Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Excellent 2017 07 05 Shake Joint AND Mike R v "Not a Podcast"

(1)   I never went to church camp but today's segment on it was one of the most entertaining things I've heard on The Ticket for a long time.

(2)  Not attributable to Shake Joint, but:  Charlie Gray is asking listeners to let him know if Hidden Cost Motors and Heavy Metal Motors should be permanently retired.  Think his email might have given him a clue?

(3) Can't believe Sean will be interviewing one of my favorite crime writers, Don Winslow, here in just a little while.

(4)  Thanks to Jake for asking Sean to explain what "pitch framing" is from a stats point of view.  I kept hearing it mentioned on The Ticket, but had no idea what it meant.


This Machine/Mike R issue is intriguing.  It only came up yesterday, so here's the string from the commentary for your reading pleasure, and a late unrelated comment from a reader.  I doubt we'll see much more about this on Twitter, but I think it's a large-pulling back of the curtain.

Shaggy said...
Rhynes-Machine controversy brewing on twitter...
Anonymous said...
Can you give a little detail, Shags, por favor? I'm not on the Twitters.
Gopher said...
Shaggy: I'm not seeing anything on either feed. ?
The Plainsman said...
I haven't taken the time to learn the structure and practices of Twitter, so it's hard to tell exactly who is saying what to whom. However 16h ago (as of July 4 at 5:27p), Father John Zesty tweeted: "When the people you look up to shit on you on the internet." Attached to that tweet was a shot of what appeared to be another tweet of someone who was "Replying to @FYFMethod, k@BracketDan, and 6 others," with the following text: "Hopefully his tastes are discerning enough to turn off 3-7 today."

Circumstantially, it looks like whoever was the original author of that tweet -- and I can't find it anywhere, including @OldGreyWolf -- was taking a shot at Monte + The Machine filling in for The Hardline.

That's all I know. If anyone else can excavate what's going on here, let me know. If that was Mike R shooing people away from The Hardline's fill-in show, that would be news.
Shaggy said...
Nope, the original tweet was a P1 wife "complaining" (but not really) about her husband listening to the ticket on his phone on vacation in Florida. Completely innocuous/complimentary of the ticket in general. Not related to Not a Podcast in the least. Mike's shot seemed to come out of nowhere

Shaggy said...
(It was Rhynes that said "Hopefully his tastes are discerning enough to turn off 3-7 today")
The Plainsman said...
Thank you, Shaggy.

Mike's shot doesn't feel like a bit; nothing about it suggests he's teasing.

That's extraordinary. Mike R apparently displeased at the prospect of Monte + The Machine's stewardship of his time slot.

We wrote last week speculating -- well, mostly speculating, but also crediting some rumbles -- that perhaps The Musers aren't the warmest home for certain factions of the JV.

Now we have Mike R going radio silent (NPI) on David Mino and suggesting, quite gratuitously according to Shaggy, that people shouldn't listen to his distant-tier JV drydock replacement.

This site likes to pump up the JV when it has the slightest excuse to do so, but in this connection I must report that on a startling number of occasions when I've been tuned in Machine has presumed to dish it out to some weekday hosts and other of his Ticket way-betters. I hope he's as prepared to take it.
Anonymous said...
A few questions to anyone and I will hang up and listen.

1) Is "not a podcast" a reference to IJB? I know a lot of the JV'rs are annoyed with the way one of that group left and made it back as if it never happened.

2) Who is running the ESPN station? I know cumulus owns their signal, but how does that work? JJT was fired at ESPN but still runs a radio show. The reason I ask is it is stated it is less expensive to run national instead of local each night. Yet several nights their is local programming with Elf and others on ESPN.

3) If host are stretched for content during the summer, why not a soccer segment? plenty of MLS and Gold Cup or other tournament action. I guess we could have another will the Cowboys win 12 or 11 games this summer. There are plenty of things going on besides the Rangers or whatever they pull off ESPN headlines and just repeat the article. Several shows last week seemed like they were just stretching to get to that next break. Certain host def need a strong second host with them.
Mike R or Mike M?  Do I have to choose?  They're both so  .  .  .  radio-handsome.


The Plainsman said...

836 Anonymous: When I heard that the Monte + The Machine showgram was calling itself "Not a Podcast," I thought instantly that it was a shot at T.C. and Jake, and I believe I said something about that in a post. I believe I heard Machine denying it one day, but that recollection is dim. Hey, it's their show -- if they say they didn't name it as a shot, then that's the controlling testimony.

