Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Notes from Camp

Ladies and gentlemen, my apologies for being away for so long. My work and household duties have escalated recently and my posts are, unfortunately, going to be few and far between for a while.  The commitments cut into both listening and writing time. I do keep an eye on comments and have appreciated most everyone's observation of the site's unwritten rules.

I have made a few notes from the last couple of weeks, some ticket-related, some not. Nothing too profound here, but maybe this will get some the threads kick-started:

          1.     Junior Miller:  "There are too many idiots in the world, and half of them are commenting on websites."  (Referring to comments to news items in the DMN.)

          2.     Both the Hardline and Musers have remarked on the fact that there seem to be lots of people hanging around Southern California who "aren't doing so well."  No kidding.  I have a lot of good feelings for California, having lived there with great pleasure for five years in the '90's (hence my fondness for Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton), but it's a holy mess.  Decades of mismanagement (Democrat and Republican), have left the state broke.  Its legislature is a corrupt candy machine (Democrats are the problem here), devastating state taxes that are going higher, enormous public payroll, vast welfare benefits for illegal immigrants, it goes on and on.  The leading candidate for a catastrophic Detroit-style bankruptcy.  It's America's Greece.   Meanwhile, Texas still can't get free agents to come here.

          3.    Can we get a report on how Norm and BaD handled the camp?  I heard zero minutes of either show while they were in Oxnard.

           I actually like the travelogue aspects of The Ticket's travel to faraway places, yes, even Corby's stories.  I do wonder whether there is a whole lot of sportsy value to having all those shows out there, and at Super Bowls, and at playoffs.  Some take it more seriously than others.  I would think that Norm and BaD, broadcasting during daylight hours, would snag a relevant interview or two along the line. How was their time out there?

          4.     This site's deepest condolences to Mike Rhyner and his loved ones on his mother's passing.  She seemed like a sweet lady in her few interactions with the station, and Mike's voice took on a different tone when she came up.  One had the idea that one would mess with that woman at one's considerable personal peril.  RIP.

          5.     Several commenters have taken the opportunity of Mike's occasional absences to note how good Corby can be when he has responsibility for running a presentation. He's also on good behavior with other hosts.  This site has mentioned this on several occasions.   More than one person has observed that perhaps Corby's excesses are encouraged by the kind of chemistry he has with Mike. I got an e-mail from Confessor N:  

"Perhaps it's just me, but me and some of my real good P1 friends all find Corby with anyone other than Rhyner actually very good, crisp, funny and more likable.  It started last week with Corby manning the ship when Rhynes suddenly left Oxnard for his mom's illness.  I thought his chemistry with Craig, Gordon, Dan, Donny, the Commander et al was great.  Then Friday it clicked for me when Rhynes was out for the funeral  - I like Corby leading with Danny in the co-pilot seat and Jake as the on mic producer.  The chemistry is much more free-flowing.   I respect Rhynes but it is clear to me now that he gives this thing the 'cruise control'/'I don't give a damn' vibe."

I think that's right.  He knows he's untouchable, nearing the end of his reign, and feels little obligation to incentivize Corby or Danny.  Although I will say, once in a while the last few weeks, it has seemed to me that Mike, while clearly tired from his schedule and the emotional drain of his mother's passing, has generated some pretty strong segments.

          6.     Greg Williams's blog:  Seems like there's not much to it any more -- song lyrics, definitions, and recently a TMI post from Jenn on "what Greggo's really like" that didn't exactly flatter the guy.  Apparently they are moving, which, she reports, will make it hard to keep the blog up to date (although it seemed like they weren't actually moving, just planning for a move).

