Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Altex May Want to Reconsider Advertising on the Ticket

Have I been hearing correctly on recent ads running on The Ticket for Altex Electronics that this is where Ticket tech guys get their audio equipment?

If you had to list the top ten themes on The Ticket, the inferiority of their technical setup (to which any frequent listener can attest) would appear there.  The hosts are constantly complaining about their mics, headphones, and the like.  It may be that the equipment is fine but that abuse, misuse, and Cumulus's failure to keep the harshly-used equipment updated and replaced when necessary is what causes the Ticket's inconsistent and error-filled sound.  But it sounds in the ad like Altex is bragging that The Ticket uses their stuff, and that would have to make any professional purchaser of audio equipment think twice.

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