But Machine's history of shots at co-workers is pretty well established. So I still think it was a shot despite said testimony. Sorry. There's almost no other reason to give that name to a JV radio show.

The Plainsman said...

Not disappointed in the Sean Bass interview of Don Winslow. Excellent. I've read almost crime novel the guy has written.

I'd love to hear more of this on The Ticket -- forget some of the sportsy guys, let our guys interview some of their personal heroes. It's why the Guest Booking League is enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

If I was going to read one Don Winslow book, where should I start?

The Plainsman said...

Start with "The Winter of Frankie Machine" or "The Death and Life of Bobby Z" (made into an underrated movie starring the late Paul Walker). Also could easily start with "The Dawn Patrol" (first of a series), and I thought "California Fire and Life" was exceptional. But I have a special fondness for "The Winter of Frankie Machine."

Sean, if you see this, please weigh in with your favorites and/or first read.

The Plainsman said...

I read once where "The Winter of Frankie Machine" was going to be made into a movie starring Robert DeNiro (who I pictured as Frankie when I read the book). Seems to have disappeared, though, and the latest (2015) is that Friedkin is going to direct with everyone's favorite from Justified, Walt Goggins, to play Frankie.

The Tricky Kid said...

Highly disappointed in Rhyner's diss of Machine and Monte. The JV team puts in a ton of time every week, either in their own weekend shows or performing important support roles for the regular hosts. They are severely underpaid and have to work secondary jobs to survive. They have their own successful podcasts that they do for free. And they grew up on the Ticket and are their biggest fans. Yet Rhynes feels the need to insult them like that. Complete and utter BS. Makes me wish the JV would unite and leave for the Fan. I would listen.

The Plainsman said...

Tricky, those are excellent points. If Rhyner (who may actually be dead) was intending anything other than a takedown, it would be nice to see him walk that back. Or if Shaggy and I (and, I suspect, Machine and Justin and everyone else who is scratching their head over this) have it wrong, and we're misunderstanding what would seem to be Mike R's intent, he might helpfully explain.

Having said that: Some JV and JV combos are better than others when it comes to actual broadcasting. This site is somewhat biased in favor of new voices and promoting those hard workers when they try to take the next step, but in general what does a listener do with a debut? A listener, including Your Plainsman, forms an opinion about it or him. If the listener is honest, he or she gives the newcomer a break and is willing to give the newcomer some time to build up at least some body of work that might reinforce, or change, that opinion. In the long run, though, maybe a guy just isn't to the listener's taste, and no amount of hard work behind the scenes is going to make that guy a host.

So Mike R (who concededly has a different perspective than a listener) is entitled not to like one or another JV host or show despite distinguished and underpaid service elsewhere at the station. But for the sake of the team, and remembering The Ticket's own near-death at its founding, one would think he'd have the good grace not to go all Trump on Justin and Mike M.

Come to think of it, let's remember this the next time The Hardline cluck-clucks over Trump's tweets, cluck-cluckable though they may be.

Anonymous said...

Chicken S move on Mike's part IMO. I guess he forgot his own co-host made it up from the JV ranks as well.

The Texas Hammer said...

I just commented on the previous post because I hadn't noticed this post, but I'll repeat what I said there. Everyone piling on Mike is acting stupid. No one even noticed Mike's tweet until Machine got butthurt about it.

As our humble Plainsman has now pointed out multiple times, Machine has a history of dishing it out. If he can't take it, maybe he needs to take a look at himself in the mirror.

The Plainsman said...

Texas Hammer, I did not understand your first paragraph. I would say that everyone who follows The Old Grey Wolf "noticed" it if they keep up with Twitter at all -- that's the purpose of Twitter. So we're all stupid for criticizing Mike because only the direct object of his criticism responded on Twitter? Or am I misunderstanding your phrasing here?

The Texas Hammer said...

Sorry, Plainsman...I worded my thoughts poorly while posting too quickly.

What I was trying to say is that the criticism Rhyner is getting for this is stupid because, to me, his tweet was a joke at the expense of someone who has no problem making jokes about or taking shots at his superiors. No one reacted to Rhyner's tweet until Machine got butthurt and tweeted about it. Then the Machine Fan Brigade came out to call Rhyner 'sorry' and 'chickenshit' and such. Machine went on to insist he 'wasn't fishing for compliments' and I call bullshit. Otherwise he would've retweeted Rhyner properly rather than hide behind a screenshot. He needed an ego boost after getting (properly) knocked down a peg.

The Plainsman said...

Thank you for the clarification.

Your analysis of the stupidity of Rhyner critics assumes he was making a joke.