           7.     Gordon is 100% correct about the Geico Old MacDonald's spelling ad.  The joke about spelling "cow" is completely wrong and unfunny because it misses the real joke that the Geico ad writer apparently misremembered.  Bet I can find it  .  .  .  yup, took me about 12 seconds:

A Hoosier, a Kentuckian and a West Virginian were on a Hollywood TV quiz show. The host asked them to complete the sentence: "Old MacDonald had a ..." The Indianan said, "Old MacDonald had a carburetor." "Sorry," said the MC. "That's incorrect." "Old MacDonald had a flat tire," said the Kentuckian. "Wrong," said the host. "Old MacDonald had a farm," said the West Virginian. "That's correct!" shouted the MC. "Now for $200,000, spell farm." The West Virginian thought hard and then spelled carefully: "E-I-E-I-O."

The Geico ad should either have had Old MacDonald spell "farm," which he then spells "E-I-E-I-O," or spell "cow" and spell that the same way but not preceded by C-O-W.  Anyway, it's a bad ad.  In fact, all of the Geico ads that use the "well, did you know .  .  . " format are weak.

          8.     However, Gordon and George are entirely wrong on "The Girl from Ipanema," a wonderful bossa nova pop song.  The English lyrics were originally meant to be sung by a man, not a woman (Astrud Gilberto having made it famous), which accounts for the gigantic grammatical blunder "she looks straight ahead, not at he" when sung by a woman -- should be:  "she looks straight ahead, not at me," sung by a man.

          9.     Love George, we all love George, but he has apparently graduated to dropping 100% of his g's on present participles and gerunds (-ing words).  I swear, one morning a few days ago it sounded like he was deliberately workin' at droppin' all those g's.  I wish he wouldn't.  It makes him sound hickish, which he's not.  Maybe it's his increased C&W profile, he's got to use some kind of backcountry patois to keep it real.

          10.    Matt Garza has a tiny brain.

          11.     While we're on the subject of Ticket word usage:  Is The Ticket the last bastion of the overuse of the word "awesome"?  It was bad enough when this perfectly lovely, evocative word was devalued back in the Bill-and-Ted's-Excellent-Adventure days, but it seems to me that the language has finally moved on with the exception of George Dunham and BaD radio.  Sorry, man, every time I hear someone on the station use that word (and it's not just those guys), I think -- you know, this station really needs to get out more.

          12.     It has been pointed out that the signals (1310/104.1) have been sucking more than usual lately, probably because of the hot weather. That's not an excuse. The best station in the country shouldn't be hostage to North Texas summers.  Just more evidence of how really bad these signals are.

          13.     Johnny Manziel is a sociopath.

          14.    Caught a little bit of Ben and Skin one day, only about ten minutes.  This is not a general Ben and Skin opinion, only observation about the tiny slice that I heard.  I want to give those gents a fair shot, and that just can't be done by flipping over for the odd segment.   They had some Ranger talk about "overpaying" players (Elvis Andrus was on the griddle at that particular moment) that did not make any sense to me in the context of a free market for players and widespread information on their current skills.  (I think that was Skin but cannot be certain.)  

We are very fond of Kevin Turner around here, but during my short time of listening I caught a very unfortunate remote segment that only lasted about 35 seconds that ended with Kevin asking some group of people how many were ovulating.   Could not figure out what the bit was supposed to be about at the outset, and, whatever it was, it cratered almost instantaneously and B&S seemed somewhat startled to have the show tossed back to them.  Sorry, KT.  I promise I'll get around to giving B&S the benefit of a sustained listen one of these days.

*     *     *

Hope to see you all soon.

LATER:   Just saw this post.  Blogger has once again defeated my efforts to make the thing look nice.  Sorry for all the inconsistent margins, fonts, spacing.  

*     *     *

Wednesday, August 7, 2013 BONUS:  Today's Ticket Traffic Twist Julie Mac, who looks like she sounds:


T4 In Rockwall said...

For those that heard Corby's interview last week, KT's bit might be taken from that. Basically Corby was getting asked shock jock questions in his ear to ask the lady. He included in one question by saying his name was Steve Ovulator. Not sure if that was related to what KT was doing. On another note, that was some of the old Corby greatness where he was in his element, but the funny part I like was the questions Gordo and Danny were asking him in his ear.

That's why I love Gordo. He's a spontanius genius. Danny's great at that too.

