Sunday, March 13, 2016

Data Dump

I've been terribly delinquent in getting up new blasts, but I do have an excuse:  Last Tuesday's storms were unkind to our shack out on the plains, and after a couple of visits from contractors and adjusters, the fine folks at Amica have offered to replace our sod roofing.  Those interruptions mean longer work hours and fewer MTC hours.  

I keep notes on things to write about.  I look at them and think yeah, that would work for a short piece, and then they get stale and I don't do it.  So to atone for my lack of output recently, I'm going to unload a ton of stuff on you in the hope that it will provoke a rainbow of well-considered reactions in the thread to follow.  Numbered for your convenience.

[By the way:  The guy who comments three or four times per thread making obvious reference to T.C. (and sometimes Jake) without naming him (them) – I'm going to start deleting you.  You got something specific, let's have it.]

*     *     *

            (1)   Let's say that Craig "Junior" Miller decided to go on the bicycle racing tour, whatever it's called, for a couple years.  Let's further say – and this may be more far-fetched – that Gordon could be persuaded to stop baiting Mike Doocy.  Would you listen to the George-Mike-Gordon Musers with regularity?  I would.

            (2)  I'm going to lose what modest credibility I have with some of you, but I am listening to those Reagor-Dykes ads with greater respect these days.  There may be some genius going on there.  That crappy production, the corny "keeping it real" theme, and Bart's non-sequitur giving-it-to-you-on-the-level ad copy ("I've never found Amelia Earhart, I've never published a paper on quantum loop gravity, but I'll make you a deal on a great car") – awful.  But he kind of won me over when he started pleading.  "Hey," he says, "don't hate me before you get to know me."  I don't like leasing my Conestogas (sorry, AutoFlex and D&M) and am unlikely to buy a used model, but if I did I might give old Bart a whirl.

            (3)  Over Drydock (I told you some of this stuff was stale), I heard Jake talking about someone, didn't catch the first part of his discussion so I don't know who he was talking about.  But the words out of his mouth made me laugh:   "The biggest thing for me was I learned about ego.  I couldn't believe anyone could be that brash that early in their career."  I didn't detect an ironic inflection in his remark.

            (4)  Why can't we have Intentional Grounding all year long?

            (5)  Award for Brain-Freeze Commercial Koan/Tautological Phrase of the Year goes to the following utterance from one of the blind pitch-guys on a Non-24 ad:  "If you're like me, you're not alone."

(6)  I do wonder about The Fan sometimes.  It was near the end of the Niffle year (at least for the Cowboys), I was switching back and forth between Norm/Donnie and the Fan post-game.   In contrast to Ticket callers, they took call after call from fans who were positively thrilled about the Cowboys' prospects for 2016.  Gavin shared their optimism.  When Jesse Holley tried to make a point about the Pokes' uncreative play-calling, Brad Sham (who joins the show for a segment) shot him down.  Aside from what seems like unsupportable Cowboys boosterism, however, it's not a bad show.   I've always thought Holley was quite good on it.

(7)  Is "Not a Podcast" a dig at "It's Just Banter?"   Let's help Justin and Machine think of a better name for what's a pretty good weekend show.

(8)  The muddy signal stayed muddy for a long time.  I don't know if I've just gotten used to it, but has it gotten a little sharper lately?   Someone dropped a comment not long ago, perhaps copied from Reddit, about some repairs being made.

(9)  Yes, I do like Not a Podcast.  Like it quite a lot.  And while I'm usually hands-off with the JV as they work to make names for themselves, I must say this – less Machine.  A couple of weeks ago I had to punch out when Justin was doing some news or something – in any event, it was a Justin segment – and the poor guy couldn't get a single sentence out without Machine derailing the point.

(10)  Corby did a story on 69 yo CBS newsman Steve Kroft's extramarital romps with the (rather attractive, and also married) Harvard Law School-educated NYC attorney Lisan Goines, dramatically illustrated with texts, in one of which he advised her, J-J Taylor-style, that instead of working he would "rather be eating your pudding."  What was strange about Corby's report is that this all took place a year ago, and there was nothing new on the story.  I wouldn't be mentioning this, except for Corby's closing remark, which made me laugh out loud on my drive home:  "I hope that when I'm 69 I'm not involved in a pudding scandal."

