Friday, August 23, 2013

Muser Triumph + Quick Hits

So a variety of circumstances have knocked me off the rails today.  After determining that I my chances of remaining employed even should my employer discover that I am completely blowing off the day at >78%, I'm sitting in a location where two -- maybe three -- Spanish-language radio stations are blasting, it's uncomfortably warm, and I'm a little buzzed.  My employer has a dim awareness of my true identity (I've decided that I'm actually The Plainsman, and everything else is an act), but he never checks the site.  Although I hated to leave my closely-reasoned and, let's face it, correct anti-spoiler analysis, I realized that the time is perfect for getting up an article, listening to Robert and David and The Hard Ones (at Frisco's Burger Girl -- geez, the hospitality vendors along the Tollway not far from the prospective Kowboys Korporate Komplex must be thrilled, including especially sometime Hardline destination Tailgaters, which is literally (literally!) a short walk from the site at Warren and the Tollway), and even more perfect for simply refusing to do the job for which I am compensated.

*     *     *

As already reported by Confessors commenting on the last thread, The Musers thrashed it today with their Musers' Topic Wheel Fart Talk.  I laughed at what they were saying, and it was fun listening to them having genuine fun.  

My reception was very spotty during that period and I missed a little bit of it.  I wonder whether they mentioned one of my favorite fart-related phrases, which I believe I learned from a Muser or Hardline discussion of farting some time back:  Farting while walking = "crop-dusting." 

I'm trying to remember the other Muser utterance that made me laugh out loud in the car.  I think it was the 8:40 replay of the Buzz-'n'-Knoxie talk.  Well done, with a cameo by Junior in a rare triple role.  

I actually have visual proof that finding farts funny is bred deeply into the living tissue of the male.   Mrs. Plainsman was sitting on a couch with a baby on her knee.  I'm not good at guessing the ages of little ones, but I'm going to guess about 10 months.  I am sitting next to Mrs. P.  The photo is taken right at the moment when I am making a prodigious farting noise with my mouth, my lips nearly invisible like hummingbird wings.  The baby's head is thrown back and he's laughing.

*     *     *

Several Confessors have recommended rabbit ears to us unfortunate Time-Warner Cable people who can't get CBS and some other stations.  Also heard Intentional Grounding with the Breaking News that TWC is  offering rabbit ears to its customers, which frankly isn't very encouraging for a resolution anytime soon.  I dropped in to my AV vendor and asked them about that, and they said they doubted very much it would work in our house with the kind of insulation and roof-lining we had.  They also looked me over carefully and said that it was actually somewhat tricky to install and use in conjunction with cable.  Seeing as how I barely have the patience to get Blogger to work well enough to eke out my gems on this site, I decided either to wait, or get DirecTV in here.

By the way, my vendor strongly recommended DirecTV over Dish Network.  Not sure why.  Any of y'all have a preference?  A local relative has Dish Network and likes it, and I note that Warren ("The Oracle of Omaha") Buffett recently invested in it.  Actually, the vendor's highest recommendation went to Verizon FIOS, but it (and AT&T U-verse) are not available out here on the plains.

*     *     *

I understand those Confessors who don't find Intentional Grounding an attractive steady diet, but I like it a lot and I think I would also enjoy it it in large, frequent doses.  But it doesn't sound strictly Tickety, that's for sure.  

If NPR and The Ticket got drunk at a bar and engaged in a wild, inebriated night of swiving, the resulting offspring would sound like Intentional Grounding. 

*     *     *

A big MTC thanks to Richie Whitt for his personal appearance in the last thread commiserating with Your Plainsman on the severe nut-kicking he suffered for his courageous position against stealth spoilers outside of the confines of an announced segment on the spoiled teevee show in question.  (I know -- referring to oneself in the third person is a sign of a seriously unhinged personality.)

*     *    *

Confessors derive great pleasure out of whipping Corby for his repetition of pet phrases.  Well, Danny and Mike are now doing it with their impromptu announcement of fake segments with the title of the phrase in question whenever Corby tosses it out as a sentence intro.  Danny, in his best fake-announcer voice:  "And now, with 'LET ME TELL YOU,' -- Corby."  My candidate:  "To be perfectly honest with you." 

