Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Oh my GAWD, another cog in the well-oiled Ticket pantheon has flown the coop!  (To horribly triple-mix a metaphor.)

Erwin the Fecund Promotions Guy has, in Mike R's phrase yesterday, "moved on to greener pastures."

What is the meaning of his departure?  How can Your Plainsman overinterpret this?  How will he care for his dozens of descendants?

I have only been to a couple of Ticket events, but I must say that Erwin did not overwhelm me with his interest in promoting anything.  My (very minor) interactions with him were pretty grim.  He was more interested in talking to some honcho than in assisting P1's in acquiring Ticket stuff.

Someone on this site mentioned that The Ticket wasn't generating any new promotional items, so perhaps Erwin's role was being phased out.

In any event, surely a bellwether event in the impending collapse of The Ticket, which I expect any hour now.

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P1bdogETX said...

Here's a stream related observation. The NDN/"Listen live" link has disappeared from the 99.5 website and now there is a iHeart link. This iHeart link is also on the Ticket site, but the other stream link is still there....for now I guess. However, the Wolf is still on TuneIn. I'm guessing the NDN link still works for 99.5 but you needed it bookmarked. IDK

Update: Further observations.

Original stream link for Dallas Cumulus still available on: KTCK, I93, KLIF(no iHeart link), WBAP, KSCS. I'll be watching for changes to this list and be listening to the little one on TuneIn and report on it's demise when it happens. Hope not!

The Plainsman said...

Yes, please continue to post stream news.

I got no signal where I needed it downtown this morning, so I'm operating off the website, which is working.

P1bdogETX said...

A purely uneducated guess. Cumulus has a ongoing contract with the old stream provider therefore must still offer it due to the advertising(commercial) that you see when you tune in. But a question. Didn't this "new old" stream just start about a month or two ago? Why would they do a contract starting in May/June when the agreement between Cumulus and ClearChannel for iHeart was signed in February?

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys, but all this incessant stream talk/updates... daily, hourly, by the minute... has me turning less and less to MTC. Obviously there's a handful of you that find this stuff extremely interesting. Yes, I understand that if the stream is your primary or even sole mode of listening, it does mean a lot. But the stream talk on this site does seem excessive.

P1bdogETX said...

Well, if and when the unticket goes away, you will be inconsolable in you disdain of stream talk here. When time comes that there is nothing further to discuss about the stream, then you will not hear about it. The same could be argued about the CTO's assault on our beloved little one, but it's all a part of the Ticket. This is a blog about the Ticket. It's all relevant.

P1 Brad C said...

During yesterday's Hardline when Corby was recounting his story of meeting Penn & Teller he was saying how much Teller looked like some head engineer from Cumulus that has been hanging around the station or some such. Then both he and Mike went on to say the guy flat-out sucked or something to that extent. No holding back there. Okay and can someone explain to me why the switch to iHeart is going to (potentially) affect the Unticket? I hate the switch just as much as everyone else but is there some reason that the source of the stream will affect their ability to record it? Just curious. Love the Unticket and the show archives are great if you miss a show so I'd hate to lose that.

inagadadavida said...

I listen to terrestrial radio, so I could care less about the stream and stream talk. Count me with 8:49 anon,

Is anyone listening to Norm as Deron Williams???? This is the most insane 5 minutes of radio I've ever heard. What the hell is he thinking? "Hi, I'm Norman Priscilla "The Hermeneut" Hitzges, and today I'll be doing a character study on a 28 year old African American professional basketball player whom I've never met." It's uncomfortable to listen to, quite frankly. How on earth does pretending to be someone else, with no personal knowledge of this person, lend more credibility to Norm's position. He's not stating DW's thoughts on the matter; he's stating his own. Talk about projecting. Norm loves him some speaking on behalf of others as he would want to them to speak or handle a situation, but this time he really drove off the cliff. What asinine radio. I bet Dan, Gordon, and even Bob are laughing their collective asses off right now. The rest of the hosts are probably smile-cringing.

Anonymous said...

Give Norm a break, he's just trying something different.

P1bdogETX said...

Brad. It's because DP and AP have not been able to find a way to record the stream via iHeart. If they can't record...the archives go away.

inagadadavida said...

