Friday, December 4, 2009

That Dunham & Miller Morning Program Theme – Lyrics Please

Next to the Subway "Five Dollar Footlong" ditty, the ditty that's infecting my medulla these days is the Musers' theme played around 6 AM.

After the repeated "Dunham & Miller" refrain (or is it the verse?) there are some additional lyrics, but someone is usually always beginning to speak over them. Who can provide the full lyrics to the D&M theme?

And the artist?


Chris said...

As far as I know it's:

"Dunham and Miller, they're Gentle Musers, in the morning."

Chris said...

Sorry...just saw where you asked for the artist. I can't remember though I know he's contributed a couple of other songs ("It's the Muser's....topic wheel...we're gonna spin it around...", etc.).