Monday, April 23, 2012

In the Beginning . . .

.  .  .  there was Bob and Dan, and they named their show BaD Radio, standing for those selfsame Bob and Dan.  And God listened to the showgram, and he heard that it was good.  Mostly good.

And lo, the days were accomplished when Greggo came to depart from the Line of Hard and joined with Richie the Observer, and lifted BaD's naming bit wholesale to create RaGE, the Richie and Greggo Extravaganza.

And it came to pass that Scot Harrison and Jean-Jacques Taylor brought forth The Soul Patch on Sunday mornings, not because of any association of Soul with Sunday the Day of Our Lord, but because it described a facial feature possessed by both men, and also described a racially-prescribed cultural feature possessed by one of them, and was defined, according to Wikipedia, as follows:

"The soul patch (also known as a mouche) is a small patch of facial hair just below the lower lip and above the chin. It came to prominence in the 1950s and 1960s, when it was a style of facial hair common among African American men, most notably jazzmen. It became popular with beatniks, artists, and those who frequented the jazz scene and moved in literary and artistic circles. Jazz trumpeters in particular preferred the soul patch for the comfort it provided when using a trumpet mouthpiece."

But the prodigal JJT left the Patch of Eden, never to return, and was never heard from again, ever, in any medium, in any capacity whatsoever.

The Overlords who lived in the Clouds saw that it was not good for Scot Harrison to be alone.  So while he was sleeping, they removed a piece of him we are not allowed to name on this blog and crated Matt McClearin to join together with Scot and be his companion and helpmate.

And the Cloud-living Overlords named the resulting program "The Soul Patch," although Matt McClearin did not possess that certain facial feature or racial characteristic that would render the name in the slightest way sensible.

And the Confessor Nation commenced with a vast wailing and gnashing of teeth over the continued use of "The Soul Patch" to describe the Scot Harrison and Matt McClearin program.

And behold, after a process heretofore mysterious, someone had the idea to parody RaGE's ripoff of BaD, and renamed the Sunday show "Sunday MaSS" -- Matt and Scot Spectacular. 

All right, way too much Plainsmanian BS.  Here is Scot's account of the name change, offered as a comment to the last post, reposted here with his permission:

"We approached management about a name change right after the new year. The Soul Patch was so named for the obvious reason that both JJT and I have them. When he left it was generally agreed that in the interest of branding it would be better to leave the name the same. (despite the fact the Matt couldn't grow a soul patch if a gun was put to his head).

"We came up with the name after dozens of ideas were developed, reworked, and rejected. We asked for ideas from people we respected but eventually The Matt and Scot Spectacular or Sunday MaSS, separated itself from the rest - "testing" best among those who were consulted both inside and outside the Ticket studios as well as inside and outside of the radio business. 

"We accept the fact that many of you will hate it or at least dislike it strongly (as it was with The Soul Patch moniker), many will approve (so far the trend on twitter), and some who just want to have their weekend Ticket fix won't be bothered either way. We're just pleased that you guys care enough to discuss our goofy little Sunday morning show and that you would take the time to complain/compliment.

"So, triple fake Scot Harrison says pour one out for the Soul Peettcchh!! (off mic tribute:) Stay Hard Soul Patch!"

My thanks to Scot for permitting the reposting of his remarks, and for putting the process out there for comment.  Personally, I think it's a perfectly fine and clever name and should not be offensive to Roman Catholics, any more than broadcasting a sports show during normal churchgoing hours is in the first instance.  While the name gets mixed reviews, the Nation seems to be reacting pretty favorably to the show, as do I.  Some good stuff there.

*     *    *

They did not take my suggestion, which was this:  Have Matt drop the second "t" from his name, so we'd have hosts named Scot and Mat and call it the "Low-T Center," which would both describe the show and attract the growing number of sponsors appealing to the low-testerone crowd.

Thanks again to Scot H.

*     *     *

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Anonymous said...

I don't find MaSS offensive, but I think it's interesting how Plainsman feels confident in speaking for all Roman Catholics. I guess if it comports with your sensibilities, that's pretty much it, huh? I do find the name a bit SG though. Why not something like Sundays with Matt and Scott or S&M? Isn't Scott into piercings and whatnot?

Anonymous said...

The name of the show isn't important.

duckandcover said...

Thank you for setting everyone straight, Anon 6:22 AM. Where would we be without you?

Anonymous said...

Weird 'essay,' Plainsman. After all this time off, this is your return splash? A non story about a nice little -but in truth an afterthought- of a weekend showgram? (No offense, MaSS, but that is what you are.) We all know you've been hampered by work and have been dealing with family issues. We're all supportive of you. But c'mon, you've been promising this that and the other STDs for some time now. As the Laddy was wont to say: "It's time,'s TIME." Stand and deliver, sir!

T4 In Rockwall said...

Don't mean to switch gears, but every since Barry Switzer said the other day that they (the Hardline had him on) were shock jocks, I've been listening extra hard (no pun intended)and do notice that it seems to be all that Corby knows. That is to act like a shock jock probably 70% of the time. I think that's where he's failed since Greggo left and he's had to fill in on a full time basis. I personally thought he was very good when he was a yuck monkey full time. Since then, nothing but down hill.

