Thursday, July 3, 2014


Mrs. Plainsman and I will be out of the country for the next week.  I'm not sure what kind of access I will have to the Internets but I believe I should be able to moderate comments to ensure their moderation.

So, is comment moderation a success, or not?  It certainly has cut down on the number of comments.  I'll continue it for awhile, see what happens, or doesn't.  In case you're wondering, I've only declined to publish one, for name-calling.

Got a thing or two to cover with you all when I return, and if I get a chance I'll post from afar.

In the meantime, a quick hit or two on drydock:

(1) I haven't minded the soccer talk at all.  I watched some of some of the games, including once in the company of a guy who was a high school soccer star hereabouts and went to college on a soccer scholarship.  I can see why people can get hooked on the game, but my exposure to the game to date (including a couple of FC Dallas games live) hasn't engaged me.  I had the odd and probably wrong feeling that the game seemed, of all things, slow.  And this coming from someone who finds baseball fascinating to watch.   Baseball and football at least have the potential for explosiveness and drama in every pitch, every snap.  Soccer just seems too  .  .  .  hard.  Probably why I don't enjoy watching golf much, either.  I don't mind the lack of scoring, but it appears too random somehow.  Although the fact that some teams are perennially great suggests that it is not, at all.  Just looks that way while waiting for some action in front of the net.

But if the country embraces it, if The Ticket talks about it, it's OK with me.  I'm nothing if not educable.

(2) Will soccer experience a hockey-stick-graph increase in popularity as a result of the World Cup?  No more than ice hockey does after the Stanley Cup.  Or before.   Remember all the hoo-hah after the women's team did so well and developed some stars awhile back?   Maybe a blip, maybe even a permanent blip, but not much.

No flopping.
(3) I've liked all the drydock pairings I've heard.  Shake Joint, Norm and Doocy, other teams.  I even liked Rhadigan and Followill.  One name I didn't hear as a participant at any level in any of the shows was T.C.  Did he produce or run the board on anything, or did he co-host?

The JV joshing is also fresher than it has been in recent years, with the addition of Justin Montemayor, Logan Gourley, David Mino, others.   Is it cruel sometimes?  I dunno; I haven't gotten the feeling of bullying so far.

See you in a week or so, maybe sooner.

In the meantime, watch those comments.

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T4 In Rockwall said...

I've been pretty busy at work the last couple of weeks and haven't listened as much as I would like to. I try and keep up with podcasts, but haven't heard a mention of TC. Well, there was one and that was Dan saying he was going to Florida to visit TC. Maybe I caught the back end of a comment and he was talking about some months back? Is he still with the Little One?


Anonymous said...

Rotten radio on the 4th of July? Hasn't the ticket had jv fill in's in years past or am I mixing up holidays?

Anonymous said...

First of all, I think there is a misconception about the "rise" in soccer popularity. Americans are looking for any excuse to party, and the World Cup is this month's excuse. Let's see what the TV numbers look like after football season arrives.

Second of all, how many people of color will Corby hang out with at his vacation golf resort?

Anonymous said...

What does your Corby query have to do with anything and why do you care? I just don't get the relentless Corby bashing. I don't care for the guy, either, but my response is to not listen to him.

I'm digging the comment moderation. Yes there are fewer comments, but IMHO that's a good thing. Because the comments that are published are actual constructive comments, not mere trolling/trolls replying to their own comments/and so on. Frankly the last thread, this thread, and in conjunction with this longer post of Pman's, I feel like the site is getting back to where it used to be. That is, greatness. I thank you, Pman, for being proactive and taking the steps to regain control of your fantastic site.

Someone on the last thread put forth the idea of having a Race Week style soccer program. I think that's a capital idea. Who knows, maybe it's already in the works? I think it would make for a great Sunday morning lineup. Shake followed by Soccer Week or whatever it would be called. If you're monitoring these com boxes, Cat, take heed of this suggestion kind sir.

