Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year, Confessors

No special insights to start the year. 

I've been good with Drydock.  Norm, That Shake Joint Thang, a healthy dose of the JV.  Seems to have agitated some, but I've enjoyed what I've heard.

Will try to get some meatier content up soon.  I think it was Gerry Todd who wants my views on TSJ; I've written a fairish amount on it in the past, pretty favorably, but may be time for another check-in since Jake and Sean seem to get so much reaction from commenters.

Any thoughts for topics, drop me a line.  And I'm always open for guest posters.  Email is always open.

Thank You for Shopping at My Ticket Confession in 2014.  Hoping the site continues to attract your interest in the coming year.


Regonk Dykes said...

...and we've found rock bottom (bottom). It's TC and Justin for three hours.

Oh drydock, you so crazy.

Anonymous said...

TC and Justin > Sirois bros

Anonymous said...

TC and Justin > Sirois bros.

I don't get why they straight never gave ijb their own show on the station.

Anonymous said...

Because IJB is like listening to paint dry with an attitude.

Anonymous said...

Actually, IJB was given a shot. Lady's B Trippin' was more professional. It was a disaster. Granted that was several years ago. Still, it's an OK podcast that relies heavily on attitude and cursing to mask over a glaring lack of substance. It is only when they have a compelling guest on (e.g., a Varsity host), that IJB is worth the listen. TC and Jake might great friends, but they make for a lousy pair of hosts. Sorry, TC, contrary to what you think, what I say is true.

I thought Justin and TC did a decent job. Both have a lot to work on, more so Justin, which makes sense, as he doesn't have a ton of experience.

Hopefully with Killer and Seabass climbing the CTO ladder, i.e., non-host promotions, TSJ will always remain a Sunday program. I agree with all who think Sean and Jake are a bad fit. I also agree with all who think Sean is an excellent Tickerman, does a passable job with Diamond Talk, and is a difficult listen when it comes to long periods of time.

Happy New Year! Go Cowboys! Stay Hard!

And yeah buddy, it's nice hearing The Sturminator on right now.

Gopher said...

Hate to say it but my TSL to KHYI has increased greatly this week. Thank goodness we get back to "normal" next week.

Brad Gilbert said...

As someone who doesn't have a strong opinion of TC one wY or the other, I enjoyed TC & Justin yesterday. Are they as good as the regular host? No. Would I rather listen to them than a generic national show? Absolutely.

Anonymous said...

I think that it's not necessarily a given that the JV could ever have their own slot in one of the major times. Sturm and Dan were both outside hires...

Gar said...

In my opinion, the most appealing part about Jake and TC getting more time on the air is that it provides a new viewpoint on sports and current events. All the varsity hosts have become ingrained into their opinions (which I like), but more and more lately, the varsity players have become an echo chamber.

I like Jake's usage of statistics because it's different from the other guys' (barring Sturm) strategy of pointing at "clutchness" or "intangibles."

The pot needs to get stirred a little bit, too, at The Little One, to keep things fresh. TC and Jake help in that regard.

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...
TC and Justin > Sirois bros"

I'm holding my stance.

Sportspanties said...

I haven't minded drydock this holiday season too much. Norm in the AM is just fine. The Sirois boys have good chemistry and are better past Saturday/fill-in shows. Shake Joint is terrific.

2 criticisms:
Kickballhead & Rhads are a bit of a whip.
TC sucks. He's clearly popular on this site & at the station, but he's not good at radio.

Anonymous said...

guess Barry just didn't want to write about how the Fan beat the ticket again in December. Way to show your corporate partnership DMN.

birq said...

I never hate drydock, and this year wasn't really any worse than any in the past, but I was really glad to turn on the radio this morning and hear the Musers. If we have to hear Norm, two hours of Norm sandwiched between D&M and BaDD is perfect. More than that, especially at 5:30 a.m., is a beating.

Anonymous said...

So here we go again with FAN employees who supposedly have access to the ratings, make a comment on how The FAN "once again" beat The Ticket, and yet never once, ever, ever provide data or a link to data that would support their claim.

So whaddya say, FAN employee, how about some evidence?

Glad to have the Varsity back.

How 'bout them Cowboys!

Anonymous said...

Current audio kryptonite -

1) OK casino ad with a spike to me brain version of "Stay"

2) Normathon's Thank You spot. What would be wrong with a little Sam and Dave?

Anonymous said...


and here we go with the same person who clearly doesn't understand how the system works. I have posted numbers before, to "prove" the Russ continues to beat THL...and you cried then too. You want to be king of the mountain? Go pay for a Neilsen subscription like I do. I try respect the grounds by which i subscribe.

Anonymous said...


Again, peddle it elsewhere, chief. Or provide data. You have never, ever once done so.

To ask us to buy the ratings service as an answer is beyond silly. YOU ARE THE PERSON WHO MADE THE CLAIM. THE ONUS OR ANUS OR BURDEN OF PROOF IS ON YOU. So just stop it.

Anonymous said...

OK, smart guy. Screenshot your Neilsens for us, at least.

Yeah... won't happen.

Anonymous said...


Let me get this straight: You post a comment stating that The FAN beat The Ticket, again, and that Barry Horn has failed to report this news because he's a corporate shill. You offer no evidence. Another commenter (not me, by the way) asks you to support your claim. You then respond by saying the commenter doesn't understand how the system works, say you've posted numbers before, recommend that they subscribe to Nielsen, and then make the bizarre statement about respecting the "grounds by which [you] subscribe."

I do remember you and your ratings claims. They have mostly pertained to Russ Martin and THL, but sometimes touch upon The FAN and The Ticket. I also remember that you have twice given numbers in the past. Both times they were numbers that eventually did not match up to the actual numbers, but rather were an "interpretation" of the numbers. Never have you give a source for your numbers other than to say that you subscribe to Nielsen. One could take you at your word; however, one has no reason to do so in good faith. Why? Because you have been deceptive in the past.

It is patently obvious that you work, in some capacity, for either The FAN or The Russ Martin Show/KEGL. Whichever it is, it matters not. Leaving behind your puerile "go subscribe to the ratings online like I do - George DiGianni" statement and your past fudging of numbers and lack of any actual supporting evidence (other than boastful claims about "knowing how the system works"), your accusation against Barry Horn alone negates any credibility you might have had. Why? Because Barry and The Dallas Morning News not long ago reported, with bold headlines, about The FAN and 103.3's gains on (and where they bested) KTCK. It was on the side bar of the front page on both the hard copy and the online site. Radio ratings, much less the ratings of a niche market, are not put into bold headlines on the front page of a paper. But yet they were. Again, you have zero credibility.

I echo the other commenter: Please provide some actual evidence.

Sportspanties said...

This doesn't breakdown by time, but overall station ratings:

Anonymous said...


When I go the link you provided this is what I see:

Sorry, the requested page does not exist.
Please check the URL for correct spelling and capitalization.