Thursday, February 16, 2017

"If You're Going to Irving, Texas . . . [+ an MTC Milestone]

.  .  .  be sure to wear some flowers in your hair."

So, who's going to Ticketstock?

I try to make it if I can.  I've been to three or four, but missed the last one.  Both Fridays and Saturdays are a little tough.  I'd love to come tomorrow night, but  .  .  .

.  .  .  there's The Girl.

The Girl may not want to go to Ticketstock.

And I can't ditch The Girl even in the service of my crucial journalistic duties.

Well, how about Saturday?

Saturday carries with it chores during most of the day and then  .  .  .

.  .  .  The Girl will need to be fed and entertained.

On the other hand, The Girl might be OK with Ticketstock.

Something a little different.

So I'm asking myself how I might be able to meet some Confessors there. I don't think I want to just hang in one spot, and besides, I don't know what hang-likely spots there will be around the Irving Convention Center.

Tell you what: if I go tomorrow, I will wear a purple tie. If I go Saturday, I'll wear a Ragonk t-shirt under a sport jacket (and maybe an unbuttoned long-sleeved shirt, if it's chilly).  I'll probably also have a 35mm DSLR with a big honkin' flash on it.  If you see someone matching that description, just stand in the general vicinity and say, loudly enough for that person to hear, "Plainsman?" And I'll be glad to say howdy.

Whether we meet or not, have a fun, safe time at Ticketstock. Give more than serious thought to a designated driver. And thank you for shopping at My Ticket Confession.

*     *     *

LATER:  I am delighted to note that today's offering is the 800th post in My Ticket Confession.  Hard to believe.  Includes the occasional archival post, but I'll count 'em.    

Partial stable of MTC models poses for a group shot during TimeWasters' break.


East Texas P1 said...

Well P-man, we missed each other at GNO at Time Out in Frisco. I will not be there on Friday as work beckons. However, I think I have convinced my girl to attend a function with me in Addison from 11 - 1 and then proceed to the Irving Convention Center.

Regardless of if my girl goes, I plan to make my plans to attend. Not sure what I will be wearing. I do have a KTCK t-shirt in the closet and a cap signed by both Mike and Corby from some years back. Although I don't like to be that much of a homer. Plus, can't wear that that to the 11-1 function so would have to change afterwards.

Either way, see you there.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Pcray.

Love el site. Mucho goodo. Chug a lug, brutha. If I don't see you at Stock, catch ya on the flippity flop.

Anonymous said...

Any reasoning behind Ripken Jr not autographing anything? I assume this comes from his own camp...

Anonymous said...

Ripken charges a LOT! He consistently is one of the higher priced guys at conventions. Circa 2012, he was charging $149+ for each flat with another $30 for an inscription.

Honestly, he is so Milquetoast to me I couldn't even take thought of him on a roundtable.

Anonymous said...

Fuck me, man an expensive auto at conventions used to be $50. Granted that was early '90s...

DA said...

In a Forbes story in 2015, Cal charged as much as $229 per autograph (+$59 for inscription), but pics were free.