Thursday, October 14, 2010

Anyone Know . . .

.  .  .  why traffic to this site more than quadrupled (over average) today (Thursday)? 

Something up with Traffic Twist Alexis Smith?  Looks like most visitors are looking for her, and over 2/3 of my hits are first-timers today (inaugural Confessors usually represent only 50% or less), which tells me that something went on at the station and P1s were Googling the fetching Ms. Smith. 

All are welcome.  I am sorry that Alexis news and images are limited (and the images are poor).  Maybe I should just start making up some stuff.

Not everyone is looking for Alexis, and if anyone knows why Your Plainsman is unusually popular today, I'd be grateful for the advice.


Scott said...

Alexis was involved in Women's day on D&M where the topic on hand was... "How much money would it take?" Alexis admitted that for purely animal interaction, for a period of 5 minutes, without having to tell anyone, she would take a $10,000 donation for services rendered. Publishing videos of an erotic nature would be considerably more and will be best enjoyed when it hits the Top 10

The Plainsman said...

Okay, I see what happened.

Gordon did a bit with Alexis today, the P1 nation got all excited about this cool-sounding frail, and they went looking for her, Google kicked me up, and here they come.

Very cool, all are welcome.

Thank you, Gordon.

And thank you, visitors, for shopping at My Ticket Confession

The Plainsman said...

Scott, thanks -- your comment posted when I was typing mine. Didn't hear the bit, sounds fun.

Scott said...

Funny, Cowboys win 1 game in 4... not much increase... Rangers win first series ever, maybe you saw some increase, I checked a couple times extra. Musers do a bit, that was supposed to focus on callers, and instead spent 70% of the time exploring the sexual willingness of the DFW traffic goddess.... although IMHO, Tammy Dombeck might have something to say about that.

ap said...

Sorry Plainsman, the provocatively-worded title of my post from yesterday probably triggered a flood of "Alexis Smith traffic" google image searches. I believe you're the fourth result.

The bit is posted here:


The Plainsman said...

ap, are you kidding? I love it when my (Magnificent) UnTicket colleagues post something that drives traffic my way. I get lots of new visitors and sometimes they stop by again another time.

I'll say this -- the Smith girls (Barb and Alexis) are by far the greatest generators of hits to this site. Maybe I should just start a site dedicated to DFW Traffic Twists.