Sunday, October 23, 2011

OPEN THREAD: Who OverTweets?

Twitter has its merits.  My problem is time.  I don't have enough of it for reasons not interesting to The Nation.  Not only do I not know how to use all of the mechanics, I don't get to just flat-out read all the Tweets regularly enough to learn the individual languages of some of the major Twits.  I'm not much of a Twit -- I alert new articles here, and once in a awhile I'll throw up a  non-promotional Tweet.  But if I think of something interesting, I like to save it for y'all on MTC.
I follow all of the Ticket guys whose addresses I've been able to get.  I have a few more I need to add.   I follow some other local sportsy/newsy guys.

Our title today announces my inquiry.  When I ask you to tell me who overTweets, I have a couple of qualifications in mind:

(1) If there's a guy who absolutely hijacks your page with endless Tweeting, but whose Tweets are of high quality, funny, interesting -- perhaps he is not an overTweeter, but just a guy with a lot of good stuff on his mind.  He gives you quality along with quantity.  Work t'other way around -- maybe a guy only slings a half[-dozen Tweets a day, but even with their brevity they waste your time.

(2) We should probably not count big-game Tweeting, where followers actually "tune in" to hear their favorite guy comment on the game as it goes along.

Maybe we should put it in the negative -- who would you like to see Tweet less?

Your nominees need not be limited to Ticket personnel.

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ap said...

I'll just go ahead and say I'm guilty on that one!

ScottsMerkin said...

The wonderful thing about twitter is that it is a repository for all things in yours and others minds. If you feel overwhelmed or overloaded by a tweeter, the solution is simple, unfollow. Ive found that my frineds that are on twitter will re-tweet the interesting and important tweets that relate to the things we talk about anyhow so if someone goes on overtweet once in a while I unfollow rather than complain about it. hell it was my choice ot follow so if I dont like the content I dont ask them to change

Anonymous said...

I unfollowed George Dunham because all his tweets, even though not frequent, were about his band or some other nonsense... not interested. Junior has high quality tweets and Gordon is middle of the road; both worth following.

Sturm tweets a lot but high quality. Dan's are decent but not frequent. Grubes overtweets but with enough comedic value to fight through it. Donovan... meh.

Other than that I don't think there's anyone at the Ticket worth mentioning.

East Texas P1 said...

Plainsman - I don't mean to hijack this post but just heard the Soul Patch say again that Norm is under the weather. I thought he was in Argentina?

IMHO, this is getting to be......

ap said...

A complete list of the ticket's twitter personalities can be found here:

Few corrections:
- Corby isn't on there, but he's @corbydavidson. Rarely tweets.
- I guess you can forget JJT after 'wings-and-p-gate'
- George is now @GeorgeDunham
- McClearin is now @mcmatt1310
- Scot Harrison is @scot_harrison
- Jake Kemp had a brief twitter experiment - not sure if he continued it and what the account handle was
- There are a few interns that I missed

birq said...

Bob is high-volume, but usually worth it. He went retweet crazy over the weekend, but I can overlook lapses like that unless they become a habit. Junior does it right -- low volume and high quality; he lets the game come to him.

Local sports twits that usually get it right are AAndro, RalphStrangis, Razor5Hole and (not local but hilarious) Fehertwit. Razor's tweets are 99% pure 24 karat gold. If you're not following him, you're doing it wrong.

Off-topic, but there are a lot of P1s that are good follows. I don't follow AP but I see quite a few of his retweets through others. 1310Ticketless has some good stuff, but the endless promotion of ParanoidFan gets tiresome. Fondaporn, Bibidahlluv and Zeegirly are fun and sportsy P1s of the female persuasion.

The Plainsman said...


No problem with the hijack.

Don't know about Norm. He said on last week's post-game that he wouldn't be at next week's post-game, and he wasn't. Bob said Norm would be back next week on the post-game, and I've heard "Argentina" mentioned more than once, and once by Norm, which would seem authoritative. I am assuming Norm is away, not under the weather, and those reporting to the contrary are either having us on, or are under the misimpression that Norm's whereabouts are to be a well-guarded secret.

Are you sure they said "under the weather" and not "under the equator"?

Anonymous said...

Norm isn't sick. He's a victim of Cumulus "cost cutting".

R.I.P. Norman Elizabeth Hitzges