Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Long-Promised Gordon Keith Article -- Part 1 of . . . Who Knows!!?? As Gordon Keith Week Continues to Mature

Everyone has a view of Gordon Keith.  A few days ago, I posted birdie's account of his evolving view of the man.  Very nice, balanced piece.  He has the advantage of me, as he's been listening for many years longer than I have.  You will see a lot in here that birdie's already reported; many of his views and mine are congruent.

Some Confessors just don't like the guy much at all, but with only few exceptions, they recognize his talent.  Those talents are considerable and, in my judgment, borderline amazing. 

First, there's just the comedy content, which, for many, focuses on his impressions.  They are indeed very good, and in some cases uncanny.  Are you aware that he has two Jerry Jones impersonations?  There's the comic foghorn Jerry that we're all familiar with.  And, every once in awhile, very rarely, he'll favor the P1 with his "real" impersonation where he backs off a little and that is absolutely dead on with the Jerry you hear -- well, you hear everywhere.

Garrett.  Hicks.  Norm.  Nolan.

And there are the characters which, when listed, current and retired, soar into the dozens upon dozens, very few of them sounding like another  .

And think about the sheer volume of material he has to come up with -- a lot of which he composes during the show.

I'm like most of you -- I hear some things from time to time that I'd have left on the shelf.  I mentioned a week or so back that I heard something awhile back that I did think went over the line.  I wrote a column on it, but shelved it myself.  It was the Doug Free character (no evidence I know of that it was an actual impersonation).  Since this column is basically a rave, I'll cut and paste it here:

Let me make one thing clear.

I laughed at Gordon's Doug Free bit during Kowboy Komedy Theater (I know, I didn't tune in, but they replayed it the next day).  I laughed at it again during the 8:40 bit back a week or so ago.  I guess maybe that's two things to make clear.

I will also make clear that I am aware that Doug Free, after receiving yet another one of Jerry Jones's incomprehensibly gaudy contract extensions, may have devolved into the worst offensive lineman in the Niffle.  I don't recall having heard anything about him being injured or that there is any other explanation for his poor play other than just plain bad football playing.

So I cannot deny that, as a prominent local underperforming professional athlete,  he is fair game for Gordon.

But is anyone else out there uncomfortable with his (again, concededly, hilarious) portrayal of Doug Free as a drooling, brain-damaged maroon?   Most of Gordon's impersonations are pointed, but only rarely are they vicious.  

So, alls I'm saying is -- I'm uncomfortable with it in the same way I'm uncomfortable with teasing of any unsatisfactory person that crosses the line from wit to cruelty. 

True, I laughed out loud.

But I'm not happy about it.

I think this summarizes what a lot of us think about Gordon.  Our jaws drop at his output and talent, but once in awhile we're mortified at the juvenalia -- which, at their heart, I think pieces like the Doug Free segments boil down to.

Having said this, I want to defend Gordon against charges of on-air bullying.  Maybe I'm not thinking of the same instances that other listeners are, but I think those critics are referring to his selection of unsuspecting interview subjects during his wireless perambulations.  It's true:  Some of them are drunk old men; some of them are silly young girls; all of them can be made to look foolish and sad to the with-it masses tuned in to the program.   I will concede that those are not my favorite Gordon segments, either.  But I believe all of these subjects know they're either on the air or being recorded, and if they're uncomfortable with Gordon doing his insinuating thing , asking about their sex lives and whatnot (more juvenalia), they can turn away from the mic or beat feet.

I do sometimes hear some, uh, shall we say, pointed remarks to the behind-the-scenes guys.  There's the "wanna shut that mike off, buddy?" drop, and there are other occasions where he's plainly unhappy with something going on behind the scenes.  I sense he's not a JV favorite.  We like to think of The Ticket as a bunch of guys who all get along, but the inside baseball there would probably astound us.  I'm going to come back to this, but on this particular point I'll only say this:  When your entire on-air time partakes of performance, and not just conversation, then things like timing and freedom from interruption are important.  If the toys don't work, or a drop plops in at the wrong place, or a JV inserts some snark -- well, it can screw up the gag. 

But I think we would also have to concede that there is very little of this.  The great mass of his production is quality stuff and within the bounds of comedic taste.  Yeah, there's the occasional miss, but, like Alan Swann (the Errol Flynn-like character from "My Favorite Year" played by Peter O'Toole) said while in extremis:  "Dying is easy; comedy is hard."  (The original quote to this effect, not nearly so pithy, is attributed to deathbed statements of Edmund Kean and/or Edmund Gwenn, the latter seeming to have the better claim.)  Not every bit is going to kill, especially when the bitmeister is called upon to produce like Gordon is.

