Friday, October 22, 2010

The Trifecta, RIP?

Haven't heard The Hardline doing it recently.  Have they dropped it, or am I just missing it?

I can think of several other bits I'd retire before that one. 

Go Rangers.


P1 Steven said...

AGREED, I had been wondering the same thing. I will never forget how Candy Bar got in.

Scott said...

I was thinking that also. I did hear it about 3 months ago. I forget who it was, but they basically just said the person was a no brainer, and passed them in.

Always been a Hardline fan, but I really think they are loosing steam due to apathy. I would be interested in their ratings numbers over the last 3 years. If I were really curious, I might even look them up myself.

Chris said...

A week or so ago they admitted to not giving the trifecta any attention so they agreed that at some point they were just going to wipe the slate clean and start over. In other words, don't expect it back any time soon.

The Plainsman said...

It's interesting you say that, Scott, because just the other day it occurrerd to me that The Hardline was slipping into its 2009 doldrums, from which it seemed to emerge earlier this year.

As Mike goes, so goes The Hardline. When he's engaged and energized, it's good. When he allows the The OverCorby to uncoil and strike, it slips. (And I like Corby.) You may recall a five-parter on The Hardline awhile back where I took a hard look at its evolution. (I concluded that it might benefit from the addition of Mike Bacsik -- not a prescient pick, as it turned out, but the principle of an additional host may still be valid.) It may be time to revisit that analysis.

And the Trifecta was basically a Mike segment. The Ticket doesn't need to be reducing those, it needs to be increasing them (and reducing resulting Snakeish interruptions).

And jeez -- how frackin' hard could it be prepare that segment? All Mike did was summarize publicly available obits, which anyone could do on the fly.

So I'm wondering if something's up with The Hardline.

ap said...

My three cents - Trifecta is/was admittedly a tune-out for me because in the majority of cases, I have absolutely no clue as to who the candidate was. And given that the Ticket seems to be focusing more on the mid-20's demographic, it would seem that this segment could cause potentially new listeners to punch-out in search of the newest single being played ad-nauseum on the radio.

Next, during a Hardline wife-swap, Junior Miller ripped Mike for gradually lowering his admission criteria for the three-bedroom apartment in the sky over the years. There were only a handful of new inductees after that.

Finally, I submit that the Pool Party seems to have supplanted the Trifecta - were they not in the same time slot?

..or..or not, not...

The Plainsman said...

ap, I'll buy that.

But who made Junior the sheriff of The Hardline? (Although Junior has excellent judgment when it comes to matters Tickety.)

Besides, the utter arbitrariness of admission to those three-bedroom apartments was part of its appeal.

As to the Pool Party -- since they seem to do it daily, or nearly so, I never thought of it as a substitute for the Trifecta. I can't tell the difference between the Pool Party and ordinary guy talk. And Mike doesn't run it often enough. There's nothing distinctive about it except its theme song.

Having said that, you may well have given us the key to unlocking this critical Hardline mystery.

Anonymous said...

Hardline needs more Danny. That's when it has the most life in it.

Rhyner doesn't seem to care much these days.

The Plainsman said...

I agree that more Danny, like more bacon, improves most anything.

My fear is that more Danny would come at the expense of less Mike, which would not be so good.

Mike has been energized by the Rangers' success, which has led to some livelier shows in recent weeks.

But in general, I have to agree with you that Mike's interest level is once again dipping. Don't know the cure, but I'm thinking another host he can relate to in some way would help. Of course he likes Corby and Danny, but they're there to torment him, not support him, and as I have written in the past, the Hardline is best when it has balance. He needs an ally.

P1 Steven said...

I remember a while back, The Hardline was discussing attending Sporting events. Corby still goes, but Danny & Mike tend to avoid those events. Danny & Mike seemed to be jaded by going to soo many events. Mike said he would not go out of his way to attend a Ranger playoff game. Honestly, I can partly understand. I prefer to watch sports on my on, or with a few select fans. ( I hate hearing some dumb broads sports commentary & thank God my wife wont watch with me)Thankfully Stubhub stepped up to the plate with tickets. I think that may have reenergized the HL. Hearing them talk about the excitement of that game was a good listen. Sorry for my ramblings...

The Plainsman said...

P1 Steven, your offerings are not ramblings -- or, if they are, they are always welcome.

And I agree that the Rangers' success seems to have injected some life into The Hardline.

But I was thinking even today (Monday the 25th) -- man, Corby simply will not stop talking. I like Corby, as you know, think he is a true radio talent. But Mike needs to step up his game. He's not that old.