The Plainsman said...

I noticed that too, T4, but it's inconceivable that KT was taking off on Corby's bit -- that would be so inside that only a handful of people would understand it, not including any of the people he was addressing on the air, and it came off as just a weird interlude.

I thought that he probably had some bit in mind, but for some reason it went off the rails, and fast. As I say, I thought B&S were not expecting to have the show placed back in their laps so promptly after KT's unusual question to -- well, I don't know who KT was talking to, come to think.

Was KT being chased by a crowd angry at being asked about ovulation? That would have been very funny, but that's not what happened -- the bit just kind of gurgled to a strained conclusion (as I recall).

BBQ said...

1a. Great to see you back posting up stuff, Pman.

1. Even MTC has its troll/s.

2. California truly is the land of the haves and the have-nots. There's not much in between. It reminds me of Mexico, especially Mexico City. Great wealth and different levels of poverty, and the tiniest sliver of a middle-class.

3. Both Norm and BaD are back at "The Ox." Both do a great job; and now that late night hi jinx (e.g., "I have a flask....") seem to be either a thing of the past or a once per trip occurrence, they are the only shows that seem to merit going on these trips. Both Norm and BaD seem to actually enjoy themselves. THL and D&M do not. Well, except George.

4. I echo yours and everyone else's sentiments where Mike, his mother's passing, and his family are concerned.

5. I think your e-mailling Confessor hit the nail on the head. While only a gut feeling, I have to think that Mike, and especially after having lost his mother, must be putting an end game plan together, if not into action. Yes you are right in saying that at times Mike comes alive, and it's greatness; but those segments (and on the rarest of occasions, entire shows) have become fewer and farther in between over the last 5 years. Personally, I feel the man has run out of things to say in this regard. Now, give him a show that revolves around music, different story. (And let's face it, he's been trying to make the show as such for a while now--to the detriment of the show, I might add.)

6. Gregg's blog and Twitter have been silent for nearly 2 weeks now. I'm sure he'll pop up soon enough, but I'm not sure if it's to his benefit. The blog and podcast are awful, and his partner in you name it, Jenn, well, I'll leave that one alone. I can see his blog/podcast plodding along the way it has been: off and on, depending on his frame of mind. But I do think we're seeing GW fading off into the sunset of "You remember that one guy who used to be on the radio??? Oh crap! What's his name? Real controversial dude with a load of problems..." local celeb oblivion. And that might be the best thing to happen to/for him in a long long time.

BBQ said...

7. Geico and Progressive drive me bat s with their ads. Overkill.

8. Agreed. Gordo and Georgie bared their asses on that one. Both were mocking the arrangement, trying to describe the chords used in the cadential sequences with the precision of a chimp banging on a bongo and the expertise of Rocco Pendola discussing the Beatles.

9. Ditto the "shucks," "garsh dang its," "dab nabbits," and other country-good old boy "yes ma'am" isms. You have heard the latest ad for The Ticket country music extravaganza? The lineup, per the ad, was personally approved by George. Love George, but he might want to rein himself in a bit. He's from Illinois, not Slidell.

10. And he has dated, dbag chin hair.

11. I'd rather hear them say "awesome" than "going forward." The latter, whose champion is David Moore, sends me off the cliff with each utterance. But your point is taken. It's akin to watching the Food Network: every host describes every food item, etc. as "amazing."

12. I live in East Dallas and I never have signal issues.

13. His entire family is sociopathic. I hate to say this, but it's not going to surprise me one bit if things don't work out so well for young Johnny Football.

14. Ditto. I tried and tried to give B&S yet another shot, but nothing has changed since their last stop at ESPN. Well, let me slightly modify that statement: nothing has changed content wise, but the level of desperation seems to have risen. The crud they have KT doing (or allowing him to do if the stuff are KT's ideas) speaks loudly to my point. I'm sure they know this is their last shot, at least in this market, so they're going to go for it, no matter how crass or crude. Pman, I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility that KT listens, retroactively perhaps (unTicket) to Ticket bits to get ideas or to even learn. Perhaps what he said wasn't said on purpose, but just slipped out because he'd recently heard Corby say it. That's a pretty uncommon thing to have on the brain; so I find it hard to believe that both he and Corby (and by the by, that's really the influence of Gordo rearing its head) had that term on the brain, period, much less mere days a part.