Lisan Goines, Esq.
            (11)  Did I hear George Dunham say that if you buy two PowerBall tickets instead of one, you do not double your chances of winning?  Yes, I did.  

*     *     *
Thanks for staying strong with MTC.  Hits still solid despite my recent neglect.  Will try to do better.  



cactusflinthead said...

that's a pretty cool Pman. Kinda like the listy thing.

I'll lead off with this one.

(4) Why can't we have Intentional Grounding all year long?

Vacay? Normal downtime for the niffle? I kinda wish Big Bob and his friend Sweater Dave would do some offseason stuff too.

is that tolerable for ya anons?

still ain't a robot

you're too young but I'm too well hung, so tonight I'm gonna rock you, tonight said...

1) Yes, I'd give Jub, Dooce, and Gordo a whirl.
2) I dig the R-D spots. They remind me of the old used car commercials on the UHF local stations: like, "Crazy Eddie's" or "Harry's Hot Rod Shop."
3) Jake oscillates between self-awareness/faux self-loathing and Dillon-esque arrogance. So no surprise there.
4) Because Bob doesn't know jack about sports, has an "creative" "take" on his own personal/family history vis-a-vis the history of Big D and his own involvement in the mid 80s-mid 90s music scene, and David is good only is short spurts.
5) But you gotta admit that it's pretty cool the guy's been told that he's a great dancer.
6) The FAN is bad. The very fact that Fish is part of their lineup tells you all you need to know. Jesse Holley is solid, I agree. I'd love to see him paired up with Bob and Newbury for the Cowboys pregame show.
7) Have zero interest in JV pods. IJB killed it for me. If I want to hear two dudes use the term "fuck" as a verbal crutch, I can head down to bar anytime after 12:30 am.
8) Station sounds the same to me. Then again, I listen to the am signal exclusively.
9) I like Machine Mavs talk. He neither pulls punches nor tows the Cuban company line. In any other on-air capacity, I'm totz turned off. You can see the wankerish man-bun in his voice when he strays from the Mavs page.
10) Kroft is a creep who reads a script and looks "serious" and "intense" for the camera. Corby reporting stale news as "extra-ee extra-ee read all about it!"? Yeah, gee, I'm shocked. Shocked I tells ya.
11) Jub's a helluva guy. Jub has wisdom and tries his best to live by the ethical standards he's set for himself/been instilled by his upbringing. I love Jub. Jub's also not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to certain things. But if there's one man on The Ticket I'd want to be in the bunker with, it'd be Jub. All. The. F'n. Way. Good dude.

Cody Patterson said...

1. Yes I'd listen to more Doocey-Jub-Gordo. I kinda like Doocey's Diary, but I think it would get stale if it was a regular thing
4) Intnetional Grounding in the off season? What would it be called, "Infield fly rule" "Three-point shot", "Icing", or even better, "The Pit Stop"?

Arky P1 said...

If Gordo could refrain from kicking Doocy in the nads every five seconds I would consider listening, although Junior Miller is unquestionably my leader, so I can't say for sure that I would stick around.

The Plainsman said...

My local Grange is doing brackets. Whose should I copy?

Arky P1 said...

We all win when the Musers play Hemmitt's Way. So classic!

Anonymous said...

I must be in the minority because the Deuce gets a big meh from me. The lounge singer/hyper morning DJ bits are a power down. I can tolerate it on the occasional substitution day, but any more often and I am switching to the Beatles CD.

Anonymous said...

Wilonsky probably doesn't want the regular gig, but I would listen to Big Bob before I would listen to the Top 10. Push the Top 10 back. What have you got to lose? Ferrall on the Bench? It's a win-win!

When I see you smile, I see a ray of light said...

Why Bracket Dan's brackets, of course. C'mon, Pbud, you knew the answer before you asked.

The Plainsman said...

I did. I was hoping someone would tell me where to find them.

ed fes said...

OK, I'll play.

1. I'm in. While I can't imagine it being t.v.'s Mike Doocey, let's face it, at some point sooner rather than later one of them is going to move on. As long as two of them are in the mix, I'll at least give it a lengthy trial.

2. I used to find the Reagor-Dykes commercials amusing. That time, however, has long since passed. He's become a caricature of a caricature of himself. I say that because surely he isn't actually such a clueless awipe in real life.