What's your evidence for that? On its face it was no joke. No one who has read it has thought his tweet was a joke, or, even if describable that way, it was a pretty savage joke. Not intended to provoke mirth, and, as you yourself recognize, more intended to "take [M+M, or maybe just M] down a peg." Some joke.

You don't have to be a member of a Machine Fan Brigade (?) to find that communication puzzling at best, and sorry at worst, and that's what I and some others on this thread have concluded. No stupidity required.

Because you're a longtime named Confessor (thanks) and, as I recall, a first offender, I'm giving you a pass on your violation of the Rules of the Confessional for namecalling.

Let's be careful out there.

The Texas Hammer said...

Understood. I'll be more measured in my responses in the future.

Perhaps calling it a mere joke is assuming too much, but I rest on Machine taking shots at people. Should he not expect that in return? Imagine if, instead of this all occurring on Twitter, it was an exchange on WTDS (assume Machine is filling in for Jake). Mino would've issued the "ooooooo" drop, the hosts would've chortled, Machine would get quiet, and it's over in a few seconds. But since Machine had Twitter's echo chamber to back him up, he gets the narrative of Rhyner being a big jerk.

The Plainsman said...

Fair enough. I haven't followed subsequent Twitter developments, and you know I agree with the Machine-taking-shots point. Has the Twitterverse sprung to M+M's defense?

The Tricky Kid said...

Rhynes took another shot at Machine today as well. They were talking about how Dak Prescott allegedly used an automated signing machine to fraudulently "sign" football memorabilia. Danny joked that instead of a signing machine, he used Mike "The Machine" Marshall to do it and it would finally get some use out of him. Mike then said "for once". Corby then told Rhynes to stop ragging on the guy and that was it. It was pretty innocuous but combined with everything else, my ears definitely perked up.

The concerned blogger said...

Disappointed this respected blog site would go the way of the reddit page by dedicating a whole post to a spare. I mean, come on, he's only on air two (?) hours a week.

The Plainsman said...

@ concerned blogger:

First, how can we find your blog?

Second, I regret having let you down.

Third, I have defenses.

(1) The original issue here was not about a spare (presumably referring Mike "the Machine" Marshall). Mike R's opening salvo was not against him, but (apparently) against the "Not a Podcast" program, also featuring Justin Montemayor. It didn't become "about" Machine until he responded to it in Twitter. Now, thanks to the sharp-eared Tricky Kid, we gather that perhaps Machine was the target.

(2) This site's been going for eight years. If I limited the comment section to guys you apparently regard as non-spares, you'd be even more disappointed.

(3) I don't think any of the JV, even junior JV like Machine, are spares if by that we mean "mediocrities who are just kind of guys who are only there to fill a space that needs to be filled." I think almost all the JV, including Machine, have talent and are good at at least one Ticket-needful task. Some at the mic, some in another room, some both. There are so many young men who are banging on Cat's door that he can afford not to keep around guys who aren't real darned good at (at least) their original assigned task.

(4) Considering his Saturday show, his fill-ins, and, alas, his pop-ons when he's not doing those other things, we hear a lot of Machine on The Ticket.

And, most important, (5) when a host steps from his lofty perch to engage with spares on the merits of their performance, on the air and on the Internets -- it's absolutely the kind of news you want to see on a site like this.

(6) Thank you for shopping at My Ticket Confession.

Boo! said...

The 8:20 segment this morning was excellent work by the Shake Joint. Jake had a well laid out opinion on the state of race relations and the police that have to handle prior societal mess ups, and the overall conversation about what happened a year ago in Dallas was top notch.

And all of this is coming from the JV of America's favorite sports station.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone hear Corby massacre a Baker Brothers live spot Friday? Talking about how he just got a brand new Rheem system in his house . . . pause . . . Trane. He just got a new Trane system in his house. So do they just say they use the product? Aren't there FCC rules about that? Or can Corby just not read?

You know what they say - it's hard to stop a Rheem. Move over, Choose Energy.

DA said...


1- Say The Musers make 40%+ of the station revenue.
If Cumulus sold The Ticket and the 1310 signal, what would the investors by buying long term? Mike and Norm are at the end. Each of the Musers could move on quickly if Cumulus voids contracts and trying to bill equal to The Musers after if even one leaves becomes an issue. Plus, the off air staff costs and sales turnover is a constant radio issue.

2- Kinda weird that Reality Steve Carbone rarely mentions The Ticket.

3- Had TC made it in Pensacola, he would've been canned in May as the station running as ESPN Pensacola shut down and new owners took over the signal.