Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Seven Very Quick Hits

(1)  In driving around listening to The Little One on Saturday, I was reminded once again of what a terrific play-by-play guy Rich Phillips is. 

I like Brad and Babe doing the Cowboys broadcast, but Brad makes about a half-dozen mistakes per game, mainly misidentifying players.  He's getting worse.  Last week they completely missed plays coming back from breaks on two different occasions -- not because the ads ran long, but because they were yammering on about something else.  I'd like to see the Cowboys appoint Rich to do those broadcsts and I think he and Babe would make a fine team.  Couldn't happen under the circumstances of the Cowboys' present affiliations, but I'd take Rich over any TV play-by-play guy.

(2)  Is C.J. Wilson suffering bad karma because of his poor relationship with The Ticket? 

(3)  Re the Hank Williams, Jr., "Fox & Friends" story:  F&F co-host Steve Doocy is Mike Doocy's first cousin.

(4)  Don't catch Diamond Talk too often, but I enjoyed the pre-post-game broadcast while Sean Bass and David Newbury were on the air waiting for the Rangers game to end, commenting on the game in real time (more-or-less -- the radio broadcast was way, way behind the TV feed).   I especially enjoyed Danny B's contributions.   I like his Hardline persona, but there's an argument that he's even better when he tones down some of the more extreme guy-cynicism and interacts sincerely with whoever's broadcasting.

Anyone know -- is it legal to "call" a game by watching it on TV and broadcasting a report of the game play?  Is that a forbidden use of "descriptions and accounts"?  I'd think it would be some kind of violation of the team's right to control, and exclusively to exploit, its product.  These guys weren't describing the game in that degree of detail, so maybe it's "fair use" if it isn't a regular practice, or doesn't go on too long.

(5) How many more months do we have to listen to those execreable Bud Light "Here We Go" ads?

(6) I have been surprised not to hear anything about the death of Peter Gent, former Cowboy (Lance Rentzel eventually replaced him due to injury).   But he is best known as the author of "North Dallas Forty," fairly controversial hereabouts in its day.  Have any shows mentioned it?

(7)  I have no new Greggo or Richie or RaGE news, opinions, or speculations.


ap said...

1) I wish I could hear those...Back when the ticket was the flagship, it was possible for out-of-town streamers to 'accidentally' hear the Brad/Babe duo. Time to upgrade my Sirius/XM subscription, I guess.

2) Perhaps - you've covered the initial incident before, and I recall Craig and Fernando being very, very upset and a legion of '2300' P1's taking CJ to task on twitter over it, effectively burning any bridge between him and the rest of the Ticket. Regardless, fun is going on here:

3) I feel bad for Mike Doocy.

4) I like Diamond talk melding with drive-time shows. They must dance *very* carefully around doing anything that could be construed as live broadcasts, in fact, it's not totally out of the question that they may have caught some grief over this:

The Ticket tried doing mystery theater 3000 during the first game that the Cowboys moved off of their airwaves, but it failed and I believe they may have caught some grief over that too. The hosts had to try so hard not to reveal the score, names and play-by-play details that it was simply not worth doing.

5) Radio tivo is awesome

6) The Musers touched upon it yesterday

7) Phew! ;)

The Plainsman said...

When I check my email it tells me that my first comment on this article was from Confessor James.

James, I don't know where your comment went. I did not take it down.

Sorry. Blogger is not always reliable, which makes it a perfect home for My Ticket Confession.

Anonymous said...

to your point of brad: AMEN!
man, he is beyond bad.
he's skating by solely on his familiarity. misidentifying players is not only his biggest problem. he leaves the listener clueless for the great majority of the broadcast. its as though they call them game knowing the listener is watching it with the sound down. not a bad tactic, however, try listening to a cowboy game while driving and you'll soon be in a vortex of confusion.

Anonymous said...

1) Totally agree. Dick Hicks gives it all he's got, and that's a lot. I used to love Brad and Dale and then Brad and Babe. But yes, he's become a rather poor play-by-play caller, at least as far as Cowboy games go. Interesting to note that if you ever catch one of his national games, he's pretty much flawless.