I heard TC's name mentioned in the same way T4 did. Other than that, nada. I have a feeling that after his Sports Saturday appearance, Cat thought to himself: "So THIS is all you have after 2 months of hosting your own show, after all your years with The Ticket, and after all the big talk? Uh, no thanks, pal." Anyone who heard TC's last on air performance, no matter how staunch a TC supporter, would have to admit that no progress had been made. If anything there was regression. It was a difficult listen to say the least, and I'm being kind when I say that. Of course I could be dead wrong, but I bet we've heard the last of TC on The Ticket. Cat gave him some generous and given the way in which TC left/things he said, unwarranted support and work; a "changed" or "lesson learned/learning" TC basically proved to be the same TC he was 2 months prior to bolting for Florida (in demeanor and performance); and since that Sports Saturday appearance, we've not heard from TC. At least not on The Ticket airwaves. Twitter, juvenile local youtube shows, and IJB, well that's a different story.

birq said...

I hope you have a good vacation, PMan.

I think comments will pick up when everyone gets used to the moderation. It reduces the immediacy of the discussion, but I think it's for the best.

Norm + Doocy >> Norm by himself. They don't have great chemistry (Norm doesn't have great chemistry with anyone), but Doocy is a bit of a buffer and a good foil for Norm. I didn't punch out on it when it was the 2 of them together.

Big Jim Jack said...

Rotten Radio on July 4: they have done this for the past 3 years or so. It gives everyone the holiday off except for a couple of board ops. For some of you that are newer listeners, they are playing some of the best in the last 20 years or so. I forgot how absolutely hilarious some of the Barb Smith pranks and misfires were. Of course, the Greggo & Fake Greggo stuff is priceless.

Corby: I am unsure what the negative comments accomplish. I am a lot older than Corby so I don't pay much attention to the festival stuff, music stuff and some of the other hot buttons that get people all hot under the sports collar.

Soccer Talk: I am not a soccer person, but from what I have heard, it makes me take notice. I think a weekly slot a la Race Week would work.

TC: when TC hosted Ticket Sports Sunday on US Open day, it was a painful listen. He was by himself the first 45 minutes of the show as Brogan, his co-host, was late. He was steering the ship bringing it & out of breaks and doing the formatics. He sounded lost and stumbled and fumbled his way thru 4 hours.

TC may have a place in the radio business, but it appears to be in an off air or very limited on air role.

Plainsman: thanks for the moderation on comments.

Anonymous said...

Big Jim, I think you are right. It was a Sports Sunday. Thanks for the correction. Seeing how Corby is about to turn 45, if you are much older than him, you must be in Rhyner's demo. Which is cool. But if you aren't and just assumed that, due to his interests and the way he speaks, Corby is much younger than his real age, then that's totally understandable.

dwebb said...

@birq. Norm has great chemistry with Donavon. I wish they had a daily show together. I always look forward to their post game cowboys show.

Anonymous said...

I got in my car and realize it's a Rotten Radio day, so I'm hooked now for the rest of the day. RR makes you realize how LITTLE Corby contributes!

The Plainsman said...

You can have your "Happy." You can have your "Let It Go." For me, the summer's earworm is the eight-second Burleson Nissan jingle.

Anonymous said...

I predict TC will be on Ticket Sports Saturday today.

Anonymous said...

Rants about Corby - bad. Rants about rants about Corby - good.

I guess.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you ought to look up what 'rant' means. 2 comments with a total of 5 sentences, 3 of which are rather terse. Whatever you say.

Thanks for the heads up, Ticket employee, whoever you are.

Gagree about there needing to be a Raceweek type of soccer show. Speaking of Raceweek. I wish it would touch on Formula 1. That is a much bigger sport than NASCAR. It's the soccer of auto racing. It's also totz greatness. British GP tomorrow morning!!!!

By far and away it's the local auto dealerships and leasing companies that put out the best ads. Love love love it!