Actually, it's not something new for Norm. He does this stuff from time to time. Besides, if I don't like it, why am I not allowed to voice my opinion? I didn't call him a jerk or an idiot. I said that it's uncomfortable to listen to and that it's pretty silly. LIke I said, Norm seems to enjoy apologizing for others transgressions on-air in the way that he'd like to see them go about it. Norm likes to play amateur psychologist almost as much as he likes to play amateur lawyer (and has he himself says, much to the chagrin of his lawyer friends). So you give me a break. Tell me why that was compelling radio (in a good way).

charlie0712 said...

Brad, If the stream is only on iHeart radio, they block recording and link when a song is being played to iTunes where you can buy the song. That is why all the stations nationwide and artists are so for it because it sends you to purchase music very easily.

Because of this, they stop people from recording off of streams to get around buying music. For this reason those of us out of town will no longer be able to enjoy the ticket like we have for years.

Ron said...

I listen all day long on terrestrial radio and occassionally listen on the NDN stream from the Ticket website.

Steaming is not an issue for me. But stream talk does not bother me at all.

Any talk of the little Ticket is fine with me.

Anonymous said...

Just like someone else said, don't worry, you'll be able to stream The Ticket from anywhere soon enough. Though it'll cost you. I guarantee that's the plan. Come on, folks, did you all really think that this interweb thing and all its magical offerings were going to remain free forever? So many of you seem very tech savvy, or at least up to date on all that is tech. Surely you know that nearly everything is sooner rather than later going to be monetized? From tax free online shopping to free stream radio to online newspapers to you name it, it's all going by the wayside. Pay walls for everything that you truly want, people, that's what is going down.

P2 in MI said...

A few thoughts:
1. Gag order - it seems to be more Twitter related. Maybe the CTO's were concerned with another JV'er pulling a Mike Bassic (sp?)?

2. The talk about the stream reminds me of what BAD radio said about people complaining about the Rangers. All things considered, your in first place but it is the human condition to grasp to something to complain about.

3. I like Norm....there, I said it. As someone who for about 4 days a week can listen most of the day while working, Norm is different and a good change of pace.

deezy said...


After several weeks of focused listening, I want to go on the record with an opinion. I thought I was going to miss Shoopy's off-mike laugh, but Jake's works just as well.

Anonymous said...

I think Jake's doing a fine job. I honestly thought that the Hardline was never going to be the same again. I was wrong. I have to say, I really don't miss Shoopy. Sorry, Shoopy, you were great, but time moves by quickly in this biz. It's funny how he's been gone only what a few months, if even, and already it's really as if he never was there. I guess it's like some were saying about when Expo left. You kinda get caught up in the moment or period of listening to the show, and forget that at the end of the day it really is about the show and not the board op or the Ticker guy or the producer. Now that Dumb Danny is basically the 3rd member of the show, I think it would make a big difference if he left. But who knows, maybe after a short period of time, many like myself with Grubes, would move on too? I guess I'm trying to say that the Hardline, with all its faults, is a pretty amazing show. So much so that we sometimes forget just how great it and its hosts are.

rhyner never died, he just tries to act too cool for school. what a "rebel" he is. said...

Ah, The Tardline at its worst: golden oldie bands that nobody gives a f about but this is what WE'RE interested in so f you talk. I swear Rhyner is unable to express a coherent thought. Like Cuban said to Skip Bayless "you speak in generalities." That's what Rhyner does, and it's maddening to listen to. Buffalo Springfield? Are you kidding me? They have one, count it, one song they're known for; one tune that of the 40% of their listening audience who actually knows of Buffalo Springfield only 5% know anything other than that song: "For What It's Worth." Ah, but now it comes to light, it's all a cover to talk about, once again, the extremely overrated Neil Young. Young, Dylan, Springsteen, The Tardline never quite can get enough of them; listener be damned. Well, guess what Rhyner, f you right back. I'm done with ya. From here on out, the moment WTDS ends, I'm out till the Morning Musers.

The Tardline: Talk for Us, Not You.

Anonymous said...


