Sunday, February 26, 2012

From a Copyrighted Story from Saturday's Dallas News . . . .

So sue me.

Some interesting numbers from the last ratings book.

Ticket wins.  Despite disappearing from the ratings world for a few days there.

Prize demo, 25-54 males, 6 a.m.-7 p.m.:

    Ticket:  6.0
    ESPN:  3.3
    Fan:  3.1

Same demo, 6 a.m. to midnight:

    Ticket:  4.6
    Fan:  3.3
    ESPN:  2.9

All demos:

    Ticket:  2.1
    Fan:  2.0
    ESPN:  1.5

Prize demo, drive:

    Hardline:  8.2
    Galloway:  5.0
    RaGE:  2.2

(Separate Norm, BaD, and Muser numbers not reported in the article.)

Fun fact:  Lewin/Elfenbein was the only Fan show to beat ESPN in every hour, not sure if this was prize demo or across the board. 

I was slightly surprised in the categories where ESPN beat The Fan.  I don't follow the ratings very closely, but my guess would have been that The Fan would have nosed out ESPN across the board, and I sure would have expected RaGE to do a lot better against Galloway. 

(By the way, I was speaking with a very astute guy in the heart of the prize demo the other day, a long time P1 (although not a fanatic), and he told me that he's drifted away from The Hardline.  He doesn't object to particular content; he just said that when he would tune into The Hardline, it was "just all over the place."  He said he was thinking Greggo was sounding pretty good these days.   Dunno -- I haven't punched over to The Fan for awhile.)

Got nothing profound to say here.  Just passing it along. 

Thanks to a couple of readers for good email topics, at least one of which I'll try to get to shortly.

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Nsider said...

A couple of other fun facts, in case you didn't know them.
#1 The vast majority of radio buys are placed based on 6a-7p numbers. KISS does really well 7p-Mid, but it's all teenagers, and advertisers realize facts like that and know that the vast horde of adults 25-54 aren't listening to the radio 7p-Mid, so those ratings aren't nearly as important. So why it's fun to look at 6a-mid M-F, or 6a-Mid M-Su, the bread is buttered with that first listing.
#2. I've seen the breakdowns, ESPN usually beats the Fan in AM drive, Fan wins in Middays, and you've got PM drive listed. And what does it tell you when the biggest 'name' show on The Fan (RAGE) is getting it's a** absolutely kicked by the competition. And not just the big dog (KTCK) but even by their other competitor, KESN.

Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff, Plainsman. Does anyone out there know the significance of The Fan being only .1 away from The Ticket in all demos?

Anonymous said...

There is no significance. It's a one month deal because of the encoding problem. It'll never be that close again.

Greggo sounds awful. He hasn't sounded good since 1999.

Galloway is a big enough name to hold some listeners. It will be interesting to see what they do when he retires in the next couple years.

Anonymous said...

I know it must cost zillions of dollars to make it happen, but I wish the Ticket could figure out how to boost their signal. I can't stream at work and the Ticket signal won't make it into the office building..but ESPN and The Fan do. I would rather hear The Ticket, but I gotta have some sports, somehow. And Greggo sounds okay, but still not gonna pull too many faithful from The Hardline. Anyway, my .02.

Shaggy said...

Hey, MTC is back to its mobile-friendly format on my mobile device

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Harrison and McClearin have been reading the MTC comboxes, because...they are talking about changing the name! And if they're talking about it on-air, then it's most likely going to happen. Fingers crossed that they do. Thus far I think both guys have done very well in their fill-in role for Norm. Now get a more suitable name, fellas!

birq said...

"they are talking about changing the name"

I hope they call it The Hot Spot.

birq said...

I know it's not your fault, Plainsman, but it looks like Blogger has changed up their junk again. Does anybody know how to subscribe to a topic so you get notifications on new comments? It used to be part of the posting-a-new comment process, but it's not there anymore.

Shaggy said...

Looks like It's Just Banter is getting a shot at the big(ger) time...Saturday at noon on The Little One.

T4 In Rockwall said...

Yeah, I noticed the format looks like it's missing some items.