Werewolf of Frisco said...

2:16 Agree about needing some knowledgeable Formula 1 talk given that hundreds of thousands of people visit our State from all over the World every year for the U.S. Grand Prix in Austin. Race Week sounds like a Texas Motor Speedway infomercial, and I'm cool with that since the littlest Ticket probably gets paid well for hosting it. I just have no interest in NASCAR or Indy Car, but am completely okay with people that do love it. A win-win would be someone in Ticket sales getting in touch with COTA about promoting their race in DFW via the Ticket. I'd also probably tune into a weekend soccer show that covered Barclay Premier League, Euro and American Leagues, and even the MLS.

Anonymous said...

Observations about Corby not limited to this topic.

But whatever you say.

Anonymous said...

The Burleson of Nissan 'Panama' ripoff is good but the short lived B-M-W of Ar-ling-ton jingle was pure greatness.

Anonymous Ron said...

Davey and Danny remarked Saturday that they were in the doghouse for something said on the Orphanage the week before. Wouldn't go into any more detail.

P1 Dan said...

Anonymous Ron, would love to know what they said? Does anyone have any insight into what they said?

TC was on Sports Saturday and I think he was paired with David Newbury (sp?) and frankly, he didn't bring anything to the table in terms of personality or "sports" knowledge. I agree with everyone else here, or a lot of people, I think TC is just limited in on-air stuff.


P1 Dan said...

By the way, for those that are interested, here's the link to the write up on Rhyner:

James said...

I could do without the soccer talk, and I don't buy the idea that it's getting more popular (only because I was hearing the same thing 40 years ago), but I won't complain about it being discussed on the Little One. They can't not talk about it.

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of Jake Kemp. We're the same age and our interests skew fairly similar. But the more I hear from the shake joint, especially in the prime time fill in duties, the more I think he's trying too hard to be a certain type of personality. The type that goes against the grain in the "look at this differing opinion from the clearly uneducated masses" kind of way. Again, big fan of the guy and the shake joint, but I fear he's consciously weighing what he feels he should put out there too much of the time and can every now and then come off as pretty insincere. But, hey, maybe a level head and extremely carefully calculated opinions aren't necessarily a bad thing. I'm just used to the ticket, where that's never been an issue.

Anonymous said...

The local commercial jingles are out of control. They're all awful. Although the 70's-era cylon saying "Burleson" is almost so-bad-it's-good. "If you've got a crack in a wall, or a door that won't close"? Are you kidding me?

I like Jake as a third guy, and I like Seabass on Diamond Talk, but I don't like The Shake Joint. I'm not sure why that is. Maybe because I'm not skateboard man? Could be that some personalities are better in limited doses, or maybe that the topics they talk about don't interest me as much. I thought proposal talk yesterday was unlistenable. For me, anyway, The Ticket will be done once the original hosts are all gone. I've never heard a replacement show on there that could stand up to the main shows. Not counting Norm here - he sucks.

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool to see how "Team Havin' Fun" have elevated themselves since this article was done over a year ago.

-Soccer show, yes please. No offense to Rich, a taped show in this day and age is pretty prehistoric, and I could never give Raceweek a chance because it relied too heavily on sound bites.

-Is it just me or does it seem like a bad idea that the Ticket lets more than one show go on dry dock at a time? I know this is the way it's always been, but putting TSJ in drive time against competitors does a couple of things. 1) P1s are more than likely to attach the knobs they ripped off their radio and tune in to other shows and 2) advertisers are really not getting the bang for their buck that they would normally get.

-In checking out the Rocco 15 for 15 yesterday, I also perused old audio about TC from when he house sat for Dan( and Dan pretty much summed up the negativity about TC that I've read on this board before. I kinda felt bad for TC in a way but not, if that makes sense.

Hope you're having a great vacation PMan.

Anonymous said...

