Thursday, May 6, 2010

How . . . Great . . . Was It?

I heard most but not all of The Great Game.  Hoping one of  you Confessors will give us a report on what it looked like in 3-D.

I got the strong impression that this game wasn't a whole lot of fun for the participants.  There wasn't much horsing around.  Nothing that made it onto the radio, anyway.  Bad feelings from last year?   All of the gags used up in the prior games? 

Now let me say that broadcasts like this remind me of what a gift Norm Hitzges is to the metroplex.  The raw play-by-play sounded like a complete drag to be watching, but Norm worked very hard to make the thing entertaining.  After awhile I realized that there wasn't much going on on the field of much interest, and Norm was keeping the thing alive with Ralphie as best he could.

But the fact that Norm was the main attraction is the same as saying that the game sort of came and went, the guys went through the motions, Mike came out to argue once, and then it was over. 

The event seems like it should be a good time -- maybe a Confessor has some idea about how the thing could be livened up without destroying its essential baseball-y nature.  And, as I say, perhaps a first-hand report from one of y'all could bring a little perspective, for which I thank you in advance.


T4 In Rockwall said...

I didn't hear or see any of it. As far as The Great Game, we shouldn't expect much because some of these guys don't know how to play the game, which will lead to uneventful baseball play. I think they should maybe take a year off and do it every other year, unless some of them learn how to play. Maybe they could make a basketball and football game an annual event as well.

P1 Steven said...

I liked the B-ball game the best. Just Put the On-air guys only out there & not all those spare promo guys. Remember Mike hit a 3-pointer!