Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 30, 2012

1:10 pm (10-29-12):  Hey  .  .  .  did I miss something, or am I not listening enough?  I'm sitting here trying to avoid doing my job, and the only thought that pops into my head is:  I can't remember the last time I heard Casey Millen on the joint.  Is he still engaged in sportsy broadcasting on The Ticket?  Or, as Confessors never tire of reminding me, am I a bad P1 for (a) not listening enough, or (b) not knowing what news there is to know about Casey Millen?  Is he still up-and-coming?

5:45 am:   I don't care about seeing Obama's Columbia transcript.

I would, however, like to see Jason Garrett's Princeton transcript.

6:27 am:  I liked George's sports talk this morning about trading Romo.  Not because I think it's a good idea, but because it was at least creative and he had some sound reasoning behind it.  And it was not the same two or three points we've been hearing since the post-game show, and which we all knew in advance because we all saw the game and all the other games and we all think the same thing about this team.   I've got a Cowboys HSO that's been perking for awhile that is much less credible than George's.

And it was nice to hear George chip in with some independent sports thinking.

8:23 pm:  Got an odd question for you:  I was checking my referring sites, and one of them was a Yahoo search page where someone had searched for "Greg Williams absenteeism The Rage".  Has he been away lately?  I wasn't aware that there was any issue relating to his attendance in recent months, not since his battle with throat demons a year or so back.  Not that a Yahoo search is evidence of anything, but thought I'd ask.


East Texas P1 said...

I feel I am going to completely derail this but here goes.

1. Don't know anything about Casey Millen; hurts to miss that one.

2. I am in the shower at 6:27 or walking out the door. I trust Dunham with my life only because of the song "I Thought It Was You". (Tears in my eyes as I write that. Will need to play it again tonight; thanks Plainsman.)

Out in East Texas just getting into AM range around 7:15 - 7:30.

3. Was punching back and forth between HL and RAGE today and noticed that Greggo was not there. Did not ever hear a reason. Whoever was taking the place (didn't hear a name) had something going on. Very listenable.

5. (I just skipped a number since the Plainsman used two (3's) in an earlier post.

4. (Alert: I have had a few whiskey and waters, so correct me if I am totally off on this.) When WTDS was talking about the half-time entertainment for the Thanksgiving game of Kenny Chesney, Rhyner was like "who is this guy, is he any good?". Or something to that affect. (Danny, if memory is correct, you didn't offer rebuttal but you could have been busy doing producing duties. Surely you know of Kenny Chesney.)

Really, you don't know who Kenny Chesney is? If this is not a bit then no wonder why we get so many Petty/ Stones/(insert other lame ass band here).

Some P1, please correct me that Rhyner (dead) actually knows some small portion of country music. At least watch the CMA's and ACM each a year. Is that too much to ask?

(I hope I have a flask in my car)

KT said...

I think I can handle this whole Casey Millen thing. He's not in radio anymore.


Anonymous said...

Greggo: Not that I'm aware of. He and Richie are on the Fan Sports Show, live from their show, every night; I can't recall the last time Greggo was absent. Greggo does dress eccentrically and is a more than a bit off putting in both his mannerisms and his words. Then again, so is his partner.

I'd be interested in seeing both transcripts. Though I have a feeling Red Ball did much better in college.

Agreed on Georgio. Let's hear your Cowboy HSO!

Haven't even thought about Casey Millen in months. Who knows about him; the mainly weekenders come and go.

Anonymous said...

East Texas, I heard Greggo on the Fan Sports Show's simulcast with RaGE tonight. So who knows what's what.

Anonymous said...

MIllen no longer in radio? It seems like only yesterday when he was being touted in these comboxes by some as the next big talent to emerge from the confines of the Ticker bullpen. Well, I hope you're on to bigger and better things. STAY HARD, CASEY!

Anonymous Ron said...

Danica Patrick on BaD Radio - that was some good stuff right there.

The Plainsman said...

A-Ron, this site is always delighted to receive positive BaD confessions. Can you unpack that comment just a bit for those of us who didn't hear the interview? Thanks.

The Plainsman said...

I would also like to congratulate East Texas P1 for inventing the Drink-and-Confess. A very entertaining and mostly coherent comment.

Anonymous Ron said...

The usual Bob and Dan jackassery with Danica willingly playing along. She volunteered that she worked out for racing endurance and to look good in the GoDaddy ads. Debate over whether Days of Thunder was better than Point Break. She grew up in Illinois but was born in Wisconsin - Bears fan not a Packers fan.

She held her own with them pretty well. Worth a listen on replay or the Unticket.

birq said...

Danica is a good sport and she remembered BaD from the last time she was on with them, which I know had to make them feel good. I enjoyed the Days of Thunder talk and how she pretty much had it made out as the definitive documentary of racing by the end of it.