3. I'm with 12:39am. Though I must say that I don't mind Jake. We all have to learn, and he's still at it.

4. Personally, I can't stand IG. When it debuted several years ago I liked it. It was refreshing, something different. Like the Reagor-Dykes ads, it too grew stale. The only way forward (or as David constantly says, "going forward") that makes sense to me is for the show to become a local politics/city-hall/current events type of show. That is, to truly be Ticket NPR. The Cowboys angle is played out, to death.

5. Luckily I haven't heard one of those spots in a while.

6. I've tried The FAN. Tried it many times, in fact. For the life of me I don't get it. Perhaps excepting Bacsik on the Rangers and his very hot HSOs on the Mavs, there is no personality that holds my attention. Their Cowboys postgame show is the absolute worst.

7. I've no idea.

8. It does seem to be clearer of late. Whatever the reason, I hope it stays that way.

9. Maybe it's me, and it probably is, but I'm not a fan of any of the podcasts I've heard thus far from any of the JV. I must agree with 12:39am's sentiment about the f-word used as a verbal crutch and last call drunk-talk.

10. The day Corby gets more than 30% of his Enews stories correct (fact-wise), I'll actually pay attention to Enews and Community Quick Hits. Fat chance on that ever happening.

11. While I didn't hear George make that claim, I can believe he said it. He'll throw out some odd bits from time to time. After all, he's the man who once stated: "You can't put limits on aliens."

Anonymous said...

@ed fes I'm with you on number 9. I actually like Jake and T.C. (gasp) but I won't listen to IJB. I just don't want to hear all the foul language. I've worked construction so cursing does not bother me and I have heard anything anybody can come up with in any combination, but I can just find better things to do with my time than hear somebody drop the F bomb every five minutes for an hour. I don't know if they are going for shock value or what, but it is just unnecessary. I would listen if they would tone it down just a notch because I think they have some good content. I love a good, well-placed expletive, but overcussing will turn me off in a second.

blergoyen said...

Jub is right about powerball, if you choose a totally different number sequence for the 2nd powerball ticket for the same drawing date.

I don't like Doocy on The Musers, and I don't see the Ticket going older at that position.

There is not really anything the Ticket bench has to say that I want to hear on a podcast. However, Dragonbrag makes it interesting by covering relevant pop media in between gay jokes.

Do not trust anyone that begs you not to hate them before you know them. They only want you to get close enough for something.

The Plainsman said...

Really, I do need access to Dan's brackets. Or someone who knows something about NCAA basketball. I don't see any reference to it on

If anyone has any recommendations for something credible to crib, I'll take it.

DRW1961 said...

I was shaking my head in amazement yesterday at the segment on Pete Maravich. It would have been pretty simple to head to Wikipedia a couple of minutes before the segment and refresh your memory on his playing career - especially the NBA days. Either or both of them could have sounded so much more knowledgeable about the person that the segment was about with a minimum of prep. As it was, they stumbled over whether Maravich played with Bird on the Celtics and how he became a Celtic and fumbled through other stats that were easily obtained. Is a couple of minutes of preparation too much to ask for?

Shaggy said...

Plainsman...Dan never actually fills out a bracket. That's the bit.

The Plainsman said...

Thanks, Shagmeister. My BaD listening is severely, and unfairly, limited by the circumstances of frontier life, so I don't always get the gags. I'm always glad to have bits translated for me. Thanks again.

Shaggy said...

The boys all seem to enjoy busting Norm's balls about his brackets' performance over the years too, so I wouldn't spend too much time looking extra hard for his.

Anonymous said...

Well, DA, old MTC chum, this isn't quite the direction we were thinking the narrative would go. I know I sure didn't see this possibility on the horizon. Maybe you did. Not me. Indeed, I think many of us believed that it was going to be The Ticket that would eventually fall under the CBS umbrella, unleashing all kinds of potential havoc.

Gunther said...

Greggo seems to have shut his Twitter binge down. Anyone have insight into what the hell happened for those 4 or 5 days when he just went scorched earth on the world? I don't think there's any question it was drug or alcohol induced. Wonder if he's sobered up or a "friend" took the controls away?

Anonymous said...

Might've received a cease and desist from a cadre of Eddie Gossage's lawyers. That and a lawsuit brought against him. Hell, the same thing could be said about either Richie Whitt or Mike Fisher. He was spewing some bile. Some of it was just awful. The kind of stuff that ruins others and their loved ones lives.

