Saturday, April 25, 2015

And Just As I Had Made Up My Mind to Adopt Them Both

The Orphanage closed its doors today.


I didn't get to hear much of the Orphanage or any of the handoffs today, just a few minutes'-worth, unfortunately.  A very few quick hits:

(1) Danny said in a kind of roundabout way at the beginning of the show that at this stage of his life he wants his Saturdays back, and that if they were going to have been fired it would have been done a long time ago.  I see no reason not to believe that the departure of The Orphanage was entirely voluntary, claimed overheard bar talk to the contrary notwithstanding.

(2) Jeff Catlin (stay tuned for more Jeff) has let it be known at The Ticket that he's will entertain proposals from younger Ticket guys to fill the 10-noon Saturday slot.

(3) Mike Sirois said that Cirque was offered that time slot and turned it down.  He said he had no idea what would replace the Orphanage.

(4) He also said that awhile back Cirque had been offered Sunday mornings, now occupied by The Shake Joint.  Cat, he recalled, had tried to sell it as the most desirable of the weekend slots.

(5) He called the Sunday morning show "the little analytics guys" and did not mention the show or its hosts by name.

(6) He also suggested that the ability to attract remotes was important to the profitability of the weekend shows.

*     *     *

I understand why some people didn't care for the Orphanage, but I really liked it.  Are Danny and Davey sort of clinging to an adolescent-to-mid-twenties lifestyle that sometimes fit oddly on men approaching the half-century mark?  Sure -- but geez, I'd like to go back to those times and live like that again myself if I could.  I don't begrudge either of them the time or lifestyle choices to allow them to keep up with current music, hit the clubs, play in bands, open bars (and close them), thumb their noses at critics, and make jokes on the radio. 

And they handled it with enough self-deprecation to suggest that they knew they were in on the joke, in fact, kind of were the joke, and were OK with it.

So I found those two very agreeable company on Saturday mornings.  They're guys I'd hang out with if I were cool enough or famous enough and I'm neither, so what?  I want to be entertained while I'm doing my Saturday errands or working out in the field, and they never failed to do that. 

So I very much regret that when the announcement came, I was not holding my butt.  Orphanage, RIP.

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Anonymous said...

Josh Hamilton is coming back to the Rangers, there's no Blue Bell ice cream, and the now the Orphanage has done their last show.

What the hell is going on?

Anonymous said...

I concur with your sentiments, Pman, but I would've liked to have heard at least one segment addressing the ways in which their lives and the station have changed during the lifetime of the show. Those every now and again segments of raw honesty that those boys would put forth were some of the best stuff ever aired on The Ticket.

I'm going to miss The Orphanage. But mostly I'm going to miss those candid moments of, at times, painful honestly that, being related by two guys my age, only hit with that much more impact.

Boo! said...

I'm really enjoying the random thursdays @ 7pm shows...if they want to take that idea and run with it on saturdays with the JV I'd totally be cool with it.

I'll miss the Orphanage and I'll miss weekend Danny. He's different than the Danny that shows up on THL.

Celery said...

I use the Iheart app....and for a while it would simply leave the broadcast and go into a commercial-maybe something connected to the manner in which breaks are done and the timeliness of hosts. Now, the stream simply stops, yet acts like it is still playing. I have to press stop and then play again, only to hear two commercials before it goes back to the live broadcast. Is this my phone or the iheart app?

And then to be on topic-I, too, liked Saturday morning Danny. I wouldn't exchange my life for theirs, though-I'll take my Range Rover free, daylight hour job and stable family situation. Some real honesty out of those guys, sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick prediction concerning the commentary regarding the Bruce Jenner interview that will undoubtedly happen on the HL Monday. Guessing Cobby and Danny will talk about how after watching the IV changed how they felt about BJ and about how hard this must have been for him and others like him to go thru life. That he was "born" that way. And if any of us "out there"that suggest any mental illness...that we are the idiots.

Ddub said...