*     *     *

Hits remain strong since the demise of the Fan and the BaD Radio Drama.  My thanks to you all, including the nut-kickers.

*     *     *

OK, gotta put the dogs out, feed them, take drugs, and hustle off to meet Mrs. Plainsman for dinner and the Ticket-endorsed "The Way Way Back."

+     +     +


The Plainsman said...

Heh. Caught bits and pieces of Cirque today. At the end of the show, I think it was Mike who was doing some quick hits on "Things I Learned Today." What he had learned was that the gross domestic products of 78 third-world countries were less than the combined worth of the three richest Americans.

Then he said: "Rhyner, the Joonze, and Bill Gates."

So now you know.

The Plainsman said...

Time Warner guy. Going to order DirecTV tomorrow. Listening to Cowboy game on the radio.

Marc Columbo, sí. Brad has to get him to translate the footballese, but when he does, it's good.

Brian Broaddus, no.

Gopher said...

Agreed. Would love to see Brad take Marc Columbo under his wing like he did Aikman and Johnston. Might be something to work with there.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what happened to Ticket Tara? Killer said something about missing her on twitter yesterday.

Big Jim Jack said...

Tara has left the nurturing biosphere to take a PR director's job with a non profit.

She has a great, soothing voice and will be missed.

She is quite cute, also.

Anonymous said...

During the season it's Brad and Babe so none of that will be a concern.

Broaddus is quite good if you know your X's and O's. Not good for the casual fan.

East Texas P1 said...

Tara said she would be at fight night as her last official appearance with the station. She also said she would wear a bikini (as suggested by one of the hosts) but not sure if she was serious.

The Plainsman said...

Tara was solid. There was a morning or two where I was pretty sure she had partied pretty hearty the night before.

The Plainsman said...

1053: Yeah, I could tell that Broaddus seemed to know his stuff, but man, that manic delivery and constant hyperbole -- I was through with him about the second time he opened his mouth. Just too, too much all the time.

The Plainsman said...

Two thumbs up (Mrs. Plainsman and me) for the George-endorsed "The Way Way Back." All strong performances, including Steve Carrell's against-type jackass boyfriend. A sweet show that won't bore you.

cactusflinthead said...

Have had at one time or another; Dish, Direct, various cable providers and now Verizon Fios. I like Fios for two reasons, one I can bundle it easily and two it isn't as apt to go out in a downpour. It also has the advantage of being one of the few, if not only, provider of the infamous Longhorn Network. Of either Dish or Direct I prefer Direct, no particular reason that I can distinguish, more of a feel thing. The money was about the same in comparison and the chore of trying to bundle in some intertubz was an equivalent beating. I don't do a lot of movie channels, I just don't get a lot of value for them IMO, but I do the more expanded sports package. Could not care less about the NFL,MLB,NHL, NBA game packages. If they toss it in for free, whatever and fine, but I ain't paying for it next time around. The DVR is a must, whatever provider it might be. I missed some hockey one year when Direct and NBC got crossways, so I think no matter what provider you go with there is always the risk of brinkmanship. Come the revolution and it is ala carte, I will no longer ever ever have shopping, religion or other BS channels clogging up my guide.

Fart Talk was one of my favorite bits in recent memory. The Musers always were prone to butt funnies. Throwing each other under the bus and tossing Norm under there too in regards to Alexis was so typical of men of all ages, from 1 to 100 the fart is funny. Even Dante got a giggle from it. I might have to go dredge up that quote concerning the demon that made a trumpet of his ass. Yep, I bet Plato got a laugh when somebody let fly too.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, GW has emerged from hibernation and has posted up a new blog entry and promises not one, but two podcasts tomorrow. The first one will deal with what's been going on with him the last two months and both will address RAGE. I thought he'd already addressed it, but it looks like he now has more to say. More "unvarnished truth," I guess. Could get interesting in the next few days. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

It's almost as if he has no recollection of ever addressing RW's allegations. See the pasted Tweets below:

