Friday, June 15, 2012

June 15, 2012

8:26 a.m. --  There is nothing the CTO can do to make working for i93's sales department sound appetizing.  Those frantic ads that run on The Ticket touting the fabulous Cumulus growth in DFW (growth which seems to have been almost entirely purchased, not earned) are unintentionally hilarious.  I'm learning that the radio world is shaking its head nationwide at Cumulus mismanagement and venality. 

Wonder if those ads run on i93. 

8:29 a.m. -- I was genuinely alarmed when Mike didn't come out of the bathroom for Community Quick Hits yesterday.  I have to believe that Corby and Danny had to know that Mike was not in extremis or they would not have made joking reference to his death.

He wouldn't be the first media star to die on the porcelain throne, and I personally know of two other males of Mike's approximate years who expired in exactly the same circumstances.   Must have been bad, the poor guy missed two entire segments and couldn't even come out to say goodbye.

9:35 a.m. --  Who will give us a report on Summa Bash this weekend?

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Anonymous said...

He had a 7pm downbeat at the Arboretum I believe.

Off topic... who was the unlucky individual who had 24 golf balls in his ass to test the new toilet that Corby is pushing in his live spots?

Dustinwb said...

Per the petty theft site it was a 7:30 downbeat

Anonymous said...

The plainsman really fell for Mike being on the toilet for two segments?

The Plainsman said...

I absolutely 100% did. I missed any reference to it being anything other than an incendiary gastrointestinal episode.

And I'm trying to think if Mike has ever left two segments early for a PT gig before. I'm not recalling it, but that doesn't mean much. Have they done this gag before?

EXCESSIVE READING BETWEEN THE LINES DEPARTMENT: If in fact Mike has not left the show early for a gig before, does this tell us anything about Mike v. CTO?

I will say that Corby did seem unprepared to handle the balance of the show on his own, other than the scheduled CQH.

So -- yup, they got me.

Anonymous said...

Mike has left the show early for an earlier downbeat many times. Seems like it's the norm at those times for him to miss two segments. I didn't find it alarming or cause for concern at all.

The Plainsman said...

OK, I ain't denying it. I get to hear the last half-hour of the show about 20% of the time, just don't recall any early departures.

So -- nothing to see here, just move along.

P1bdogETX said...

Wow! They ALL sound defeated and completely uninterested. Hope the upcoming wireless segment picks it up. So far a complete and utter disappointment for this year's summa bash.

P1bdogETX said...

Either nobody showed at Sneaky Pete's or everyone there has lapsed into catatonic state...LIKE THE SHOW!!!!!! Man I'm disappointed...really bad!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, as far as the on air product goes, this thing has been a dud. Hopefully there's a good crowd and everyone is having a blast. I for one am not.

P1bdogETX said...

Bob, Dan, and Norm are beating us all down talking about the Astros possible future plans. Perhaps that's why everyone there is silent. The church lobby after service is more lively than the crowd at summa bash. IDK maybe the snake is MC'ing a wet t-shirt contest outside. Who arranged this run sheet? Don't sound like a Hardline production. This isn't a Monday morning time waste. It's SUMMA BASH!!!!!! Deep Eddy got hosed on this one!

East Texas P1 said...

Don't you think the little one could forgo the Top 10 and just continue with audio?

Even if wasn't personal audio from the hosts they could broadcast the Timewasters and other stuff.

Maybe have one or more of the JV crew giving updates like golf?

TC: "We are here in front of the stage and seeing the prep and here is a lovely lassie who wants to talk on the radio. Now to Krenek."

Krenek: "Standing by the bar talking with these P1's while awaiting the Timewasters. Now to (fill in the blank).

I would like this better than the top 10.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather listen to the Top 10 than TC, Krenek, or the Timewasters.

Anonymous said...

I often wonder why they don't just play the best segments from the entire week all throughout the weekend. Keep the orphanage and Cirque, but replace the rest of the weekend crap with best of's, and I'd imagine the ratings would go up, or at least, wouldn't go down..

Anonymous said...

Also, yeah, the rhyner-leaving-early-for-petty thing has been happening for a LONG time.