2) CJ suffers from "CJ being CJ." There's nothing more dangerous than someone who thinks they are smarter (and in his case, much smarter) and more important than they really are. CJ is the paradigm of such a person. Yes, yes, I know he does a lot of charity work. That's wonderful. But it doesn't change the fact that he, by means of his words, is his own worst enemy.

3) It's too bad that this is what it took for MNF to get rid of that song, but hey, whatever it takes. Now if we can only do something about the Sunday night song.

4) Diamond Talk is greatness. Danny talking in earnest about the Rangers, Mavs, or Cowboys is as solid as it gets. But watch out Diamond Talk, Bacsik is over at the Fail and let me tell you, he's damn good. It pains me that he's no longer on the Ticket. Probably pains him as well.

5) Ditto with the Dr. Pepper/Fergie ads. Or any Dr. Pepper celebrity ad for that matter. Enough!

6) I've seen it mentioned by local sports media on Twitter, but that's about it. I'm sure the Hardline will cover it next time a Trifecta is on the dock.

7) Fantastic news! To those who keep posting up Greggo's tweets here, please stop. We all get it now. He's a loose canon with boundary issues (among others). Unless something substantive, like he gets fired or God forbid something bad happens, can we just drop it? Please!

8) Are you doing your own version of the now, thankfully, defunct "Whitt's End"? May I suggest "The Plainsman's Perceptions and Presentiments."?

Anonymous said...

1. Gagreed RE: Dick Hicks.

2. That's ridiculous. He's suffering bad karma because he's a douche.

3. I knew this, and really makes me leery of Dooce.

4. You don't "get" Danny.

5. Every day is one too many.

7. Good. Let's keep it that way.

Anonymous said...

I can't make it through a segment of Daimond Talk because of David Newbury's inabilty to complete a sentence. His stuttering problem is getting worse.

The Plainsman said...

Got no problem with commenters expressing weariness with Greggo stories.

But there is a zero percent chance that this site will ignore developments with a former Hard Guy who seems to spend more time thinking about his old Ticket show than his current show.

If there's nothing new there, then you can rest easy.

BTS said...

3) Hank Williams never should have reproduced. His kid is talentless, and shows a poor understanding of both our two-party system and of Godwin's law. Can we now focus our indignation on the fact that half the sports franchises in America keep playing "Rock & Roll Part II" after a big play? Because at least Bocephus stays within his demographic.

4) Danny may be the smartest guy up at the ticket. He may not be a traditional sports guy, but I'll put his knowledge level at or above half the show hosts on the Ticket.

And I miss Cowboys Theater 1310, but it only really works with Gordon and either Jub or Norm to govern him. They tried it once with a disinterested Rhyner failing to rein in Corby and Junior (neither of whom seemed to understand the bit and spent the whole time talking OU football.)

6) Am I the only one who worries about the "STREAKING!" lady? Both she and her "HERE WE GO!" counterpart seem to have failed to indulge moderately; even the best case scenario for these two is pretty damned dark.

Little Weak Jeremy said...

I'm officially calling for all Ticket hosts to STOP saying the word "cray" (abbreviation of "crazy") as an attempt to get cool-points. (That abbreviation comes from the song "Niggas in Paris" from the new Kanye West/Jay-Z album. Guys, if you're going to try for street cred, could you PLEASE reference something that's not, you know, the most mainstream thing ever?)

Grubes said...

For what it's worth, we say "cray" because we think it's funny. We stopped worrying about "cool points" looooong ago. :)

The Plainsman said...

Michael, please get back to work before you get in serious trouble with your supervisor!

But thank you for shopping at My Ticket Confession while at work. I listen to The Ticket while I'm at work, so I guess it's just the Balance of Nature at work.

I haven't heard anyone use "cray" nor do I know its provenance. My candidates for elimination are "meh" (which seems to be fading) and "awesome" (which seems to be hanging on).

I will say, however, that I just laughed out loud at the way Danny read that Jaguar copy.

Anonymous said...

Plainsman = the Ticket equivalent of a jock-sniffer. Try not to have a stroke when a Ticket "personality" drops by.

DinosaurMex said...

To the last Anon, the one comparing our gracious host to a jock-sniffer:

With all due respect... F off, troll.

birq said...

