Sunday, April 12, 2015

I Never Thought I Would See the Day When the Name of the Winner of the Masters Would Rhyme with "Gordon Keith"

I'm probably way behind the curve on this one.

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Anonymous said...

Don't know if you guys noticed but Mike Sirois was visible in many shots following Jordan Spieth around the course on Sunday. He was very prominently displayed no more than 6 feet from Jordan when he was eyeing his missed fairway shot on back nine in which the ball was sitting in straw. Mike Sirois was looking back at the camera with a nefarious look on his face.

Shaggy said...

anonymous said...

Big stars fan, and I understand bad radio has segments to kill and Bob is a fanboy, but my god, are Seguin and Benn the absolute worst interviewees in the history of dfw sorts? I've never heard two guys more disinterested in talking about any and every topic bad radio tosses out at them. Even the havin' fun non-Sports stuff. Seguin is quickly becoming a super star but cat man and Jake have to know it's such a brutal listen and to have it weekly is tough to fight through.

Anonymous said...

Jub vs. Sam this morning on the Musers was some of the best stuff they have had in a long time.

The Plainsman said...

Sam started out by getting his digs in at T.C. You knew right then that his appearance was not going to go well, and it deteriorated quickly with his not-terribly-witty digs at George -- he didn't even have any material, kept repeating the same jabs. It was "tense" radio of the kind The Ticket supposedly likes. I wonder sometimes.

Also, Sam really wasn't clever enough to pull off his "rising young radio smartboy" act. All attitude, no chops.

But 757 is right, it was pretty interesting radio to hear at 6:30 in the ayem.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Sam fired his arrows and then had nothing left in the quiver. He's a work in progress.

Gordon's wireless encounter with the SMU student who was baked at 8:30 in the morning was hysterical.

And a big thumbs down to TCU which apparently couldn't be bothered.

bubba said...

It looks like the Ticket has a new web site! Don't know for sure when it went live. Did they talk about it on one of the shows? Looks like something out of this decade, at least.

The Plainsman said...

CONFIDENTIAL TO 1214: There is nothing wrong with the wording or content of your post BUT:

While I don't need "proof" of what you say, I at least need some kind of source before I'm going to put that up. Tell me where you read this or (maybe) heard it and I'll let it through.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately I can keep a radio on in my office, but the FM signal has gotten so bad I had to switch back to AM.

Gopher said...

Anyone know why TCU gave the morning show the Heisman?
Got the impressions from the morning crews remarks that TCU wanted nothing to do with the Ticket.

Anonymous said...

Any chance Corby and Danny would entertain the idea that Jordan Spieth got some help writing his Jesuit scholarship letter?

Or is that something only rich frat rat kids do?

Anonymous said...

Its a good thing the University of Phoenix online gave the thumbs up to the Musers as a replacement for those snobs at TCU.

blergoyen said...

Did TCU actually snub the Musers? Everything I can find indicates the Musers didn't like the proposed campus location, and TCU didn't counter with an alternate spot until the Musers had already moved on to Tx Wesleyan. Judging by the confessor comments over the years, it doesn't really matter because no one under 25yo listens to radio anyway. I don't think either party would've really benefited.

Can anyone confirm, or does anyone have any more detail?

Anonymous said...

I've got a pretty good idea if what ticket ad time goes for, and I find it hard to believe that ANY college couldn't use thousands of dollars worth of plugs and mentions on a highly rated radio show. And there is no way other than a stunt like this where the Musers would interview the uta wheelchair bb coach, or the Tx Wes ping pong team coach. If tcu thinks they don't need the publicity, fine. But even bud Kennedy of the fwstelegram called out tcu for a missed opportunity

WarrenMd in Fort Worth said...

I tried to post this yesterday as it was happening, but tried from my phone. Has anyone else had posts fail from the mobile site?

Both Monday and Tuesday I was listening to The Russ Martin Show and he was bragging about destroying The Hardline in the latest ratings book that just released.

I transcribed as many as possible, but missed a few as he was saying overall male/female ratings, then various men and women old demographics.

When Barry Horn releases his monthly Sports Talk ratings, we'll see if his numbers match what he was claiming.

He said in both their shows target demo, men 25-54:
The fan - 3.1 and number 9
The ticket - 3.0 and number 10
his show - 8.4, and number 1

I didn't get the call letters of who he said was number 2 in the demo, but it was tejano music.

(Note: all these numbers are afternoon drive only.)

I know a year ago The Hardline would be an 8 to 9 share, so if what Russ Martin was saying is 100% true, it would seem that yes, The Ticket is losing some listeners to the other sports stations, but it's more to other "guy talk" like Russ, and then the fact the metroplex is becoming more Hispanic in population.

If your questioning my motives from quoting a competing show, full disclosure, I'm not a Hardline P1. I'll listen to their bits on the Unticket, but that's it.

I was a Russ P1 is afternoons before 105.3 changed to sports, and then switched to Galloway on ESPN until he retired. Since then, my afternoons are Back to Russ Martin.

All other times of day, I'm a Ticket P1. I have no axe to grind, I'm just fascinated by the changing landscape going on in our radio world.

Anonymous said...

Junior said on the air that the only space TCU offered was the press box at the stadium. And the Musers rightly declined.

Anonymous said...

Well, the University Union at TCU does not open until 7AM, but the Rec Center does open at 6AM.