Anonymous said...

My favorite part of Greggo's meltdown was his Chris Chris moment ...

"I'm unemployed cuz I'm rich!!..I don't need to you better get some sleep as to wake for your gig tomorrow"

Shaggy said...

Yeah he also said his gf is worth $25MM

DA said...

@Anonymous March 15, 2016 at 5:55 PM

I have been here saying that Les Moonves wanted out of radio because they are somewhat toxic assets.

I said it with the thought of a CBS sale would help CLMS push back some of the debt which they STILL seem to not to have a handle on...
February 2013:

June 2013:

September 2013:

Carlton said...

Dylan the argumentative teen is an immediate punch out.

Not a podcast smokes IJB. Don't think Monty or Machine care for either of those guys and I'm right there with them.

Reagor Dykes adds are horrible. If my choices were buying a car from that guy or riding a bike to work I'd choose riding a bike.

Justin Montemayor said...

Not a Podcast isn't a dig at IJB in the slightest, I promise. We were just trying to think of a different name rather than generic "Monty and Machine" or something of the ilk . If anyone has ideas for a new name we're all ears and three legs.

Gunther said...

Anon 3/15 at 7:02: He said in an earlier post that he was poor. So now he's rich? Then he said his chick is worth $45MM? Just a delusional, drunken idiot. Poor guy.

we'll go dancing in the dark, walking through the park, and reminiscing said...

Yo Ole Monty! Hows about..... The Tripod

Anonymous said...

@we'll go dancing in the dark, walking through the park, and reminiscing said...

Or The Tripodcast

Anonymous said...

Not sure why Monty needs to fear the wrath of IJB. He and machine have more talent in their pinky than those 2 clowns.

Bracket Dan was a great segment yesterday. Mainly because it was controlled by Dan with little involvement from Sturm, Jack or CT

Go Spartans.

Anonymous said...

I definitely don't listen to much of Norm and Donnie's show (as I think it's pretty forced and not real good), but I've picked up on Donnie's biggest crutch phrases. It could be a drinking game, honestly.

They are as follows:
1. 'Sit back' - "The Cowboys are just gonna sit back and see which free agents end up signing with them." This is definitely crutch #1 for him.
2. 'Absolute' or 'absolutely' - I'm sure all of the hosts use these words to describe a player or a game or whatever, but Donnie overuses it to the point of it being distracting.
3. 'You talk about' - "You talk about an absolute monster out on the court..." The best thing about this one is that it is also a Mark Jackson crutch phrase, and BaD even did a segment making fun of it back with Donnie was on their show.

Anyway, look out for these because one or more of them will occur at least once per segment. I am officially distracted by these.

Nonononever said...

Been listening to NAP on the weekends. Love those guys. I'm 56, but I think the way they talk is hilarious. They sound like the two biggest bros but I find myself drawn in. Plus I like when they shorten their words to end in
-ish. Heard Machine say "relashe" instead of "relationship". Sounds like my 50 year old sister when you she talks to her suburban wife friends. Or like the women talk on the Bachelor. Not that I know. I mean I walked by the TV when my wife had it on. Seriously.

Justin Montemayor said...

@nonononever thanks for the kind words and glad you dig the show

Gotta shorten your words, it's all about being e-fish

And to the two bros with the new show titles, I dig em, but let's just say certain people at the station hate that we reference podcast at all in our show name.

Anonymous said...

How about Bun and Stump

debased said...

the stream has been stuck playing commercials for about 20 min now

Shaggy said...


Anonymous said...

people that could leave The Ticket and the station would not miss a beat:

It's Just Banter

Inserting Justin & Machine to 12-3 would make The Ticket so good strong again

Roger Starbuck interview yesterday on HL was fantastic

Skittles said...

Gordo's fake Joe Lechy is amazing.

The Plainsman said...

@ Justin 1006: Which is why your current title kinda looks like a dig.

Anonymous said...


You realize IJB is not on The Ticket, don't you?

Jub and Sturm, huh. And Monty and Machine at the midday helm will reinvigorate the thing.

Yeah, pal, I don't know what you're smoking or drinking or taking, but I want none of it.

Anonymous said...

And if by IJB you mean TC and Jake, but are trying to be cute and clever by not mentioning TC's name because of Pman's edict, then boy howdy, congratulations, you're just brilliant. And pathological.

DRW1961 said...

