Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Final Words on Hardline Profanity Until the Next Time

     (1)  If freakin' Barry Switzer thinks you're working blue, you're working blue.

     (2)  If you run ads featuring freakin' Barry Switzer commenting on you working blue, you know it.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes you seem to dislike the blue stuff, while other times you seem to not mind it. Which is the case and why?

I wish they would cut way back on the blue. They don't need it; they are (well, at least at one time were) better than that. Don't know if anyone here is still watching The Office, but if you are, you see the same thing occurring: a program and a showgram that's run out of ideas and has now devolved into one over the top blue scene or segment after another. The overall quality of the each show suffers greatly. But both shows are ratings monsters (though not as much as they once were), and so I don't see where or how improvement implemented. Much like The Office, I think we are watching the final couple of seasons of The Hardline (at least in its current configuration).

T4 In Rockwall said...

I think Plainsman sees what we hear everyday. I don't think it's just a topic to post up.

As far as the topic here, it used to be ok working blue when it was occasional. Now, like I said in the previous thread, it seems it's all they have. Corby being immature and Danny giving in to him. I believe if they replaced Corby with any number of people, The Hardline would be total greatness again. Sorry Plainsman, didn't mean to turn this into a Corby rant, but I definitely see the the similarities in both posts.

The Plainsman said...

From a couple of posts ago, I wrote: "I hope I have been clear about my position on this. Let me repeat it: The Hardline is not too vulgar for me. I don't recall ever punching out because I was offended by any of the orifice- and related humor. My point in the past has been simply that The Hardline is, by terrestrial radio standards, pretty blue, and that the talent on that showgram is better than that, and the presentation would be better without it. And that the vulgarity is a big reason that a lot of non-listeners are non-listeners. Pretty obviously, The Hardline's tone hasn't hurt it one point in the ratings, so I wouldn't expect they would change a thing."

I join T4 and others in believing that relying on the blue material is essentially a symptom of the Hardline's overall approach to the show, which is to keep it as spontaneous as possible, which is another way of saying: "Easy on the show prep, boys."

duckandcover said...

I would like to think that sooner rather than later there will be a reconfiguration of The HL. I feel the same as some of the Anons and T4. It's grown stale, lazy, and I think they're better than where the show is now/what it's become. What's the answer? Dunno. But maybe it involves Danny sliding over into a fulltime host position, allowing Jake to take the producer helm with TC manning the board. Or maybe the other way round, with Jake remaining on the board while TC produces. The thing is, for all of you/us that wish Corby wasn't a part of the show, he's not going anywhere. So the only way I see it being revamped is by the scenario above. Maybe, just maybe, a serious Danny influence would muffle Corby's influence and right the ship, somewhat. Yes Danny will play into Mike and to some extent Corby's fascination with music talk, but he also is very sportsy. Something needs to happen. If there was any program even half way decent running against them, I have a feeling we'd see changes ASAP. Because the show has sunk pretty low.

birq said...

Off topic, but LET'S TALK DRAFT, BUDDY!

It might be just me, but I find draft talk to be one of the biggest punch-outs possible. I know some people really get into it, but some people also get really into collecting antique stemware, and I don't understand that either. I already find Norm's show to be around 75% unbearable, but this time of year, that goes up to easily 95%, and the talk infects the rest of the shows as well. Most of them give it minimal airtime, and some treat it with the irreverence I think it deserves, but there's an vibe about the station that this is to be taken seriously and the hosts are not to make light of it too much. It's sacred ground to a certain extent because of the money the station spends on Norm's yearly draftstravaganza.

Does anyone believe that the Little One would spend more than 2 hours of total airtime during the draft if Norm wasn't around?

DRW1961 said...

re: working blue

It's just another manifestation of the "overCorbyization" of the Hardline. He doesn't have enough talent to do his job the way it should be done, so he resorts to high school humor.

I'll take it another step further and say that I wish they wouldn't rely so much on the "ass"es and the "son of a bitch"es as well. And, I cringe when I hear a station spot with "bullsh" in it. I'm not a prude, but I think they lower themselves to a level that they really shouldn't lower themselves to with all that nonsense.

re: the draft

What else do they have to run with at this point in time? Mavs? Yeah, but... Stars? Umm... Rangers? Ok, valid point, but there are 162 games in the season and there is plenty of time to talk about the Rangers over the next 6 months. After guy talk, football is their bread and butter so they don't hesitate to devote a few hours to the draft.


Anonymous said...

Nothing at the Ticket is going to change, mainly because the current CTO's job from day one has been to not screw anything up. Not innovate, not fine tune, just don't mess it up. Any changes that have been made in recent years have been moves forced by other circumstances not the CTO being proactive.

The Ticket is complacent. They are number one and that is good enough. Sure, they could grow the audience more, develop more future talent, etc but that requires time, effort, and some risk taking. I don't think the CTO has the stones to take that chance when you can just continue to ride the wave of what was put in place previously and still reap the rewards.

Never underestimate management's laziness and lack of action (true of most middle management)


The Plainsman said...

A juicy MTC welcome to Barry -- at least this is the first Anonymous I can remember so self-identifying. Please let us hear from you often.

I think I've welcomed duckandcover before, but if not, howdy!

The Plainsman said...
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The Plainsman said...
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