I'm also impressed by his writing.  His DMNews columns are funny, but they can also be quite touching, and frequently very observant.  (If all you had was the evidence of his column, you would call him a "humorist.")  I wish I could think of the one a few months back that really moved me.   I would think some clever person (Wilonsky?) would be making an effort to syndicate his column, although it might have to lose the occasional DFW flavoring.

I'm going to say one more nice thing about Gordon before I get to my Big Point:  Gordon is always adjusting his game.  I think he listens to the P1.  birdie got to this point very nicely when he talked about Gordon's, and his own, journey down through The Ticket years.  I'll only mention one example, and unfortunately it's going to sound self-aggrandizing but here it is anyway:  I really didn't care for the way he used to bait George by attributing to him anti-gay/black/Mexican/etc. sentiments that he did not hold.  I didn't mind the political teasing -- it's just that it would bring the show to a complete halt while we all waited for George to say "that's not my opinion," and there would be an awkward pause, and jeesh.  He used it a lot.  I wrote about it a couple times, here's one:  MEMORANDUM TO: That Certain Commander.  Well, there's still that political teasing, but you almost never hear the baiting anymore.  Gordon is always fixing, tinkering, ridding out.  He cares more about the laugh than the showing off.

And Gordon mentioned in the mini-interview in The Observer that he's thinking of heading in a new direction.  I believe it.  Of course, anything -- including pronouncements of new directions -- can be a bit with Gordon.

OK, I know, not much new here, long way to go for not much.  Welcome to My Ticket Confession!  Time for the Big Point.

But I, personally, am having such a good time here during Gordon Keith Week -- and I can really feel the warm feelings out there among the Confessors! -- that I'm going to keep GKW going for at least one more episode.


Anonymous said...

Glad you finally posted something about Gordon, that is of your own, during GKW. So far, so good. Looking forward to the Big Point......

TheDude said...

Gordo is fine. He's funny, even with the cohost nut-kicking and occasional over-joking. The only thing I have truly been disappointed with are a small set of live-mic sets (you touched on this Plainsman).

Specifically, I can think of several times during road trips where he attempted to interview various men-on-the-street, and some of those were most likely homeless and quite obviously mentally ill. There is no reason to put that on the air for the purpose of making them the subject of a live mic bit.

Steve said...

I thought you were going to say you're going to keep GKW going for a month! ;-)

Autocorrect said...

Uncomfortable bits for me:
-Troy Aikman, Chan Gailey, hell anyone he impersonates that comes across as slow and dumb. As much as I like Gordon, even Chan Gailey has done more in his life than Gordo has.
-anything invoking minority characters and interviewing them(mexican guys waiting for day labor, homeless black guys)
-asking a model during super bowl week or big event about something sexual or a past marriage. To be honest I could care less about them, but just the awkwardness, I can feel it thru the radio and it makes me wince. This kind of goes with some Confessors annoyance of Gordo asking so many people questions about their private life but not opening up anything about his own but instead creating a fake persona.

I like birdie's take on Gordon and I'm with it. He has changed and will continue to change, it's just the way Gordo is. I think I said it before but in case I didn't, it's so easy to come on here and talk about what we like or don't like about someone on the radio. What I might not like, someone else might love and vice versa. You can't please everyone, I mean, everyone wants a little glory hole, amirite?

Old P1 said...

For the sake of trying to see if I am overly sensitive to Gordon's inadequacies, I listened this morning without changing the station to music.
This morning the social genius astounded the listenership with his list of the 15 most over rated movies of all time.
This exercise illustrated the main reason he is a quick turn-off for me.
He comes across as such a condescending jerk-off. I don't say this because I disagree with his list, but because his list comprises of at least 10-12 movies that are critically acclaimed, widely thought of as great, and have stood the test of time. Or, are thought of as "good" by many more people than think they are bad. The contents of the list has nothing to do with it, it is merely the latest example of how gord has become a farce. This is what he does, he attempts to elevate himself above the masses and show that he is "smarter" or more in tune with what is right or good than most other humans. He efforts to stand out or be different by always mocking or trivializing the majority thought. This is the same as when he was reading Hemingway in the America Airlines Arena during the NBA finals in Miami. It is another instance where the great gord is showing the rest of us how "above it all he is".
Nothing he does is genuine or anything less than an attempt to make himself appear so much better than the rest of the world.
I finally understand why I have so much disdain for him. It is simply that he makes his living on the radio, needs listeners to buy into his load of crap to be successful, yet his act is that he is the only one that knows what is truly right. He is so much better than the commoners that he depends on for success.
Yes, yes... some of his shtick is funny. The characters and voices, I'll give you that. But that is not all that he does and the rest of his charade is condescending and reflective of the a-hole that we all encounter at some point in our lives. You know the guy, he always wants to politely argue to prove that he is so much smarter than anyone that he ever meets at a party, shares a class with, shares an office with, or simply shares an elevator with.
While the gord spends a great amount of time extolling his wisdom for his lapdogs to devour, he is always right, and rarely ever in agreement with any majority way of thinking.
I am not condemning every thought that anyone may have that goes against the grain, or is not in line with popular thinking. Not at all, but in the case of the gord, the only time his thought pattern is in line with mainstream anything is when it's a livespot. Aside from profiting from it, he is above it all.
This reeks of false motives, and phony intentions...and for me that is exactly what the gord is.