February overall numbers:

Money making demographic - men 25-54:
Ticket - 7.5
Fan - 2.8
KESN - 2.3

Men 25-54 from Monday to Friday 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. when the big-name, high-priced local talent was on the air:
Ticket - 9.7
Fan - 2.9
KESN - 2.4

All listeners over the age of 12:
Ticket: 2.7
Fan: 1.9
ESPN: 1.1

Boo! said...


Those are some mighty good Ticket ratings there...Think Cat and the boys are having chair races around the office?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Dan is saying BaD pulled a huge number.

Danny Balis ‏@badkaratemovie
Congrats to @bracketdan @SportsSturm @NotJackKemp a freaking 9.1? Incredible.

Curious to see what Barry posts later for the show totals. If that's true, the IJB haters will be beside themselves. I will say that I understand (and share in) the TC hate but I don't really get the continued Jake bashing. I think he's gotten a lot better on air and his work as producer has made BaD better.

Anonymous said...

Musers 12.3
Norm/Donnie 7.2
BAD 9.1
Hardline 8.9

The Plainsman said...

The TC-and-Jake-Are-Taking-BaD-Down talk was always crap. As is most talk from listeners who say "you've lost a listener" for some minor annoyance, and even from MTC readers who claim to swear off this joint. Even if sincere, it's clear that that contingent has no effect on listeners/hits. More likely is that more listeners like the tighter Jake-run show and T.C.'s contributions than depart having been rubbed the wrong way. Good to see BaD getting a little love.

Thanks to DFW1961 for posting these numbers. Can't wait for the show breakdowns.

Anonymous said...

Big congrats to BaD (and yes, that includes Jake and T.C.)! The 10-12 numbers are up significantly, as well. THL's numbers ought to be better. Your midday should not be besting your bookend drive time--at one time and is still pretended to be as such by the station....station defining show of record, aka, your way is through The Hardline--show. Still, I'm sure they're kicking the shit out of B&S (their initials,B,S., are apropos, by the way). Like we've all said a thousand times before: if THL ever had any real competition, I think changes would come sooner rather than later. Not necessarily personnel changes, but changes pertaining to attitude, presentation, preparation, accuracy, you get the point.

Gopher said...

Those are pre-ratings change numbers. wonder if the bugs in the rating system have been ironed out?

With Ranger season just starting and the Cowboys around the corner, will these numbers continue?

Good to see them back up. Let's hope they stay that way.

Anonymous said...

In less than an hour's time we were treated to Corby addressing Roger Staubach as "Rog" and Lindy Ruff as "Bud."

Anonymous said...

I just don't, can't identify with Corby. Frat boy through snd through. One only speaks to others as such if one considers oneself on the other's level. Frat boys believe they are always "in on it." That they are on a par: be it socio-economically, intellectually, culturally. Not only that, but also that they are a part of the secret club (e.g., a frat). And even if they aren't ab official member, they "get it" and know that the other knows they "get it" so in effect, they too are a de facto member.

And that my friends is Corby in a nutshell.

Anonymous said...

blergoyen said...
Jub is right about powerball, if you choose a totally different number sequence for the 2nd powerball ticket for the same drawing date.

Do you care to show your work on this? I think you messed up. Jub was indeed wrong. Your odds double with the 2nd unique ticket from ridiculously infinite to almost as ridiculously infinite.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 6:56:

"I went to [SMU]". I am about Corby's age. I was in a fraternity. Corby's problem isn't that he was in a fraternity. Corby's problem is he never left college. He went from college to an intern-type job to getting paid for the same job to making six figures for a job he only has to think about for 4.5 hours a day. It came so easy for him, he has no clue how hard other people work and has no clue that most people don't have the time and resources to do half the crap he does.

Anonymous said...

Corby's fine. His familiarity with guests makes him a solid interviewer, while Mike is usually stumbling. It's what propelled him up the ladder at the Ticket..the interviews and bits that make a guy like Shaq single him out. He's always done this, it puts the guest at ease, instead of being nervous or doing the Chris Farley 'remember when..?' type questions.

He hit the lottery on job/life, but he also earned it. I can see where it grates on people to hear about said great life, but I think we also get good stories out of it.

Anonymous said...

Could Courtney B. Vance have been any less interested in doing a phoner with the Musers?

Arky P1 said...