I have to agree with DinosaurMex. If you don't like what's posted here, leave and never return. It's not really that hard. What's accomplished by taking anonymous shots at the host? It's time to grow up, little commenter.

The Plainsman said...

I generally shrug off trolls, a bloggers' occupational hazard. But I'm going to grant myself a dispensation to depart from my customary disapproval of ad hominem attacks to state my conviction that Anonymous is stupid.

First, it might interest the Nation to know that Grubes was the very first commenter on this site. (http://myticketconfession.blogspot.com/2009/09/internal-clock-of-p1.html) He advised that he was also the 1000th visitor to MTC way back when. He doesn't always agree with everything that's written here, see above, but he helps us out with his expertise from time to time and answers P1 questions. Entirely natural for me to address him directly in response.

Second, I've never met or spoken to or tried to contact a Ticket employee other than to drop an occasional email, and I've almost completely stopped circulating articles to Ticket guys. I've never been to the Barley House. Other than a few Ticket guys that I hear from very rarely or who comment here, I don't know who at The Ticket or Cumulus or The Fan or CBS reads MTC. The site is rarely linked to on more popular fan, media, or sports sites.

Third, while some Ticket guys have spoken kindly of MTC for trying to keep things fair and civilized, I am sure that there are others who would prefer no commentary whatsoever on their work product or career prospects, positive or negative, and who dislike this site and its proprietor. Can't really blame them for that, but sites like this are THEIR occupational hazard.

So the accusation is stupid.

Trolls exist to stir up trouble, so Anonymous has succeeded. But I would like him to go through today, at least, knowing that people of good will know him as an unsatisfactory human.

Anonymous said...

i think Greg "the hammer" Snort-a-line sees the writing on the wall as next yr has the potential to be as chaotic as conference realignment in regards to local sportsradio so he's reaching out via twitter.
rhyner may be retiring come february and BADD Radio's contract is up at the conclusion of next yr.
Bruce Gilbert hired BOTH Bob & Dan and would kill to have them as PM drive on his station.
Either way you slice it, BADD Radio is in the catbird's seat as PM drive successors on either station IF 105.3 is still around this time next yr.
Now if they could only do away with Tivo talk.
The best thing about that segment is Ben/Skin's theme.
Otherwise, it sounds like women discussing their soap operas.

Anonymous said...

Last Anon, VERY interesting scenario regarding BaD, drive-time, and Gilbert/The Fan. I honestly don't think Rhyner is retiring. And I will be surprised if RaGE is still on-air this time next year. Greggo is still pretty good on his good days (i.e., days his voice sounds human-which are in the minority). Whitt is another story entirely. He's not good, at all; I'll leave it at that. Put them both together and you get blah radio. Blah radio during afternoon drive-time won't survive for the long haul. The Hardline is not going anywhere. Thus BaD is going to stay put as long as it remains at The Ticket. Now while I'm sure BaD is perfectly happy to stay where they're at, I can see Gilbert making an offer they can't refuse: more money, a long term contract, and the coveted afternoon drive slot in one of the largest markets in the country.

Anonymous said...

trust me, IF mike retires, danny and snake will be moved to middays.
there wouldnt even be a discussion amongst the ticket brass.
as mike rhyner goes, so does the Hardline...
besides, BADD Radio will have leverage.

to your point on whitt, spot on.
his points are that of others and his voice is a hyprid of dick clark pot-stroke & a COPD patient.
he is the least talented person on air in quite some time.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

and "post-stroke"

lmao, i can't type!!!

birq said...

I think "pot-stroke" applies more appropriately to Corby and Danny.

The Plainsman said...

As of tonight's composition, I'm with the Confessors who think that not much is going to change at The Ticket as far as lineups are concerned come February.

There may be some other changes. I have NO INSIDE INFORMATION. But I have some baseless speculations I'll sling here before too much more time passes.

As far as The Fan is concerned -- unless Greggo can get his compulsion to involve the public in his employment issues under control, there will be changes there. If he shapes up, then I would not be at all surprised to see RaGE survive another year. It's not a terrible show when Greggo is present, audible, and not undercutting his colleagues on social networking sites. More Greggo eruptions -- which I think are likely, he can't stand to be alone on the Internet -- all bets are off.