I understand that the success of those on the Ticket and any airwaves depends on a certain amount of self promotion. I get it, and have no problem with it. But when there entire bag becomes a trail of false actions and borderline lies...I can't take it.

I am not a flyby listener, I have been a P1 for a very long time. There are still many aspects that I enjoy greatly, but gordon...not so much buddy. He makes it very hard to listen to the greatness of the Musers. Most times when he comes on, I will be switching to an all music station within 2 minutes.

Steve said...

Good post Old P1. I agree with most of what you said but I've always been pretty ambivalent towards Gordo. I think he's funny sometimes and annoying others (mostly for the reasons you've stated).

Although I've listened to the off and on since their inception, I've never been a big fan of the show. It's always come across to me as a bit too static and formulaic. I feel like the other shows have evolve and continue to evolve somewhat but the Musers has always been the same (including never ceasing to use their annoying show music which annoyed me from day 1).

I very much appreciate BaD and THL's more fluid approach to their show in comparison.

Anonymous said...

Jeez. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Especially when it comes to Gordon Keith. I too subscribe mostly along the birdie line of thought. Great comment, by the way, birdie. I am also right there with TheDude and Autocorrect. When Gordon sets his sights on someone who is obviously mentally ill, a chronic drug user/addict, or both, it upsets and disappoints me. It is indeed a form of bullying. People in those situations do not know what they're getting into. In fact, most people whom Gordon interviews don't know what their getting into. Pman, you got this part wrong in your first installment. Gordon can be a bully. He does pick on the weak. He's shown this many times over with his man on the street interviews. Plus, the vast majority of people in the DFW alone have no idea who Gordon is or what The Ticket is. Yes. Believe it or not, they don't. Most people never get the opportunity or have the desire to be interviewed by some stranger on the street either. So when some schmo with a carefully trimmed beard starts calling out to and coming after you in a public place and when you're not looking for it, more often than not, you're going to be tongue tied or not know what to say, and probably come off as less than bright at best. Now apply that to someone with mental problems, a street person. Like I said, you got that part wrong Pman.

Unknown said...


I completely agree. I used to be a fairly regular listener (about a P3?).

After he did a man-on-the-street interview in which the person was obviously mentally ill. I stopped listening for a couple of months. Now I tune in only very rarely.

Anonymous Ron said...

FWIW, I enjoyed Gordon's list of overrated movies. I think he made it clear several times that these were good movies, just overly praised. I agreed with him on some, disagreed on some others.

Maybe tomorrow I'll listen to the morning crew on the Fan.


Anonymous said...

Gordo circa 2013 is so much more tame and less aggressive than the early Ticket days Gordo. Even the off-mike interactions between Gordon and other ticket hosts were not exactly cordial during the mid and late 90's, as several employees, Junior included, have taken a run at Gordo for his antagonistic ways.

There has also been talk of Gordon's different personality off the radio as not being as dark and bombastic, but there are just too many examples of him still reaching into that same bag of tricks off air as he does on air. For instance, in the early couple of years of the Ticket, the hosts used to phone prank each other and record the conversation. Gordon was a spokesman for a weight-loss company and did live spots for them. The Hard Line guys thought it would be funny to have someone call Gordo and say they were with said weight-loss company, and tell him they were not happy with Gordon looking so "plump" and seemed to be looking fat, which would give the company a bad name. Well, after being told this, Gordon immediately chose the "dark" card and said the reason he was gaining weight was due to his grieving the death of his father that died suddenly...which we know the elder Mr. Keith is alive and well. In short, Gordon is a merchant of shock and uncomfortableness, which is his own personal "stun-gun" against would be threats or strangers or audience, etc.

The early days Gordo was a lot more out-of-control. Just listen to some vintage Rant segments with Davey or Corby. The Gordon we see/hear now has thankfully mellowed...but still has that eye of the tiger that will unexpectantly pounce upon a perceived social weakling, just to make sure everyone knows to watch their step. Being as talented as Gordon Keith is must be both a blessing and a curse for him, as I'm certain that for every listener that is turned off by him, there are twice as many that love to hear his shtick. I for one count myself in the latter, but it also ranks as one of my guilty pleasures. I'm just glad I don't have to work with him.

Anonymous said...

Give me Gordo over Mainstream George any day. Hearing him talk about how great America's Got Talent and Jimmy Kimmel are was painful.

Anonymous said...