@Celery It's the app because the same exact thing happens to me. I thought it was my wifi at first but no matter where I was it would do the same thing.

In regards to the Orphanage, "Hints from Heloise" will be sorely missed.

Anonymous said...

Did I hear a remark on WTDS to the effect that they are supposed to lay off the George Digianni promos?

James said...

I can't listen much on the weekends because my kids are in the car with me. I barely knew of the existence of the Orphanage or other Saturday shows.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5:12

Don't wanna get into any kind of political or social debate lest we annoy Plainsman but you realize that a lot of people, especially ones that listen to HL, would agree with those statements if Corby and Danny were to make 'em, right?

Anonymous said...

Have to agree. I love the little ticket, but when ANY host starts going down the political road, I turn the channel post haste. Just know that Corby & Danny ARE in the political minority or Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott don't win in epic landslides....

P1 Dan said...

Did anyone else appreciate the vigor and enthusiasm coming from the little Ticket regarding Hamilton's return? I loved hearing the passionate and emotional reactions to the news from Corbs and Danny. And when it happened I turned to THE FAIL to see what the "flagship" station was saying and all I found was vanilla hosts B&S talking generically about his greatness.

I felt like THL's reactions were from genuine FANS of the Rangers (I LOVE THE RANGERS!) and how schlocky that made the REAL FAN station look. It was all "Yes men" BS sports opinions that had no heart in them.

Friday was a broadcast day that reminded us P1's of the glory that once was and maybe helped us look forward to future glory to come.

Anonymous said...

Not a comment regarding the current post, but I thought this article summed up very well a large contingency of Rangers fans here in North Texas. Thought it might be worth the link!

A Potamus said...

Celery, Ddub,

It's gotten so bad that after 3-4 times, I just give up and leave it off the rest of the day

Anonymous said...

But are they in the political minority of their demo? Do Ted Cruz fans and Hardline fan intersect?

Charles Golden said...

Dang, if you needed any clear cut example of Corby and Danny ganging up on Mike and beating him into submission look/listen no further than the post-Josh Hamilton presser. Two segments worth of them ganging up and hearing Mike just wanting the segment to end.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about political minorities and majorities? I don't. I loathe it when socio-political crap infects my sports/guy talk radio. There's so much in our everyday lives now that is affected by political b.s., from the left and the right, it's overwhelming. The Ticket is supposed to be a break from it all. It's our "passing gas and blaming it on the dog" clubhouse. And so too should be a site about that much needed respite from the daily barrage of bulsh.

I truly wish Danny, Corby, and Gordon would refrain from it. Ditto Confessors who tip their hands in a not nearly as subtle fashion as the might think.

DP said...

Today was one of the rare days that I flipped over to the Fan. I did that after about 5 minutes of hearing Corby and Danny's reaction to the Hamilton presser.

Why? Because instead of hearing them rail on Josh and his arrogance and lack of apology, I wanted to hear some baseball talk. What did I get in return for my treasonous act? I got to hear interviews with Michael Young and JD. Talking baseball.

I listen all day while working. I love the Ticket and there are many can't miss segments throughout the week. But... this is what is wrong with this thing. There is big sports news going down and if I want actual sports talk, THL is not the place to get it.

You can say what you want about the JV guys, Norm being Norm, host politics, etc. Some of those people or their views will just rub people the wrong way I guess. For me, I still love all the bits, most of the personalities, and the community that surrounds the Ticket. Sometimes though, I just want some genuine sports talk and I think that is what I'm missing with THL lately.

And that makes me sad.

Colorado P1 said...

Celery, Ddub, A Potamus:

I don't think it matters which app you use, I think the problem is the station's crappy stream. I've tried them all: iheart, tunein, the custom apps, and the streaming experience is super frustrating with each of them. The Ticket is really testing the loyalty of its remote fans. I am spending more and more time with the local Denver sports stations, including one that puts up commercial-free podcasts of each hour of each show -- and it's definitely not because I'm becoming a Denver sports fan.