@ Plainsman, I know you like Corby on the radio, but you need to start a thread about the cloven hooved one. It would be great reading I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

I think T4 is on to something. The Hardline is a lazy show. It's only getting lazier. I was hoping that the return of the Russ Martin Show and RaGE would kick it in the ass and help it return to its former greatness. It hasn't. One of its "competitors" (RMS) barely has a pulse and seems to lose listeners with each ratings period, while the other (RaGE) is so far away from being a threat that it might as well not exist. Hell, without the infinitely deep pockets of CBS, RaGE wouldn't have made it this far. Yes, like the rest of The FAN's programming, it's that bad to mediocre.

The Hardline has become nothing more than a somewhat less puerile audio version of The Dallas Observer. It's all fluff and baseless, highly slanted opinion. I for one don't miss Greggo. He became a caricature of himself. He became Triple Fake Greggo. But what I do miss is the days prior to bands, constant music talk, E and Community News, and "she's a pig" talk. Talk that takes up damn near the entire 4 hours. It's just lazy.

Anonymous said...

Notice that in studio Corby isn't as shocking as he is when he's out on remotes. He's doing a bit.

T4 In Rockwall said...

A bit or not, he was nearly unlistenable yesterday. I want to totally punch out when he's doing that crap. Wouldn't it be sad if the likes of Corby types were the end of the Ticket as we know it? I know they're still #1 in the ratings, but I believe they turn more listeners off with their shock jock rants than they bring in.

I know Rhyner adapts to what's around him, and could and would change to whoever's working with him, but I believe that's all Corby has.

blergoyen said...

Does anyone know the actual "who" and the "why" behind the final decision to fill greggo's spot with corby?

I suspect it was two fold: (1) he did a good job endearing himself to Mike by playing the entertaining, "up for-any-gag-nephew" to Mike's "dirty uncle," and (2)given corby's instinctual need to dominate every conversation, Mike knew he could talk as much, or as little as he wanted, sit back and enjoy semi-retirement with a large pay check as long as he wanted. I think I saw someone comment on this blog and make that 2nd point a while back.

ap said...

Anyone catch the George DeJohn/Teebox mix dust-up from this past weekend? It was *very* tense, and both sides were worthy of some blame.

It got me thinking in a scattershooting kind of way -- is there a reason that George is completely isolated from the rest of the ticket hosts? He has no event appearances, there are very few (positive) mentions about him on weekday shows, and up until recently, his promos didn't even play properly over the internet stream.

There was a George DeJohn "prank" played on Grubes a few years ago where George pretended to be mad a Grubes for offending a guest by way of one of his stellar mashup promos ('tender breasts'), but since that point, no new promos were made -- one wonders if there was an element of truth to the anger George exhibited during the execution of that prank.

This was the first public riff I've heard between the two shows, but there was also one case where George crapped all over a premium tee-box car dealership sponsor during a mix a year or so ago. He heard about it after the fact, definitely from the Teebox and possibly even from management, and George now refuses to discuss any type of cars during mixes. I would imagine that getting crossways with a Teebox sponsor is very, very bad considering it consistently carries a full sponsorship load even when weekday drivetime shows can't sell advertising slots.

Sorry for the discombobulated post.

blergoyen said...


can you give us a recap on the rift, or can you point us to it on the unticket?

ap said...

The great Brad C recorded it for us:

The Plainsman said...


I find George and his show absolutely fascinating. I don't know the answer to your question, but I suspect that George is "different" because his show (I think) is essentially his purchased time. I'm suspicioning that in addition to the 21-Day Cleanse Regimen that he promotes, he may get some promotional consideration from his guests, who usually have a book or a product sold on a website to flog. The Ticket is probably delighted to have a local semi-sportsy (training) show to put on at 7 AM on Saturdays.

I remember that Grubes prank. George really, really sold it.

Thanks to both AP and The Great Brad C.

That clip is a hoot. George and Craig have been snippy with each other before. I think Craig may actually have done the 21-day thing with George at one time or another.

All of which proves: It's great to get up early on Saturday and listen to The Ticket.

As this site has noted on several occasions, The TeeBox is a real good show, and I don't even golf. (Their sound on remotes, which they do frequently, remains awful. Why should their remotes make them sound like they've been gargling with asphalt when other remotes sound fine?)

The Train Station Fitness show has its own considerable charm owing to George's anti-medical-establishment bent. When I'm up early on Saturdays, which is too dagnabbed often, I'm tuned in to both showgrams.

The Plainsman said...

To those who have no idea what we're talking about: "Craig" is Craig Rosengarden, not Craig "Junior" "The Junes" Miller. He co-hosts the Tee Box with Rick Arnett.

Am I correct in thinking that The Tee Box has been a staple of The Ticket since its founding? I know Rick was one of the original guys at the station, but I think the show's debut coincided fairly closely with the birth of The Ticket. Oops, wrong: The Ticket website says that it is in its 13th year.