GREGGO ‏@TCUWhiteTrash 23 Aug
I can't wait to get the truth out..Monday at noon...please hang in there..I promise new points to ponder..
GREGGO ‏@TCUWhiteTrash 23 Aug
@TheSportsSwede..just hang on..let me tell my side..there were many inconsistencies in Richie's allegations..pull no punches..tune in @noon
View conversation
GREGGO ‏@TCUWhiteTrash 23 Aug
No drinking..time to have fun again..please tune in...
GREGGO ‏@TCUWhiteTrash 23 Aug
I'll explain all...remember..there are two sides to every..I give my side on Monday..
GREGGO ‏@TCUWhiteTrash 23 Aug
Cafe not dead..Monday I'll explain all..including my side of RAGE breakup..a preamble..this had nothing to do drugs, drinking..please listen
GREGGO ‏@TCUWhiteTrash 23 Aug
Cafe Diners..IM BACK!..I'll have a regular blog Monday..including a short podcast on what's been going on..and regular 2:00 blog..

ausgang said...

Oh no. Another round of GW talk? I don't mean to come off as a jerk, but haven't we done this to death? We know the stories, we know how this guy operates, and we've seen this show many times before. It's the same show; it ends the same way. As far as I'm concerned, there are two GW related items worthy of discussion: 1. He gets a new gig and hopefully, finally, pulls his life together. And (I hope this one never comes to fruition) 2. GW gets into serious trouble and/or passes away or something tragic; something that can't nor shouldn't be ignored. Until that day, I just don't see the point. In fact, I'm going to go out on a not so long limb and say that this is a transparently crafted attempt at trying to get readers and advertisers back/interested/new readers and advertisers. Indeed, I think it's rather insulting. If he had another side of the story, he's had ample time to address it. In fact, he did address it; and he basically agreed with much of RW's assessment; the parts he didn't he said so and said why. I almost feel sorry for him, and I almost feel sorry for those who eat up everything he says, all of his "truth telling."

Yes, I laugh at farts. Farts are funny.

Anonymous said...

Sorry ausgang, you're not the boss of me. Listening to GW's new podcast. The half hour one that addresses RW's 5 part article prior to his new sports/observation podcast. Still hasn't posted the blog entry he promised. So far he's challenging nearly everything RW wrote. He's not really owning up to anything. Which is quite different from his original response. He now claims sobriety the entire time at The FAN. But he hasn't said anything about his former friend Wil Riggs's claim that he drank beer while visiting his (WR's) house. Rightly, GW is pissed about RW publishing private e-mails, Tweets, and texts. He also attacks other of RW's claims and even his personality. Funny thing is that ever since RaGE's firing, GW has gone out of his way to praise Rhyner. Now he takes a backhanded jab at Rhynes. All in all, GW, while making some decent points, in the end comes off as more than a bit of delusional, more than a bit lacking of self-awareness in the guise of "truth telling."

So, ausgang, in the end you were right. It's the same old story. The same old, by now, boring story.

Anonymous said...

Gotta say I have 2 views of the new Greggo podcast.

One is that RW is a smaller, more childish, nastier piece of work than I thought.

Two is that why do I get the feeling that we're gonna one day hear how Greggo has copped to being f'd up the entire time and was never sober.

OK there's a third view. Both one and two are right.

the radish said...

I think both RW and GW are idiots who deserve each other. GW has completely reversed his stance on what RW has said about him and the end of RAGE. I remember GW reaching out to both RW and Sybil right after the RW piece came out. Small silly people, the whole lot of them.

As I'm writing this and listening to the end of the podcast, he's already said he's putting the blog on hiatus again. You know, to tweak it, to make it better. Like all things GW, same old song and dance with the same old ending.

Steve said...

Without going into too much detail, I've spent years with both Directv and Dish and I prefer Dish. The channel lineup, picture quality and cost differences are negligible but I think the Dish DVRs (and according to many, the customer service) are much better. I've also used the FIOS DVR quite a bit and I'm not a big fan of it in comparison (Uverse seems about on par with them). The Time Warner DVR seems like something from 10 years ago but their picture quality is the best (presumably due to less need for compression). I had to sent it back after a week because I just couldn't handle the terrible interface (and ADS in the guide!!!).

Steve said...

I've been completely over GW since he finished posting his Rage articles. Deleted the bookmark and never went back; completely agree with ausgang.

