Sunday, May 10, 2015

At This Time Are There Any Questions for Our Distinguished Director of Tickety Programming? Not All the T.C. Questions at Once, Please

All right, Confessors, casual readers, flybys, Ticket hangers-on:

For the next two days, please send me your questions for Jeff Catlin, the Ticket's Program Director. You may submit your question as a comment, or you may email it to me at
You can send in non-question comments at this time if you want, but I'm hopeful you will devote your energies to telling me what you want Cat to talk about.  

I'll collect questions until late afternoon tomorrow (Monday, May 11).  Sometime later Monday night, I'll put up a new post containing the questions.  Cat will answer them at times of his choosing on Tuesday.  During that time, other comments will not be published, other than mine if I want to toss Cat a followup or something else that occurs to me.

I'm expecting questions in a wide variety of formats, with varying degrees of accompanying commentary.  Probably lots of repetition or different questions all getting at the same thing.   I'll probably break down the questions into different subject-matter areas, and one "question" may actually be a series of closely related questions which, with any luck, will reflect the range of your concerns and Cat can handle them as he sees fit.

No way to know until you send them in.  I'm going to do my best to use your wording and as much of your contextual material as will illuminate the discussion.  I will also try to associate questions with the names of the persons asking them. 

 While I expect the editorial hand will likely be pretty apparent, I will attempt to ensure that the passion that the P1 feels for issues surrounding its favorite radio station will come through in the questions.   I'm already being prospectively accused of lobbing softballs, but that is not what Cat is expecting; and while you know this site is not going to melt down with (for example) anti-TC fury, I'm going to take a direct approach to the heart of the concerns I've been hearing from you guys for the past six years.  While showing appropriate respect to our guest, of course.

I will certainly be offering questions of my own.

Come on now, don't disappoint That Certain Pan-American Catman.   Show some creativity.   Everyone has a take on T.C., and the Corby/Mike balance, and Kingsford commercials.  Let's make the most of this opportunity to open some of the other closet doors at The Ticket.
Thanks for participating.


The Plainsman said...

We're off to a strong start, thanks. Keep 'em coming.

The Plainsman said...

Getting some good questions from Confessors named and anonymous.

Still hoping to hear from some of this site's stalwarts.

Take your laptop into your safe room and let me hear from you while the storms rage.

Stay safe, all.

The Plainsman said...

I should add that while I'll have to edit some questions for length, I've been very happy with the tone of the questions, even the toughies.

The post containing the questions is going to be a very long one, but I'll take as many questions as I can reasonably expect Cat to answer.

The Plainsman said...

Good stuff coming in overnight.

Still lots of areas to explore. Don't let this opportunity go by.

The Plainsman said...

Just a couple more hours. Thanks to everyone who has sent questions so far.

Jeff Catlin said...

I am ready to get going with all my responses. I have asked the Plainsman to try and keep the editing to a minimum. I want to provide as many direct answers as I possibly can. Thanks Cat