I always wanted to be friends with the "cool crowd".
In my mind Gordon is the center of the cool crowd and because he talks to me in my car everyday...then I am cool too. So I think he's great, and will never criticize my cool friend Gordon.

Arlington P1 said...

Since I'm a D1P1, I concur with the folks that say Gordon isn't as shocking as he used to be. He has his moments, but not often.

I also think his best radio work is behind him, not that I don't still enjoy his presence on the Musers. He just doesn't have that same spark of originality he once had. As an example, when was the last time he created a truly memorable character? Ten years?

Anonymous said...

Fake Garrett is spot on.

T4 In Rockwall said...

I love Gordo, but wouldn't it be great for someone to do a Fake Gordo? I'm sure Georgio could and has done it and would love to see that played out occasionally.

slinky said...

I don't know. He comes up with one when needed. Like Anon 9:59 said, Garrett is pretty funny. I enjoyed Rotten Radio Thursday. You get to hear the old "classic" bits that made the Ticket great, and yeah, Gordo was a huge part of it.

Anonymous said...

I think people underestimate how difficult it would be to come up with a humorous character and bit every single day for 20 years.

The Plainsman said...

RE Musers' snack-cake discussion this morning: I thought the Hostess stuff got noticeably less tasty after they were forced to abandon trans-fats. In fact, I think most snack food, chips, everything, got worse.

The Plainsman said...

I had planned to stop in on Guys' Night Out yesterday but had to work late. I did hear some roundtables and thought they were unusually good.

Did you hear the roundtable focusing on the famous "Moron Dog" BaD episode? If I were a full-time MTC executive I'd love to take a transcript of that and break it down. There were a lot of political undercurrents sloshing around that table. Can any of you figure out what was going on?

Also, what was the deal on the dismount? Someone said something, board op? And everyone laid out, totally went silent. Finally an ad came on. Anyone know what was said to bring that roundtable to a howling stop?

Shaggy said...

It was just them laying out on TC, who had attempted to insert a comment about what was being discussed.

There was also one awkward exchange earlier involving Mike, where he talked about having other bigger things to worry about, regarding "what's going on at the station", and "what are we gonna do about Alec."

Shaggy said...

It looks like Alec is Alec Drake, general sales manager.

Steve said...

Meanwhile The Hard Line continues to completely dominate ratings. It's so interesting that none of the issues ever affect their ratings. I think it just goes to illustrate Plainsman's point that Corby, whether you want to admit it or not, is talented.

The Plainsman said...

Shaggy: Thanks.

Re TC: That's kinda what I thought, it was some innocuous comment about when the Moron Dog episode took place or something equally inoffensive, and it brought broadcasting to a complete halt among the entire table of guys from different shows. And it sounded like TC but I wasn't sure. It was nothing smart-alecky or inappropriate, just some bit of info, and you never heard such dead air at a GNO in your life.

TC is such an interesting figure. It seems to me that the guy is paying his dues, honing his radio chops, doing whatever is asked of him, doing (I think) an excellent job with the Top Ten, but there are all these little signs of ambivalence towards him, and I just do not get it. Is it a bit? Sure, could be -- but would they have laid out like that if Jake had tossed in some information, or even someone like Jer or Sean? I doubt it.

So the mystery of the teeth-kicking of TC continues.

T4 In Rockwall said...

Speaking of the Top 10, The Fan has something similar when the GBag Nation goes off air at 11. I don't know if that's new or has been around for awhile.

Anonymous said...

It's not a complete shock that the Fan would mirror something that the Ticket has been doing for years.
Dead and Gone = Trifecta
Fan Rewind = Ticket Top 10
Fake character voices = Gordon
KT Hollywood = E-News
on and on...

Guess if they cannot be original, they can rif-off what is done on the Ticket and be safe.

therrick said...

Alright in honor of Gordon Keith Week this is a list I've compiled mainly to amuse myself, but now I get a chance to share it ya'll.

It is a list of things Gordon has said on the air,"Creeps me out."

Dr. Seuss
Raggedy Ann and Andy Doll
Man on sheet rock stilts
Mary Hartman Mary Hartman
Wizard of Oz
Smokey Robinson
Wayne Newton
Frosty the Snowman
“Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” by Gordon Lightfoot
The Beach Boys
Michael Douglas
Roller rinks
“Abracadabra” by Steve Miller Band
“Sound of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel
“25 or 6 to 4” by Chicago
The Great Lakes
The Muppets Song Theme Show
I Love Lucy
Houdini’s death

KT said...

At anon 1248, i'm unaware of Dead and Gone or Fan Rewind. Maybe it's because i'm still new here.

As far as the hollywood shuffle goes, yeah that's my segment but how is that copying Corby? It's not like he's the only radio personality to do entertainment segments.