I fully expected to continue visiting RW's blog when he launched it (I visited it daily for years previously) but I just couldn't take his need to take credit for everything and constant bragging any longer. It also didn't help that the entire first page of his site was his ugly ass banner and ads. He clearly doesn't have any interest in making the site clean easily readable for his visitors. Deleted bookmark and haven't visited in a month or so.

Anonymous said...

I saw on Whitt's blog where a commenter said that Cash Sirois left his job with the Mavs. Is this true? If so, why and what's next for him? Could this mean something's afoot for CdS? Maybe a full time gig? If so, Ticket or elsewhere?

@Steve@ausgang +1.

Anonymous said...

Cash mentioned he was 'resigning' from the Mavs during cross talk with the Orphanage. He seemed pretty reluctant to answer what his next gig was going to be. That's never a good sign. He was probably pushed out.

The Plainsman said...

I didn't hear all of what Cash had to say, but he was fairly adamant that he was not terminated, but resigned. (Although frequently one resigns before he can be fired -- I've been a step ahead of the axe once or twice myself.) He seemed a little sad about it. I was under the impression that he was going to address it in greater detail later in the show, but I gather that did not happen.

The Plainsman said...

Greg has the most peculiar prose style. Reading his August 25 piece on the Cowboys. Florid and portentous at the same time. This is not intended to reflect on his intelligence, but he sounds like a high school freshman trying out some vocabulary words he just learned reading Pynchon or something.

Although sometimes -- it's rare -- he reaches for a punchy metaphor or arresting phrase, and scores.

T4 In Rockwall said...

In my experience with Dish Network, DirecTv, and now AT&T Uverse, I prefer Dish's DVR hands down. The search options are better with a history, in case what you're looking for doesn't find results, or is too early to search. Also with Dish if you fast forward, it jumps 30 seconds forward. With Uverse you have a forward and backward button, but it just fast forwards and kind of hangs up when it gets there. I don't remember how DirecTv's DVR is as it's been some years back when I had it. A friend who has Verizon Fios says he has the option to change a channel and actually rewind, even though you weren't just watching it. Pretty cool technology.

Arlington P1 said...

After reading some of the latest GW drivel, and listening to the Fan on occasion in recent weeks during THL breaks, I now see why Gavin Spittle went after B&S: at least those guys are capable of acting like professionals.

Anonymous said...

You pretty much nailed GW's prose, Pman. Except for the fact that at least some of his better moments are total Blackie Sherrod rip jobs. Blackie is GW's all time favorite writer. He said so many times back in the old HL days.

Someone already made this comment, but I'll second it: RW and GW deserve each other. Two peas in a pod.

Josh's broken batting average said...

Plainsman, I haven't seen a mention of Seabass chastising you via the twitter last week. Talking about spoilers and how they (Ticket folks) don't care what you or us care about. I woulda thought you might like to share that

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Seabass definitely is jabbing at Pman and MTC. Check out Aug. 20. It might've started before that date, but I'm too lazy to keep digging. Something tells me that neither Pman nor MTC (including us commenters) are liked by much if not all of the JVers. I'll bet it's the same for the Varsity, too. Interesting Tweets by Sb that admit the criticism is heard and it can be bothersome. I have to wonder if the once what was apparently pretty well thought of Pman-MTC has fallen out of favor? If so, then maybe Pman can finally let some of his more critical STDs fly? If memory serves, he has said on occasion how he's held back certain pieces that were very critical. If the love affair or at least flirtation between the station and MTC is over, then, as Dr. Phil says, "Let's get real." Or at least grittier. Respectful, smart, insightful, but grittier. Maybe Pman's two digs at spoilers was indeed his first overt shot across the bow? Maybe he got wind prior to posting the spoiler story that MTC was no longer so highly thought of and said to himself "OK, the gloves are off"?

What say you, Pman?

Anonymous said...

Kinda RW-esque of Plainsman to withhold Sean's rather pointed Tweets aimed at him. A sweep the ugly under the table sort of move that is a RW speciality. What gives, Plainsman?

Thanks for the info, Josh's broken batting average. I guess the not so implied back channel relationship that Plainsman has with some Ticket employees isn't so tight after all or any longer.

The Plainsman said...

