are dirty as well. I think the Pats have gotten caught more often because they've been good for so long and therefore they're watched more closely. I mean who really cares if the Browns are cheating?

Course I also think most professional athletes are using some level of PEDs, so maybe that's just my mindset.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Seabass has been reassured that his primary job is safe. Would I lay a hefty bet on it? No way, Jose. The Dickeyfication of this Cumulus cluster, while felt in fits and starts since the move to Victory, is now in full effect. What I would lay a hefty bet on is that the Ticker and (obviously) the Tickerman position will be gone by this time next year. At the latest. What's more, after a very short time, the majority of listeners will not miss them; it will be as if they never existed. The Ticker is product of a quickly fading if not already bygone era of news reporting/receiving.

The demise of the Ticker, the mix, some of the don't give a damn attitude, and other more subtle changes have been in the works since the move to Victory. They ain't stopping there, people. In fact, they're only going to get bolder.

Again. You have been warned.

Shaggy said...

I agree that the Ticker seems to be on its way out. I'd have zero problem with that. However, if that happens, how does K-Ticket groom future talent? They'll always need weekend and fill-in guys.

Anonymous said...

I might not have been listening closely but has anyone else noticed that the end of the tickers is shorter?

Could have sworn that they no longer remind us to tune it in, turn it up, and keep it on sports radio 1310 and 96.7 the ticket

blergoyen said...

I like Mike Doocy as a TV personality, and he's witty and smart enough to walk in to the lion's den that is the Ticket and hold his own. HOWEVER, listening to that lounge lizard act, which gets worse and worse every Christmas dry dock, has become painful. I say this because he just called in to this season's final Intentional Grounding (or as Danny calls it, "Domestic Disputes.") and began singing some song. I turned it off before I heard any of it.

Give it up Doocy. Your singing has become the radio equivalent to the drunk uncle who feels up his teenage nieces at Christmas. DON'T DO IT!

The Plainsman said...

756: See Cody Patterson's post above. I think this likely gives you your answer.

I would not mourn the death of the three-times-an-hour ticker. But I do think that some degree of hard sports news is needed.

First of all, it's a sports station.

Second, it sets up segments.

So I'd be good with a solid once-an-hour ticker. That would also serve to showcase new talent.

Anonymous said...

The cross-pollination of shows seems to be on the rise. Sort of started with the Weekly Jub on BaDD and was quite prevalent during Super Bowl week. Then today on THL we had a segment built around Junior and Gordon.

I think this is all planned as a substitute for the campout/compound which they can't pull off for whatever the reason.

pk said...

I've said it before; the Ticket doesn't need to groom in house talent. None of the BaD hosts were groomed. All were hired from outside.

Anonymous said...

Other than WTDS, next up on the nix list is the weekday mix. Following that will be the Ticker.

By 1/1/16, this thing is gonna sound a lot different.

Anonymous said...

Compound was Greggo's idea. They did it one more time after he left. Once The FAN hired him they stopped doing it. It'll never come back. The campout won't come back because the hosts (viz., Mike Rhyner) are very much against it.

The cross-pollination is a throwback to the halcyon days of the early Ticket. (BTW, "halcyon days" is Rhyner's term, not some good old day syndrome thing.) Back then it was both organic and mandated. The latter in that the PDs (specially the Laddie) wanted, say, Muser listeners to hear what they were missing by not tuning in to THL; the former in that the guys all lived and breathed the station back then--it was basically all they did and knew. Hence they would listen to the entirety of each others shows, daily, and would call in. And if they were at the station, which was often the case, they'd jump into the booth. I think what we heard during SB week might've been in part forced upon them from on high and part self-motivated due to the ratings dip (regardless if it's Cowboy driven). We'll see if it sticks around.

Anonymous said...

hahaha 11:59 I get it

I'd be fine without tickers. I'd guess 90% of what they say I already know or have heard. When does the animal peen show start up?