Anonymous said...

Plainsman: minor annoyance but is it possible for you to put a link to the comments at the beginning of your posts (somewhere around or below the title)? Since the latest post tends to stick around for a while it gets a little annoying scroll down to the comment link every time (especially for longer posts and when it has to wait for everything to load before scrolling).

KT said...

The idea of that segment was just me wireless for 60 seconds and then throw it back to them in the tent for a sports segment. I asked a group of people, but specifically there were 4 pregnant ladies right by the fence where I asked. Maybe more of a video bit, IDK.

Unfortunately, I don't get to listen to The Ticket or theunticket at all either. I love AP and the boys over there, but I just don't have time. I get to work around 930 or 10 every day so I do get to hear some of the Musers sometimes but not often.

I would never blatantly rip off the ticket.

Autocorrect said...

1. couldn't agree more. I'm glad a lot of sites are requiring facebook logins so I can see the idiots posting.
2. I've always wondered how people could afford living out there and why they'd stay living at the poverty line and working 3 jobs. I guess I think the same way about people that stay on unemployment for over a year waiting for the perfect job because they're too good to get off of their ass and actually do something.
5. I was impressed by the snake as well. I'm wondering who, in the future, they would pair with his personality. I like Danny, don't get me wrong, and I like Jake, but just seems like too much Gen X&Y infusement, but I could be wrong. Mark Followill and Corbs would be alright.
6. Amazing how the guy can just disappear and his sycophants will be right back with him, if he ever comes back. He's given the advertisers that he was able to bring on board no reason to pay him now or in the future, bridges burned again. I can't even feel bad for the guy anymore.
13. I like this kid, it's too bad that football isn't a year round sport that could keep him occupied. Maybe he should take up baseball? In the ESPN article, his dad mentioned that when the thing unravels it's going to be bad. He didn't say IF, he said WHEN. Not much was made of that.
14. I like KT and he's a frequenter here. I don't listen to them enough to give my two cents, but I do listen to GBAG nation occasionally. The chemistry they have is really growing on me, and the last hour of the Hard Line is a give up so it's an easy transition for me.

In other news, Art Bell will be back on radio, this time on Sirius, in September. I've been enjoying some of his old stuff on TuneIn Radio. If you're interested, just search "Art Bell"(my have-good get-give of the day)

Anonymous said...

KT, I didn't take BBQ's comment to mean you steal from The Ticket. My read was that it was more of a subliminal thing brought on by perhaps listening to the station. Since you say you don't, obviously BBQ is wrong. Though I'm sure you'd agree that you have Ticket radio DNA running through you, and that from time to time it might surface in certain ways. Still, that alone doesn't validate BBQ's theory. I do have a similar view of B&S v.4. It's got nothing to do with you, KT. B&S is the same old show it's always been, but ramped up a bit. Ramped up in not an appealing way, I might add. I think B&S, like MaSS already has, would fare much better in a smaller market. Tulsa might find them to be edgy, brainy, wacky, and all the rest. Dallas-Fort Worth doesn't. Their ratings are worse than RaGE's, and that's saying something. But I will say this: The FAN hasn't put in a tenth of what it did money and support wise toward B&S as it did RaGE. Heck, their arrival was barely announced.

Autocorrect said...

As I was visiting the fair 'burg of San Antonio and perused sports stations in Austin and San Antonio, i thought to myself, Ben and Skin would kill it here. But, I know it would never happen as they have families and other things going on in DFW. Didn't I hear that Armen from the Fan is going to be running a station? Idk, maybe this market isn't big enough for all of the good personalities spawned here. But then again, for some people leaving would be to admit defeat while others see it as a way of getting better and maybe getting back here when and if the Ticket goes through a change of the guard or shake up.