Nothing so dramatic, 1051. This site has always been pretty supportive of the JV and weekend programming that features them, and generally positive about individual shows. MaSS, Cirque, Shake Joint, Orphanage, TC's Top Ten, others (even Ben & Skin way back when) -- I can't remember the last time I wrote much negative about any of them, and, in fact, I think I've written that some of them, Cirque in particular, are getting better and better.

As far as Sean is concerned, I haven't gone back to check the Twitter conversation, but I recall that he made the point that hosts shouldn't have to be careful about spoilers in their segments, and I actually replied and agreed with him -- segments devoted to shows can be avoided by listeners who don't want to hear them. What can't be avoided are the spoiler bombs outside those segments for which a listener has no notice and no defense, which is all the particular post was about.

I do still pull my punches with the JV on occasion, which probably makes me an unreliable observer. But they work hard for modest wages and are better, all by themselves, than anything I hear from featured hosts on ESPN and The Fan. So I guess I see myself as, if anything, a JV booster, with the occasional jab if something rubs me the wrong way.

If anyone at the station doesn't like the site, not much I can do about that. Still trying to keep things balanced and civilized, and I must say that y'all who comment here are, for the most part, very respectful of that. My perception is that The Ticket folks who stop by here can see that and appreciate its, and I haven't really sensed any change pro or con among Ticketarians who pay any attention to what goes on here.

Two other things to mention: First, I almost NEVER hear from Ticket personnel behind the scenes. Once in a very long while someone will drop me a line with a correction or a thought or an atta-boy, but it's very rare and seldom dramatic. So I haven't gotten wind of any issues anyone has with the site other than as they may show up in the comments.

Second -- and I don't quite know how to put this, and I can't cite you any particular evidence -- I sometimes get the feeling that the fact that the site and its readers do have their favorites, or mention some shows and guys more than others, may exacerbate some of the behind-the-scenes frictions and even jealousies that are unavoidable among ambitious young men trying to make their name in showbiz. Why do I say that? I don't know -- I think it was when someone, maybe KT, observed that our hits went through the roof on White Elephant Day or during Dry Dock because all of the JV are constantly refreshing the site to see what people have written about them.

And, in general, people in showbiz want to be written about.

So we do.

Anonymous said...

10:57 needs a hobby.

Or a girlfriend.

cactusflinthead said...

Did the Sirois boys get their feelings hurt? Hey boys, how about you grow a pair? You are going to be liked by some and disliked by others. Other than that long-winded opening of your show I think you two do a decent enough job. You don't make me feel all stabby or elicit a desire to punch out as soon as I hear the shift change on my background noise of Saturdays. Get over it. The Pman is more of a cheerleader for the JV teams than a critic of them. The rest of us in the commentariat have no qualms about skewering whatever host(s) have drawn our ire. TC is my special pain. I wish him well in his endeav...wait a I don't! I am rooting for epic meltdowns of legendary proportions every time he gets behind a mic. I applaud layouts and nut-kicking of him at every opportunity. So there.
And Jake, do not let your reluctance to kick Corby squarely in the nuts deprive the rest of us of happyfuntime hearing him cringe at himself. Goad him with his own words EVERY SINGLE DAY. Make him holler. The universe will thank you.

That is all, carry on.

The Plainsman said...

Have I missed something on my own site? Altogether possible. I don't recall any issues either with Sean (the Twitter thing is nothing, just a response to the last post, no lingering issues I know of) or the Sirois boys. Or with the JV in general. In fact, I'm not even sure why the JV has come up in this and the last set of comments, since neither post mentioned them. And my few comments have been positive.

So a little puzzled by all the JV talk lately. But I'm educable.

Anonymous Ron said...

I would like to propose a new Hardline drinking game. Every time Breaking Bad is referenced, take a shot. By 7 pm you won't know what day it is.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Anon Ron. I'm so Breaking Bad-ed out, I can't see straight. Attention BaD, Hardline, Shakejoint, and all the rest: IT AIN'T THAT GREAT OF A SHOW. It's good, but it's not the best thing to ever have been aired on t.v.. What it does speak to is the amount of poor programming on t.v. today. But for the love of all that's good, STOP MAKING IT SOMETHING GREATER THAN IT IS. I have to think I'm not the only listener who is getting tired to the point of I'm about to start turning the dial when BB talk comes up, and not turn back for at least a half hour.

