Sunday, October 3, 2010

Never, Never, No, Never, No, No, Never -- and I Mean Ever -- Buy a House from a Ticket Host

What do the following humans have in common?

     George Dunham
     Craig Miller
     Norm Hitzges
     Dan McDowell
     Bob Sturm
     Mike Rhyner

They all own homes with foundation problems.  How do I know this?  Because in an All-Pro Foundation Repair ad now running on The Ticket, in which each has a speaking part, the first of them to speak – I think it’s Bob -- says that they’re all customers of All-Pro. Well, maybe you can be a customer without having foundation problems. Yeah, right, you pay a foundation repair company to come out to the house for a spot of tea even if you don’t have a foundation problem.

I mean – really, do you know any half-dozen people in your entire circle of acquaintances who have foundation problems? What is it with their housing selections? Are these guys cursed?

Of course, it could also be a lie that they’re all customers of All-Pro Foundation Repair, in which case shame on them.

Wait a minute: Can you buy a home from noted Ticket hosts

     Gordon Keith or
     Corby Davidson?

No, because they have terrible plumbing problems as evidenced by numerous repeat visits from Baker Brothers Plumbing.

Folks, if you have your heart set on owning a home in which a Ticket host formerly dwelt, you’re going to have to hope that Donovan Lewis wants to move.


"Hollywood" Matt Shannon said...

Funniest blog ever! :D Gotta love flimsy premises.

The Plainsman said...

Thanks, Hollywood. I've heard from a few people who were amused, including a Ticket guy.

Baker Brothers Plumbing said...

Very amusing blog post! Thanks for the chuckle.

The Plainsman said...

You're most welcome, Brothers. Keep up the good work to keep Corby and Gordon from floating aaway.