Saturday, June 30, 2012

Josh Hamilton -- ALS?

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No, not ALCS -- ALS.

I apologize for the scandalous, extreme, unfair, and unsupported headline.

But what's one of the signs of Lou Gehrig's disease?    You lose your grip.  You start to drop things.

Josh is setting records for losing his grip and dropping things, pretty important things, things that make him his fortune, things to which one might expect he would seek with some care to maintain possession and control.

Especially with his drug past, Josh should be tested for a possible neurological disorder.

From an ehow post:

"As time passes, your Lou Gehrig's disease symptoms will start to make you feel fatigued. You may also notice that it is difficult to grip things, and you may start to drop things that you try to pick up. You will begin to lose coordination in your hands  .  .  .  ."    Signs & Symptoms of Lou Gehrig's Disease |  //

Another irresponsible recommendation from My Ticket Confession.

You guys really should not let me write about actual sports.


Anonymous said...

I think it's because he swings with so much power and thrust (his torque is off the charts, even for a pro ballplayer), and yet he holds the bat very very gingerly - like a golf club.

I know you mean well, but you really really ought to be careful making such statements.

Anonymous said...

As a person who suffers from a neurological disorder this post is pretty fucked up. To draw on these types of conclusions / assumptions is irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

Over the past month or two, this blog has went from decent reading to tinfoil-hat word spewing, to now, just complete poo-flinging monkey shit.

Since you love the crackpot theory, here's mine: Bruce Gilbert is paying you to turn a formerly respected and decently read blog into fecal stew to make the P1's look like a bunch of conspiri-tards. I have zero proof of this, but it will not stop me to specualte ad naseum.

P1bdogETX said...

Plainsman. you should really delete this one bro.

East Texas P1 said...

Plainsman: Have always looked forward to your posts but have to agree with the three previous anons.

I think that you should take a mulligan on this one and delete this post. Speculation on this type of health issue is asinine at the best and conspiratiorial / ruinous at the worst.

This was originally posted at 9:45 p.m. and it is now 11:30 on a Saturday night so I don't think many have read it. I think many of the Confessors here would give you a break if you simply removed the post and replaced it with a simple "my bad, went too far".

P.S. - My paternal granddad and my flight instructor both had ALS.

East Texas P1 said...

P1bdogETX posted his reply while I was crafting mine so I now want to say a BIG +1 on all four previous posts.

As I sit here and recover from being tonight's designated driver (having a toddy of Gentleman Jack) I wonder if the (inestimable) Plainsman started before me.

To speculate about sport injuries (ACL's, contusions, etc.) is one thing. To elevate it to this level of (insert correct verbiage here) leaves me shaking my head.

One part of me thinks that if the speculation is found true at some point in the future, then Plainsman could come here and say "I told you so". However, we all know the Plainsman is more honorable than that. Also, Plainsman is not in the "shock jock" category of throwing things out just to get a reaction.

So, I think this "shock jock" and "I told you so" thread should be deleted in order to keep the site in the proper decorum and perspective.

Anonymous said...

Everybody makes mistakes. Apologize, delete this post, learn from it, and we will all move on.

Anonymous said...

For some reason, my name did not attach to the above comment.

P2 in MI

P1 Brad C said...

You need to delete this immediately. You really are showing your ignorance.

Anonymous said...

As an aside, Josh Hamilton is the only athlete in recent memory to twice get drunk and cheat on his wife in a public venue, hit at least two spectators with flung bats, and (by virtue of being a drug addict) have it referred to as "what he's been through." Can you imagine what would happen if, say, Josh Howard had accidentally killed a guy?

Guess that breastplate of righteousness works.

Anonymous said...

Why take the time to sit down and write this?

Anonymous said...

Don't delete it. Everyone needs to see what an ass you are.

Anonymous said...

Since this blog and many of its commenters love to put on the tin-foil hats and speculate about the exact moment The Ticket will dissolve, let's speculate about when this blog will no longer be around.

It's my bet the Plainsman retires by Monday.

(In all seriousness, this is a ridiculous and reckless post and should be deleted.)

duckandcover said...