Russ beats Hardline for #1 spot in June in M25-54, THL #2, Ben and Skin #6, Cowlishaw/Mosley #12

Anonymous said...

Two words: Football Season

The Plainsman said...

Someone please link to ratings report or secondary report of ratings report.

Whatever the reason, this would be pretty big news, would it not?


Anonymous said...

Yes, please, 3:21, post a link to these ratings or interpretation of ratings. If you are a ratings service subscriber (and if you are, then one only assumes you're in the radio game) and the info is behind a paywall, at least, if possible, copy and paste and post something that indicates what you're saying is the case. As interesting as this scenario might be, right now it's merely one commenter's words.

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

What channel is Russ Martin on? I find this hard to believe. I didn't know he was on the air again.

Anonymous said...

Russ is on the Eagle. Russ has been back in contention for several months now and the Eagle on a whole has been doing really well in both Men and overall (Persons 25-54)for quite awhile. You probably won't see it reported anywhere b/c the only person that reports ratings is Barry Horn and he only does it for sports stations. I've been citing Russ' and the Eagle's accomplishments here for awhile but of course it's not until he actually beats the Hardline that anyone perks up.

Anonymous said...

Bob and Dan call a hotel in Brazil - epic fail.

Anonymous said...

Again, please post a link to this data. Otherwise what you say means zilch. I've been to 3 different outlets for the June ratings. The cume shows the Eagle to be ahead of all the sports stations. But as we all know, that means nothing. It's that prized demo. Any help on your part would be most appreciated. I've tried to find the data you're talking about, to no avail.

little birdie said...

A L i t t le b i r d i e t o l d me

Michael R is leaving at year's end. Corby has fires in the media iron that point toward television. Shake is auditioning. Changes at The FAN mornings. More Ticket personnel, think JV, move to ESPN. Take it to the bank. That's all for now. My little birdie is infallible.

The Plainsman said...

birdie; No. Having us on a bit, are you?

7/8 321: Your declining to post real numbers and a source suggests that your Martin-drumbeating is suspect.

DP said...

"...fires in the media iron..."

This made me giggle. Well, that and the reminder of the drop from Corby's previous television venture.

Sounds like Little Birdy's post is either a complete fabrication or just an observation of what is obviously constantly happening all the time at The Ticket. Aren't all the JV shows always auditioning anytime they get a chance on the mic?

But, just for fun (even yucks), I'll play along a little because it is always interesting. Who do you think would be next in line if something like this happened? I like TSJ at times but during their fill-in work this week, you can hear the trepidation in their voices at the beginning of the show as they realize they are about to try and fill four hours of radio time.

I think CDS is more of a complete package. They have more chemistry (obviously) and they have quite a few more shows under their belts. More importantly, they seem to be masters of "Bits" and we all know, "Bits are fun."


Shaggy said...

But Cash already has a day job that he seems quite passionate about.

birq said...

I've wondered about CDS as a permanent replacement for any of the shows that various anons are constantly predicting are about to bolt. Mike is a proven solid voice at the station and it's clear he has regular host aspirations. But would Cash be willing to carve out half of every weekday for a full-blown 3 to 5.5 hour CDS presentation? He's got (what seems to a dolt like me) a pretty good gig with the Mavs and/or the AAC, plus the other online media stuff he's involved with. It doesn't seem like he'd be able to do all that as well as show prep, on-air time, remotes, etc. Once a week or the odd 2 to 5 days here and there while other shows are in dry-dock is one thing. Going all in is another. Of course it depends how lucrative these other ventures are and how emotionally invested he is in all of them, but it looks to me like it could be a tough call.

Then again, I know squat about squat.

WiredTexan said...