At 11-1 is a show called The Midnight Snack. In the same vein as the Top 10 but not really a countdown. Just a replay show, it's been going on for quite a while now.

I'm probably coming off defensive but whatever.

Hope you'll listen to B&S sometime, and man I gotta tell you i've fallen in love with the GBAG Nation 6-11.

I get it though, not being able to listen to The Ticket was weird for me at first, but I think it's unfair to just write off The Fan as some kind of joke. We've got something building over here. We're aiming young and the up and comers here are pretty strong and young hungry mofos like me. Grab a fajita. Much love.

Shaggy said...

Hey KT, you defended the beard eating as not that big of a deal. How about drinking your own urine? Kind of hard not to be seen as a joke after that.

KT said...

I didn't drink any urine.

It was totally organic so I don't really see that as that big of a deal either. It'd be different if it was a pre-planned bit or something.

Blergoyen said...

Ever since the addition of Chris Arnold, the Gbag nation sounds like an audition for a radio show where none of the people know each other and they don't realize they're auditioning to broadcast as a team. ZERO chemistry. Chris Arnold is constantly trying to imitate the cadence of a braggart athlete, and I actually heard the board op fighting with the main host after the board op screwed up some recording last night. It may be the worst teamwork on the entire 105.3 daily broadcast. And that's a difficult feat to accomplish.

I've recently heard Ticket vernacular woven into the B&S broadcast (skulking bahz or flawed guy stuff). Just one ridiculous thing after another over there.

Regarding Gordon, as much as he is a conversational arsonist on mic, and as big as his ego has grown, he's still got my respect for carving a whole lot of something out of nothing. He is all those things described in the comments above and in the previous posts. However, he's the most creative personality on The Ticket, he is a huge part of The Ticket Brand, and his empty chair would be most noticed out of anyone else at the station, whenever he decides to leave. That's quite an accomplishment for a guy, STILL having less sports knowledge than anyone else, except for corky, on a sports radio station.

BTW, if you want to really upset Gordon, email him and tell him to send a written apology and flowers to Adam Sandler for ripping off several of Sandler's SNL or movie characters. Gordon will reply back with a more personal, venomous attack than you can imagine. That may be his funniest bit that very few people have witnessed.

Anonymous said...

Or e-mail Gordon and tell that you, too, used to watch Mr.Show. And that he's gleaned A LOT from it. Because, he has. Maybe one of the reasons why Gordo hasn't ever been whisked away by SNL or whatnot as a writer and-or performer is because the bigger comedic ponds know where a lot of his stuff comes from. Gordo is greatness. He's great for North Texas radio. He's very funny and sharp witted. I'd hate to be on his bad side. Can't imagine how bad he'd make me look in front of a bunch of people at bar somewhere if I got cross with him. But he's by no means original. The thing he's best at is imitation. That's a true art form. To do it well, like Gordo does, is difficult. Same goes with his musings and insights. His philosophical stances and psychological analyses are sophomoric. They're the stuff of a sophomore's term paper. It's because he reads some pop-general audience intended book or article and then adopts it. He mimics it. It becomes his own. But it's superficial. That's why he sees everything through the silly lens of it's all about the privates. Bottom line. Enjoy Gordo for what he is. Enjoy the crap out of it. But don't make him into something he's not. Honestly, it's not fair to him.

Arlington P1 said...

Anon 9:59, Fake Jason probably is the best character Gordo has come up with in awhile, but it ran its course pretty quickly. Unlike Fake Jerry, which continued to mine gold for Gordo year after year.

Actually, there is one impersonation Gordon developed in the past decade that I think had a long shelf life: Fake Wade. I still like his occasional drop-ins.

Shaggy said...

Fake Wade is George.

Anonymous said...

Fake Wade is George. All 3 of the morning boys have had their hand in fake Cowboy coaches. George did Jimmy Johnson, Craig did Barry Switzer, Gordo did Chan Gailey, George did Dave Campo, Craig did Bill Parcells.

The Plainsman said...

551, there is some truth in what you say. Gordon does steal -- so do all comics. (Caught him lifting a "Honeymooners" skit once, the "Chef of the Future" show.)

And with the volume of stuff he has to put out, it would be surprising if he doesn't, um, appropriate stuff from time to time.

But I do have a very different view of Gordon, and you'll have it soon.

I do find it interesting to consider whether he would be a national "act." Got some thoughts on that, may stick it into a post sometime.

Anonymous said...

HAHA, the p-man promising and teasing that he has different thoughts on Gordo, yet we will most likely never see it.

He has teased more stuff without a delivery more times than I can count. If he was in the radio business, he would be fired for that.

I am still waiting on that article about WTDS, p-man...

Anonymous said...


