Thursday, November 3, 2011

Please Join MTC in Congratulating Mr. and Mrs. Norm Hitzges

Thanks to T4 in Rockwall for alerting us to a website that has published photographs of Norm's wedding to Mary Danz in Corinth on October 8.  (So, old news, but apparently not widely known beyond The Ticket and radio junkies.)    (The photographer's website featuring the below and numerous other great images is found here.)

I am reluctant to write about Ticket guys' private lives, but this site is pretty out there, it's a happy occasion, and the couple looks spectacular. 

Congratulations from My Ticket Confession and The Confessor Nation.

[PS to Norm and jimmages:  If you would prefer that this item be taken down, I will honor a request from either of you.  Email me at]

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James said...

I had no idea. Good for Norm.

T4 In Rockwall said...

Check out some of the pics of his's a hippo carved in it. He's full bore when it comes to his safaris' and such.

NoGeo said...

wow, norm did himself pretty good there. any idea of an age difference between the two?

DinosaurMex said...

In both of Norm's marriages, he's "out-kicked his coverage." Good for Norm!

Shaggy said...

I posted a link to one of these pics in the comments section a week or so ago. We also posted about Norm getting married weeks ago.

ap said...

In following with Shaggy's comment: Someone let it leak on air when Norm got married over a month ago, and Shaggy and I commented on it when it happened.

I think the Norm conspiracy theories were a bit overstated. From what I was able to gather, Norm scheduled a vacation in Argentina that was to start on Wednesday, Oct 21st (presumably, his honeymoon), and the Soulpatch was tapped to fill in. They mentioned this on their Oct 23rd show, as did the Sirois brothers.

Norm mentioned on-air that he felt a bit ill on the 17 or 18th. He was unable to work due to illness on the 19th and 20th, which is why I was able to rejoice in Cirque du Sirois for two days. Then his vacation kicked in, and hopefully Norm was able to enjoy most of it in spite of being sick.

KissTheCane said...

Norm was to be in Argentina from Friday, Oct 20 - Sunday, Oct 30. Pretty sure it was just technically a vacation, as I think they've got a Honeymoon on the books for next Feb/March. Norm felt like hell but worked on Monday and Tuesday. He decided Tuesday night to call in on Wed. The Brothers' Sirois pinch hit on Wed and Thurs, then The Soul Patch started on Friday and did the entire following week as scheduled. Norm decided on Thursday morning that he was too sick to go on the Argentina trip. He spent last week recuperating at home from a somewhat serious internal illness. He's still not 100%, but should be soon.