Anyone that listens regularly, can tell that BaD has stepped up their game over the last few months. Glad to see them get rewarded with a great number. As a Bad radio P1 this pleases me.

Anonymous said...

BaD has not stepped it up. Simply isn't anything better to listen to. They are benefiting from the competition sucking more.

I can think of something that Courtney B Vance cares less about that's TC and Jack's marriages....something BaD decided to spend nearly an entire segment talking about. the rare occasion I do flip over from 12-3 this is usually the type of garbage I hear forcing me to switch to 102.1 & 90.1

Anonymous said...

"I got a little help with parking."

Gopher said...

Bad has just reverted back to the days before Donovan was part of the crew. Love Donnie, but with him in the mix, there were just too many voices competing for attention.

Speaking of Donnie, have we ever been treated to a Donnie, Corby, Danny show? Wonder how that would turn out?

Arky P1 said...

I'm not a ratings expert, but I don't think you pull a 9.1 just from the competition sucking. It may not be for everyone, but lots of people are listening.

cactusflinthead said...

Anybody else see where CBS wants to get out out of the radio bidness?
it was in Variety on the feed today.
my question is who is buying?

How bad do I have to be to get banned from the Cowboy Fan Zone?
any of y'all been booted yet?
I seriously considered knitting some socks.

Anonymous said...

We discussed this last thread, Cactus. You might want to check out the always insightful DA's comment.

Anonymous said...

No exaggeration: Corby basically does a daily Steph Curry segment now. I like Curry too (who doesn't?), but it's almost like Corby's not a Mavs fan anymore. It's becoming a little nauseating.

Anonymous said...

Corby is a passive aggressive bandwagoner.

Whatever that is.

Anonymous said...

dsPlease understand that, unlike the other shows, whether you like them or not, THL is nothing but a head-rattling session. "Hey, I'm thinking X right now. Yeah that sounds cool to me, well, for better or worse, here it comes out of my mouth." It's as if they're stoner characters out of a Linkletter film. It's a bad show. I had to stop listening. They also are fat cats, lazy, and despite the sometimes claimed love for the P1, they don't give a shit about you or me--i.e., the P1. At this point, if you don't like what they do, they think you "just don't get it"/"F you, who cares"; if you do, "you're a good P1 who likes the right things, watches the right cable network shows, listens to the right music, has the correct view of socio-political matters (never mind the fact that none of them can articulate theirs), ad nauseam."

Boo! said...

Corby is a sports talkshow host, talking about a team going through a historic run through the NBA, with their best player setting every long range record in the NBA, and who does something interesting nearly every game he plays in...I don't see the problem about talking about Steph Curry nearly everyday.

Besides the whole Under Armor/Nike/Steph Curry story THL spoke about yesterday was pretty interesting.

Anonymous said...

Nothing THL talks about is interesting. Why? Because they never, ever, ever, have the story/their facts straight. Even so-called music experts Mike and Danny get 75% of their rock history wrong.

Lazy hosts = lazy show. QED

David Dodenhoff said...

Oh, those Reagor-Dykes ads are horrible. I don't need to hear a business owner working out his insecurities in a commercial.

Gopher said...

The current Dickies BBQ ads are just as bad.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm officially tired of every E-news story having an inevitable comparison to David Bowie.

Anonymous said...

Getting very tired of Junior when he has to name off everything on a list. The TV overload segment of him naming off every TV station was brutal. Junior does this all the time with other segments. We get it Junior, you can read.

Keef said...

Hmmm. The FAN's ratings fell back to their norm, i.e., a non-factor as far as The Ticket is concerned. And all the sudden a bunch of anon nitpicking that sounds all too familiar begins to kick up. Think we've sern this film before...

Nonononever said...

Another great show by NaP. The usual Mavs segment which was tight, but they also did a "words only white people say", which in the end was words they say every 5 minutes. Like "gnarly", which Machine used in the BvsS review. Love these bros. my favorite show except for the Musers.

Unknown said...

Reagor ads taking a beating on the Reddit site (and here, earlier). They are bad commercials....but I wondered if he was worth the attention. Yup. Did a Google image search on him. He fits the Chris Chris mold though his age is beyond that kind of crap. I find it sad-there is nothing wrong with one's business model working in a small market but not translating to a big one. There really is a smaller city obsession with a larger one. Reagor comes across as desperate. He just needs to stick to what he is and worry less about taking a beating during E brake and reddit (or blog posts). Otherwise Bart needs to ride that Spike Dykes bandwagon to millions on the high plains.