I think you all are being a bit hard on Plainsman (that's what she said). He didn't claim that Josh has ALS, he only said that the frequency of flying bats (which has increased exponentially from last year's already freakishly high number and the season isn't half over), could.... COULD be cause for concern. I think some of you are looking to be offended or to scorn. But then again, that's what our society has become: a bunch of victims and the so-called "Other." I don't think what Plainsman wrote was/is that unreasonable. It might be, and probably is, wrong. Unreasonable, no. So give the guy a break. Although I will say that I'm kind of surprised he hasn't yet responded to any of this criticism. Which (let me adjust my tin foil hat), leads me to wonder if, like one of the last Anons said, he might shut the blog down because of this post. Hmmmm. If you're out there Plainsman, let us hear from ya.

Anonymous said...

Concur with d n c. I think the Plainsman is wrong and being a bit silly, and definitely reactionary, but I don't think what he posted is offensive or irresponsible. I'm not sure how it's irresponsible or offensive? How is it ruinous? It's not even speculation, it's only asking to look up the symptoms and see if you think that Hamilton ought to be evaluated by a doctor for something neurological. Now I do wonder why someone as apparently smart as the Plainsman is wouldn't stop to think that these athletes are checked out before, during, and after every season with a battery of tests. Specially someone with Josh's history. Personally I think the Plainsman over thought this one, and as a byproduct it's made him look a bit loopy. Irresponsible and offensive aren't what I get out of it.

ap said...

From what I've gathered, our Plainsman travels a fair bit and doesn't always have access to the blog. He's always been pretty good about addressing criticism, so I don't expect this post to be deleted, but it will be addressed.

While I found the speculation of this post to be somewhat odd, keep in mind that's what this site does - speculates wildly. Sometimes, it's accurate, and sometimes, nowhere close. I'm actually a bit surprised by the reaction given that the post was prefaced with several caveats, similar to a Gordo "look into it" statement.

And who knows, maybe the Plainsman has had someone near to him that exhibited similar symptoms that led him to draw this conclusion. For instance, I'm very concerned with Derek Holland's situation right now given similar symptoms that I've seen with some of my friends (a commenter touched on it a while ago). I guess where the Plainsman and I differ is that I'm a bit more hesitant to speculate given I have zero medical training.

P2 in MI said...

While I understand the speculative nature of this site, and maybe I am a hypocrite for thinking this, but it seemed to go a step too far by wildly speculating about a life debilitating disease.

East Texas P1 said...

I can imagine this very headline on the front of the National Inquirer: "Josh Hamilton has ALS" and then the inside story so very adeptly alluding to symptons.

Per my earlier comments concerning "shock jock" I think the Plainsman may have (maybe not on purpose) started this one in the ditch. If the National Inquirer (or someone else) leads the story then can Plainsman then get to say "I told you so"?

To +1 on previous comments, haven't known Plainsman to be absent for this long. True, he could be traveling, or, he could be trying to figure out how to manage a problem.

The Plainsman said...

I expected to take my lumps on this, and lumps I have taken. I accept all criticism.

I regret the sensational approach, but not the thought. See next post.

Thanks to all. Even those I angered mostly observed the protocols of the site.

The Plainsman said...

I expected to take my lumps on this, and lumps I have taken. I accept all criticism.

I regret the sensational approach, but not the thought. See next post.

Thanks to all. Even those I angered mostly observed the protocols of the site.

Dingus said...

HAHAHA. Bro, what is goin on Plainsman? This site was once a generally good place to read thoughts on the Little One. But now, and this is not just evident in this post, this site has become a tin-foil hat hot bed, where P1's can make wild ass speculations that make no sense but are fun. Plainsman, get back to the good quality writing you are capable of. The last ~3 months have been not so great. But hey, maybe you are just taking this thing in a new direction.

Josh's broken records said...

Hell, methinks the Plainsman might be onto something. I've found it weird that Josh has fallen down a few times lately too Never seen him do it before, the bat toss has always been a part of his bag..but this year it's happening far more frequently.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon @ July 1, 2012 8:53 AM

Anonymous said...

This should be revisited!!