Shaggy said...

Other than WTDS, the weekday mixes consist of The Musers mixing with Norm, and BaD mixing with Norm. So that would be no big loss AFAIC

Anonymous said...

I think we're all in agreeance that there is no added value from taking calls, but I wouldn't mind the return of the two-minute drill.

Anonymous said...

Exactamundo, Shaggy. And that's what the CTO is banking on. You won't miss it. There'll be a few pissers and moaners at first, but after that, it'll be as if it never existed. The same thing will happen with the Tickers and Tickermen.

While not a perfect analogy, it still pertains: When's the last time anyone thought of Rich Phillips? What did it take, a week, maybe, before it was as if he'd never worked there--ditto for any Raceweek fans?

Heck, it took about 4 years to finally go away, but when's the last time you heard "Man, since Greggo's gone, it just isn't the same," etc., talk? Truth is, if he wasn't hired on by KRLD/speaking of "where are they now?" Richie Whitt, the calls for Greggo would've probably ended within two years of his firing.

The short of it, the CTO thinks that (and is probably correct in doing so) as long as they keep the basic core intact (hosts--and notice I didn't say all the hosts), the listener will quickly adapt to whatever changes they make, keep listening, and keep making them money.......while running a more streamlined operation/bringing in more ad-rev.

--"People get ready, there's a train a-comin'"

Anonymous said...

Just listened to the 1:10 segment on bad radio. Bob was spouting some racially insensitive remarks about profiling via the packers lineman who was recently busted. But he's been on ride alongs so he truly "knows how these things work." Unbelievable.

birq said...

So the Musers and Corby threw out the idea of a Ticket tennis tournament today and were getting overwhelming positive instant feedback from the P1s. I think we're all ready for the next big something. I'd rather it be along the lines of a campout or compound, but this could be interesting.

The Plainsman said...

A reminder to new readers/Confessors: Please read the guidelines linked at the beginning and end of this post.

Special reminder: Moratorium on T.C. comments currently in effect.

Thank you for shopping at My Ticket Confession.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody else noticed a degradation of the FM signal? In my neck of the woods it doesn't seem to be coming in as strong as before.

Anonymous said...

Hitler reacts to Brian Williams. Very Ticket-friendly.

Created by an internet buddy of mine.


Charles Golden said...

I like the idea of a compound or a campout much more than this tennis tournament idea. They were talking about starting it around noon which means for the second half of the day we'll be listening to tennis on the radio??? Granted I'm sure it'll be very comical tennis but that's still not something I'm tuning into. It'll be like the Musers golf tournament a while back. I'm not listening to that and had only a mild interest in the segments surrounding it the following day or two.

The great thing about the compound/campout was that each show still did they're thing. There was more fun and hijinks of course but there was still content.

If they do it at night, like the Great Games or charity challenges then I'm all for it, but don't substitute tennis for actual content.

Shaggy said...

Hey P-Man, you don't need to publish this but if you look at the comment from Feb 3 at 11:59 am, it says "FIRE TC" if you read the first letter of each sentence.

Anonymous said...

We can't comment on an entire segment that took place yesterday on Hee Hoo? One that pretty much confirmed, via Hee Hoo's own words about himself, everything we've thought about Hee Hoo's makeup is spot on.

The Plainsman said...

If Hee Hoo Cannot Be Commented Upon was indeed the express subject of an entire segment, that strikes me as something upon which comment may be entertained. I didn't hear or know what show it was on. If anyone could enlighten us I would be grateful.

We'll see where that takes us. Keep it civil.

Anonymous said...

BaD did a segment on Hee Hoo's historically unsuccessful little league baseball career. Six years without one hit. The segment ventured into the way Hee Hoo views others around him, including his parents. He's called his parents by their first names since he was 14--much to the chagrin of his parents, and he's the only Fleming child who does this, his siblings do not. Even after their expressed displeasure about it, and even at the tender age of 14, Hee Hoo refused to stop. It says, eh, a lot.

