Thursday, June 17, 2010

Seriously -- Why Can't We Have Doyle King for Traffic Every Day? And I'm Putting Barb Smith and Alexis Smith in This Title So Google Searchers Will Find This Site, Even if They're Only Looking for Photos

Alexis Smith, Dallas Radio Traffic Twist, is a beautiful young woman.  And I like beautiful women of all ages.  In fact, a significant portion of traffic to this website consists of people looking for information on the Smiths, Alexis and Barb.  It only hurts my feelings a little bit.

And Barb is also a beautiful woman, in my judgment.  And she was very sweet to check in with My Ticket Confession following her departure from KTCK and let us know she was doing OK.  She is most welcome any time.  (Barb, how the blazes are you?  I'm here to tell you there are many listeners eager for news of you, so let the Confessor Nation hear from you.)

Actually, I think the Tickheads and Confessors who are seeking Barb Smith and Alexis Smith information  are actually looking for pictures.

And I like to drive traffic to this site, so I'm going to copy some pictures here, although I only know of one recent unadulterated picture of Barb, that is:

There are a couple of more purporting to be Alexis, whose image is apparently also a favored destination of Dallas radio aficionados, so they can enjoy this one:

Alexis does an admirable job delivering the mostly-irrelevant traffic.  In fact, she does such a good job that one tends not to pay the slightest attention to her, just as one does with most traffic reports.  Whenever I hear Alexis's voice, I turn my head toward it and see -- my radio.  Which looks nothing like her.  (Alexis, Confessors await your instructions, which I would be pleased to convey via the Comments section.)

But I come today in praise of Doyle King.  A Confessor must confess that, to the mainstream Tickhead, he is not as cute as Barb or Alexis:

But even when all he is doing is delivering the traffic -- no schtick, no call-outs for a Dallas sports team, no telling stories about his wild past -- he is still very entertaining to listen to.  There's just something about the music of that voice, slick and radio-polished though it may be.

So my question is:  Why can't we have Doyle every single day?  What does he do when he's not filling in?  Wikipedia reports:  "He currently serves as a traffic producer for, a Navteq company, and substitute traffic director at SportsRadio 1310 The Ticket as well as an occasional 'Plus One' show host on days when more prominent guests are not in studio."   I've never heard him as a Plus-One, although he may have done that in the past that I've missed.  And it is inconceivable to me that a "traffic producer" does anything whatsoever except wait to be called to fill in at The Ticket.

So, as lovely as the Smiths are, why can't we have Doyle King every single day?  He might be the only guy in Dallas who could make traffic an actual draw for the showgrams.

But he probably won't drive much traffic to My Ticket Confession.


P1 Steven said...

Wow... everyone has their favorite flavor. I loved Barb, becuase she would read anything. (See the awesome liner prank Corby played on her, but Doyle fell for it too.) Alexis is good too... WHY? How often do we hear a voice & the person at the other end is NOTHING we expected it to be. Alexis is EVERYTHING I would hope for.. My favorite traffic guy? What about Jason Walker? Anyone catch the Musers interview w/ him. Jason admitted to the following.

1. Carrying a blade, just in case he ever had to use it.

2. Witnessing & doing things such as SEX & DRUGS in the 80's during the good 'ole radio days IN THE RADIO BOOTH.

2. He also admitted unabashedly that he "visited" asian hookers while goin radio in vietnam when he served in the military.

The Plainsman said...

P1 Steven, you continue to be a star. Heard your promo for The Orphanage and Unticket the past couple of days (I assume you're the P1 Steven in question).

I don't care much for Jason Walker. In fact, in light of some posts attributed to him re Ms. B. Smith's departure, if they were genuinely from him, I'd have fired him pretty promptly.

Carry on, P1S.

P1 Steven said...

HA! That was me! I keep saying I'll plug you, but during BAD radio screenless I am doing the live chat with the wheels off wacky P1's of the Unticket. I always think of how Danny never takes advantage of the Hardline to plug his own weekend show... which is STUGGELING... the give the ratings and it doesnt do to well, BUT they are the #1 sports talk show in that time. Thats because there isnt another sports program during that time. For some reason I really enjoy THE ORPANAGE. enjoy your vacation.

The Plainsman said...

Hey, no problem, P1 Steven. No plug necessary, I'm just honored to have such a Ticket celebrity visit my humble site once in awhile. And your views are always tasty.

Someday you'll find a place to confess your devotion to My Ticket Confession, probably in a call to The Hardline -- but then they might stop taking your calls.

I hope to post from afar, so stay tuned.

"Hollywood" Matt Shannon said...

Just recently found your blog, and enjoy what I've been reading so far. If you want, I can send you some Youtube links of Doyle King back when he used to call wrestling matches at the old Sportatorium in Dallas(years before it was torn down). Just like he is on the Ticket airwaves, he was pure greatness as a wrestling announcer.

The Plainsman said...

A warm welcome to you, Hollywood. Yeah, I'd love a link to those Doyle King rasslin' play-by-plays. Thanks for checking out My Ticket confession.

"Hollywood" Matt Shannon said...

Here's one match he called for the now defunct GWF back in '93. You'll have to turn the volume up on this video.

Steve Simpson vs John Tatum

And just for fun, here's a recent video of Doyle interviewing Slick for Texas indy promotion, IHWE.

Slick interview

The Plainsman said...

Hollywood, many thanks. I'll promote this with a link. Appreciate it very much.