I heard Norm today. In fact, I made a point of listening to him after I heard the promo for his Deron Williams faux interview. You're pretty much right on the money. It was strange, even for Norm. I'm a regular Norm listener, so I understand that he can be an odd guy who is at times off putting and ridiculous. Still, I'm a Norm guy. I have to say that today's exercise in role playing was ridiculous even by Norm's standards. Furthermore, I don't understand why (and this is directed @Anon 10:44, but to everyone in general) we are supposed to "give breaks" to those who do silly things, as if they don't matter. They do. As goofy as Norm can be, he should've known better than to spend an entire segment (replete with promos) on some bizarrely conducted interview where Sirois plays Norm and Norm speaks as if he's (as inagadavida said) a young man of whom he knows nothing about except the facts that we all know. Inagadavida is right, it WAS utterly silly. Prior to each actual statement, there were so many qualifiers (e.g., "my good friend and coach, Avery Johnson; "I understand that Mark Cuban is...."; etc.) that I lost count at 28. Seriously, 28. And he wasn't even half way done with them. Then when you add in the "I know that God has given me these tremendous talents" and whatzihaveit, you get a pile of leavings from a large animal. In this case the large animal depositing its leavings is Norm. I know Norm loves to put his words into others mouths. How many times have we heard Norm's apologies for others misdoings? Countless times. They're basically versions of the open letters that he so loves to unleash, except these are on the behalf of others. Like I said, I'm a Norm guy, but the man is a weirdo. No getting around it. And today's "interview" was one of the stranger things he's done, which is saying something. Hence, IMHO he deserves to be ripped for it.

Anonymous said...

if a machine is truly a monster locomotive, barreling down the tracks, minor blips won't even slow it. technical issues that, except for the obsessive types like some on this board, aren't noticed much by the general public are like a penny on a railroad track.

they are run over as if they didn't exist.

as much as we all love grubes, he was a relatively replaceable piece and jake has done a fine job.

I'd venture to say even norm or bob and dan leaving would have much the same effect on the ratings.

only the drive time shows going away would be of real concern. other than that, you are all verbally masterbating.

which is fine. thats what the comment section on a message board is for.

i hope you continue enough about the ticket to wonder if a shuffling of the tech staff is a sure sign of impending doom. if you are a p1 it is your job to care that much.

i salute you and will continue to listen harder than ever.

Anonymous said...

Last Anon, until the last few sentences, which seem to have missing words, you make perfect sense. Just like you and the Anon a few comments above yours said, Grubes was greatness but Jake's doing very well, and in all honesty Grubes' time at the Little One is fading faster than last months hit song on KISS 106. Hate to say that, but it's true. We move on and we forget quicker than we'd like to admit. In no short time Grubes ' memory will be like Expo's. A footnote in the station's history. Sure both were contributors, both redefined what it meant to be a bad ass board op and the position as a whole. But both, when it's all said and done, were supporting actors. The stars are the hosts, and some stars are brighter than others. The last Anon is right to say that all that matters are the drive time slots. It pains me to say it, but if BaD and-or Norm went away, sure there would be apocalyptic grumblings from a lot of fanatics like me and us Ticket Confession types, but at the end of the day the juggernaut would keep on juggernauting along.

The Plainsman said...

I have not agreed with everything written in this string, but man, what a great bunch of comments. Even the guy who said f a whole lot -- can't take that down.

I guess no one cares about poor Erwin.

Either that, or, as I feared, Your Plainsman has faded into irrelevancy as his vastly more knowledgeable readers gradually take over the joint.

Norm: Yes, there is a certain tonedeafness about the man, and he can be very corny and overwrought, but I have to say that I find the man entertaining, even when he is being presumptuous. It's an old-fashioned, Olympian style of broadcasting, but I find it a perfectly good change of pace, even when it sounds like it might have been recorded in 1957.

And: Norm is capable of flashes of surprising wit and genuinely funny remarks.

Let the Stream talk continue. A lot of Confessors get their Ticket via The Stream and I want to provide a place for them to get the latest news. On balance iHeart seems to be getting good listener reaction.

Part of the problem with iHeart and The (Incomparable) UnTicket, as I understand it, is that it may not be available in Canada, where our friend AP plies his blessed craft.

Anonymous said...

I think the reason that Grubes's absence is quickly being forgotten is because we are extremely lucky that the ticket has Jake. I don't think just anyone would be able to fill Grubes's shoes, but Jake certainly has.

Jake is awesome. He has the vocal presence that Grubes never had (or was interested in having), and he is GREAT at smartly timed drops. He's often times wittier than the hosts, and they all seem to love him too.

Jake is a rising star at the Ticket.

Anonymous said...

Jake, tell your manager and/or girlfriend to put the kibosh on posting stuff to blogs and whathaveyounot.

Grubes said...

I really don't need to contribute to this, but since my name was mentioned, here goes....