Arlington P1 said...

I punch out, as I do with most of the TV show segments, since I rarely stay up to date with any of them. Who has the time, other than talk show hosts and college students?

Gopher said...

As far as BB talk has TSL to John David Wells has increased greatly the last three weeks.

Cash Sirois said...

For those curious...why I no longer work with the Mavs..

And for the record, I love the Plainsman, MTC and all those that care enough to listen to our little show or post about the greatest station there is on this here message board....I don't drop by here as much as I'd like...but...

I salute you all...

BBQ said...

Cash, thanks for stopping by, giving us the link, and for the kind words. Best of luck to your new endeavor. I'm sure you'll succeed in spades. I've been critical of CdS in the past, but I've come around to you boys over the last year. Keep up the good work.

The Plainsman said...

I encourage Confessors to check out Cash's link:

Cash, very best of luck with "The Well," and let us know when you've got a website up and running.

And I guarantee you, somewhere out there a P1 is raising money for "Queso's" and will be in touch with you shortly.

And thanks for the kind words.

Autocorrect said...

I just read the Aug. 20 twitter musings of SBass. I find it funny, and I hope you're reading this Sean, that you can talk about sports and who sucks, should be traded, cut, etc., and you can't take criticism from your biggest fans. This site is congratulatory, not one that bashes Ticket people. There's a pecking order in just about everything, it's hard to find a "flat" organization where no pecking exists. Is there an A team and B team at the ticket? Absolutely. If you can't handle that, your skin is too thin. I wonder what Sean would say if Dejuan Blair thinks he could do just as good a job as Dirk could starting? He'd get shredded, wouldn't he? He's a bench player, just like Sean is, that's reality. PMan has never come down on him and said anything like that nor do I think he would ever do that, so just makes me wonder why SB would go off. Welp, see ya later.

Sean Bass said...


I have no issue with the guy that runs this site. At all. In my limited interactions with him via email, The Plainsman seems like a very respectful person. My issue is with commenters that perpetuate false and at times wild speculation over issues at our station and it's employees.

If the Ticket has proven anything over the past 20 years - it's that we are all very accessible. Insead of maybe making stuff up about our careers and workplace based on your opinions or perceptions, maybe simply shoot us an email. We will probably answer you and be as honest as we can be depending on the subject. That's my only issue with this blog.

We have the most loyal base of listeners in radio and I along with everyone else at The Ticket deeply appreciates that. You've kept a bunch of dorks on the air for 20 years. That says so much about you all. Thank you.

I know my role at work and really enjoy it. That's why I get up 7 days a week and work at it. I'm fortunate enough to work at the best station in the country with incredible people that are some of the most talented in the business. Every player wants to start, earn more money and have a better life. I'm no different. But don't be offended if I happen to respond if you directly criticize me on twitter, email, over the air, or in person. That's how I'm wired and I don't apologize for who I am and how I respond.

The next time something comes up that you want an answer to about your favorite station, please don't make things up. Email one of us or me.


T4 In Rockwall said...

One of the problems (I know it's been discussed before) is the ability to keep an anonymous status on here. I understand most are straight up people, but too many hide behind that name and give all Anon's a bad name. I haven't seen the conversation regarding SeaBass, but I'm gonna guess it was probably an Anon? Like I said, no offense to Anons in general, some give all somewhat of a bad rep.

YOKOYOLO said...


Cool of you to stop by. It only confirms that Ticket employees do read what we have to say; which is neat. While I agree with you where those who try to pass off what is speculation or pure invention as truth is concerned, I don't see the issue with those who like to speculate as to what might be going on. As long as it's done respectfully and within the bounds of sanity. Quite frankly, it's one of the aspects of this site that makes it so enjoyable. Moreover, some of what that is speculated upon pertain to issues that I'm sure you or any other employee would either not be as forthcoming as we'd like (due to obvious reasons) or wouldn't be able to comment on, period (again, for obvious reasons).

Again, if you're talking about those who come on here and make things up, fabricate about relationships with hosts/that they heard___, etc., then yes, I totally agree with you.

cactusflinthead said...