Regardless, folks taking to Twitter to opine to the Athletic Director is fruitless since The Ticket needed to really talk to TCU's Conference Services department to access/reserve/pay for either one of those areas, before they were to open or otherwise.

As others have stated, the Millennial doesn't really care about The Ticket. College GameDay on a Saturday morning, they will come out and participate. The Musers and to be creeped out by Gordon going wireless (or other middle aged men just hanging out on campus on a weekday)...not so much.

T4 In Rockwall said...

I will punch into Russ's show if I'm driving home after 7, but that's usually only after THL is done. I have came around on Russ and his minions (one seems his job is to laugh crazily at whatever Russ says), but Russ does have a decent sense of humor.

I was thinking today while listening to Gordo go wireless...they really aren't anything to this younger crowd. They only know about The Ticket from their dad or uncle, but I bet those same youngsters in attendance had a lasting impression of who the Musers are now. To be at a live broadcast is a pretty big deal, and to have them interact with you is even better. I'm guessing the CTO's know they have lost the younger crowd and this might endear them to the shows.

Anonymous said...

759 makes a good point: We're dealing here with three middle aged men on a college campus who on the whole are utterly unknown by the student population. Their affiliation is with a local sports radio station, not ESPN Game Day or something t.v. or internet related. When I was in college, I thought someone 25 years old was, well, old. Imagine the impression these three guys make on a 19 year old guy, much less a girl. Then mix in a middle aged Gordo prowling around wireless, replete with hipster highly sculpted beard that befits his "target's" age, not his. Or asking creepy questions to girls who are now, at least in theory, young enough to be his daughter. It's a weird deal, all around. At least it is now. Once upon a time, say, 10-15 years ago, ok, it makes sense. Now. Only for a few kids whose dads or uncles have passed on the listening habits. Funny thing is, especially for Danny, Mike, Dan, and Gordo, the only young Dr demo that still listens as a group is the frat rat. For them it's a part of their alums' "heritage," that they continue out of "tradition." How do I know this my nephew is a frat rat at SMU.

Trey Mitchell said...

Can we please quit using the term "Frat Rat"?

birq said...

If the Union doesn't open til 7, you put up a tent out front and do the show there. It's not really rocket science. It could've been figured out. Not that I really care either way, but it does make TCU look like they missed an opportunity.

I enjoyed hearing Mike Sirloin talk about his Masters trip a couple times this week. The stories are fairly interesting on their own, but his excitement about it is what makes it fun to listen to. You could tell that it really was a bucket list kind of thing for him and it was a genuine experience.

DA said...

Sorry to say this, but I agree with Anon 11:09PM. As soon as I heard The Musers were going to visit campuses like their “Salute to Texas”, I knew that it was not going to work out. Junior and Gordon don't have kids and their interactions with them are basically involving “Dylan, the argumentative teenager”.

Even if TCU did allow them, as their football success grew, so did their application base and grew those from outside the DFW area. Their 18-21 year old male could be from Kansas City, OKC, or San Antonio just as much as they could be from the Metroplex. That “Our Teams/Our Town” tagline The Ticket often used never applied to them growing up, plus Fort Worth and TCU was not really an emphasis of the “Our Team” part but for Greggo and Corby since the rights were held by the then enemy. Lastly, the station talks college football on Tuesdays...up to 72 hours following the event. Is the youth really going to wait 72 hours for a 4 minute take on the previous game?

Add in that this is still talk radio, and that is another minus. Throw in that if they are in commercial when you pass through, it means even less. They listen to podcasts which they like, Pandora, and/or Spotify and still don't care about terrestrial radio. Lastly, they are not listening to the app(s) since there is no radio through Instagram or Periscope (yet).

Going to UTA, UNT and UTD made more sense simply because they have more total students thus more who are actually local and possibly knew of The Ticket while growing up. Downside is that those kids don't listen to radio. What they (CTO/Musers/The Ticket) tried to do is exactly what they would've spend a segment on to mock a major retailer or major fast food/QSR chain in trying to recapture younger audiences who have moved on. They are the dinosaur and more often than not, they don't realize they are and Barry Horn fails to realize it in his sad little ratings updates. He is the eldest dino since he has failed to look at the diminishing returns of terrestrial radio.

The Ticket, just part of the whole industry, has to rethink a lot of things in order to get younger, and just more airtime for the JV squad is damn near the bottom of that list.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the intent of the college tour was to do a week of road shows that didn't take them hundreds of miles away - and might help keep some of the fence sitters from switching over to see what the Fan is doing.

Perhaps they are really smart enough to know that they are not in the wheelhouse of the early morning college student.

BTW - I was a frat rat. Call myself that all the time.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so radio is dying. Are they supposed to fold the tents and go home? They're out there selling. If they don't get out of the studio, they're elitist and have lost the mojo that made the Ticket great. If they try something like college-week, we're kicking them in the shorts for being dinosaurs?

Anonymous said...

I don't know or understand the business model or the specific economics of the streaming biz but it is obvious as streaming cannibalizes terrestrial radio there is some amount of cash flow from the streaming services since they for the most part play the same commercials during the breaks on radio and the streaming app. Lets not mistake bad acquisitions and management of cumulus for lack of cash flow from the Ticket.

debased said...

Awful to hear about the Orphanage going favorite Ticket show. The downward spiral continues.