The Plainsman said...

Hey, you baseball heads out there: Why is Yu so (relatively) ineffective in the first inning or so? Anyone kept statistics on pitchers giving up gopher balls in the first inning?

Although my perception may be in error. Texas leads the leagues in fewest first-inning runs allowed at 0.26:


KT said...

Anon 444, you're totally right I definitely have Ticket DNA. I mean a P1 since the late 90s.

I think the hardest thing of the new gig was to be careful not to speak in drops. I mean it was habitual.

As for the ratings...that's a tough thing to gauge. I think it's unfair when Barry Horn and others report how bad the B&S ratings are when they haven't even been at the new digs for 3 months. I think 6 months is fair for a major change like that.

We get text messages on the text thing everyday with a lot of Greggo apologists still texting in "BRING BACK RAGE!" "WHERE'S GREGGO?" It's a small persistent crowd, but they express their anger every day.

As for Armen, he's taking a program director job in a smaller market. He's one of the best guys I know. And as for the GBAG Nation, i've completely fell in love with that show. They go to 11 every night so it gets fun and rowdy at the end of the night.

As far as listening, I still listen to the Musers quite a bit, but the show I really miss is Bad Radio. That show is so damn good, and I miss getting to hear those guys.

T4 In Rockwall said...

Sorry to change the perception, but I wanted to ask a question about Johnny Manziel and his autographs. If he is signing all of these autographs and flooding the market with them, isn't that almost turning yourself in? I know he can always say he signed them for free, but it really looks bad when you'll start seeing some items showing up on ebay and such with his signature on it. It would seem like he would've been found out immediately, but that he didn't fully think it through and was seeing $ in his eyes. It's easy to say all this now that hindsight is 20/20, but it really seemed pretty obvious that he was in pretty deep.

The Plainsman said...

Scroll up for bonus snap of Today's Ticket Traffic Twist Julie Mac.

Shaggy said...

There's no real explanation for why Yu has struggled in the first inning.


A possible theory would be he struggles with command of his fastball in the first inning, which leads to missing out of the strike zone (walks). Or missing in the strike zone (home runs). Missing in the strike zone would mean he's trying to throw inside, or outside, and it ends up in the middle of the zone.

Shaggy said...

Also, that link about scoring in the first inning is not saying Rangers' pitchers are the best, it is saying the Rangers HITTERS score the fewest runs in the first inning.

Here is a link for what teams ALLOW the most first inning runs:


The Rangers are right in the middle of the pack there.

Anonymous said...

I have really come around on Scott Ferrall On the Bench at night. I get off work at such a time that allows me to listen to him and he has definitely grown on me. He has great guest for being on so late in the evening. I can't stand the GBAG nation. To much chaos for me. Mike Basik was with them last night when I switched over and he sounded completely disinterested. The black guy on there (not Chris Arnold) is so annoying that it is not even enjoyable to listen to. I will stick to Scott Ferrall for my late night sports entertainment.

Brad Gilbert said...

Any speculation on what the "major"announcement will be tomorrow morning on the Musers? In times past, I would make sure to be by the channel, but after so many "the sky is falling" major announcements that lacked on the major, I don't make it a point to any more. If the radio is on, great. If not, I am sure I will hear a commercial about it during every break to follow.

The Plainsman said...

925 Shaggy: Thanks for the correction. Pretty embarrassing error on my part. I should know better than to try to get sportsy.

morethanjosh said...

Based on a tease from Norm's show last week, I would guess the major station announcement has something to do with the indoor soccer game that will be the latest Charity Challenge/Great Game iteration.

Anonymous said...

It will be signal related I would guess. According to what Barry Horn just posted.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well, if the ESPN/Ticket thing is true, a tip of the hat to RW. He broke it.

YOKOYOLO said...