Gopher said...

Anon@April 26, 2015 at 5:12 PM

You nailed that one.

Anonymous said...

Fair points @anon 4:51 as I assume you were responding to me. At the end of the day it is sports/guy talk radio, not Air America (is that still a thing?) or Mark Davis. The shows do nothing to help themselves when they veer into any political talk. But I imagine it is tough to separate politics from opinions they give. Tightrope that it is. On a whole, what Bob Sturm does to not dive into the pool is commendable.

I also totally agree with those bailing on THL after the Hamilton press conference. Corby and Danny just beat Mike down into silence as they whined Josh didn't say what they wanted him to say. I also think Josh is...well...kinda dumb. I feel that way about most athletes as I imagine an education was not a priority for those with professional talent (a generalization of course. Brandon McCarthy and Chris Kluwe are good Twitter follows). But as to the acquisition, fuck it. No risk deal with a potential big payoff. Good on the Rangers.

Also, I never intended to be subtle.

Anonymous said...

The thing about those segments is I felt Mike's arguements FOR Hamilton were weak, at best.

I don't think Corby and Danny were "ganging up" on Mike. They both feel very strongly against bringing him back and had very good points to support their view.

Mike? "There's a chance he could help." It was actually fairly painful for to listen to him unable to clearly explain his position.

At one point Mike said he "could hit ~20 HRs this season" which is ludicrous, even for a Ranger homer.

deezy said...

That's a good read, 1350. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The arguments FOR Hamilton are weak. But it is of so little cost with a potential big upside. Also makes what will probably be a bad season interesting!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree that Josh is dumb. And the only thing worse than a so-called smart guy letting you know how smart he is, is a dumb guy trying hard to sound smart--or at least sound like what he thinks is smart. The latter is Josh to a t. Josh's sad attempts at being a lawyer and Socratic dialogue were more laughable than infuriating.

Danny and Corby were right in that the guy hasn't, nor will he ever, change. But they were naive in thinking he would be capable of conceiving, much less articulating if he could, the right things. Josh is a dummy with off the charts athletic abilities. He's never been told he's wrong, that a joke isn't funny, or "no" his entire life. He's been enabled from childhood, in every facet of his life. He's the embodiment of stupidity and genuine talent coupled with carte blanche.

Mike's inability to express his thoughts on anything sports-wise isn't new. His disinterest in anything not music or entertainment industry related has been growing with each year. It has now reached its apogee with what's starting to appear to be a feigned interest (as evidenced by his shocking lack of knowledge this season) in the sport and particular team of his supposed expertise and "true sports love."

You want to know what diluted The Ticket? Tribute bands.

Anonymous said...

Did we become best friends @anon 8:24...I think we did! Karate in the garage! And yes, Mike "baseball knowalge" has been reduced to who played for the Rangers at any given time. He is a roster memorizer and nothing else.

I know metrics aren't the end all be all, but the old gray wolf has no grasp of them what so ever.

T4 In Rockwall said...

The UnTicket jus uploaded a 6 hour "Best of the Orphanage" that is pretty much all "Hints".

T4 In Rockwall said...

I agree with the point of the Rangers acquiring JH. They're in a desperate situation and they put out "flyer" money. If it doesn't work out...cut bait.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I found myself tuning out once Corby and Danny ganged up on Mike. Who cares if Josh apologizes for a stupid comment. Have these guys ever seen professional athletes before? There is no risk with bringing JH in. Heck if he hits .200 and a few homers it will help this dumpster fire of a lineup.

Anonymous said...

Very interested in this tidbit from PMan:

(2) Jeff Catlin (stay tuned for more Jeff)...

blergoyen said...

What time did THL touch upon the Bruce Jenner interview yesterday?

MeatyBob said...

In general, Danny Balis reminds me of how some people who are not particularly well educated yet still have really strong opinions about everything. And this isn't about any topic in particular, but at times, he is a bit of a crackpot. Hell, he's like my dad in that way.