Why Don't We Steal Away, Into The Night said...

Bart has already ridden that Spike Dykes bandwagon to millions on the high plains. If he's so stoopy go away Chris Chris, then why are you and so many others on different sites talking about him? Pretty smart, of ole stoopy go away CC, I'd say. Frankly, he looks more middle-aged mediocrity than Chris Chris.

Justin Montemayor said...

@nonononever thanks for the wicked kind words

I Know It May Sound Selfish, But Let Me Breathe The Air said...

NaP is Solid Gold and Soul Train fused together. Monty and The Machine (should be the name of the poddie, btw) throw down some righteous stuff. Same goes for Cirque du Siegfried and Roy. RIP, The Orphanage. Double RIP The Rant. Google RIP, Ladies B Trippin'.

Anonymous said...

The Easter Bunny is now my favorite 8:40 character of all time.

Nonononever said...

My schedule is about to change on Saturdays and I won't be able to catch NaP much more. Sucks. What am I going to do without hearing the boys talking in their "dude" voices and shortening their words. Even Fahey got in on the act last week saying "probs" instead of "probably". Totally agree with the name change. Monty and the Machine is tight.

Shaggy said...

We need a new post!

Shaggy said...

Make it Monty + The Machine, like Florence

Suckers walk, money talks, but it can't touch my three lock box said...

Scattershooting while wishing I was The Junes:

The JV is getting better and better. Monty + The Machine is growing by leaps and bounds. TSJ has settled in nicely and garners its own TSJ-centric audience. CdS still does the best interviews of any show on the station, period.

Poddies I can do without. But hey, what do I know, I'm just a caveman who doesn't listen to pods.

Mike has issues when it comes to expressing his thoughts clearly. Kinda starting to grate. Spit it out, man, you're supposed to be a pro.

Got a kick outta listening to Dan Pizza F Pants Balls out in AZ. You could hear the glee in his voice over being out there. Had that old time good time Halcyon Days vibe. Great stuff.

Less Fahy. Sorry, I don't find him compelling in the least.

More TC. Yeppers, I said it. Fn A meant it. Used to be in the anti-TC camp. Not no mo. The kid's stepped up his game. He says substantive things that actually add. Sure sure sure he'll stumble from time to time. But over all he's improved like a sumbitch.

Looking at our congenial host on this one: How about a long form State of The Ticket Address, Psport? Long time, long time on that one.

Nonononever said...

How would Monty + the Machine say their new name on the air? i mean they have to say "and" but would they say "it's a plus sign" in the name? Questions need answers.

Shaggy said...

Florence + The Machine

Mike + The Mechanics

Monty + The Machine

Let's make it happen.

Anonymous said...

So the morality police (Corby and Danny), who preached to everyone every day about how horrible Greg Hardy is and how anybody that supported him on the team was an idiot. Those same guys are just fine with having a thug like Matt Bush in the Rangers system. Danny seemed to justify it because it was caused by alcohol. Hypocrites!

Boo! said...


I do believe they kinda sorta called out their hypocritical-ness especially Corby...The point I wish they would have brought up was Matt Bush APPEARS to be doing the right things vs Hardy who had the don't give a damn attitude.

Anonymous said...

I agree that it appears that Matt Bush is approaching it the right way, but I appreciate Junior Miller who said Joe Mixon should not be on the OU team, Hardy should not be a Cowboy, and he doesn't want Matt Bush as a Ranger. Consistency is all I ask for! And Corby and Danny were preaching to us about Hardy long before his don't give a damn interviews happened.

BTW, I don't like Greg Hardy either.

Boo! said...


Oh for sure, I guess its just the world we live in today sports, if you can produce on the field it doesn't matter what you did off it. I don't like it either.

I agree with you, Junes has been pretty consistent regarding off the field incidents, Danny and Corby not so much.

The Hardy stuff though, I wonder how much of THL reaction to it was because of what allegedly happened. Domestic violence vs DUI one of those is a little more volatile these days, especially if you're in the NFL.

I'll lean on my old go to, More silly THL, its the best THL

James said...

Previous comments have pointed out that THL, particularly Corby, who is supposed to be our E-News guy, gets a lot of facts wrong when it comes to entertainment. Those comments are dead-on.