How many times have we seen posts like little birdies signaling the demise of the ticket?
The way I see things, Rhynes can demand whatever he wants, he is THL. Without him, the show is no more and BaDD gets moved to drive time, which I'd be totally fine with. That still opens up a 3 hour hole and right now I'd have to put CDS in the lead, however, it's a big step down(again, no offense) and I think Sirois would agree. It's not even a guarantee that Cash can always make it to a 2 hour once a week show, how could it even be a possibility full time with his full time job? It can't. Therefore, I could see a combo of Mike and Jake possibly joining forces(well technically they are a part of Team Havin Fun so they're already joined)

TSJ is a weekend show, nothing more(again, no offense.) I like Sean Bass, I just don't see him being a #1 or #2 on a M-F show(I feel like a jerk saying this) I think the Ticket having the Top 10 every night has really hampered the development of JV talent. Now, granted, not much came from the 7-10 spot after Sturm left it, but the Hot Spot was decent and BDH was a fun listen if not miscast for Dallas sports radio.

Luckily with THL dry dock, I've had a chance to listen to Ben & Skin. Now, idk how lucky that is as they will drive a bit into the ground on you(pranking unsuspecting people), but it's done in killing a segment, I get it. I really like their Rangers and Mavericks insight and connections they've made, it's worked. A bright spot in their show has been KT, he's really gotten his radio legs under him and if he's doing something on the weekend on the Fan then I'll give it a shot over what the Ticket does.

Carlton Maxwell said...

Anything involving Jake Kemp is terrible. I love Sean Bass but, Jake adds nothing. He's an arrogant little rick with a p that thinks he's smarter than everyone else. He's also SUCH a Mavs homer and Cuban apologists that there is no objective conversation regarding the Mavs. If he's the future of the Ticket after the real talent retires then the station is in serious trouble. Will be glad when the Hardline gets back.

Anonymous said...

little birdie is the same guy that said "take it to the bank" that Chris Arnold was going to 94.5 over a year ago...yeah...wish I had taken that one to the bank. No changes coming to Fan mornings...those guys are on new deals...Corby isn't going anywhere, if Mike leaves, Bob and Dan move up and join Cobra. TV isn't paying anyone outside of Hansen the type of giant loot that Corby got paid in the Mike R./Fan leveraging. Why would he do that? The only thing you say that MIGHT have merit is the Ticket JV going to 103.3...but that's easy speculation and probably won't happen for another year when Cumulus is allowed to remove the ESPN branding. Still not believing my Russ Martin facts?

not Spittle, not Dawson, not Richie

Anonymous said...

Not sure stormchasing promo guy understands that radio requires more than a one word answer.

Anonymous said...

Anyone listening to the storm chasing kid interview on the shake joint? Pretty brutal. Jake and Sean's reactions to his one word answers are pretty funny.

I'm gonna walk before they make me run said...

Pray tell, 445, what is it that you said that ought to incite anyone to believe your RM claim? That you are anonymous yet say you're not person x, y, or z? Or is it your claims of knowledge about what is or is not going on at the local sports stations? Or is it your obvious disdain for someone who calls him/herself "little birdie" and who apparently believes s/he has a little birdie who gives out insider info that evinces the validity of your claims? Whoever this little birdie person is, they sure have gotten under your skin. I think s/he is also the second or third commenter you've accused of making some errant prediction about Chris Arnold. Sheesh, whoever you are, you should move on from that one. I mean, does it really matter at this point?

Whatever. What matters and what stands is that you've still been either unable or unwilling to post up anything backing your ratings claims. So until that time, you are no different than your nemesis little birdie: talking loud and (as of yet) saying nothing. If you do have the support for your claim, I don't understand why you won't post it. Obviously you thought it important and dialogue provoking. It definitely is. But the conversation comes to an abrupt halt when it's merely "because I say so" sort of talk. Heck, no matter how much it might be (I bet it is) a put on, a load of b.s., at least little birdie offers up (even if unintentionally) a "what if" scenario to discuss. As it is, you're only doing a smartest guy in the room pose. So come on, show us the goods. That way we can take the rest of what you say more seriously.

The Plainsman said...

