Saturday, February 4, 2012

I've Had a Vision

As the last commenter pointed out, it's February.

Mike Rhyner contract time.

Or is it?

You can say what you want about Richie Whitt, but, unlike Your Plainsman, he had sources.  So when Mike and Corby signed their deals, he knew about it and reported on it and got some quotes.

Me -- as they say on The Hardline -- not so much.

So we heard Mike speculating on the conclusion of his tenure at The Ticket at the campout on Lake Mingus last spring, mentioning February, what I speculated was the end of his contract.  So I've had some fun the past couple of months with speculations, guessing, predictions, and, of course, our valuable advice to the CTO.

And then, listening to The Hardline a month or two back, right around the time I was finishing up the last of the four pieces, I heard something.

I was in the Conestoga at the time wrestling with some recalcitrant horsies, so I couldn't write anything down and by now, I've forgotten exactly what I heard, forgotten the words.  I should have written about this awhile ago but thought I would save it up.  The problem with that, of course, is that memory fades.

So this will be a little frustrating for me to relate and for you to read, but as I had the Philco struggling to pull in 1310 AM while I was gee-hawing the horsies, I heard Mike talking.

And he said something.

I can't remember the words, but I remember the sound of his voice.  It was like he temporarily forgot he was broadcasting, he kind of sighed and said something kind of -- I don't know, sentimental, suggestive, relieved -- didn't sound like Mike.

And then it struck me.

That son-of-a-buck signed his contract months ago.

I should have figured it out sooner.

Look, if the guy was getting all morose about staying at the Ticket early in 2011, then he was probably already talking turkey with the CTO.  It was going to get done sooner than 10 months later.  I think it did.

And no Richie Whitt to tell us about it.

So how can we get this confirmed or denied?  I have two strategies.

The first was inspired by a discussion on the Musers, I believe it was, talking about how gossip-mongers and website sensationalists drive traffic, by making an outrageous assertion that no one bothers to deny, but by denying that the reporter himself actually believes it they halfway protect themselves.  I'm going to give it a slight grammatical twist.

So I am here to report that:

I'm not saying I have any proof of this, and it could possibly be false, but:  (1) Mike Rhyner was born as a female, or (2) he signed a new contract with The Ticket/Cumulus sometime in mid-to-late 2011.

This can only be denied if both parts of it are false.  So if this statement is denied by someone with knowledge, then Mike did not sign a contract some time ago.  If someone in authority says it is true, then we are left to imagine which half is true (because the statement is true if either part is), and the unlikelihood of (1) will suggest to us that (2) is true.

Of course, if no one says anything, then we're back where we started.

Which leads me to my second strategy:


Hey, Jeff and Mike:  How about a scoop for the Confessor Nation?  Come on, I know we take our shots from time to time but I think you have to admit that both this site and the Confessor Nation are positive about The Ticket and even finds some nice things to say about the CTO from time to time.  Even when we're critical, we make every effort to be fair and keep things civil.  How many times do you get a chance to do a solid for Your Home for Responsible Ticket Journalism?  Drop me a line at   No details, just the broad outlines of the deal.  Aw, come on, how's about it?   

I'll let you know if I hear anything.

I don't know if he's an Old Grey Wolf.  But I'm pretty sure he's at least an Old Grey Fox.

Old Grey Fox -- I swear, I did not Photoshop this

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Shaggy said...

What about this quote from last week?

"due to circumstances which possibly will become a little bit better known to you all in the days ahead"...

it was harder for him to relax/shut down/disengage than normal last night.

Anonymous said...

I've come to the conclusion that Mike R. is a bit of a drama queen.

screamwithme said...


I know you're half kidding, but there's no way either Cat or Rhyner are going to contact you or post up something here.


I tend to agree. Rhyner is one of those look at me-don't look at me sort of people. While they say they want to be left alone, what they really want is to be admired, feared, loved, or all the above from afar. Afar meaning from across the room. He wants YOU to engage him. That is if you are the type of person he wants to be in with. Meaning for Rhyner someone in the music scene and/or someone who he thinks is "worthy." Even if you aren't "worthy," he still wants you to look at him-but don't look at him. He still wants you to know of his presence. And believe me you, he's very aware of it all. Indeed he actively cultivates it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Rhyner is a doucher or a bad guy. I'm just saying that he's that type of person. My brother's the same way. So I know what I speak of.

But yeah, I agree with Anonymous that Rhyner is a drama queen.

birq said...

The Musers are starting off strong this morning with the very first segment a rant about the station not caring enough to make sure the signal makes it out to the listeners. They're not at all happy about 1310 being dead air the morning after the Super Bowl.

Shaggy said...

I just came to post the same thing. Wow. They joked about just walking out and catching an early flight back to Dallas, but you could tell they actually may have considered it.

ap said...

Wow...what was once veiled shots across the bow has turned to a full-on firing squad...So tense!

The Plainsman said...


(1) A bodacious MTC welcome toyou.

(2) Right, kidding. I do not expect to hear from either the Americas' Catman or Mike R.

Yeah, Mike has a lot of Brett Favre in him.

But we love him anyway.

Anonymous said...

"Confessir Nation?" Please. You overestimate your miniscule importance.

Deezy said...

Whether composed of five or five thousand, Plainsman's readership is a "nation" of sorts.

While you're here, may I suggest less threadcrapping, and more reading for content (and maybe picking up a new vocabulary word or two, starting with "confessor"?) wink.

Anonymous said...