Wow. This is huge news. Will we see a Cooperstein-Ticket reunion? (A reunion that Mike has publicly wished for on many occasions.) This is delicious. The possible changes and whatnot that could occur are landscape altering. I know one thing for sure, at least in my case, I live in the Lower Greenville area (around the corner from Pizza F Pants Danny) and receiving the 103.3 signal on my home terrestrial radio is almost impossible (my car is another thing, comes in fine). So I'm hoping the 1310 signal is retained. What a huge thing this is!

Anonymous said...

The Hardline featuring Grandpa Urine!

Anonymous said...

Yo, DA, what do you make of this latest development?

DA said...

I do not need to be "Yo'd".

It seems more to be a LMA (Local Marketing Agreement). It does not seem that ESPN really wanted to sell local advertising.


"ESPN Audio has reached a long-term Local Marketing Agreement (LMA) with Cumulus Media, Inc. which calls for Cumulus to program ESPN Radio Dallas KESN 103.3 FM. The station will retain the ESPN name and ESPN’s national programming, highlighted by Mike & Mike and The Herd with Colin Cowherd as part of a long-term affiliation agreement. In addition, ESPN Deportes Radio Dallas 1540 AM, through an affiliation agreement, will now be programmed by Deportes Media and will retain the ESPN Deportes Radio moniker. ESPN will continue to own KESN.

The Cumulus Media LMA will take effect upon the closing of the pending sale of radio station KTDK FM, while the Deportes Media affiliation agreement will take effect on September 1, 2013.

"ESPN Audio is always evaluating business options and opportunities, while continuing to serve sports fans,” said Traug Keller, ESPN senior vice president, production business divisions. “These two moves are smart for us in the Dallas market as we grow the audio business and draw on the strengths of Cumulus. Sports fans will continue to have access to the best national and local programming that ESPN Radio Dallas and ESPN Deportes Radio Dallas have to offer.”

Anonymous said...

A lil' touchy are we, DA? Didn't mean to offend with the horrid Y word. Anyway, I still don't understand where The Ticket fits in. It seems like if the move warrants a stop down station announcement, there must be more to it than "everything stays the same on ESPN." The link you provided reads like spin from the ESPN side.

The Plainsman said...

Well, I was going to do a new post on this, but there may be less here than meets the eye. Is the thinking that the Ticket programs not competing with the national ESPN shows will be broadcast on 103.3? So The Hardline gets a great new signal, but The Musers do not?

No, it's not even that, at least not in the short run, if it is correct that no change in the respective lineups is anticiapted. But that could change -- Cumulus is taking over programming for a reason, and that reason ain't to maintain the status quo.

the radish said...

Thanks for the link, DA. There are some pretty glaring qualifiers in that story. The "as of nows" and "word is's" followed by what appears to be ESPN claiming "nothing to see here" leads me to believe that this is much bigger than the story lets on. I'm hoping that this news will mean more opportunities for JVers to have regular shows. We'll see. Exciting times, for sure.

ausgang said...

Plainsman, I can't imagine The Ticket running (beginning yesterday or Monday I believe) at least one promo per break for a major announcement that isn't run of the mill (i.e., Ticketstock, etc. related) to be nothing more than what's being reported and speculated on in the bit DA kindly provided. If so, it would be akin to Tom Hicks's running out his CFO at the end of Rangers seasons to give the public financial figures. The Ticket isn't that stupid. There must be something more significant to the move.

DA said...

@the radish,

Personally, I think this is a bigger deal to ESPN than it is to Cumulus since ESPN will still own the station wholly.

Since the spring, ESPN (all units) have laid off nearly 5% of its workforce, which amounts to about 400 jobs. Sites like Deadspin, The Big Lead, Awful Announcing and even The Hollywood Reporter have been on this story since the beginning of the layoffs.

They closed up their Denver office; they shut down their 3D service; they laid off long time employees on the production side. Having a one station radio sales staff in DFW is just another cut, especially when you can have Cumulus do the job for you.

DA said...