Shaggy said...

It was on BaD Radio. They talked about TC's childhood experience playing little league baseball. TC played for 6 seasons and never got a hit.


They also focused on the fact that he has called his parents by their first names instead of Mom/Dad since he was around 11 years old. TC admitted that it stems from his problem/difficulty with authority structure. He thinks everybody should be treated equally as a human, basically. I think it was a pretty keen insight into why he may struggle with getting along with some co-workers, if in fact that's the case. Since I don't know any of these guys personally, I have no clue if that's the case.

TC said he wished that he did not struggle with this--but he is aware of it.

deezy said...

"Hee Hoo"...I see a new Ticket t-shirt in the works.

gunther said...

Man, good catch Shaggy, totally slipped by me. Gotta give our troll credit for creativity and perseverance, although I do worry about his OCD.

The Plainsman said...

Just an FYI for Confessors:

The original "Hee Hoo" was Greg "The Hammer" Williams. After he left the station, there must have been some kind of edict that his name could not be used on the air, because Mike R would alwayss refer to him as "He who may not be mentioned."

So I started calling him Hee Hoo.

1141 must be a long-time Confessor with a good memory.

bayern munich said...

Man oh man. Super Troll, the one who basically single-handedly forced Pman to moderate and then to write up and enforce rules (which I'm grateful for, btw), is losing his mind over on the reddit site. Physical threats aimed toward our Pman, numerous comments to his own comments under different names but with the same writing style, the whole nine yards. Basically what he did at MTC for so long. What a sad individual. And what an empty life he/she/it/they/xe must lead. Poor creature.

On another note:

It's February, but is it too late to give some '15 predictions?

1. Like others have claimed, yep, except WTDS, the mix (weekday or end) is history.

2. Again, like others have claimed, this is the last year of the Ticker. Gonna miss me some Eli "The World's Most Enthusiastic Man" Jordan (by the way, get that guy on a weekend/fill in hosting gig, Cat).

3. Yeah yeah yeah it's been predicted a million times before, but this is the year one of The Musers moves on.

4. The ratings dip turns out indeed to be a Cowboys related phenomenon.

5. Danny leaves The Ticket. I know for a fact that most of you'd be shocked to hear how little he makes from his Ticket job. I think this is the year he decides to focus solely on his bar and his music. Look for an Autumn announcement.

6. At least two JVers and several Tickermen leave. Most are poached by The FAN, one or two move over to 103.3. The former because they know they've already hit their ceiling with KTCK, the latter because they know their job is about to go the way of the Dodo.

7. Neither Norm nor Mike retire, die, or anything else. In fact, both get stronger this year.

The Plainsman said...

Yeah, 2/3 1159 am ran me fer sher. I noted the odd haiku structure but it met the content test, so it got through. Congratulations.

I check the comments awaiting approval several times a day. In candor, it creates issues for me during my busy day on the plains. If I have to vet for cryptographic cuteness on top of all the other crap I have to deal with from dils, it's curtains with no regrets.

Having said that -- had to smile.

Ask yourself (but do not answer in this space) who could hate this site enough to threaten the humble person of your Plainsman on Reddit and elsewhere (I get those threats here, too). If you know this person, tell him or her I'm about one more post from getting a forensic analyst in to nail his or her non-firing glutes. And if you doubt that, then that certain dil has failed to discern the resources at Your Plainsman's disposal.

Have a fine weekend, Confessors.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you found your forensic analyst in bayern, plainsman.

Anonymous said...

Anyone catch that sound made on air around 4:55? Might be an all timer. I expect we'll hear that on the ebrake

Anonymous said...

Without crosstalk the Orphanage barely clocks in at 90 minutes.

so Anonymous said...

the mix between the orphanage and the sirois brothers was a cherished jewel that should never have been messed with, should be returned to us, and should be returned to us.