Comment moderation page on the Blogger site is acting up. Apologies for duplicates. Two more comments did not make the cut, for a total of three since I started reviewing comments.

Shaggy said...

Go TC!

gunther said...

I think TC is a horrible broadcaster and frankly, don't wish him well in this endeavor given his classless departure. He had numerous opportunities to tone it down or walk it back but didn't until Cat rehired him. No respect for the kid.

Anonymous said...

I know PMan is partial to TC, but his Muse and the News performance was terrible. So many ums and uhs, holy cow. TC's corner should be interesting. We might want to revisit this thread:

Scattershooting while wondering why someone that wants to be a host in radio couldn't put a better effort out. I wondered why Brogan leapfrogged everyone but not it's painfully obvious...Brogan is more polished and I'm hoping he gets more air time.

The Plainsman said...

Confessors, I'm out of the loop. Did TC land a gig somewheres? I checked his Twitter feed and I'm not seeing anything, maybe haven't gone back far enough.

gunther said...

He's filling in for Gordo today, not very well.

Anonymous said...

He's filling in for Gordo today. Craig is beaten down by him, and it's not a bit.

Shaggy said...

TC is filling in for Gordo today

Anonymous said...

Agree with most of what you said WiredTexan, except two things:

• Top 10 is a must for me (I can't stream all day at work). If that goes away, I lose touch with The Ticket. I don't see why there can't be JV shows at 9pm. (Or move Top 10 to 9pm)

• Ben & Skin are horrible. I used to tolerate them on 1310, but they have become so cocky and overdo the fake radio enthusiasm, I can't listen to them. They have good Rangers and Mavs thoughts, but they're jerks. Skin is such a pompous self-important douche... He made me sick watching him on Fox 4 earlier this week. And I had high hopes for KT, but he's become a radio buffoon.

Anonymous said...

TC is horrible. He hasn't grown as a broadcaster or a person. Some folks just never mature. Pull the plug, Cat. Please.... I'm begging... I'mm give you Sim Fighters passes!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't take TC. When I heard George say Gordo was out today and TC would be filling in I immediately issued a few expletives and sure enough he beat me down in every one of his segments. I hope he gets a job somewhere else and I never have to listen to him on the Ticket again.

Also, I finally had to give Ben and Skin a shot the last two days because I'm quickly growing tired of Jake's arrogance and his obvious attempt to hate more things than Danny. I have to say I may start listening to Ben and Skin more if TSJ is the fill in show in the future. I don't hate Sean Bass but even he seems a little condescending at times and the baseball analytics focus makes me punch out in a nanosecond.

Shaggy said...

Wow, big day for TC. Also producing The Shake Joint today. Then will be on Ticket Sports Saturday with Bruce Levine tomorrow.

Justin Montemayor said...

Thank you for the shoutout DP

Anonymous said...

TC has got some pictures of somebody.

T4 In Rockwall said...

All the TC cracks are making me laugh. I'm not a TC fan have to earn respect and he has not done that in anything he's done.

Brad Gilbert said...

Sorry to change topics, but turned on the golf show for a second this moringing but switched to the ESPN Radio app because I wasn't into golf talk this morning. But it did get me thinking:

I know that the golf show and the fitness show pay for thier air time. My question is this: is Race Week paid by somoene, or is it a Ticket show? I ask because we had discussed a weekly soccer show earlier, and if RaceWeek is a paid time slot, then that would almost certainly mean that someone or some organization like FC Dallas, would have to pay for an hour of time ever week.

Just curious.

Anonymous Ron said...

Barry Horn only addressed the sports talk ratings:

There was a dead heat for second place in sports talk ratings in June. KESN-FM (103.3) and “The Fan” KRLD-FM (105.3) averaged 3.0 shares in the demographic that matters most — men 25-54.

SportsRadio 1310 AM and 96.7 FM The Ticket, as custom, remained the leader of the bunched-up pack at 4.5.

