Saturday, October 16, 2010

Questions for Knowledgeable Confessors

I've been listening since mid-2004, but I'm still missing a fair amount of information on some of the inside stuff.  Occasionally a Ticket scholar will click over to My Ticket Confession, so I'm hopeful I can get educated.  Can anyone help me out with these?

(1)  Why is Rich Phillips called Dick Hicks?

(2)  Why do Michael R and Michael G call one another “Schoopie”?

(3)  What is the guy saying in that rim-shot drop where during the rim shot the guy is saying something like “what about me” (but I don’t think that’s it)?

(4)  Where does the “Stand back, Burrito” drop come from, and what does it mean?

(5)  Why does Mike Rhyner say “Rhyner’s dead.” Why doesn’t he like being referred to as “Rhyner”?

(6)  How did Mushmouth become a popular character?


Doug in DFW said...

#1 Rich Phillips is the radio nom de plume of Dick Hicks.

#'s 4 & 6 answers can be found in this audio.

The Plainsman said...

DFW Doug, many thanks for the quick check-in.

(1) Yes, but why? Is there some reason he's referred to as Dick Hicks? Are you saying that his real name is Dick Hicks and Rich Phillips is his broadcast name?

(4) OK, got it. Now I guess I need to know who "Burrito" is. I hear references to "Jimmy Burrito" -- or have I got that wrong, too? -- but don't know what that is. In fact, I didn't know anyone on that clip, except, I guess, Gordon, assuming that was him doing Mushmouth. And who were the "Kings" that they were talking about? And who was being interviewed.

(6) I guess you had to be present at the creation.

So thanks for that clip, it really did fill in some of my Ticket gaps.

Michael said...

(1) Dick Hicks is his real name. Changed to Rich Phillips when he got into radio. That's just what radio people do, except for people on the Ticket. And Rich.

(2) A few years ago, Dan and I would do silly Norm impressions between ourselves. One of the phrases we used was "Choopie Bapa"...So then we started saying "Hey choopie" when we'd see each other. Killer the engineer picked up on it and so we started calling each other "choopie." A while later, Mike overheard it and tried to join in, but he called me "Shoopy." Killer and I laughed and it stuck. So now Mike and I are "shoopy" and everyone else is "choopie." Probably the stupidest thing ever.

(3) It's a character Gordon did/does named Shorty Difazio. Basically a New York-ish guy who sells crap. He's saying "from the Northeast!"

(4) Burrito Jimmy is a character Corby did. He used to call radio or newspaper guys when the Mavericks were in the playoffs and do a talk show with them. Mushmouth (Gordo), Jive Talkin Stu (Dave Lane), Whistling Pete (Gordo) and the Professor (Dave) were "co-hosts." Basically it was just audio chaos once everybody got going.

(5) At some point a few years ago, Mike got tired of being called "Rhyner" all the time. He prefers Mike or Rhynes instead. So now when anybody calls him Rhyner, he won't respond with anything but "Rhyner's dead" until they call him Mike or Rhynes.


Michael said...

And the "Kings" were the Sacramento Kings of the NBA.

The Plainsman said...

I had a feeling that Michael, the Ticket historian, would check in. I believe that's 6 for 6. Thanks to both Doug and Michael.

Grubes, I hope you're keeping careful notes. Someday, a publisher is going to approach you about doing your own book.

I'd be happy to assist. "My Ticket Confessions" by Grubes, as told to The Plainsman. Has a nice ring to it.

PS: Being called "Dick Hicks" kind of defeats the purpose of having a nom de radio, does it not?

Michael said...

My guess is that he never intended for his real name to get out, but considering he went to UNT with Mark Followill and Dougie Anderson (both near-Day One-ers at the little Ticket), it was bound to get out. Once again, it's all a guess.

And I'd definitely be interested in a follow-up to Full Disclosure, but I'll leave the writing to the pros! :)

PS- Just noticed your Mushmouth addendum...Not sure exactly when it happened, but Danny and I become "re-obsessed" with that Burrito Jimmy bit that Doug linked in the first post. We replayed it quite a few times, and a lot of P1's discovered or re-discovered that bit. Mushmouth especially got a lot more interest, and so Gordo started doing the voice more often throughout the show. Then it just took on a life of its own! Gotta love the little never know what's gonna be a recurring bit!

ap said...

Regarding "Shoopies": This is a snippet of tweets between Killer, Grubes and Ty Walker. Hypnosis ensued shortly after reading it.

From Grubes to Killer, regarding pictures of the raw hot dogs he was about to consume:
"@killer1310 Text me the pic, jackwagon! Then you can steal the link."

From Ty Walker, intercepting the conversation:
"@killer1310 @tweetgrubes is it 'chewpie' or 'shoopy' ?"

From Killer:
"@tywalkerticket me to grubes is chewpie grubes to me is choopie mike to grubes is shoopy grubes to mike is shoopy me to mike is michael"

Clear as mud, right? :)

Michael said...

Nailed it! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Burrito Jimmy/Mushmouth just now, Grubes.

The Plainsman said...

That is pretty hilarious, I have to admit. I need to re-evaluate the vocal talents of Dave Lane.

Christy said...

Just curious, what do you and the other on-air talents call the assistant program director off-air? I assume non-on-air talents call him by his real name.

Jer said...

Christy- most, if not all of us, call him Rich both on and off-air.

To his face at least. ;)

Anonymous said...

That's "Assistant TO the Program Director."

The Plainsman said...

Anonymous: You may be right, don't know what his formal title is. I defer to any insider (or anyone who knows more than I do about the inner workings of the Ticket, which probably describes most P1's).

However, on The Ticket's "contacts" page on, Rich Phillips is listed as "Asst. Program Director." He's also titled "Assistant Program Director" when listed as a contact on postings for open positions at The Ticket (not that I've been spending much time reviewing Ticket job-board postings).

However, Anon, we'd all love to hear more about this topic if you know. And thanks for posting.

Christy said...

Oh, Mr. Plainsman, you really should check out the US version of The Office! Anon was making a reference to a running joke from the show. Good one, btw!

The Plainsman said...

Oh, you wacky Confessors! Got me. +1 to Anonymous.

Scott said...

I had an epiphony this morning, NO she did not wake me up in that special way.

I was driving in, listening to a barrage of random drops for a station promo. Most of those drops I can picture the original context. Some I can't. Like My Plainsman, I need help with the background.

It then hit me, that is more of the Ticket greatness. This kinda goes with my long post a few months back, but stick with me. Why do we listen?

The guys have been together for an eternity in radio years. AND, it is like an ongoing soap opera, except there are few reruns. You can get audio at the unticket, but you can't go rent the first season. SO, you have to stay with it, and the vernacular we learn is amusing to drop randomly and see who picks it up.

The Plainsman said...

Great point, Scott. The Ticket cultivates a history for itself that newcomers have to decipher. The only way they can do that is by listening, and listening a lot.

Unless, of course, they are regular Confessors, and they have the same questions that I do, and I can post the questions and get the answers.

In fact, I'd love to hear from readers with their own questions that I can pass along to the P1 Nation for enlightenment. Also, Grubes and some other station guys sometimes check in to fill in the blanks.