Thursday, October 21, 2010

Change of Address

Please note that friend-of-the-site Hollywood Matt Shannon has moved his website. You can find it here:

Hollwood Matt Shannon's Sport Nutz Wrestling E-Fed

The link on "Ticket-Friendly Links" there on your left (my right) has been corrected to send you to the right address.

All friends of pro grappling should swing by and check out what Hollywood's slinging these days.  Hollywood, thanks for your support.


"Hollywood" Matt Shannon said...
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"Hollywood" Matt Shannon said...


FYI, the link to the left is still the Proboards link.

An advisory to any and all Confessors who are looking to register. Thanks to someone who unfortunately is a Ticket P1, I now have to approve all new registrations. However, chances are, I'm most likely going to approve you. I just ask that you be patient as you wait for approval and that you are understanding of the situation.

The Plainsman said...

The link on the "Ticket-Friendly Links" has now been corrected. Thanks for the note, Hollywood.

"Hollywood" Matt Shannon said...

Thank you, kind sir. Hopefully the good P1s will be understanding of the approval process for new registrations in order to post on the boards. We do have some non-e-fed related boards such as the Pepsi Compound, which is our general discussion board; Wheels Off Topics, where we play posting games such as the ever popular WWE Championship game; and the Breaking Kayfabe board, where people can talk about the e-fed OOC. Also, if JD Storm's idea takes off, we may be having a horror movies characters tournament in the Wheels Off Topics board.