SeaBass and Cash drop by MTC? Well how about that!
@Cash. I'll defend the right of the commentariat to be critics,but unwarranted personal attacks by us or anybody else out here in the wild web is out of bounds. I hope you feel welcome to stop by MTC any time. Thanks for the explanation of your resignation from the Mavs and good luck with your new adventure.

So SeaBass if I email Rich he is going to tell me why K Scott left and ain't ever coming back? How about when Bob and Dan were about to leave, was that going to be talked about?

"We owe the listener nothing." M. Rhyner. Pertaining to...well I expect you know that.

Sure, I can fire off an email to hosts. Might even get a response, but I do not expect them to draw back the curtain on all issues so all we have left are wild speculations. Which unless I am mistaken is exactly what the Ticket does all day long. Yep, reporting the actual scores only goes so far. Wild speculations are the daily bread of sports talk. We cannot have our own? If there is a false report would you be willing to come shoot it down and provide some evidence to support your side?

We got the word about Bob and Dan not from the Ticket, but from another website and was brought here by one of the regs. Was it ever going to be spoken of on the air if it in fact had happened?

The idea of drawing back the curtain on everything is an interesting concept but rarely put into effect. I fully expect there to be areas that you are not allowed to speak of on the air or in a reply to an email. Sometimes HR and sometimes the law prevents people from saying what they otherwise might.
So what are we the listeners left with at times? Wild speculations and the occasionally false, inaccurate and drunken ramblings of faceless and sometimes nameless posters.

Again, if you want to dispel any myths or set the record straight on something,that comment box costs not one thin dime to fill up and I'd be glad to see you here any time.

I was perhaps defensive about the right of human beings to express an opinion. Everybody do have one.

Anonymous said...

I'd be interested in knowing what happened with KScott as well.

Anonymous said...

KScott left to host a show in Austin, came back, then left again to host a show on The FAN (with "5,4,3,2, aaaaand you're done" Pete Stein). At that point, he'd pretty much ensured the CTO would not rehire him again. As to his current whereabouts, I've no idea.

Anonymous Ron said...

The Ticket promotes "major station announcement" for days and P1's aren't going to speculate on what it is?

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard that promo yet, Anon Ron. And I've been listening regularly. Honestly, what's there to speculate about? They've cried "wolf!" one too many times. The day I find out something of significance is announced, is the day I begin to find interest in special announcement announcements. Sorry, but a frekin' app isn't a major announcement, either.

DA said...

Wow. A lot of bad s#it here and before "Ticket Fight Night", I guess Sean Bass wanted to get in the ring this year, but took it out on MTC posters who actually have a handle. This day is awful and so very 1990s. Amateurs fighting each other for others only still makes since when it is a "Guns Vs. Hoses" aka Cops Vs. Firemen battle which St. Louis still holds during Thanksgiving.

That said, Sept. 9 is a big day.

Not because THL will have their somewhat boring initial "Cowboy Monday", but Cumulus will go to court in San Francisco for the KNBR/Ralph Barbieri wrongful termination trial.

DA said...

Also, confessors may want to search "Cumulus + Dial Global + Townsquare" to see that Cumulus must acquire assets to keep their current debt to come due when lenders want it.

Dial Global is essentially the old Westwood One Radio network of syndicated programs, specifically sports.

Anonymous said...

Methinks DA is onto what I've been onto for awhile now: Get ready for some, if not more than a few, of your local shows---some of which you think "no way will they be gone"---to be cut loose. This includes The Ticket proper, folks.

Anonymous Ron said...


Not referring to any promotional announcement in particular. Just making the observation that speculation is what the good P1 is left with when information or clarification is lacking.

DA said...

Outside of BaD Radio and Norm's picks, I may tap out on everything* and just come to this blog to read what is going on.

I had iHeart in the background and the TV on plus doing other things.

Corby used eNews to talk about dynamic pricing for movies and NEXFLIX on programming? Really?
I heard Bill Simmons talk about that with some person with actual knowledge of the industry months ago.

Corby, I am younger than you, yet sport teams have done this for years and the SF Giants were at the start in 2009!

*- I live in the Pacific time zone and Musers, who still rehashes old internet news.

T4 In Rockwall said...

I thought I've heard Kevin Scott over at 103.3 in his latest moves. Anyone know how to confirm that?