Sunday, October 17, 2010

Your Plainsman Predicts . . .

.  .  .  on Sunday night:

Tomorrow morning -- that would be Monday -- Craig "Junior" Miller is going to say something very interesting.

Junior doesn't like to say the same old things over and over.  As I type this, he is thinking hard about the Cowboys.   He's tired of saying the same things that we all know --  the problems start with Jerry, Wade is ineffectual, players havent' been discomfited when they err, they beat themselves with penalties and turnovers, and so forth.  He is an original thinker about sports and he dreads the thought of coming into the studio on Monday morning eleven more times -- twelver, counting tomorrow -- saying these same things.

And the Rangers can't keep playing forever.  When they're done, there's  .  .  .  the Stars?   The Mavericks, I guess.  But The Ticket has no choice but to fill large amounts of airtime with Cowboy talk.

So I'm predicting that he will do something to attempt to change the conversation.

It may be predictive:  "The Cowboys will  .  .  .  ."

It may be prescriptive:  "The Cowboys should  .  .  .  ."

It may be analytical:  "I've been noticing something during these last few games  .  .  .  ."

But it will be appropriately packaged, and it will be interesting.

Bob Sturm is the maestro of Xs and Os and his breakdown of the games is second to none.   And he does come up with very interesting analyses.  But Craig floats some distance over the field -- hell, over the schedule -- and I'm looking forward to something very tasty from that Gentlest of Musers tomorrow morning.


This is my 200th post since starting this site last year.  My traffic continues to grow, and I thank you all for dropping by and staying awhile.   Plainsman


ap said...

Dear Plainsman - This morning, Craig and George had a rather fascinating tete-a-tete that you may wish to expound upon -- have a listen if you have a moment, and let me know if you need any additional audio for context.


The Plainsman said...

AP: I've already written it. Will post it later tonight or tomorrow in a seires is Post-Wade Quick Hits. I'm letting the latest Greggo post ripen a bit, hoping someone will provide some info about his condition.