Look, man. I think the vast majority of MTCers really like, respect, and wish you all the best. We understand why you took the B&S gig. And if the BaD move did go down, well, your move might've look mighty prescient, indeed. That being said, I believe that many of us have given B&S a shot. Several shots. Several shots while at The FAN the first time, ESPN, and now their second go around at The FAN. The thing is, they aren't good radio. It's got zero to do with you. You're not a host. You do what you're asked, and add in when and where you can. Of course there is going to be a lot of Tickety stuff going on. Why wouldn't there be? B&S were on The Ticket for years and are still pals with most of the guys, and you are fresh from the Compound. But your'e gonna have to understand that anything you guys and the station as a whole does that can be compared to something The Ticket does, well, you're gonna lose that war. Now. Does it matter that The Ticket, and really THL, has borrowed a ton from Stern? No. Why? Because Stern hasn't been on here locally in ages. Yeah, he's on Sirius/XM, but most people don't yet have satellite radio. So, KT, you're in a lose-lose when it comes to that sort of thing. In other words, don't waste your time defending KT Hollywood and all the rest. You might be right, but so is a pedestrian in the crosswalk as a car smashes into him. Guess who wins that one? Ditto, The Ticket.

No offense, man, but if Gbag Nation is growing on you, you might need to go see a dermatologist. That one makes Farrell on the Bench look like The Musers.

Stay Hard, KT.

slinky said...

I think thats a "fake" KT you're talking to there big guy!

Anonymous said...

No it's not. KT often comments here. So do you.

slinky said...

The real "KT" is in blue signed in with his e-mail. Anyone can use a fake. Do you think the real KT would make the comments as the other? I know the real KT does post on here.

Brad Gilbert said...

Has anyone came across this Ticket site:


The Plainsman said...

Brad: No, I hadn't. Very intresting, and thanks a lot for calling it to our attention.

Pretty sure that's the real KT. I'm perfectly fine with him coming on and boosting The Fan. I don't know anything about the urine or urine-like episode. I have barely had time to listen to the station lately and I regret I've spent no time with Ben & Skin so don't have a strong view on the show. As for being in blue -- sometimes I post on the site without having signed on to Blogger, and I'm not in blue.

1012: You damn are one long-time reader. And you're right. Just the other day I truly thought to myself -- I really should do that WTDS piece.


Arlington P1 said...

Oops. My bad. I'm so used to all the Gordo creations, I forget he's not the only one with talent for impersonations.

Anonymous said...

RW says in his Whitt's End column today the Ticket wants to get 103.3 from ESPN and indicates 104.1 HAS BEEN sold. He also speculates ESPN would take over 1310 in this scenario.

Any thoughts? He doesn't appear to be "reporting" it - calls it a working theory.

The Plainsman said...

Wow. Maybe I should invite Richie eto write for My Ticket Confession. I won't thrash you all by linking to the several articles on this site about Ticket signal swap, but Richie's scenario seems really, really unlikely. As we have said, the shedding of 104.1 probably means something, and something good, for the Ticket signal (again, I'll be waiting for my commission check), but it's hard to believe the mighty ESPN would have any interest in a very weak 1310.

On the other hand, the signal acquisition scenario itself is not crazy for the reasons Richie and knowledgeable Confessors have said: shedding 104.1 means Cumulus has room under the regulations to add another FM.

DA said...

Why sell 103.3 when you make money off of Rangers and Mavericks rights, plus a DFW sports exclusive ESPN webpage. They have poured too much money into DFW to let 103.3 go.

Let's go in Mr. Peabody's WABAC Machine...

When Disney sold ABC Radio Holdings to Citadel in 2007 for $1.35B, they held on to two assets: Radio Disney and their O&O ESPN Radio stations, which included 103.3.

The five stations in NYC, LA, Chicago, DFW and Pittsburgh were kept as Disney-owned, ESPN branded stations. Pitt, WEAE-AM, was flipped to Radio Disney in 2010, but the others have stayed as ESPN stations. WEAE-AM changed formats after CBS Radio changed KDKA-FM to a Sports format.

Selling 103.3 is also a bit sketchy since Disney is trying to unload six Radio Disney stations which are NOT in major (Top 25) markets. Albany; KC; Little Rock (FM band); Richmond; SLC; and San Antonio.


When Cumulus bought Citadel, they inherited what Citadel bought from Disney, which was 177 FM stations and 66 AM stations.

While Disney does not need to own stations for distribution of both products, there is significantly more money in a Top 5 market, like DFW than there is in the 25th or lesser market.

I have not looked at Whitt's blog lately, but has he ever talked about CBS selling their radio division?

cactusflinthead said...

@Pman Yeah, Junior and his lady got their wheels over there. He did a shout out on Twitterville and FB yesterday and earlier today he reported that AA P1 Paul had rescued them.