Down deeper in the numbers — in men 25-54 when the high-profile local talent works weekdays from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. — the score was: Ticket 6.1; Fan 4.7; KESN 3.0.

While the Ticket won each of the 13 hours in the weekday window, The Fan finished second in nine, leaving KESN in second for two hours of Mike & Mike in the morning drive and two hours of The Afternoon Show in the commute home.

Anonymous said...

Davey and Danny were more forthcoming today on what got them into trouble. They said they are banned from doing remotes (that could be a bit until somebody is willing to pay for one) and that they were admonished for some things they said about Ann Coulter.

Sidebar: I think it's ironic that people who don't like Ann Coulter's caustic style engage in the same kind of vitriol and hyperbole when they criticize her.

Anonymous said...

And then they went on to make fun of people who listen to Christian radio.

Danny's becoming quite the liberal pundit.

DA said...

Four quick items:
1- When Danny and Davey went over the details on why they were in the doghouse, it was entertaining for a bit but when they got in to the ratings, they both became obnoxious and hard to listen to even before the knocks on Christian radio, specifically the confusion regarding Black and Latino formats when one of them asked about “brown stations”.

2-Prior to them going to the Gulf Coast to look for “Midget Shawn”, I voluntarily took a couple hours off my life to see and hear TC on that little Dallas-based show/podcast on dailymotion whose name I forgot. It was awful and the poor quality of dailymotion made it worse.

About 28-40 minutes in, the host asked TC about his former job and he um/ya know/I moaned about it. He still acts as if he was “catfished” by the owner in Pensacola.

TC still fails to understand the he was hired for a job in Florida, which is an “at will” state. Yet he fails to understand employment law. He tries to incorrectly say that if someone is “laid off” an employer cannot hire anyone else for 18 months for the same position, thus he was not fired.
TC, you are not there, but the job still were fired or stick to “let go”.

Even better was him saying, “I would be fully open to doing something that is not radio at all (or) hosting job somewhere else like, in a large market”. Your Friday performances were not large market material and he thinks that he is still better than working in Pensacola. He thinks he is more worthy of Cincinnati (market #26) than Pensacola. He took a job FOR a station and acted like he OWNED the station.

Lastly,. the host asked him, “This was ESPN Radio, right?”
And TC skirted/fumbled around to finally answer that it was an affiliate and independently-owned, rather than a network job.

TC only commented on what he did on-air in Pensacola, not his management style or how he talked to others. I tapped out soon after, but he did not mention the Final Four press pass issue either. He took a job FOR a station and acted like he OWNED the station.

TC, you were at will and stop trying to tell people you were hired by ESPNRadio, you were hired by an affiliate and have tried to not say that.

3-Here comes the next problem for Cumulus/Clear Channel/Entercomm/Emmis and the rest of the corporate radio. Apple CarPlay and Google Android Audio

4- @Brad Gilbert: The thought of a soccer show, if brokered still is a problem since FC Dallas is not in business with The Ticket, plus, they could be sponsoring a show which talks much more about the European Leagues and their players rather than talk about MLS. That is not necessarily a good ROI if butts are not in the seats when your season starts/plays.
Also, MLS is a single-entity structure, so marketing wise, their budget is not a great as one may think. Keep in mind, most MLS teams still lose money.

Shaggy said...

this is about the greatest thing ever

P1 Dan said...

Shaggy, that's wonderful! Glad to see WFAA having fun here, no?


Anonymous said...

What more evidence can I show you than the ratings? If I could post a screen shot I would. Russ beat the Hardline in Share, which, as someone said, is more telling than Cume...although Cume is nothing to balk at...Russ won, that's it...if i could back it up more I would but I can't do anything more than post the numbers. If you are so sure I'm full of S*** then why don't you fork up the dough an get in to the data for a few months. Wouldn't that be worth it to "prove me wrong?" Sheesh.