This afternoon, during WTDS, the death of Patty Duke was accompanied by
(a) consensus/agreement with Dan, Bob, Mike, and Corby that she is the mother of Rudy (true) who also played Frodo (he didn't play Frodo; he played Frodo's BFF Sam)
(b) questions of "what did Patty Duke do that was noteworthy besides "The Patty Duke Show", which resulted in nobody mentioning "The Miracle Worker".

I was born years after the Miracle Worker; this is not a matter of an old guy complaining that the youngsters aren't familiar with my generation's entertainment. I am a member of Corby's generation. The fact is that certain performances are historically memorable, and "The Miracle Worker" qualifies. And since Lord of the Rings made a bazillion dollars and garnered a Best Picture Oscar, and is not part of a previous generation's movie, there is no excuse for the THL/BAD crew screwing up the Frodo/Sam thing.

More important is the fact that Corby's history of spewing out bad information is not new. This time, it happens to have been started as a Dan birthday item and was not part of E-news, but still.

Disclaimer: I turned off the radio at what I perceived to be the end of the Patty Duke conversation. It's possible that someone came in with corrected information before they exited the topic entirely. That's no excuse to have bungled to bad int he first place.

Shaggy said...

I'm also in my 40s and have never heard of The Miracle Worker or anything Patty Duke has done besides The Patty Duke show. And barely that.

Anonymous said...

I believe Dan did mention the fact that Patty Duke was the youngest Oscar winner (up to that time) for The Miracle Worker. What amazed me was an hour later during E-news, Corby asked again if The Patty Duke Show was what she is most well known for. So not only does he not prepare, he's not listening during WTDS. But he did mention The Miracle Worker later, as he was clearly reading her obituary.

But let's be honest. If it weren't for Mike's parlor trick of singing the theme song to The Patty Duke Show, Corby would have no idea who Patty Duke was.

BTW, I'm Mike's age and I can sing the theme song too.

blergoyen said...

It's not an exaggeration to say corky shows a general indifference to the facts on a weekly basis. While I share ya'll's frustration, it has been solidly established neither he nor anyone else at the Ticket is motivated to correct that behavior.

James said...

Shaggy, I know that not everyone who's in their 40's is aware of everything ever made, but an E-News guy should know better, or at least do a 2-minute Google search before discussing it on air. When someone dies, it's worth noting if he/she has delivered an Oscar-winning performance, a fact which is not hard to find.

blergoyen, you said what I was trying to say, but you said it better.

What's frustrating to me is that, when Greggo was gone, I was all for Corby taking a bigger role. And since then, he's consistently got his facts wrong. If I had a radio voice, I'd do a much better job than Corby, simply because I'd take the time to know what I'm talking about.

Nonononever said...

Maybe it's because the E-news segment isn't strictly about news (the name notwithstanding), but maybe more about it being a comedic segment and so maybe Corbles isn't worried about knowing everything about a celebrity. I do enjoy Corby when he's doing yuk monkey stuff. He can make good points, but for me, THL was always what TOGW brought to the table. And that seems to be much less because Corbles does seem to talk more. It's not like I'm ever going to stop listening, mind you.
Can't wait to hear when my boys from NAP will make the official name change. And here's my wild thought. Put TC on with Monty + the Machine. I like TC. Trips over his own feet at times, but I like the cocky guy that stumbles at times. As much as I like M+TM now, I'd clear the schedule to listen those 3 on one show.

Boo! said...

If you want some radio/podcast fun, Jub reviewed Life of Pablo over on IJB...Good to hear Jub off the radio

Shaggy said...

I've been waiting for that Jub review for months!

slinky said...

It's funny to come on here and see it turns to Corby. I'll have to take your word on subject matter because I never listen to THL anymore. After BaD, I'm over to the circus of the political shows [unless it's a big sports day] I take that back, a while back, I tuned into E-News, but just could not take Corby's fake, cackling laughter. I remember a few threads back, I read that BaD was the 2nd rated show; how good would their ratings be at the drive time? I would love to see those Serois guys get a weekday gig. It looks like some of these confessors are about my age, and we just miss the old Hardline, but she ain't comin back.

Anonymous said...

@slinky, I'm not sure BaD would translate to drivetime, not sure why I feel that way, it just seems like they are perfect for dirty noon to three.