@DA Nope, can't say I recall seeing him mention CBS selling off the radio division. Got an inside tip or a hunch? What other candidates might Cumulus find for an FM simulcast? Obviously they are doing it with WBAP and is it 96.7? I never listen to either so I can't say exactly what their set up might be. What other options are there if 104.1 is no longer available?
I keep going back to 570. Yeah yeah AM. Dying all that. But.. and this is where I would like some input from your radio background...it has a much better signal than 1310. I do not know if it is a matter of the location of the antenna, its power at sundown, how it is set up or its direction, but I can receive it on marginally useful cheap ass disposable radios way west of the Brazos and well east of the Trinity. I looked at the coverage maps on Radio Locator. I saw some of the numbers, but a lot of it is Greek to me. I know the MIT folks put that thing together originally, though it has passed into other hands now. To sum up, why would Cumulus persist in giving 570's good signal to a consistently bad performing station and format instead of one that consistently hammers the competition?

sorry if that was TL/DR or a Bob question

DA said...


The FCC knows the AM band is an issue and has some "solutions" for its survival.


If one will not cut/paste to the storylink, from the aticle in quotes:

"For years, AM has suffered a gradual erosion in listening, as interference on the band has increased – not necessarily from other AM stations, but instead from background noise that is now part of the environment in most urban areas. This interference is caused by everything from fluorescent lights to plasma TV screens to various other electronic devices that are prevalent in the modern world. At the NAB Show in Las Vegas the week before last, Commissioner Pai reprised his discussion of AM improvements, this time moderating a panel of experts to discuss the potential remedies to the problems faced by the AM radio service.

The panel set out several possible solutions to AM interference issues, all of which have potential downsides or problems. These include the following:

* — More FM translators for AM stations
* — Blanket power increases for all AM stations
* — A reduction in skywave protection
* — The adoption of a cellular architecture for AM stations
* — All-digital operation for AM stations"

But the FM chip in smartphones which I have been posting about here for the last six months or so is more important. Jeff Smulyan, of Emmis, talked about it on June 28. Here is one story, but you can search for others on dated June 28 o later on this issue (and not the Q1 Emmis results).


The Plainsman said...

Many thanks to DA for solid info. I think I mentioned I nosed around a little bit when the sale of 104.1 was announced, and did not learn anything about Cumulus's possible motives.

Is it conceivable they would stick with 1310 and no other signal?

The 570 AM suggestion is an interesting one. I'm wondering about a 1310-570 simulcast.

I have a recollection that The Ticket was simulcast over 1700 KKLF (KLIF) some time back. Didn't last long and I don't remember if it was during the entire broadcast day, only from time to time, only under certain circumstances -- just don't remember, but I do remember finding The Ticket simulcast on 1700.

Anonymous said...

It sure pays to be "connected" at AA.
The rest of the paying public is stuck with horrible service, overpriced flights that have a 50% chance of actually taking off. And anything that is lost by them...well, there are 2 chances you will get it back, slim and none.
Good for Jr, that would have ruined his trip.
Paul is obviously a good man. Wish I knew a Paul at AA.
I think without his help, Jr would not have gotten his bike anytime soon.

pDub Lahey said...

Pman, I've been loving everything so far about Gordon!

I'm a huge Gordon P1, and he's wildly brilliant and entertaining.

I'm a big jerk, so it's not really my place to get into the morality of Gordon's comedy. That said, has anyone ever noticed that Ribby is complete rip off of Tony Clifton? (old news I'm sure.)

I also whole-heartedly agree w/ Pman's thoughts on TC. I was psyched to hear that he was teaming up with Gen X Davey this morning. That's most definitely a show I'd tune into regularly, with respect to the immortal Dan Paul.

TC's opines on flip flops were spot on. (Plus it's summer in TX for gosh sakes! One must keep cool.)
Dave's review of Sharknado was by far the best of any host this week. I have zero interest in ever watching Sharknado, but if I have to constantly hear about Sharknado, I want it to be funny.

Much love, Confessors!

Anonymous Ron said...

A big 10-4 on the interference problems on the AM band. My time in 24-Hour Fitness is spent during the Hardline, and my workout routine is actually dictated by interference from the TV's and dead spots in the room. If they are talking about something I am interested in, I head for the part of the room where reception is good. When Corby talks about tennis or golf or Corby, I head to an area where the reception goes to hell. Switching to FM doesn't help - I can't pick up the FM signal inside the building at all.

The Plainsman said...

Thumbs up on TC and Davey. I only caught pieces of the show while running errands yesterday but what I heard sounded pretty natural, interesting, comfortable.

The Plainsman said...

Did I hear Conrad doing one of those -- invariably lousy -- joke-based promos where the "joke" was: "I miss you, baby . . . but my aim's getting better."

The Ticket promoting the station with a joke about hitting women?

Did I really hear that?

(Begged answer: yes.)

The Plainsman said...

