Monday, June 21, 2010

Error Message

As several Confessors have pointed out, and as I myself have experienced, one of the reasons it is Great to Listen to The Ticket is because most communications to station management are graciously answered by Station Manager Jeff Catlin.

I got an email from him the other day saying that I "lose credibility" when I refer to the station as "WTCK."  This was nice from a couple of standpoints.  First, I like it when my mistakes are pointed out.  Second, he could have done it as a comment to a post, but instead he sent it to me privately.   Classy.

And he's right about the credibility.  I did a search and found four places where I'd made that mistake.  Now corrected.

I spent most of my life in Chicago, New York, and parts of the midwest where  most TV and radio stations call letters begin with "W."  (Starting in 1923, stations east of the Mississippi were designated with "W," and those west with "K," but stations that already had nonconformng call letters were allowed to keep them -- for example, WRR here in Dallas.)

Now that my credibility is beyond question, I'll have more priceless advice for The Little One in the near future. 

Going on vacation starting tomorrow, so posts may be a bit sporadic. 

Try to be brave.


Christy said...

Disclaimer: this has nothing to do with the original post (though it was interesting and informative), but...

I just posted a comment at the podcast page asking for an explanation as to why when Tara fills in for Chris House as host of The Top Ten, there aren't any podcasts posted.

I wrote: Is it because it's not in her job description? Is it because Chris and TC and company post podcasts on their own time; no one high up actually asked them to do it? I'm fine with an affirmative answer, but any explanation would be appreciated.

It irks me during hockey season when Dallas Stars games pre-empt the Top Ten (and thus no podcasts), but I get it. However, when there really isn't a good excuse - no one can show Tara how to posts podcasts?! Not even TC or Jake Z.? - then I'm bothered. I assume there are others who rely on the podcasts to keep up with The Ticket, and perhaps this issue has been brought up before. But again, if the answer is: "No, it is not in Tara's job description to post podcasts", I'll be satisfied.

Have a good vacation, Mr. Plainsman!

The Plainsman said...

Aloha, Christy! Good question, let me know if anyone responds. In fact, you might drop an email to Jeff Catlin, I'll bet he'd give you the courtesy of a reply.

My problem is that I have zero time to listen to podcasts. Especially since I do need to listsen to the station a lot to keep this site up-to-date an interesting, from time to time I should grab a podcast for a segment that I've missed.

But when I'm not in my car or office listening, I am completely booked. So I'm limited to listening to The Ticket in real time. I seldom even get to hear the Top Ten.

I keep a topic list so that I don't run out of things to write about, but it would be better -- in fact, as Mike R says, it would be Great -- to be able to Listen to The Ticket.

Thanks again, keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

Cat is a douche and doesn't respect all of his employees and most of the P1's.