Jake is freaking awesome. I say that with no bias at all. He's one of my best friends, but he is freaking great. I'm now a footnote in station history, but I'm proud to be part of station history in whatever form, and whatever dent, large or small (the latter), I made in it. I imagined getting the job in my dreams (I'm a dork), but I never thought it possible...yet I got to do it for nearly 6 1/2 years and was with the station for nearly a decade overall (missed it by two months)!

This will likely be one of my last posts ever, because I realize my relevance truly is coming to an end...but I could not be more grateful for the time I got to work at the greatest radio station in history, and got to work the greatest job in radio history...playing drops for BaD Radio and the Hardline. Jake gets to continue the grand tradition of playing fart drops for two of the greatest shows in radio history and I know he won't take it for granted.

He has already proven to be more than capable of taking control of the job and taking it to levels I never imagined possible. Enjoy this time with Jake, because he will surely be moving on to bigger and better things sooner than later, but right now he is doing his best to lay claim to best board-op in Ticket history, assuming he kills Big Strong Jer in a battle to the death at some point, because Jer is truly the best board-op in the history of the station. I just love that I'm even in the conversation, though I am far from worthy.

The Ticket is the best radio station in history, and you will sorely miss it once it's gone, assuming it ever goes away. At this point, the Ticket is like a tries to kill it, intentionally or not, yet it keeps surviving. You know why it keeps surviving? Because jackwagons like you and me keep listening, regardless of the obstacles in front of us...signal strength, iHeartRadio, Lew Dickey...whatever. The station survives because the damn P1 refuses to listen to anything less than the Ticket. There are surely faults with the little Ticket, as with anything, but you know that we (they!) always strive to put on the best possible presentation for you.

I'm no longer part of it, but my god, I know how lucky I was to work for the Ticket. I will never be a part of something so amazing, organic, familial, or entertaining. Enjoy it while it lasts, because as Shoopy says...there will never be anything like it once it's gone.

I might be typing this with tears in my eyes. Just sayin'.

Stay hard.


Anonymous said...

Wow, a 3:30 AM posting by our sweet Gruber McMichael!!!!! Love it!!!!!! Must really be burning the midnight cram jam sessions to the max!!!!


keith said...

Great comment, Grubes. I for one hope it's not your last. Now that you're gone from the station and your footprint isn't quite as deep as it was merely a few months ago, I think your contribution to this site could be fantastic. T

Trust me when I say that while your presence on the station proper might fade off into the distance, you'll always be number one to us.

The Plainsman said...

Oh, yeah. We need us some Grubes.

Since Your Plainsman and Confessors comment freely on things we know almost nothing about, just think how much more valuable are the comments of you, Sir Michael, who knows some stuff.

So I accordingly reject your semi-farewell and demand your continued patronage of My Ticket Confession.

Grubes said...

Haha. You know I will never be able to truly leave MTC or the Ticket itself. As long as I'm invited, I will gladly accept. I'm like a vampire that way.

For example, I'll be hanging out at the Mucky Duck with the Hardline/Norm/Followill today. So they're not tired of me just yet!

Anonymous said...

Grubes is right, Jake is obviously destined for bigger and better things in Radio. He is really talented and funny and he will probably be a host one day, assuming the ticket is still around much longer. The great thing is he doesn't seem like he is developing an ego about it like TC seems to, which is important.

Once he moves out of the board op position that he is so clearly overqualified for, people will probably miss the Grubes(and now jake) era even more.

Ron said...

I'm not listening to the NBA draft coverage (I have some drying paint I need to keep an eye on), but somebody posted on the Ticket facebook page that the internet feed went out before the Mavericks pick.

jackalope eyes said...

I think we have a case of Casey Millen's girlfriend posting where Jake is concerned. He's good, but he ain't the end all be all, not yet at least. So simmer down, Mrs. Jake.

Anonymous said...

Jake has been great - better than I expected - and I say that as someone who is not really a Jake fan. But this talk of Shoopie being forgotten is ridic. Jake knows when to play drops, and he's even mined some bits of gold himself, but Jake is logical. Too logical. He's the Spock to Shoopie's Kirk. He plays a drop because it makes sense from what he's learned (mostly from Grubes). He marks things because he's following a template (mostly made by Grubes). Even before taking over the board, Jake never seemed to have much of a sense of humor of his own.

Shoopie is a class act with his overly modest words, but the fact remains; there is no replacing him.

Grubes is dead. Long live Grubes!