Returning to Gordon Keith Week:

His DMN column on Friday was justly praised (by George, but still). It was beautifully composed and full of sharp observations about society's relationship with alcohol. No snark, no gags, a heartfelt piece.

So I wonder what guys like Gordon, Sean, George, people whose lives have been touched by alcohol, think about (for example) The Hardline's celebration of the drinking life, and even the booze/water combo at the center of Summa Bash at Sneaky Pete's.

It's not a new issue: The sports/alcohol nexus is here to stay, and then we have Josh Brent and Jay Ratliff and how many hundreds of others.

No startling conclusions here: Just observing the disconnect.

Anonymous Ron said...

Rotten Radio on Sunday morning?

Is the bullpen empty due to vacations?

Barry Horny said...

Ben & Skin haven’t exactly set the ratings world on fire since switching from late mornings on ESPN-FM 103.3 to afternoon drive on 105.3 The Fan.

June was the first full month at the Fan for the mobile Ben Rogers and Skin Wade on the Arbitron radar. In the key demographic – men 25-54 --their show averaged a 1.7 share. No homegrown weekday show produced a lower rating.

Recall that when he ditched Richie Whitt and Greg Williams in April, Fan boss Gavin Spittle cited low ratings. Ben & Skin’s first month was lower than Whitt and Williams’ 2.6 in their final full month.

Elsewhere it was business as usual.

Among all listeners, 1310 The Ticket averaged a 2.6 share, ESPN was at 2.1 and The Fan scored a 1.0.

In the key men 25-54 demographic, it was the Ticket (6.6), ESPN (3.6), Fan (2.1).

On weekdays from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the demographic it was the Ticket (8.7), ESPN (3.3), Fan (2.2).

The Ticket was No. 1 every hour in the 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. numbers. ESPN was No. 2 during 10 of the hours. The Fan was No. 2 for three hours, two of which were against ESPN’s syndicated Colin Cowherd from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

The highest-rated weekday hour was the Ticket’s Hardline at 6 p.m. (10.8).

Highest-rated in the morning was the Ticket’s Dunham & Miller at 9 a.m. (10.6).

Highest-rated at ESPN was Mike & Mike at 8 a.m. (5.1).

Highest-rated hour at the Fan was Shan & R.J. at 9 a.m. (3.8.).

i'm gonna fix it, I'm gonna fix it said...

So much for the dominance of GBag Nation. Without the RAGE lead in, I'm sure their numbers have suffered. Which means their numbers weren't that good to begin with, because RAGE's numbers were piss poor. I've grown a bit tired of RW and others who cite one 2+ ratings period for RAGE and act as if they were pulling those numbers on a regular basis. They weren't. In fact, their mean was right on a par with B&S's latest book. So let's not play spin the numbers here at MTC. If RW wants to puff himself up on his blog, fine. It's his blog. But let's try to live in the real world on this site.

No idea what's going down signal wise. I have to think that there's some sort of move in the works for The Little One. What signal and what side of the dial? I'd put my money on KLIF. Then again, I'm poor.

I too dug the TC-Gen X Davy helmed Orphanage. Does anyone know if this might be a permanent thing? It seems like Danny is more and more absent of late. Maybe owning a bar and doing a Saturday morning show aren't like peanut butter and chocolate after all? Who'd a thunk it.

Gordo is local radio greatness. Yeah, he's derivative. Yeah, he can come off like a college freshman fresh off his first philosophy course. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever. He makes me laugh in the morning, and that's what counts for me. One thing, though. I'm not a fan of his DMN column. He's trying way too hard to do that Southern Lit meets Proust thang. If you don't know what I'm talking about, consider yourself lucky. Let's just say that wistfulness and longing for the unreachable, the undefinable is the daily special, every day. Unlike Pman, I don't find his writing or observations sharp or beautiful. They smack of moral therapeutic deistic clap trap in the guise of insight and wisdom wrapped in a veneer of wannabe Socratic dialogue. He projects his own issues and inadequacies far too often. And THAT is my only beef with The Great Gordo.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Fight Night promo mentions hitting a woman...months after the mayor went on The Musers and THL to talk about the "Rally Against Domestic Violence".

Nice job, Cat.

The Plainsman said...

Appalling. That should be yanked.

I had not identified it as a Fight Night promo, but it doesn't make any difference. Ticket uses the same editor as that Oakland TV station that got pranked with those pilots' names.

The Plainsman said...

Anonymous Ron: Jake is on vacation overseas. Not sure why they didn't pair Sean up with someone else.

Shaggy said...

Sean's on vacation in the PacNW.

Dustinwb said...

I just email Cat and Bennett regarding that spot it is truly a disgrace

The Plainsman said...

Good job. They're still running that thing?

Gopher said...

They are but it has been modified a bit.

The Plainsman said...

Do tell.

The voice of the Confessor is heard in the land.