While this could spell that a show (or two) may move to 103.3, it also as small as the Stars on FM for evenings which do not conflict with the Mavericks and Rangers.

LMA Explained (and where Cumulus needs to tread lightly):


Steve said...

What's the point of having this coincide with the sale of KTDK? Will the Cumulus engineers and other operations people just have more available time to manage KESN after the sale? I would make sense if The Ticket was moving to 103.3.

I'm not happy that we appear to be losing KTDK and there still are (apparently) no plans to replace it.

James said...

Frontburner thinks ESPN and The Little One will switch frequencies: http://frontburner.dmagazine.com/2013/08/07/the-ticket-takes-over-dallas-espn-103-3-ctd/

Anonymous said...

Major station announcements have notoriously over-promised and under-delivered. The announcement may be that they are painting the Ticket Hovel.

Anonymous said...

Well, normally I'd agree, but it seems like the station knows this and has gone out of its way to say that this announcement is not generic.

Anonymous said...

Mike just said that he doubts the "major" station announcement has anything to do with the radio news of the day. Like always it will be to plug whatever event they are going to beat us over the head with for Junior's Children Who Aren't Doing Real Good charity.

Anonymous said...

Let's just hope it's not some concert related thing. I'm so flippin' worn out with Ticket musician/music stuff. Enough already with the reviews, the plugging of bands, the ass kissing of local musicians, the poor attempts at either deconstructing or tearing apart/making fun of songs, and all the rest.

The one thing I'm thinking it might be is the reinstitution of The Charity Challenge on Ice. It's been a long time now since they've had one, they're partners with the Stars, and the Stars are in full makeover mode--from uniforms to personnel to players. It would make sense to try to get the band back together so to speak; to bring back those old days of good times, winning hockey, and Ticket nod of approval.

Anonymous said...

On an unrelated note, Julie Mac's voice is sheer audio anthrax.

The Plainsman said...

Hey, I liked Julie Mac's Happy Traffic!

Like Tara, too.

DoktorStrangelove said...


Suckered in AGAIN.

deezy said...

The Sportsday Talk app is the MSA.

I know nothing about this app (being a WP8 customer and all), but I love the way they're gushing over the "DVR" features of it (which TuneIn has only been doing for, what, five years now?)

I think I'm gonna stop making a point of being by the channel for Major Station Announcements.

Anonymous said...

This is the greatest news since they announced T.O. Owens would be at Ticketstock.

blergoyen said...

I heard Junior this morning talking about a MAJOR station announcement. I was hoping it would be more power for better reception by turning 1310 up to 11, or a new frequency.

Unfortunately, it was the new ticket app for smart phones. I haven't used it, but it does have a pause and rewind features. I guess we'll see if it's any good.



MoronDog said...

When was the last time that a major station annoucement was actual "major"? Never. It's a bit and always has been. I don't understand why folks still get upset when it's something little.

Anonymous said...

100% behind you on the word "awesome". Just told my friend a couple of days ago I'd like to see the word removed the language. We gotta get the little chicken on board too!

Anonymous said...

On the topic of curious and annoying Ticket misspeaks...

Here are the words that Ticket hosts mispronounce (seemingly intentionally) which I find the most irritaining:

George: untell (until), Huhwayah (Hawaii), Missourah (Missouri)
Craig: untell, melk, Ellinois (Illinois)
Gordon: royne (ruin)
Norm: adding t between l and s (Neltsin Cruz, CJ Wiltsin, altso (also)). Baldimore, ayth (eighth) Eric Nadel altso does this.
Corby/Jake: verse (versus)
Rhymes: Juan (won)

BAD radio doesn't misspeak that I notice (other than Bob's remnant cheesehead accent)

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced that Junior and Corby have made a pact to intentionally work in an OU reference to every college football story. Junior did it again this morning in Johnny football segment. Corby's been doing it for years.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Rhynes it's "cow" not "kee-yow" and "boys" not "boy-yees" so "Cowboys" is 2 syllables not 4! Does he do that on purpose? (Fingernails on chalkboard)