Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Damn You, Ticket Incidental Music Picker-Outer

First it was Danny's C&W "Too Many Nights" theme for "What's on Mike's Mind."

Then it was the "Pool Party" theme song.

I hummed those songs for months.  I was either picturing Danny rubbing one out later that night (that generally broke the humming cycle), or the Hardline lounging around a pool while Grubes, a white napkin draped over his forearm, struggling but failing to make the perfect SoCo lime shot (but rolling with the unit under his hoodie, hoping to capture some slurred drops about the bikini-clad Ticket Chicks -- extra sultry -- perfecting their tans nearby).

Now it's that pedal steel tune under that nice little "Thank You, P1's" ad The Ticket runs from time to time.  I mean, that little eight-to-ten note figure that it plays over and over off a couple of different chords, can't shake it.   Can't tell if it's clipped from some commercial tune, or something some talented Ticket hanger-on laid down.  Either way, driving me frackin' nuts.

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Chris said...

+1 for "frackin'".