I can't imagine The Ticket would move Corby and Danny to middays if Mike retired (which I also can't imagine). They'd either leave them alone or find some adult to try to keep some Hardness going during drive. But I do not expect Mike (with or without Corby) to retire or move elsewhere, and in the unlikely event that he does, they'll find someone else to come in and keep some balance in the showgram.

BaD moving to drive? Surely not. I know, I know, don't call you Shirley. Please Jah, no.

BaD moving to a competitor to do drive? To compete with The Hardline? Even to compete with a Mike-less Hardline? Surely you jest. (And I won't call you Shirley.) Come on guys, Bob and Dan want to be famous, and maybe they should be, and maybe they are, but they're not drooling incompetents. Cumulus will not be outbid by a station which has never been able to mount a serious threat to The Ticket.

Show of hands, including BaD fans -- who would look fowrard to listening to BaD during drive?

Anonymous said...

I'd listen to drive time BaD. Especially if they found a way to contain Donnie's ever growing show presence. That half laugh delivery of his, ejaculating the same point ad nauseam, and his talking over others, is driving me bat s***. Hopefully when Bob gets back on Monday (YES!) he'll recede a bit into the background. But I doubt it.

Little Weak Jeremy said...


What you mean by drive-time BaD? Are you saying the style or content of the show would change if BaD Radio moved to drive-time?

Shaggy said...

I don't think there's any way BaD would move to another station--they're way too smart for that and I think they all think/know that they've stumbled into the greatest gig and situation they could have at the Ticket. They would always choose middays at The Ticket over drive-time anywhere else.

But I do think if/when Mike R. Leaves, there will be serious consideration given to moving BaD to drive. And I think they would score every bit as high or maybe even higher than the Hardline.

The Plainsman said...

I'm kinda sorry we've gotten on the what-if tangent, since I want to treat this in more detail later, but as long as everyone's having a good time . . .

I still think Mike will be around for awhile, but if for some reason he departs in February, I still have a hard time believing that Cumulus would uproot two shows as a result. If Mike leaves, Corby would have to decide what to do. A "demotion" to middays -- it would seem like it, even though there's nothing wrong with middays -- would be tough to take, so if Mike's departure meant the end of the drive-time Hardline, Corby would probably depart as well. So then you've moved BaD to a new untried time slot, and you've got a hole in midday to fill with something formerly held by successful BaD.

Maybe. Maybe. I still think they'd first try to replace Mike (I know, he's irreplaceable) and keep The Hardline lurching along.

As I say, we'll be throwing out massive speculations that are bound to irritate in the weeks and months to come. But we'll be having fun here, no?

Anonymous said...

shaggy said BaD Radio knows they situation they've "stumbled into the greatest gig".
yes they do.
so does corby.
lets not forget corbless was left dangling with no role after chris arnold was canned.
his role as the hardline yuck monkey was one which pales in comparison pay-wise/credibility-wise to his current role as #2.
believe me, he knows how fortunate he is considering his previous radio accomplishments were weekend overnight boardop and paducah dis show for CA.

Bob Sturm will emerge (if he hasn't already) as the dominant sports personality for decades to come in this market.
So I must rephrase my statement from an earlier post.
Bob Sturm is in the catbird's seat.

Assuming we all survive the Mayans prediction, get ready for Bob's Dynasty of BabbleOn.

Anonymous said...

Just because you know that you have been fortunate and have a deep appreciation of that fact, doesn't mean that you lose ambition. And if the realization of said ambition presents itself in a new form, why wouldn't you jump on it? It could be seen as another fortunate opportunity. Sometimes commenters here see things too rigidly.

Anonymous said...

And what's more, BaD didn't stumble into their gig and/or success, they earned it.

Shaggy said...

I love BaD radio--when I say they stumbled into such a great situation, I was just referring to the fact that, here are two guys from Virginia by way of Wisconsin, and Cleveland, and they wind up at the #1 sports station in a huge market that apparently pays pretty damn well. Not only that, but they are the only ones at the station not from Texas that have sustained a high level of success. They've also seen a steady stream of former co-workers leave to work for competitors, only to flounder.

ap said...

"Dynasty of BabbleOn" - Love it.