Sunday, January 24, 2010

All Right, I'll Bite -- Where Is Barb Smith?

Not that I miss her largely incoherent traffic reports, but I thought I would see something on the Internets about her absence or outright departure.  Nope. 

Anyone out there have a notion of what's happened to her?

If Ms. Smith is out, I see no reason that we should have to listen to anyone other than Doyle King.  This Jason guy whose last name I used to be able to remember is OK, if you're interested in traffic, but Doyle elevates useless traffic reporting to an art form, where one actually listens to the thing even though aware that it's probably a good hour-and-a-half behind the actual events on the roadway.  So if we have to have the advertising segments extended by useless traffic fibs, we ought at least to be able to enjoy being fibbed to by the magnificent Doyle.


ADiaz said...

Right? I have been scanning around looking for some news on her departure. Do we have to wait until the next book comes out?
BTW- I am a Barb apologist. I listened for the humor not the traffic.

The Plainsman said...

I confess, ADiaz: As useless as her traffic reports are, I also pay attention when she comes on, just to see if someone has committed some unforgiveable prank on her. She is indeed an entertainment unit at The Ticket

Ari said...
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Ari said...

Thanks for reporting on this! There were a few days when someone must have told her she wasn't enunciating, because she was sarcastically clipping every consonant of every word sharply out. I won't shed any tears if she is gone... I have to turn over to 1080 to get traffic updates because she sucks so much.

Hate Barb, LOVE DOYLE! Jason's ok. VIVA DOYLE!

Anonymous said...

I figure the "sex poop" incident was finally resolved in Barb's favor and she has taken her settlement and moved on. I must admit; I miss her to some degree.